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Daily Discussion, Devotions, & Encouragement GRAMMIE4 23503 RESTFINDER
5/22/17 3:25 P
For all the Zumba fans. This is me! RSCHWARTZ2 26 LELKINS71
5/20/17 10:54 A
5/19/17 4:12 P
4 hours of house cleaning 1035 cals burned 13151 steps... WOW!!! MIMIGEE2 21 MZB2U190
5/20/17 8:16 A
5/19/17 11:33 A
Beautiful day today in South Alabama. 🌞 Hope y'all have a great day! ROLLTIDE8586 20 RUTHSJOURNEY
5/18/17 9:35 P
Happy Monday ya'll! ANGELIADEANNE 10 JIBBIE49
5/15/17 8:11 A
I started using this app since march, so its been like two months and the first month was going very REIGURO 10 CONNIET88
5/15/17 7:49 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 10 REGILIEH
5/14/17 5:08 P
Let's Chat: Share your "Day" with us! FOCUSONME57 3517 BASS-MOM
5/22/17 6:23 P
Nothing beats fish as healthy diet. This was my lunch. Main meal for the day for me IMRAN99 10 AMBRINAIMRAN1
5/13/17 4:14 P
This is my "start" photo, let's see what i can do about this body! EPAPOILA 92 EPAPOILA
5/12/17 3:07 P
5/10/17 7:35 A
I fell down the stairs today, because I am too heavy, and out of balance. I hurt my left hand, hip, JULIEBUGOMA 37 NANCYANND55
5/7/17 8:39 P
Good Sunday Morning! I am attempting to make what I eat look attractive. I am hoping this helps. My DEBBIE3965 114 SZIMME50
5/7/17 2:36 P
Went to the store with Fritos on my mind...came out with a big bag of Kale at 50% off, a bag of smal BLONDEE53 2 MOM0F2_DANNIE
5/7/17 11:08 A
The next few posts are gonna be photos of flowers from the park... one of the things i love most abo PLAINJANEDOE 8 MBLANKFORD
5/6/17 4:21 P
Race day today! I'm hoping to set a PR of under 27 minutes. Wish me luck! PICKLEFISH7 153 _LINDA
5/7/17 12:44 A
Today's lunch HNK00 17 LETTIE2691
5/5/17 6:10 P
Took a couple of days off to rest. Back at it with 4 hours of house cleaning and laundry. 12706 ste MIMIGEE2 14 JUSTINEVB1961
5/8/17 5:42 P
I went to the Doctor's. My A1c is 6! Hard work is paying off. Everything was perfect except my blood CASTALLCARES1 7 COMEBACKKID12
5/5/17 8:00 P
Happy Thursday my birthday today 67 God Good All The Time!! Bless to be hereπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸ˜²πŸ˜² MSANN59 84 TBRYAN-LU
5/6/17 2:27 P
Anybody like spinach lettuce and radishes we got plenty in our garden enjoy ARLEE62 8 ARLEE62
4/29/17 7:01 P
Weight loss progress chart. Got this idea from a s CANDOWILL 14 -POOKIE-
4/30/17 2:31 A
Good morning Sparkers , Have a great Saturday ! STARFISH1961 11 STROSD5
5/13/17 7:22 P
Good Morning my spark friends BIGRENTMAN 19 HOLLYM48
4/30/17 9:29 A
Show a little kindness and feel joy in your heart. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 5 HOTPINKCAMARO49
4/28/17 3:35 P
My new shoes. I was blessed and found a discontinued item at a big reduction. These are Gravity Defy BLONDEE53 4 NYARAMULA
4/23/17 12:44 P
My lunch, after my jogging and leg workouts. KATGONGORA 7 KATGONGORA
4/23/17 5:11 P
Hi not new been here before but keep falling off the wagon 60 yrs old will I ever get it right enoug RAINBOWELLIE 2 BLONDEE53
4/23/17 12:38 P
Breakfast for the week: Eggs muffins SHAYWMS 7 RAGNAR359
4/22/17 2:52 P
Have an awesome Friday afternoon! We are never alone! Let God help us with our struggles and let H GETMOVING17 11 NANCYANND55
4/21/17 11:48 P
Good morning have a great day CHRISTINA332017 3 FISHGUT3
4/18/17 9:46 A
Happy Resurrection Sunday I'm up watching the sunrise as I'm about to worship the SON who ROSE for y MSJOFUNNSEXY 11 BRENDA_77039
4/16/17 8:31 A
#mobilechat I'm not a big candy eater anymore. I can pass up sweets at thanksgiving and Christmas bu BRENDA_77039 15 BRENDA_77039
4/16/17 9:26 A
4/14/17 5:35 P
4/18/17 11:04 A
Day 44 100 days It's not the right time LIFEWALK 78 LIVINTODAY
4/15/17 7:25 A
Breakfast on the go before run time TRIM_BY_THIRTY 5 GOODFELINE
4/11/17 12:42 P
Been not counting calories for a week. I need to get my butt in gear and start losing more weight L85137 4 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/9/17 9:26 A
Confessions: Ive had a chest cold this week. Yesterday I was really sick & worn out, and was cravin SZIEGLER7 5 JB122383
4/8/17 10:51 A
Posted a photo TIME4ME2017 12 JB122383
4/8/17 9:40 A
Posted a photo DINKER0798 17 PENOWOK
4/8/17 9:37 A
Recommitting to my goals! Here is a link for your own pledge: http://www.s TCDRAGON54 29 TCDRAGON54
4/8/17 11:50 A
It's a new day and a new week ahead... to make choices that will benefit me and not undo the positiv BLONDEE53 16 KELLY_SS
4/6/17 12:08 A
Posted a photo GMN5153 8 BLONDEE53
4/3/17 7:46 A
Good morning! Well after a birthday binge yesterday I am back to being good. Poached eggs on baby ar DEBBIE3965 17 SILVAS7
4/2/17 10:06 A
I have been getting a lot of this type of exercise lately. lol JMS1103 16 ENGLISHBLUEBELL
4/1/17 5:21 P
Looking forward to throwing down on this later! 329 calories and super yummy! My scale isn't moving FITSISTA79 17 SHARONKHARTER
4/1/17 3:23 P
Day 31, 100 Days Hunger Scale LIFEWALK 75 AURA18
4/3/17 10:07 A
Today is my birthday, I am 62. LOVESWEETS2 29 BOHEMIANCHICK7
3/31/17 11:33 A
Day 30, 100 days Postpone eating LIFEWALK 85 AURA18
4/3/17 10:10 A
61 here and sedentary work for 11 yrs. Diabetic, and overweight. Not so bad with eating meals. But e MKIRSCH-N 16 RAERAERAE62
3/30/17 12:34 P
Woke up early and walked 2 miles with Leslie Sansone! I've tracked almost all of my food (pre-tracke -ABEAUTIFULME- 21 FUNNYFACE101002
3/29/17 3:07 P
Found this lovely 40oz tumbler at Walmart in the sporting goods selection. What is better than 40oz DINKER0798 9 SEATTLESIMS
3/29/17 4:14 P
Day 28, 100 days Eating because it's there LIFEWALK 98 AURA18
3/29/17 3:01 P
I weighed in today at 5.8 pounds down from when I went into the hospital this time last week. It's a BLONDEE53 2 DONNA_VT
4/1/17 8:06 A
Ok need help. I would love to eat more veggies. I was raised on lots of meat, potatoes, and whole mi HAVING_HOPE 11 GOODFELINE
3/27/17 11:51 A
Day 26, 100 days When food disappoints you LIFEWALK 106 AURA18
3/27/17 3:48 P
Day 25, 100 Days Smaller amounts, less often LIFEWALK 100 AURA18
3/27/17 3:52 P
Posted a photo BECCA_62283 11 MARIE2558
3/25/17 11:53 A
This is an older picture. I need to loose 40 pounds. EMILLER800 6 OUMABOUD
3/25/17 12:36 P
Does anyone exercise in the morning? I have always preferred the evening. Im using an app called fab ALILOUBIR 14 ALILOUBIR
3/26/17 6:58 A
today is my wedding anniversary it is 40 years CAREBEARS2076 19 CHUBBYNOMORE3
3/25/17 11:02 A
Day 24, 100 days Eat for Satisfaction LIFEWALK 118 LIVINTODAY
3/25/17 6:49 A
Day 22, 100 days Multitask with food LIFEWALK 90 ITSASUNNYDAY
3/23/17 12:24 A
All of this is worth it. Once I get to my first weight loss goal of 220 pounds, I'll know that I can KOOKI140 8 MEFATAGAIN
3/22/17 10:00 A
His made me laugh. Lifting weights tonight in the hotel gym. MICHCLEARY 10 BOB5148
3/22/17 9:32 A
Breakfast for me this morning JENNBUG002 10 CJS1MOMMY
3/22/17 10:16 A
Well everyone. Looks like will be off my log for bit. Lost my balance and broke my hip. Keep up the J39385 5 J39385
4/8/17 2:14 P
Posted a photo BLONDEE53 12 LOSEITGIRL2016
3/19/17 7:14 P
Day 19, 100 Days Eat Reasonable Amounts LIFEWALK 108 RAWCOOKIE
3/20/17 7:45 A
Posted a photo ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 8 CHERYLFRYE68
3/18/17 4:55 P
3/18/17 6:20 P
Kidding aside ... Super duper cardio house cleanse; broke a sweat and a lamp! lol ... galloped throu 2BDYNAMIC 34 GETDONE
3/23/17 1:40 A

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