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7/26/17 3:39 P
July: Daily Hi and Post for Goodies JUDY1676 66 SMILINGEYES2
7/26/17 4:13 P
7/25/17 9:09 P
Daily...... Question of The Day ?????? HOMEBODY67 2665 JUDY1676
7/26/17 9:22 A
Two Words....Change One HOMEBODY67 1725 JUDY1676
7/26/17 2:02 P
Are You Stating Hydrated Today? ON_A_DIET 100 NEWVINE
7/26/17 10:32 A
Emotion of the day- emoticon or write the emotion BOLEBRON 151 BOLEBRON
7/25/17 9:06 P
7/25/17 9:04 P
Descriptors /adjectives A-Z BOLEBRON 443 BOLEBRON
7/25/17 9:03 P
7/25/17 9:03 P
From now on I'm going to change my life.Wish myself willpower and success 😈 MARIANNE201 49 IGOT2START
7/25/17 9:43 P
Okay, I started two weeks ago on July 11th. I was 381.8 pounds. I began because I saw this pic of VKEITHLEY 195 ANNIE1114
7/26/17 9:17 A
Celebrating 50 lbs gone! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ RANAF222 143 FROSTY99
7/25/17 9:23 P
7-25-17 5 months to Christmas!!!! I am continuing my tiny baby step goal. 2 minutes daily, it is h SPARKLINGME176 6 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/26/17 9:11 A
Went from a size 14W to a regular size 10. SASSYK11 17 SEXYMOMMOM1
7/25/17 1:29 P
walked the park and took these stairs (96 steps) twice.. yay! AULAURUS 10 SEXYMOMMOM1
7/25/17 1:25 P
Lunch time. AULAURUS 6 TERRI1458
7/25/17 1:16 P
Woohoo! Registered for a 10k in August 27 BOLEBRON 11 MYTIMEOK
7/24/17 10:29 P
Emoticon If You Got In Atleast 10 Minutes ON_A_DIET 71 123TERRY
7/25/17 5:00 P
A - Z ...Things you find around the house HOMEBODY67 1131 JUDY1676
7/26/17 2:03 P
Down 116 pounds so far......40 more to my limit😍😍😍 A46754 168 CJSTANBACK
7/24/17 9:41 P
Tonight's dinner: spinach and artichoke stuffed sweet potatoes with asparagus. 250 calories! TECHERNO 10 PIXIEDUST22
7/24/17 9:17 P
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 8 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 7:24 P
I am feeling an incredible sense of peace this morning. Saw Western Bluebirds with their young as I JEANKNEE 14 PATRICIA-CR
7/25/17 12:18 P
Got up the guts to start again. RSTRAUS1 31 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 7:23 P
Okay beautiful people, and that means everybody, because we're all beautiful, no matter what people GPALMER29 55 NANCYANND55
7/24/17 10:40 P
Guys, I just wanted to share this in case someone is feeling down about their progress today. I was PURZHINKITTI 108 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 7:22 P
Heading to THIS beach tomorrow! MEADSBAY 120 FLASUN
7/25/17 5:52 A
A bowl of fresh fruit salad for breakfast with a drizzle of honey DOINITNOTGONNAS 108 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 7:21 P
17 lbs down today but I don't see much of a difference...I do feel better and more energetic though MRSDCSUSEY 209 JANELLESMOM1
7/24/17 8:55 P
This is what I woke up to this morning! LOVELY1978 230 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 6:40 P
After a walk/run this evening with my swollen and pink eyelids; allergies are doing a number on me BOLEBRON 10 1CRAZYDOG
7/24/17 2:02 P
I've lost 30 lbs since March!! Never would I have JJ47135 132 UMUCGRAD
7/24/17 3:35 A
How Did You Walk Today? ON_A_DIET 56 NEWVINE
7/26/17 10:34 A
7/25/17 1:36 A
My Jennifer rose Lost my baby girl Aug 31 2008 and this is her rose ARLEE62 18 BNANCIB
7/23/17 8:38 P
Posted a photo M35425 12 JEANNETTE59
7/23/17 5:21 P
WooHoo to drinking water today. HOMEBODY4EVER 292 PATTI24
7/26/17 5:58 A
7/25/17 6:19 P
Homemade breakfast burrito, 425 calories! Delicious! LALAP1012 4 JULIEA7201
7/23/17 1:50 P
Didn't have breakfast, I slept in😩 so this is my brunchπŸ˜ƒ TBOYD5000 7 STAR135000
7/23/17 2:29 P
BAM ... another 1 1/2 pounds kicked to the curb for a total of 96 pounds GONE FOREVER. MTN_KITTEN 98 _RAMONA
7/24/17 2:29 P
Down 76lbs since October 2nd!! Size 22 to size 8/10 and the best part by far is how I feel! Never sa A04867 207 CHERRYZMB60
7/23/17 9:35 P
We had a crazy storm here last night, so what's a girl to do when that happens?!?! Grab the DSLR & t TMOODY84 61 SUNQUEE
7/23/17 3:45 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 158 REGILIEH
7/23/17 10:19 P
So excited about this! Can't believe how close I am to losing 30 pounds or to reaching my first goal C97281 135 UNITEDLOFTS
7/24/17 10:35 A
When you get out of your own way, you'll see that it isn't as hard as you think it is. If I can do i GAILIEBEE69 158 REDROBIN47
7/24/17 8:37 A
One more reason to keep my progress going forward. My new Grandson is going to need his pop pop arou JOEDOLLAR 34 STARFISH1961
7/22/17 10:20 P
I started at 325lbs I am down to 280. I want to get to 200lbs. Wish me luck. BYRONLEONARD 128 MOTIVATED36732
7/23/17 5:46 A
To celebrate my return to losing weight I started the day with a power smoothie. Normally include b TACOMALO 11 MISSDORKNESS
7/22/17 10:37 P
Don't tell me a man can't clean house!! Especially a single man that's bored to death, furniture pol GPALMER29 59 CANDYLIND
7/22/17 9:11 P
After a fantastic day with my hubby, this is our dinner. Fresh green beans, fresh tomatoes, lean bur BEVERLY1501 12 MOMMY2JJ2
7/22/17 8:16 P
My HCG compliant meal. Beef and broccoli stir fry. Pretty tasty!! ADUCKWALL 24 FOCUSEDSAM
7/22/17 7:16 P
My son made is specialty, fresh fruit on a community plate. Lol, when he was about 5 he told me he w HOLLYMEAUX 17 DIALYSISCHIC1
7/23/17 12:08 A
Salad and a Jenny quesadilla. So yummy. MONKEYDOODE 8 KJWITT
7/21/17 10:17 P
Alright fit friends I'm out for the weekend but I PRINCESSBEHR33 6 EVIE4NOW
7/21/17 10:28 P
#deliciousdaily ymoment Grilled Salmon with Mixed Vegetables, Brown Rice, Sauteed Onions and Garlic TRI2_BFIT 18 C38622
7/22/17 11:27 A
Finally made my 10% weight loss goal! Down from 380 to 342. DARRINISM 50 CHERIRIDDELL
7/22/17 1:00 A
Just want to lay down and cry! It has been a day from hell. Weighed in this morning for the first t LLOWE30 58 SARAHNRICKY1
7/22/17 10:11 A
New haircut for the healthier me. TYENOVKIAN 49 LIVEDAILY
7/22/17 9:01 P
When you slay the snack game.πŸ‘Š FITSISTA79 163 ZIGGY7611
7/24/17 11:43 A
Posted a photo CAT-IN-CJ 17 DETERMINED369
7/22/17 10:28 A
Got me a real sexy new fashion accessory. Toe is not broken, just need to stabilize it so it can hea LYONSFARM 12 KECIALAJOUER
7/20/17 8:16 P
My snack yesterday BIGBEAR50 14 CANDYLIND
7/22/17 8:59 P
Here's where I am ... today. MTN_KITTEN 14 LME412
7/21/17 1:31 P
My last drunk face. BIGBEAR50 16 HPOFBC
7/20/17 7:45 P
My replacement for alcohol BIGBEAR50 68 NOCALORIES
7/20/17 11:35 P
My trainer Osa BIGBEAR50 13 MEXIQUEEN
7/20/17 7:43 P
Not my most balanced dinner, but cajun crab stuffed mushrooms are right around 300 calories. #mobile MISSDORKNESS 23 7STIGGYMT
7/21/17 3:09 P
My tattoo I'm gonna get once I meet my goal weight. BIGBEAR50 18 BIGBEAR50
7/22/17 10:48 A
Got a fresh hairstyle yesterday! Cut off 7 inches. My hubby was flabbergasted and said I was soooo PHOXYM 237 BEACHCHICA08
7/26/17 1:40 P
I made vegan carbonara with zucchini cream sauce, brown rice paper "bacon" and kale, thanks to the n MDCRIST92 13 WEIGHTDICIPLINE
7/19/17 9:36 P
Today an older gentleman at work who was trainer and is still extremely fit responded to my hello wi MSUNEK 25 STOPPLAYING2011
7/19/17 10:07 P
Posted a photo ZOMBIE23 5 AGEE1944
7/19/17 9:53 P
#spaghetti squash lasagne deliciousdailymoment LORIANNHAM 18 RAINBOWMF
7/19/17 10:09 P