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Down another 2 pounds since my last visit with the doctor. This time I have a new PA because my doct BLAZINGSWORD 3 COMEBACKKID12
5/19/17 4:46 P
Weight is gradually going down, slowly but surely! I starting charting weight loss back on 11/6/2016 BLAZINGSWORD 9 PICKIE98
5/17/17 3:14 P
Give me your best plateau breaking tips. ZENGIPSY 29 OBIESMOM2
5/20/17 2:57 P
Are You Walking and/or Running Today? MJRVIC2000 27766 SKEMERICH
5/22/17 12:05 P
Help with Portion Control GOTTALOOSE0122 9 JENSTRESS
5/18/17 10:52 A
Today total calories I ate WAILNUHA 4 WAILNUHA
5/16/17 7:48 A
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was plank! How about you? -- chris/sparkguy SPARKGUY 70 JANPER1
5/16/17 7:39 P
5/13/17 9:10 P
5/13/17 7:20 P
Been really busy at church lately. Still eating healthy per registered dietician's recommendation. F BLAZINGSWORD 1 BLAZINGSWORD
5/13/17 7:04 P
I don't get it. I have been on the program for a couple of weeks now and I weigh more now the when I BEARGIRL96 11 BEARGIRL96
5/12/17 1:53 P
Do u use anything additional for weight lose in addition to diet and exercise? Like slim fast, nutr DWAINFORD 6 BLAZINGSWORD
5/12/17 12:38 P
Officially down 40 pounds today! These pics are from December 1st and today. I still have some work POPCORNADDICT1 305 FIREMEDIC11339
5/9/17 12:30 A
I was so tired of trying to keep my phone on me to track my steps and calories burned. So after chur MOUCHE 28 MYTIMEOK
5/8/17 12:04 P
5/7/17 8:50 P
I did walk twice yesterday around 11,700 step and did Zumba and ate around 1,000 calories and I only WAILNUHA 9 BLAZINGSWORD
5/2/17 12:03 P
Does anyone know what exercises are good for toning the butt. I have a bubble and I like that but la GINGB1985 6 MWARNER211
5/2/17 8:00 A
I thought I really messed up yesterday. Seems I had a lot of food. This morning when I looked at my CHRISTLYN1 4 CHRISTLYN1
5/2/17 9:18 A
I was a little down this morning, even though I knew at some point it would happen, no weight lost. 1935MARY 7 1CRAZYDOG
5/2/17 11:59 A
A question about the calories I'm supposed to be on a calorie count of 1300 to a 1500 calorie per da MKEATON11 4 HOOSIERMOM33
5/2/17 8:08 A
Although my weight is remaining stable right now, I am measuring much smaller which means that I am BLAZINGSWORD 5 PICKIE98
5/3/17 3:25 P
I have to lose 255.5 IBS down to 200.5 what do I need to do. I enjoy drinking pop and eating ice cre NCLARK27 15 MYTIMEOK
5/1/17 12:59 A
4/27/17 7:50 A
Goodmorning, just found out that my 5 weeks of eating carelessly has resulted in high bp and blood s JUSTSTICKWITHIT 19 1958TMC
4/25/17 7:49 P
Down 3/4 of pound since yesterday. I love eating and just remaining active. Just love it! BLAZINGSWORD 2 MEXGAL1
4/25/17 10:10 A
Day 2 of no sugar.... meal prep has helped a LOT! I can't believe how many triggers to eat unhealthy BECCA_73 5 BLAZINGSWORD
4/25/17 7:49 A
I have a few medical conditions that is supposed to limit my ability to exercise. I still walk betw BLUEMOON650923 4 BLAZINGSWORD
4/25/17 7:48 A
I lost 1.4 lbs yesterday! E36345 2 BLAZINGSWORD
4/25/17 7:46 A
Down another 1/2 pound. So I am at 188. Starting point several months ago was like 212. I am happy w BLAZINGSWORD 10 PICKIE98
4/24/17 3:27 P
How do you remove the meal plan from your daily meals? JENVERMEER 2 BLAZINGSWORD
4/23/17 7:26 P
Looking to track macros. Is there any tips on how JENVERMEER 3 BLAZINGSWORD
4/23/17 7:10 P
Almond butter CMRKSU12 14 KELLY_R
4/24/17 10:55 A
Last 15 lbs again, differential? CMRKSU12 9 MICHELLEXXXX
4/23/17 8:01 P
eating fresh laid eggs during chemotherapy? CHRISFROMCT 10 CKMOM14
4/24/17 12:02 P
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 92620 MFLEESAK
5/22/17 1:19 P
Why does really good food have to be expensive? GOAL120A 46 STINKERBELLS
5/22/17 1:14 P
sweet tooth KBICK214 10 CMRKSU12
4/23/17 6:47 P
Do you avoid carbs or embrace them? MARIONH4 110 SHARONKHARTER
5/22/17 12:29 P
With the all the friends that I originally had on Sparkpeople that needed to low weight, many have g BLAZINGSWORD 4 MEXGAL1
4/11/17 12:57 P
First day of trying to eat healthy I would love to get off blood pressure medications DELFINAPGRASSO 8 BLAZINGSWORD
4/10/17 9:06 P
Get upset can't exercise much ,I'm on oxygen also have a bad knee is there other way to get the exe M16249 4 BLAZINGSWORD
4/10/17 9:00 P
Got lots marked off the old to do list today! Feeling motivated! IRISPOPPYASTER 3 BLAZINGSWORD
4/10/17 8:59 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? -- chris/sparkgu SPARKGUY 99 FOXBAY99
4/11/17 6:57 P
Lost 1.2 pounds. Started at 247 pounds and by one month i lost 5 pounds. Im down to 241.8. I was hop JIFFYPOP413 6 JIFFYPOP413
4/10/17 11:36 A
I'm having problems updating my weight on the Spark app. When I go into the drop-down for Manage Go LIVINGCREATIVE 5 LIVINGCREATIVE
4/10/17 9:13 A
I am finally embracing "1200 -1500 is enough calories"!!!! MAZUR157 5 JONIBUSHELL
4/10/17 10:42 A
No smoking for 3 weeks now - Yay! 5.5 pounds gained in 2 weeks - Boo! New Knee, Fresh Start beginnin VIRGINIAGIRL 18 CINDY247
4/10/17 2:52 P
My shape is changing. I lost 1" off of my hips. BLAZINGSWORD 5 SPARTANJAI
4/10/17 1:34 P
What FitBit Do You Use and Why? WALKING_WONDER 37 CHERRIET
4/20/17 6:31 P
FitBit Zip and 10 minute workout? BILLDREW4 6 BLAZINGSWORD
4/7/17 5:05 P
I'm not sure if anyone has ever heard of the miracle noodles. I ordered some the day because I love LAAMONICA 6 KILTORE
4/7/17 9:08 P
Thought for today SISSYFEB48 13 KATHYJO56
4/8/17 12:27 A
It's double carb day for me! 400 grams of good carbs! I will be eating all day! Then it's back to 20 BLAZINGSWORD 1 BLAZINGSWORD
4/7/17 4:49 P
The scale moved again, a half pound. It's being stubborn this week! I shall celebrate nonetheless. ONEDIGITSIZE 13 BOB5148
4/7/17 8:49 A
I'm stuck at home, cant go to the gym and the weather outside is bad.... i have no room to workout a SARAHANGELS 39 CHAS6113
4/7/17 10:33 A
Does anyone have a good simple meal plan? I am dying over here. JESSICAGRAHAM81 12 JESSICAGRAHAM81
4/6/17 8:11 P
Remember this, and remember this, and remember this. (Yes, I put it in there 3xs for a purpose.) WHA BLAZINGSWORD 7 MRSFANCYLADY
4/4/17 5:04 P
96 lbs down yall😯 34 more to go!! CWEST4973 306 RUSSELLFORD
4/30/17 12:02 A
Something Springy to make for your next get together. LITTLEREDHEN8 211 LISAMARIE2015
4/4/17 5:06 P
First day in this app and I was surprised! I ate like I normally do and was surprised by the result. TEXINJUN 10 TEXINJUN
3/28/17 1:00 P
108 lbs down 40 to go. 14 months. I went to a information session on gastric bypass and decided it 52CHRIS 23 DIANALAZZELL
3/28/17 11:06 A
Hello out there. I've lost 31 lbs since October (6 months ago). I still would like to lose 32 more JAX362436 7 JAX362436
3/28/17 3:47 P
I am finally into a size 16 in jeans. Thank you Jesus! I have lost some weight but I am focusing on BLAZINGSWORD 14 MEXGAL1
3/28/17 1:56 P
Working with a dietician BLAZINGSWORD 3 BLAZINGSWORD
3/28/17 2:59 A
3/28/17 10:46 A
I stopped coming here for 2 months and then when I came back this discussion area had been added to VALOLOVE1975 66 ORGNLMOE
3/27/17 8:13 P
Almost at goal weight! JAMIEHORMEL 301 DTSM53
3/27/17 11:37 P
Meeting my goals of 25 grams of protein at every meal, 50 grams of carbs at every meal and loving ho BLAZINGSWORD 3 MEXGAL1
3/25/17 4:46 P
So today I decided to measure how much creamer (and calories) I put into my coffee as I usually just SHORTIEISLAND 31 VIOLINCAT
3/25/17 1:34 P
Going to take an Epsom salt bath with baking soda in it tonight. It should help me sleep better and BLAZINGSWORD 3 MORTICIAADDAMS
3/19/17 10:13 A
I started a high dose of prednisone in September for a kidney disease that we are trying to get unde CRYS9379 14 CRYS9379
3/19/17 4:53 A
3/19/17 10:59 P
I walk/jog interval. YULEIMAMALONE 18 AAMANDAA2414
3/19/17 8:52 A
If your stagnant in your weight what can you do?Any ideas please! i lost 5lbs and im hoping to lose AILYNE21F 8 AILYNE21F
3/19/17 1:02 A
3/8/17 6:55 P

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