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Garden goodness will be made into tomato sauce and canned for later LUCKYCRIM1231 27 RETAT60
7/20/17 3:20 P
LONG way to go, but this time last week I weighed 307...progress. IGOT2START 81 BOGUSANNIE
7/20/17 4:24 P
Side by side .....u can do this!!! 120lbs down👍👍😁 DIANEPAG 259 RLUNSFORD5
7/20/17 8:49 P
Well, the pic on the right was after losing a bit and feeling good. The left was a few weeks ago, an OOFELIXOO 250 MDCALIFORNIA
7/20/17 5:40 P
Got a fresh hairstyle yesterday! Cut off 7 inches. My hubby was flabbergasted and said I was soooo PHOXYM 236 NIQUE50
7/21/17 1:19 A
7/19/17 9:24 P
Goodbye 6X shirts and hello 4X shirts...this shirt is from 2014 when I did a heart walk...never did CHERYL4846 303 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:14 P
Week 1 down. Lost 1.6 pounds. It's a start. D87331 269 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:14 P
Week 2 Day 2 of C25K is finished! A good way to start a foggy Wednesday. GECKO722 23 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:28 P
I'm not normally a fan of three sixes in a row but I'm down from 174 so I'll take these. CORNSHELLY45 138 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:13 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 141 BLISSFULMOMENTS
7/19/17 8:40 P
a little 5 minute zen moment before I hit the trails this morning. Have an amazing day!! N42542 196 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:13 P
First shirt I had to hang up because it was too tight is now the only work shirt I'm not swimming in CHASINTHEDRAGON 113 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:54 P
I'm slowly approaching my goal!! I'm starting to s MEANDGOD82 129 MEANDGOD82
7/19/17 1:28 P
#TransformationTuesday from 236 lb a size 18w /20w to 210 lb in a size 16 regular. I haven't lost a SKITTLESNINJA 303 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:50 P
Happy Tuesday peeps 😎😎. Forgot to share my work coat picture from yesterday so here goes!! The pi PHOXYM 306 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:51 P
Today is our third anniversary. Our love is truly SKITTLESNINJA 174 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:53 P
I'm finally in wonderland!! So excited I'm down 108 lbs. Since August DIRTYBABE 47 BUCKEYESHAN37
7/17/17 11:16 P
After reaching my goal I decided to lose a few mor MEXIQUEEN87 27 MEXIQUEEN87
7/17/17 6:51 P
My muscles are finally showing thru. I cant believe ive lost almost 40lbs! DANILOUIS 89 STEFFZ
7/17/17 6:52 P
Under 300 lbs! First goal acheived- such a nice start to the week. Happy Monday! SEYTON84 274 NUTTYGIRL2105
7/17/17 7:04 P
Almost done! Very fine puzzle! "52 Pick-up" 1000 pieces by Rainy Day Puzzles BJK1961 7 GRATTECIELLA
7/16/17 12:45 P
Adopted this cute little boy yesterday. Let's hope he likes long walks! TRACEE5 230 GLMOM2
7/19/17 8:16 A
Yea! Almost made it back into the 160s! EATINRIGHT2017 68 SMOOTHIEDANCE
7/16/17 2:22 P
First 5k race in over ten years. Proud of what I am doing! Have a great and healthy Sunday everyone! RANAF222 121 REEBJW
7/16/17 3:35 P
First race since my surgery over a year ago! 10K in 1:18:27. JESSWAHOO99 191 RDCAGAIN10
7/16/17 3:58 P
I can see a difference J-SABINSKE 10 J-SABINSKE
7/15/17 4:11 P
7/17/17 6:16 P
Honeymoon hike in St John EWONER89 12 FISHGUT3
7/15/17 4:03 P
Need some encouragement this morning. Our 10 year old Corgi mix passed away last night. LJBOWSER1 303 OVERWEIGHT
7/15/17 3:05 P
Snacking at night is always hard for me. Last night, nothing passed my lips after dinner except wat PARISGRL7 150 RAYMOSSISTER
7/15/17 4:16 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 220 REGILIEH
7/15/17 10:26 P
I lost 2 pounds in the last month! Since my goal is 8 pounds by next August, I think that's pretty g APPLEPIEDREAMS 2 JLB2109
7/14/17 2:58 P
Officially lost 40 pounds 😌😌😁😁 ASHLYNND76 96 ASHLYNND76
7/15/17 5:25 A
Almost 25 pounds down. 😊 CGILGER1 193 _LINDA
7/14/17 3:45 P
So close to hitting my 50lb loss goal!!! I can do this!!! MADMANSMAMA87 215 MCCALI59
7/19/17 12:21 P
Got a gym membership for me and my niece today! We've made a deal to help each other get healthy! To EJ4732 16 EJ4732
7/13/17 9:47 P
Birthday breakfast: Cheesy bacon hashbrowns with scramble egg only 350 calories and 22g of protein ST3PH 156 _LINDA
7/13/17 10:59 P
Wow finally under 350 pounds!!! As of this morning I weighed 349 pounds...I am so excited...I am now CHERYL4846 181 KAMAHULME
7/17/17 2:15 A
So I've been feeling a little down on myself since my weight loss had slowed down after a cardiac di JEMMSIE 141 QSHEPP
7/13/17 7:15 P
Lost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year, it has been hard to stay motivated, lost my grandm ASHLEER1987 58 MDOWER1
7/12/17 4:50 P
Poke bowl is what's for lunch. ZORBS13 6 ZORBS13
7/12/17 1:18 P
1 week smoke free! Workout today was called Bootcamp! So proud I was able to complete this! Feels gr JENTURGEON 19 MANDIETERRIER1
7/12/17 1:55 P
Today is day 5 and I decided to step on the scale. I started at 296.4 which means I have already los NEWMEMARIE 249 GABIRUSZCZAK
7/12/17 10:10 P
Big drop this week, super happy I got my nutrition and workouts balanced! RSCUNU 136 FISHGUT3
7/12/17 1:46 P
Wow!! Last yrs clothes! Hard to believe!! 110lbs gone, 17 to goal! DIANEPAG 303 TAB2017
7/12/17 6:35 P
7/11/17 6:44 P
Our garden finally grew that orange pair of pants I wanted LORI 11 JANELLESMOM1
7/11/17 8:27 P
Hit 10,000 plus steps today!!! TAB2017 6 RHIO3TRE
7/11/17 7:23 P
Turns out Luna has advanced cancer. Currently at the vet while they perform the necessary procedure SSMITH762 293 MARINEMAMA
7/12/17 7:53 A
7/11/17 8:54 P
I can't believe it. I lost some more weight. Started at 384, down to 370 and now the scale went down MKPARKE77 70 UPONATIME
7/17/17 11:47 P
Humbled by these pictures! The left is Easter 2017 (down 20lbs) and just a few short months later th PHOXYM 288 KARENWILL2
7/11/17 1:13 A
I don't mean to be glum but my husband of 26 years is dying from cancer. He's my entire life. I don' VARIEL1998 303 STRONGERLEANER
7/10/17 4:44 P
Can't stop won't stop! 56 lbs difference between these pictures (left is November 2016, right is tod WHOVIANGIRL23 103 MOUNTAINGIRL15
7/10/17 6:30 P
I DID IT!!!!!!! it has literally been a week today from last weeks weigh in and i lost 2 more pound STRENGTH_HOPE 305 DLROBINETTE
7/10/17 8:25 P
Now this is a healthy birthday cake!! 😅❤👍🎂 DIANEPAG 302 DONNA_CPS2
7/20/17 4:11 P
Pretty spot on, I think I am getting the hang of it! SEAOFCARNAGE 2 APPLEPIEDREAMS
7/9/17 1:28 P
Yes! Yes! YES!!! ADUKE6 16 ICECUB
7/9/17 2:13 P
Down to 188 lbs. this morning. Only a 1.2 lb. loss from my lowest thus far, but it's DOWN, and I'll MAGGIEROSEBOWL 7 -RUBIES-
7/10/17 4:59 P
50 day log in streak! APPLEPIEDREAMS 3 KOFFEENUT
7/9/17 2:46 P
10K kind of day. Smashed my record by 7 mins. TANYRE 8 DSJB9999
7/9/17 2:39 P
2 years and 110 lbs later! Hard work pays off!!! Stick with your workouts and your calorie tracking GAILIEBEE69 184 COURTENAYE
7/18/17 1:31 A
The scale has been going back and forth at 223/224 for the last two weeks. It's frustrating but thes JFIALLO 155 NOSKINNY
7/12/17 1:11 P
Posted a photo MIRANDAMASON603 137 JO88BAKO
7/8/17 3:09 P
I learned on this journey that this is MY Journey. DAPHNE192003 241 MRSFANCYLADY
7/8/17 3:57 P
Welcome to one-derland. Started this journey to reclaim my life on March 3 at 249 lbs. Today 199.4!! BOOGBEAR 228 MISSINHER1955
7/8/17 7:56 P
Bonus Points for your teams are back in case you did not know it yet! SISSYFEB48 12 KATHYJO56
7/8/17 12:24 A
Sometimes you have to look back just to see how far you've come. FITSISTA79 133 CATHERINE5300
7/14/17 3:20 P
I really don't know what to say! 52 pounds gone since February and 3 weeks cigarette free! It's hasn SUMMERFODRIE 304 KOHINOOR2
7/11/17 12:03 A
Wow!! Keep this picture in mind when ur weight loss is slowing down...thats a lot of fat in 5lbs! Co DIANEPAG 122 SKANTRA
7/6/17 8:03 P
Good Morning Sparkers! How are you getting back on track after the long holiday weekend? I had to ASF220 143 MOISESG55
7/6/17 3:28 P
27 lbs later... I'm wearing a MEDIUM!!! A-A2008 134 MDOWER1
7/5/17 6:06 P
On Monday I was at work and I received a call from my cousin, she left a voicemail (which I normally THEJACKIEDEAN12 201 KARENWILL2
7/11/17 1:22 A
So proud of myself!!!!! I can't even believe I am putting it out there but I really am changing my l NATASHA_D1 53 SASHASMOM1122
7/5/17 5:39 P

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