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My Son got a very good report in school today. He took 2 practice school assessment tests in Math an AMYMBUNCH 8 EO4WELLNESS
2/23/18 1:24 A
I started my healthier life a month ago and am down 20 lbs. I am feeling good but have a ways to go. CLAYTONSESSLER7 24 ANNIEANNYANNEE
2/22/18 8:22 P
Well guys, it has been a long journey but I'm down 47 pounds since last May. I started at 201 and CGILGER1 116 NUTTYGIRL2105
2/22/18 7:32 P
Just finished my workout for the day! I’ve been pretty good following this plan of going to the gym JNMORRIS15 9 CASCOTT62
2/22/18 6:02 P
My 10th month and progress so far even though I’d plateau for almost 2 month, that won’t hold me bac AMERICALDS 187 SCGRAVER
2/23/18 11:47 A
So this is sort of my before picture. But I've already lost over 10lbs. TORRIEHAMPTON 11 ALOFA0509
2/21/18 11:07 A
Avocado toast with turkey, feta, and tomato on sprouted bread with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. ERINEKROBLES 12 ERINEKROBLES
2/21/18 10:25 A
Made sugar free gluten fee fat free bagels ! OMG! Delish . So easy to make ! TITO30 9 ALOFA0509
2/21/18 11:05 A
Gym no matter what today IAN2409 6 SPEDED2
2/21/18 2:55 P
That is correct!!! Good morning friends, keep on keepin on!!!! CROD1830 19 HLTHAPPINESS4C
2/21/18 10:48 A
Pink shirt was last night. Brown long sleeve shirt was my heaviest weight. Huge difference CANDYWATKINS6 16 ROBINVOTAW
2/21/18 10:12 A
My little Orchid is blooming It hasn't bloomed in over a year! If it is blooming now .... So can I CINDY247 50 IAMAGEMLOVER
2/21/18 4:26 P
My bf got me new runners so I can continue working out in the gym and not get any more cuts on my he LANSELMI 28 JOC36BROWN
2/19/18 6:04 P
Get ready for some skin y'all. I wish I had a shot from my true start (212) but this is what I got. MAMMAVEG 91 TDEKOTER
2/22/18 12:40 A
As long as I see progress I will keep giving it 100%. As long as I didn’t gain weight I am happy 🤗� BJONES2018 20 ALALADY
2/19/18 4:21 P
After a rough week last week I’m still plugging along. 5lb loss on the scale today, which is a grea TEXASHSMOMOF3 154 CSROBERTSON621
2/19/18 8:31 P
#BeforeAndAfter From birthday to birthday... I've ELF41978 288 KIMBERLYS2012
2/19/18 8:40 P
Sedona Pink Jeep tour - what an adrenaline rush! NANHBH 29 AQUAGIRL08
2/18/18 1:01 P
Spring is coming STARMONICA 74 SPARKLINGME176
2/18/18 7:24 P
My babies - February 2018 READYRACHEL 14 AQUAGIRL08
2/18/18 1:02 P
I bought this embroidered blouse last summer and it fits now! Woot! It looks and feels even better TIGERSEYEHEART 69 REEDSKI
2/19/18 9:21 A
Please excuse the butchered nails, but I am so proud of this number. Down 27 lbs since November, I a SQUIGGMOOCOW 28 IOWADEB2
2/18/18 3:34 P
I usually don't go off the first time the scale reads different... but too excited!!! Down 20 pounds BRENNERJESS2 163 BRENNERJESS2
2/18/18 9:28 P
On September 14, 2016, to be exact I decided to make a change, I wanted to be healthier have more en BELKYG11 200 ECMSGURL1205
2/18/18 9:31 P
My bridesmaid dress arrived yesterday. I bought it a size too small (so risky!) bc you can only take MAMMAVEG 49 ALABAMASUSAN17
2/17/18 7:09 P
So officially it says 19.6 pounds but I had my pj on. I am screaming 20 pound lost since Jan 1. Neve COACHROSE0806 130 APPLEPIEDREAMS
2/17/18 1:43 P
The wear bars show I've been tightening my belt. I'm on the smallest one (far right) now and it's a CASEYTALK 21 STARDUST53
2/19/18 12:53 A
Good time out with hubby last night. Stayed on tra SADIEMYERS 24 CGARR442
2/18/18 10:19 P
#BeforeAndAfter onederland watch out here I come 😁 TMP0418 58 ANNE2468
2/18/18 11:01 P
Started at 345. Down to 215. N still going eating right n exercise... T24112 174 GREENSPRING54
2/18/18 12:42 A
Started my weight loss journey the end of October, 2017, today I can celebrate that I have lost 20 p MONKEYJO10 162 ANNE2468
2/18/18 11:03 P
The last pic of the day, lo prometo! NOMASHOTCHEETOS 5 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/16/18 4:20 P
Yay!! Breaking into the 70s. Groovy! LIL1IAN 144 RUSTIEGURL
2/16/18 4:01 P
I am off to Iceland tomorrow...will wave as I fly over Canada to my Canadian friends! DSHONEYC 13 1CRAZYDOG
2/16/18 3:49 P
Posting "Then" and "Now" photos helps me be accountable. #5pounddrop KIMBERAKA 96 FITNFABMOMMY
2/16/18 4:07 P
I started exercising January 8th, and from that time to now February 16th, I have lost a total of 15 LATEASHA2 206 MADDIEBSMAMA
2/16/18 9:22 P
I am down 2 pounds in 2 weeks not much but it's a start SHAMIKAC2 224 CHRISTOPHER63
2/16/18 9:07 P
I prolly post a lot too much but just soo excited to see how many changes I have made and realizing DHARRIS200 165 CANUCKSEW1
2/17/18 12:20 A
I'd say the last 15 days have been fairly successf ABBRAXOUS 13 SASHASMOM1122
2/15/18 4:38 P
I’m doing this to better myself and my family. My day is almost three and weighs 48 lbs and I’m bei SABRENASCHOONS 12 KILLINGIT1
2/15/18 7:00 P
Down 65 pounds today! KACKLEY5 297 MOONGLOWSNANA
2/15/18 5:46 P
Before and after photo of me and my wife. My wife is 5 months Post op and I am 2 months out. She i MURALLA90 168 CHRISTOPHER63
2/15/18 7:43 P
It’s now been 2 years and I’m ready to get the rest of this off!!! CADDYSRX1 100 TMP0418
2/15/18 7:46 P
Proud of how far I have come and amazed at how ama DHARRIS200 93 ELISAGAL1
2/15/18 3:27 P
Made heart shaped eggplant in wheat bread crumbs and cheese! Dip in mango salsa. Low carb. Bette MANNEE2 7 RAGNAR359
2/14/18 2:48 P
Happy Valentine's Day! My husband and I give the gift of our health to one another. ❤️ LORI_LIFTS 18 CHERIRIDDELL
2/15/18 1:35 A
By boyfriend sent me these beautiful roses today at work. It’s our first Valentine’s Day together an LNPAVOLKO 13 RSTEINER1313
2/14/18 2:53 P
SW 232, CW 186, GW 150 #BeforeAndAfter MARIAN326 152 GREYTDOLPHIN
2/14/18 5:32 P
These trousers haven't seen the light of day in months - if not years! PAMMYLBEAR 9 VIKINGGIRL73
2/14/18 4:04 P
Just had to share! At my heaviest I was 243 pounds, today I am 218.4! Slow and steady still wins! MILLYMAE1 93 SLINKYREDDRESS
2/13/18 3:16 P
Didn't Die but My Oh My!!! 4.75 treadmill miles and a new cardio core workout. FROMNOWONFIT 11 JAY61
2/13/18 7:37 P
After 3 weeks for bouncing back and forth from 204 to 205 I was finally able to break the plateau an RACHAROO702 105 PAULA3420
2/13/18 1:50 P
Eat the rainbow!😘 FITSISTA79 123 PWILLOW1
2/13/18 8:51 P
2 more pounds gone for good. Getting closer to my goal! LOPEYP 34 TWEDEE777
2/13/18 10:54 A
Posted a photo JCOLEMAN15 117 ALICIA214
2/13/18 1:51 P
Posted a photo LATEASHA2 116 PWILLOW1
2/13/18 8:59 P
Just completed my first week back! Lost 5 lbs. I know it’s mostly water but that’s OK it’s a start CHARLEAN4LIFE 10 CGARR442
2/12/18 9:34 P
Up to almost 4 miles today! JMEK1006 4 45SLIMGIRL
2/12/18 3:39 P
Today is 5 years SMOKE FREE for me! I am celebrating by hiking in the timber in a foot of snow. Qu RENATAIA64 24 MDOWER1
2/12/18 6:20 P
Down 17.5 pounds since January 1! Happy Monday all!! TINABLEAP 108 1HAPPYSPIRIT
2/12/18 2:28 P
#BeforeAndAfter this one is for my records. Sorry for overposting. Again 3 inches lost last week aro HEYPUDDIN 200 ROCKRS
2/12/18 5:17 P
This week for our local gym fitness challenge, teams get points for posting a picture on the gym's F KATBRUNNER 250 MJ7DM33
2/12/18 9:35 P
Lunch for tomorrow packed and tracked. Quinoa kale salad with strawberries and hazelnuts with cinnam NEPTUNE032701 10 CHRISTOPHER63
2/11/18 7:44 P
One of my February goals are to get 24 out of 28 completed circles. Wish me luck BJONES2018 11 BJONES2018
2/13/18 10:14 A
My little marshmallow, supervising in the kitchen! NEPTUNE032701 17 DESERTDREAMERS
2/11/18 8:21 P
Took a couple of walks in the woods this past weekend and hit 10,000steps along the way!! Snow final CARLIESHKA1 15 MJ7DM33
2/11/18 8:01 P
I did it. I banged that Pickleball for an hour and ten minutes. Boy was it hard. Was warmer today an DRINKALOTH2O 10 APONI_KB
2/12/18 8:18 P
2/12/18 5:15 A
Two non-scale victories this week: I gained a notch on my belt! I now can put the pin in the second VLVTGRRL 12 CATHERINEKIRBY
2/10/18 2:37 P
Today's batch of vegetables for roasting - sweet potatoes, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, carrots, rad OBIESMOM2 95 ROSEANNECARLSON
2/10/18 12:35 P
Happy Saturday Sparky's!! Well the Lord has given me another year!! And it's the last year of my 40s GPALMER29 152 MARBEALL
2/12/18 10:41 A
Ran a rainy 5K...not super fast, but at least I did it! 😬☔ SFRUSS13 67 ALALADY
2/10/18 2:47 P
These pants were tight on me at the beginning of the year! JAMIELYNNBOYD 142 CHRISTOPHER63
2/10/18 6:55 P
As of today, it's official! 195 to 170 #mylossismygain KATEHOLZBAUR 125 PROJECTMH2018
2/11/18 11:39 P
22lbs down, 78lbs to go! I can do this! KRYSTIN_ZELLER 216 JUNETTA2002
2/10/18 4:42 P