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How did you exercise today! -RESAMARIE 1237 BELLACUDDLES
4/22/18 12:21 P
Your mood.... emoticon it!! :) BELLACUDDLES 4108 DEE107
4/22/18 10:27 P
How about an inspirational quote daily... BELLACUDDLES 862 CARPROTH
4/22/18 11:52 P
Did you pray an Act of Contrition... BELLACUDDLES 235 BELLACUDDLES
4/22/18 8:47 A
Did You Say at Least One Hail Mary Today? REEDSKI 11079 ALFBUNDY
4/22/18 10:18 A
Did you say the "Our Father" today? -RESAMARIE 10150 ALFBUNDY
4/22/18 10:18 A
did you pray ELIZACG9 867 ELIZACG9
4/22/18 10:04 A
Emoticon :) your mood! BELLACUDDLES 9568 ARTJAC
4/23/18 12:39 A
:).....Emoticon your mood! BELLACUDDLES 3943 BELLACUDDLES
4/22/18 8:40 A
Emoticon your mood today! :) BELLACUDDLES 5241 LOVECAROL
4/22/18 2:21 P
What Did You Do For YOU Today? GMADONNA70 425 DEE107
4/22/18 10:15 P
4/12/18 1:35 A
Got the weights lifted! Working this weekend st my parish office, mass tonight and meeting friends BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
4/7/18 1:17 P
Did you go to mass this wkend..or during the week? BELLACUDDLES 289 BELLACUDDLES
4/7/18 6:40 A
Another bike ride, my joint pain is flaring up so praying for healing and resting as I can. JODIRICHARDS 4 BELLACUDDLES
4/5/18 8:39 A
Stepping this morning! BELLACUDDLES 1 BELLACUDDLES
4/4/18 7:49 A
Stepping this morning! BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
4/4/18 8:17 A
Early gym time this morning! Feeling empowered! VISUALLYRICS 3 BELLACUDDLES
4/3/18 8:35 A
Got those weights lifted! BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
4/3/18 8:54 A
Moving more and eating less! BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
4/2/18 9:10 A
Blessings and Happy Easter to all! He indeed has risen!! BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
4/1/18 9:06 A
Got my stepping done; attending the Stations of the Cross and liturgy at noon at my church! I love BELLACUDDLES 1 BELLACUDDLES
3/30/18 8:33 A
Weights and cords Thursday; working later at my parish office and then to Holy Thursday services...l BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
3/29/18 8:42 A
Down sweets during lent is working! Going to keep it going!! BELLACUDDLES 1 BELLACUDDLES
3/28/18 8:32 A
Read inspirational devotionals about Holy Week and the Resurrection. Began to ponder summer Church a GIAARNOLD 2 BELLACUDDLES
3/28/18 8:31 A
Holy Saturday MARRRBO 5 RHOOK20047
3/27/18 9:56 P
Got 'em all lined up!! BELLACUDDLES 1 BELLACUDDLES
3/27/18 8:34 A
Just do it! Get closer to those goals! WE CAN!! BELLACUDDLES 1 BELLACUDDLES
3/27/18 8:33 A
Keeping my water going!! BELLACUDDLES 1 BELLACUDDLES
3/27/18 8:29 A
Getting it done! Wishing everyone a great and blessed Tuesday in Holy Week! BELLACUDDLES 3 ANHELIC
3/28/18 12:59 P
Have to get my weights in today. ROSALIE28 3 ANHELIC
3/28/18 1:00 P
Happy Palm Sunday! ...began this morning EARLY with fitness then on to church! Amazing day already! VISUALLYRICS 2 BELLACUDDLES
3/25/18 1:04 P
I cannot imagine a day WITHOUT exercise! I work it in, no matter what! It's very important for my BELLACUDDLES 2 ANHELIC
3/25/18 12:55 P
Working this weekend at my parish office and I have my veggies and fruits ready to go...eating out a BELLACUDDLES 2 ANHELIC
3/24/18 3:41 P
I'm working this weekend at my parish office, and have my healthy lunch already packed. It's quiet BELLACUDDLES 2 ANHELIC
3/24/18 3:43 P
I keep motivating quotes around my Challenge Yourself, Just do It!, you are worth it... BELLACUDDLES 2 ANHELIC
3/24/18 3:43 P
I can’t imagine a day without exercise! Let’s try to keep it moving! BELLACUDDLES 3 ROSALIE28
3/23/18 4:04 P
Hello All FROLIC838 4 FLRED12
3/22/18 11:35 P
Stepping this morning and off to a meeting and errands and yoga this afternoon! Hope everyone is vi BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
3/21/18 9:02 A
I like to line up my fruits and veggies (room temp) is best for me! YUM!! BELLACUDDLES 2 ANHELIC
3/20/18 1:12 P
Loved this quote, sharing with friends. GIAARNOLD 4 GIAARNOLD
3/20/18 1:53 P
Got those weights lifted; off to a 55+ luncheon a little later and listening to a speaker who was a BELLACUDDLES 3 GLORIAMAJDI
3/20/18 10:35 A
Got in my step aerobics...talking with a good friend from OR...stretches are next; back still a litt BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
3/19/18 8:57 A
I've been down over a week with flu and just getting back some steam. Might start off slow but ever MTNGRL 3 BELLACUDDLES
3/19/18 8:38 A
It's going to be stretches today...spent most of weekend with our sweet grandson...chasing and lifti BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
3/18/18 3:55 P
Thanks for including me in this challenge!! I accept it!! BELLACUDDLES 2 ANHELIC
3/16/18 2:33 P
Did you say the Apostle's Creed today? KAYAHSLOANE1 766 BELLACUDDLES
3/6/18 11:16 A
Did you say grace before meals today SPARKINGRAMMY 984 ELIZACG9
4/20/18 10:36 A
Weights and toning cords DONE!! Feeling strong!! BELLACUDDLES 1 BELLACUDDLES
2/24/18 8:34 A
My lower back is still talking to me (started Sunday), so the strength class is definitely out, but PAULALALALA 3 BELLACUDDLES
2/23/18 9:13 A
I woke up with headache and mild tummy ache, but feeling a little better, so I'll get those weights BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
2/22/18 10:19 A
Woke up with a mild cold... no fun. But I will find some fitness to benefit me... VISUALLYRICS 5 BELLACUDDLES
2/22/18 9:58 A
It’s weights and toning cords Tuesday!! BELLACUDDLES 1 BELLACUDDLES
2/20/18 7:24 A
Lost my Misty Girl ME2SHORT2 12 URBANAUDREYE
4/17/18 9:19 A
Getting on that treadmill shortly and all week walking and talking by phones!! Getting it DONE!! BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
2/19/18 2:11 P
Visualizing a slimmer me for spring!! BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
2/18/18 11:47 A
2/10/18 6:15 P
Getting on that treadmill shortly walking:talking with my good friend from Oregon! BELLACUDDLES 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/9/18 9:17 A
Woo-hoo! Just now leaving an early a.m. workout at the gym.. with my daughters. Feeling strong! VISUALLYRICS 4 BELLACUDDLES
2/8/18 7:32 A
I walked on the treadmill for 1 hr tonight, even though I didn't feel like it:-) You all inspire me! 2018ISTHEYEAR 5 GLORIAMAJDI
2/8/18 9:43 A
Lifting those weights and toning cords! BELLACUDDLES 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/6/18 8:06 A
Got it done...the glad I had a friend to walk/talk with by phone...goes so much faste BELLACUDDLES 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/5/18 9:13 A
Welcome to our challenge's private chat. Use this space to say 'hi' and let us know how you did today. 😁 VISUALLYRICS 9 VISUALLYRICS
2/6/18 12:22 A
I'm working today at my parish office, but I got up early to get the weight lifting done. Everyone. BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
2/3/18 9:58 A
Walking and talking by phones with friend from Oregon! Getting the exercise done on the treadmill!! BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
2/2/18 7:49 A
Love the treadmill when I can walk and talk by phone with good friend from Oregon!! Time flies! BELLACUDDLES 3 VISUALLYRICS
2/2/18 6:23 A
Hi all...let's keep it moving!! BELLACUDDLES 2 VISUALLYRICS
1/31/18 2:40 P
Hi!! I started taking our ornaments off the Christmas tree after getting home from playing with our BELLACUDDLES 6 TAMARAMILES2018
1/29/18 6:06 A
I'm New!!! AUTUMNLOON 8 RHOOK20047
2/19/18 10:12 A
Looking forward to meeting all the day's challenges and keeping my feet moving...away from the blast BELLACUDDLES 2 PAULAJEAN659
1/20/18 10:57 A
10 minutes is easy but you have to want to do it, good luck to all TCANNO 2 BELLACUDDLES
1/20/18 8:38 A
This challenge, written down, makes me more aware and is motivating! BELLACUDDLES 1 BELLACUDDLES
1/19/18 7:59 A
Welcome to our challenge's private chat. Use this space to say 'hi' and let us know how you did today. 😁 LOVECAROL 3 BELLACUDDLES
1/18/18 7:03 P
Welcome to our challenge's private chat. Use this space to say 'hi' and let us know how you did today. 😁 PAULAJEAN659 5 YELLOW09RED
1/19/18 10:35 A
1/18/18 7:24 P