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Daily Discussion, Devotions, & Encouragement GRAMMIE4 23884 BLONDEE53
10/23/17 11:24 A
I might need an intervention on my lunchbox obsession! I just ordered another one! SEAOFCARNAGE 15 ZRIE014
10/20/17 5:51 P
Posted a photo SLVRMANE 9 ZRIE014
10/20/17 6:27 P
Hope your Thursday is going well. Hang in there the weekend is coming. PAMBROWN62 12 SPARKLINGME176
10/19/17 8:13 P
10/16/17 9:51 A
Making kale and bean soup this morning. I added some butternut squash, black beans and northern bean BLONDEE53 6 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/17/17 10:23 P
Don't make him (or George, Brad, Johnny, Channing, etc )cry! NATASARENEA 11 NATASARENEA
10/15/17 1:06 P
11 years ago today my mom passed away at the age of 55 years old. She had a lot of health problems. AUNTRENEE 7 LASTDIET2017
10/14/17 10:29 A
10/7/17 7:09 P
10/1/17 2:31 P
This is me 14 pounds ago. I have not been as commited to truly focusing on dsily choices. Time to st HIDDENGOLD 56 CHERRYZMB60
9/30/17 10:57 A
National Coffee Day, May you stop and smell the coffee and the roses too! SHOCOSS 11 ILOVEROSES
10/1/17 8:34 A
Posted a photo ADUKE6 10 INSPIRED26
9/28/17 12:14 P
This is pretty much a daily thing lol. VES5 8 SUZIQ222
9/26/17 12:17 P
Pulled this beautiful pear from the tree last night. Was just showing signs of yellow and didn't wan CONSTANCE067 13 ASF220
9/25/17 7:05 P
Enjoyed a light lunch today of 2 hard boiled eggs and 1/2 beefsteak tomato! YUM!!! FLASUN 22 GLORYB83
9/25/17 9:26 A
Yum yum! Spinach, onion, garlic, mushroom, 1egg and 2 egg whites. Oatmeal on the side. L01745 11 SOUTHTXXRNNR
9/21/17 2:02 P
JUST FOR FUN At my women's Bible study the ice breaker was "Other than your cell phone, wallet, and SKYDRAKE 36 GLORIAZ
9/21/17 4:15 P
27 pounds gone. Boom!!! (And a picture of my new (old) stove just because I love it. Have a great da MOLLYKI 4 ZORO22
9/19/17 12:02 P
i have done this more than once! SLVRMANE 27 CHRISTOPHER63
9/17/17 6:25 P
cleaned out my spice rack and a couple shelves of PLAINJANEDOE 5 NANCYPAT1
9/17/17 3:28 P
Good morning, woke up and started cleaning changed around living room,moping,wash dishes sweeping,cl POPPEE2 4 GCWILLI1
9/16/17 10:24 A
This seems to be me of late. I just cannot get into, or stay in, the healthy groove. I don't know if DRINKALOTH2O 11 DRINKALOTH2O
9/17/17 11:56 A
I'm glad it's Friday. My sis is having cancer surgery this morning. We can't go today. But her famil BEVERLY1501 6 ORTATK
9/8/17 8:13 A
#deliciousdailymoment One cup of stir fry made with .5 tbsp of butter and 1 tbsp of soy sauce. HELLO SLIMFUTURE17 5 BLONDEE53
9/1/17 1:11 P
Well, I was at a friend's house trying to save my car when Harvey came. But, we had to be boat rescu MAZZY0774 31 DAUGHTEROFGOD7
9/1/17 12:39 P
I'm having my Mexican wrap on a whole wheat. It has grilled chicken, guacamole, red onions, lettuce MELYMEL36 13 WONDERCUTIE
8/30/17 6:23 P
I found this today when I was on my daily walk #deliciousdailymoment MANDA282 9 RACHELLENH
8/29/17 12:27 P
Love my grits bowls. Happy lunching. Grits, grilled pork, grilled chicken, pico and cheese. HOOSIERMOM33 5 TAYLORT323
8/28/17 12:38 P
Smoked red snapper #protein #deliciousdailymoment NESY316 7 ALALADY
8/26/17 6:30 P
Kind of proud of myself. I had a cup of water before my first cup of coffee. That's saying a lot. LYONSFARM 36 LESLIELENORE
8/26/17 9:52 A
I need to apologize and ask forgive of something I said in one of my posts. I said that "God will no JAPANGURL17 11 BLESSEDMIRANDA
8/20/17 11:22 A
Grits bowl (grits, small bit of butter, bacon, pic HOOSIERMOM33 21 HOOSIERMOM33
8/6/17 10:51 P
Picnic at work today. Hamburger. Hotdog, scoop of potato salad, doritos, Gatorade and water. My ori GET2BEFIT 8 HOLLYM48
8/5/17 9:36 A
Another pound down!!! Slow going but I'll take it!!! DAWNZI71 35 OMAJ1953
7/22/17 1:37 P
Lunch consists of 3.5 oz of grilled shrimp with okra and onions, with a side of 1.5 cups of Zoodles, THICK2FIT527 6 LRJUSTUS1
7/19/17 3:21 P
I woke up sick at midnight. I am still very sick but have to work so am praying for a super slow, pe BLONDEE53 1 BLONDEE53
7/8/17 10:05 A
This is my day, at work J-SABINSKE 11 J-SABINSKE
7/6/17 10:50 A
I'm on track! DYANNE4293 7 ALALADY
7/3/17 6:06 P
Lunch.....for cat lovers..... BLONDEE53 4 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/1/17 10:47 P
Today makes 1 year since my mom passed away. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, other days like it DGFOWLER 11 DEEGIRL50
7/3/17 9:31 A
πŸ˜‚ VHAYES04 13 BRENDA_77039
6/28/17 6:17 P
Well, Its been a long haul, I'm losing my daddy to cancer and I need comfort food. I really think I MRSKLAUSSNER 10 TCDRAGON54
6/28/17 7:44 A
10 pounds less in just ten days I'm very happy CLAUDIA1811 13 GORDONED
6/24/17 3:46 P
This is a lovely well maintained park! I'll come here more often DANICONNOLLY 18 JANTHEBLONDE
6/24/17 11:26 A
Only in Dallas,Tx yesterday 103 today its been raining since 1:00 am. 74 today. Lets just hope it st YOGIBEAR43 11 WALKRUNFUN
6/24/17 12:04 P
6/23/17 6:37 P
Under 200!!!!! WITXGIRL 182 SADAMS31317
6/23/17 6:17 P
Lunch time, not really hungry, but I need to eat. SHANAHALL82 5 BAZINGABROOKE
6/22/17 6:12 P
I went for a walk in this gaw awful heat about 12:30 pm. Laws a mercy, it is hot! I truly wonder if HOKIENCLT 4 HOKIENCLT
6/22/17 1:33 A
Had a nasty "sticker shock" this morning. My glucose check was 300. Yikes! I had a really poor day's BLONDEE53 3 DAWNWATERWOMAN
6/18/17 9:17 A
6/16/17 2:38 P
Chicken salad for lunch. I swapped my usual crackers for napa yum! Now for something better than may SQUIGGSIE 12 STEPHHIXSON
6/16/17 6:06 P
So... I'm down 16 lbs and have 18 to go to make it to my target weight. And i decided to try on my t SUSIESPARK4444 5 SUSIESPARK4444
6/15/17 6:33 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 23 SABLENESS
6/15/17 3:01 P
Don't know which one to try firstπŸ€”πŸ˜… FITNAPTURAL 18 SENIMMO
6/9/17 10:03 P
Looks weird but oh so healthy! Tuna and cottage cheese! DAWN1830 19 DAWN1830
6/11/17 2:17 P
This gives an idea of the size, a prayer for healing and comfort for an elderly woman. GINIEMIE 14 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/9/17 10:58 A
6/8/17 9:50 A
Posted a photo JOANNEJI 15 COMEBACKKID12
6/8/17 6:11 P
Anyone out there trying to lose weight while experiencing chronic low back pain. Doc says is due to CLABARR 23 PWILLOW1
6/8/17 10:49 A
Went to gym did one hour water arobics. Went home took a brake then biked to my Dr apt and I am down MYJERR4ME 10 TRI2_BFIT
8/6/17 8:08 P
Posted a photo BEACHLVRMI17 11 VHAYES04
5/30/17 7:12 A
Blessings on your Day...Enjoy your Sunday Services & Family Time... JUDITH316 19 JAMER123
5/29/17 12:17 A
Posted a goal MWORST55 5 HMBROWN1
5/27/17 8:23 A
The older lady I was helping take care of passed away. She was a good-heated person who I had a real TIBURONA 10 SUCHADIVA215
5/26/17 9:23 P
Posted a photo BLONDEE53 30 DRINKALOTH2O
9/17/17 11:58 A
I'm trying to be kind to myself this morning. It's hard. PJPEGG 17 FOXBAY99
5/28/17 1:55 A
Today I decided to have bread ... so I'm having a whole wheat McMuffin with my spinach and eggs. I'v ANNAROCKS79 12 GRATTECIELLA
5/26/17 12:25 P
Yesterday was really, really tough. Actually this whole week has been rough. I totally overate last PENDRAGONNYC 11 PENDRAGONNYC
5/26/17 10:23 A
For all the Zumba fans. This is me! RSCHWARTZ2 27 PUPPYBUG
5/23/17 1:08 P
5/19/17 4:12 P
4 hours of house cleaning 1035 cals burned 13151 steps... WOW!!! MIMIGEE2 21 MZB2U190
5/20/17 8:16 A
5/19/17 11:33 A
Beautiful day today in South Alabama. 🌞 Hope y'all have a great day! ROLLTIDE8586 20 RODRIGUEZ41508
7/22/17 1:16 P