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Saturday night BOLEBRON 9 1CRAZYDOG
4/23/18 4:35 P
4/22/18 9:00 P
I NEED ADVICE: When life gets stressful what do you do to stop yourself from eating? MAGICALPRINCESS 13 DIXIE-LUSH
4/23/18 10:24 P
Posted a photo SPEDED2 20 1CRAZYDOG
4/23/18 4:37 P
My goal, to be confident in my own skin! ALLMYMISTAKES 8 LIBR@RYL@DY
4/22/18 9:05 P
Another wonderful day with family! These past two days have been great. MELB1287 12 -POOKIE-
4/23/18 4:18 A
#loveyourbody #workout #exercise #health #fitness #love GOLDIEFOXX 9 4CONNIESHEALTH
4/23/18 8:40 A
Because sometimes you have to remind yourself that you dont HAVE to, you GET to...I feel a blog comi SANDIK9806 7 MSMITCHELL2696
4/23/18 8:14 A
Posted a photo _KANDY 8 JAYNE3013
4/22/18 11:56 P
Sorry, start was January 3rd P_CLARK 66 GOIN4IT233
4/23/18 1:52 A
just walked a mile and that's ALOT for me I keep telling myself I can do this! SIS_GALLAGHER 109 LASTDIET2017
4/23/18 1:21 A
Today a friend tagged me in a photo from 3 years ago. Wow! I'm always struggling to stay on track. DOLLIPS 135 RBVRE565
4/23/18 6:19 A
How Did You Walk Today? ON_A_DIET 195 BOLEBRON
4/21/18 9:09 P
Today's blog is posted: "Never Too Late and Motivational quotes." CAROLYNINJOY1 5 LAH1222
4/21/18 9:21 P
4-21-18 I bought 4 pairs of jeans today at Goodwill as a reward for losing 12 pounds. 😄 I think som ANNA4318 37 ALEXTHEHUN
4/22/18 11:46 A
I am officially the same size I was in high school!!!! C/O 1996 THECOZE 21 LOTUS737
4/21/18 10:31 P
Took my family to one of my favorite areas in Germany. Down 6lbs JMSTURDY 19 FIDDLISH
4/21/18 9:39 P
Today, I am smiling, because my husband hugged me and said, "you feel like you've lost some weight." ZINASP1 75 LASTDIET2017
4/22/18 1:22 A
Posted a photo BETTYWEST824 10 MMMMD59
4/21/18 10:44 P
4/22/18 12:04 A
After my hike, went home to get my buddy to bring him to the trail, it was a beautiful day to share! PELESJEWEL 48 DEBBY4576
4/23/18 12:15 P
So yesterday my OB had to cancel due to an emergency so I don't see him until the May. But I stepped DEVENLEIGH91 9 ANNA4318
4/21/18 9:23 P
Was in a really bad and down mood today. My boyfriend noticed and we all went for a hike. Got in two MARAJADE91 19 FITEXCELLENCE
4/22/18 9:52 A
Day 2 of the #bonebroth cleanse almost in the books! TIGGER33079 3 PEASWEET60
4/21/18 7:09 P
Not feeling the greatest but i got in a workout anyway!! It was arm day and i pushed myself with all BFOSTER616 18 LOTUS737
4/21/18 10:37 P
I’ve had a few bumps in the ride but this was me 2 FATBEGONECHICK 70 FATBEGONECHICK
4/20/18 7:55 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 9 REGILIEH
4/18/18 10:07 P
Dessert tonight; Chocolate rice cake, topped with Chocolate Hummus, Strawberries, Blackberries, and KOURTNEYWELSH89 27 LAH1222
4/18/18 11:23 P
4/19/18 2:45 P
Now that's what I call a well balanced meal! 🤣 #Veggies #Yum NEXTSTEP2014 11 JAYLANJACKIE
4/18/18 11:37 P
Just finished a POUND class - one of my favorite ways to exercise! Even better with a workout buddy IDGEEK87 4 SANDYTOES612
4/18/18 9:37 P
happy healthy Wednesday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 10 FLUTTERFLI
4/18/18 10:08 P
Much easier to get it in when I start early. Got mine in today! #h2whoa BONNIE1552 7 SMALLERMELORIE
4/19/18 4:31 P
Anybody using the Fitbit Versa? I just got mine, and am trying to figure out how to add the Sparkpeo MRSUSN 8 JEREMYINJERSEY
4/19/18 12:40 A
Definitely getting my confidence back! MISSCNJ 78 FITWITHIN
4/19/18 12:19 A
Posted a photo WHITE888TIGER 26 JSMYTHE3
4/19/18 1:34 A
Our little band of puppies. Two weeks old today. DEANNAHARPER64 41 DEANNAHARPER64
4/19/18 8:14 A
-25lbs in 7 weeks! EGRUBER5 150 GOIN4IT233
4/19/18 2:14 A
I've decided to get gastric bypass surgery and met with my surgeon today. She wants me to lose 100 p KARLASULLY 16 _RAMONA
4/18/18 2:56 P
Dinner and watermelon water KEENA47 8 CHEIVOUS
4/18/18 4:50 P
Posted a photo RNANGEL13 3 RNANGEL13
4/17/18 9:17 P
Breakfast for dinner. Trying out a quinoa bowl — i BINARYSTITCH 10 SANDYTOES612
4/17/18 9:42 P
Posted a photo MLBSLK 26 CHERYLHURT
4/17/18 9:37 P
Deliciously filling, vegan eggs, black beans and nopales!! Sooo good. CAMONELLIE 9 ELLISONDARLING
4/18/18 3:58 P
My wife has been pushing her vegetarian agenda like it owes her money. Not too low cal as there’s s PROJECTMH2018 11 SANDYTOES612
4/17/18 9:38 P
Here we go again! So many health problems that I am constantly trying to make my life and food work RNANGEL13 18 TEAGIRL49X2
4/18/18 12:12 A
And 90 minutes of work to go #moveit LITZT4223 15 BONNIE1552
4/18/18 9:31 P
We got rid of the recliner and added another exercise machine! WALTSGIRL74 33 2DAWN4
4/17/18 10:42 P
140 lbs down in the last 14 months. (167 lbs from my heaviest 4 years ago). Keep sparking. We can d MANDA2091 153 SARAHILAFRANCES
4/18/18 10:56 A
hope you all had a happy healthy Tuesday TRAILWALKERJO54 35 GLORYB83
4/18/18 1:32 P
#transformationtuesday GOLDIEFOXX 99 GOLDIEFOXX
4/18/18 6:16 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 NOCALORIES
4/16/18 9:34 P
Kale baby spinach banana strawberry blueberry pumpkin seeds and BlackBerries ASHTAB88 9 SHENTE
4/17/18 6:04 A
Sliced London broil with onions and mashed cauliflower MIAMI_LILLY 22 CHEIVOUS
4/17/18 11:56 A
Getting back to my #keto eating. Have my gym schedule under control now it's time to focus on food a AMYANN2005 8 SADIEMYERS
4/17/18 8:14 A
I make huge salads! Can't really see in the pic. I OPTICALXILLUSIO 12 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/16/18 11:36 P
Having cabbage soup. The low cal kind with lots of vegetables. #eattherainbow PETERMORRIS966 6 BILLTHOMSON
4/17/18 8:17 A
shovelled snow all day! LEANJEAN6 38 IDICEM
4/22/18 8:45 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 26 JOC36BROWN
4/17/18 4:19 A
I've been looking forward to the weather getting nice so I can start walking outside, but then this RAYMOSSISTER 24 MIYAMO
4/16/18 10:43 P
Finally, after two weeks of having the flu I was able to come back to the gym today. Yayyyyyy NICKIKINNY 16 JOC36BROWN
4/17/18 4:19 A
Tears of joy!! I am under 200 pounds...I haven't seen a number below 200 in nearly 20 years! I am PDLSTMPR1 309 BOXERLOVER77
4/19/18 6:54 A
Two weeks in, and things are going well! I can do this! LINDAC75 13 MYTURN215
4/15/18 11:09 P
Emoticon If You Got In Atleast 10 Minutes ON_A_DIET 158 BOLEBRON
4/15/18 8:10 P
Emotion of the day- emoticon or write the emotion BOLEBRON 275 GREBJACK
4/17/18 8:19 P
This little girl Maggie Mae, has been keeping me very active working on her potty training and she i CHARIKIM 16 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/16/18 10:44 A
#BeforeAndAfter this app has helped so much. Keeps me accountable. 59 in one week. Hope to b TAMARALYNN98661 28 OLIE07
4/18/18 11:03 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 10 NANASUEH
4/16/18 11:53 A
Posted a goal CHEETARA79 12 PAMBROWN62
4/15/18 8:14 P
New beginnings... AALLEY2 13 MADEINBRITAIN
4/16/18 4:00 A
Seasoned salmon with feta, fire roasted vegetables OPTICALXILLUSIO 17 B_RAZORSHARP
4/15/18 9:45 P
Got in all my 64 ounces today. Drank all without even my normal added lemon. #h2whoa BONNIE1552 12 GEORGE815
4/15/18 9:05 P
4/15/18 10:00 P
Fuelling on Homemade Low Mein Hubby made char siu Pork & Chicken, for the week, for my protein. I PELESJEWEL 21 SADIEMYERS
4/16/18 8:17 A
4/15/18 8:27 P