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Have had a crappy week eating wise. Was sick all w BOOTYLICIOUS83 13 RO2BENT
10/1/16 11:20 A
Well, still at 255, gone up and down a couple of p DRAGONFLYGIRLY 9 RO2BENT
10/1/16 11:18 A
I came into work and one of my bosses retired.Ther WILLOWSMOM14 22 JADIEGIRL1974
10/1/16 9:53 A
#recipes just discovered and wanted to share, add JESSDOW 15 JESSDOW
10/1/16 4:07 P
When you post at 3:30 in the morning, the only ones reading are fellow insomniacs! Trump knows! An EDNAEDWIN 6 BOOTYLICIOUS83
10/1/16 9:47 A
Happy Saturday everyone! ABEST7717 6 BEAN1997
10/1/16 9:48 A
After 6 months of being in a plateau I finally bro SARUPPEL 15 BIOMOM
10/1/16 11:25 A
What good healthy snacks to much on? And go EPEARSON16 8 CYCLE3815
9/30/16 9:58 A
My pants are falling down. Time to try the next dr LR237787 42 KTRUST2
9/30/16 11:25 A
What did you eat for supper today? MAISIA 28989 BOOTYLICIOUS83
9/29/16 9:14 P
What is the last thing you ate? ELAINOVA 10648 CALGARYDAVE
10/1/16 11:12 A
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 91139 BIGPOPPAPUFF
10/1/16 5:45 P
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 45315 BIGPOPPAPUFF
10/1/16 5:51 P
snacks today??....what'd you have??... BIGPOPPAPUFF 9998 BIGPOPPAPUFF
10/1/16 5:53 P
Is it harder to stay on track on the weekends or t JLYNN559 34 -POOKIE-
9/27/16 6:26 A
What is a good app to download on your phone to count steps and calories . I dont own a calorie watc KBLOUIN1 4 KBLOUIN1
9/27/16 2:20 A
Thanx folks for the motivation. I'm gonna take bab TMRUPERT75 4 BOOTYLICIOUS83
9/27/16 2:09 A
Tomorrow is my birthday. For my gift to me ...... S71810 48 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/27/16 8:40 A
Meh. I haven't been doing so great. Lack exercise. JSTUARTIST 15 RAIMA426
9/26/16 7:55 A
I'm starting for the thousandth time to lose 100 COOKIES66 19 VANILLASKY15
9/26/16 1:31 A
On my morning commute I got stopped by a woman who SMB1980 76 LUISISAWESOME
9/27/16 7:27 P
Didn't do well today, I'll do better tomorrow. D57121 9 BANANASLOUIE7
9/26/16 1:29 A
When you order a grilled chicken Sandwhich from Mc BOOTYLICIOUS83 3 GUECHI2051
9/25/16 11:29 A
I have a doctors appointment in 4 days. Let's hope BOOTYLICIOUS83 2 JADIEGIRL1974
9/25/16 8:23 A
I guess I'm a slow loser. I have only lost 15lbs i GENA1974 105 JOEWESTT
9/26/16 7:16 P
7 lbs down since Sept 2nd. Aiming for 3 more this 50BY30YRO 10 QSHEPP
9/25/16 8:28 A
I'm off to work. All I want to do is crawl back in BOOTYLICIOUS83 3 MOMMYBEAR82
9/25/16 9:00 A
#needhelp. Anyone else struggling with the water? GRUMPYOLGAL 51 E87246
9/25/16 2:59 P
always wanted to do yoga D41502 7 BOOTYLICIOUS83
9/24/16 7:48 P
Trying to stay on track. I've been doing good trac J73224 18 J73224
9/24/16 9:07 P
Good morning everyone REDROSE86 9 MMEQUEEN
9/24/16 11:07 A
Sat. Weigh in..surprised at a 2.2 lb loss. 23.6 lb ARTVANDERLAY 26 TERESATB
9/24/16 12:10 P
Happy Saturday everyone!! RATPACK65 5 MSMAKEOVER
9/24/16 11:07 A
Today was weigh day... I've lost another five poun D4RKLYNOON 119 7STIGGYMT
9/27/16 9:57 A
Hi. I'm new to Spark. #firstpost #friendfinder MOMMYBEAR82 47 DGHAG66
9/25/16 9:51 A
I'm on my way to a job interview right now. I hope BOOTYLICIOUS83 14 MICAH_601
9/24/16 12:06 P
Am on my way to work and am wearing a pair of jean BOOTYLICIOUS83 13 SISSY2979
9/23/16 10:46 A
It's my rest day. My house is cleaned and my husba EMIFOXXX 6 UNKYNDENESSE
9/22/16 5:43 P
A good friend messaged me today and let me know th ASHRAT88 3 ASHRAT88
9/22/16 5:05 P
How are you going to stay healthy during the winter months? Gym? Workout videos? Walking the mall? O JLYNN559 60 A1DENSMOM
9/22/16 5:01 P
I did the beachbody 3-Day refresh... I lost 7lbs! What a great start... now doing Country Heat and t JAMIE-N-THOMAS 7 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/24/16 3:52 P
Just so frustrated, I don't seem to have any self JTHOMPSON421 25 BOOTYLICIOUS83
9/22/16 4:59 P
How many calories do YOU aim to burn through exerc MWARNER211 23 SANMI61
9/21/16 8:51 P
Guys, brown bread or multi grain? #breadconfusion #healthy #fitness # food #fooddilemma #eatclean #n HARRY664 56 2CGARRETT2
9/22/16 4:52 A
Anyone out there want to be friends, and give/rece LORI3679 15 JENNIFERN0315
9/22/16 11:37 P
Sometimes it's hard to get the food logged in, and KATYBUG89 4 QUEEN_CARLOTTA
9/21/16 10:13 A
Last week I was eating good now this week we'll ac BOOTYLICIOUS83 17 SHOCOSS
9/21/16 11:57 A
I made turkey tacos with cheese,ketchup and sour c BOOTYLICIOUS83 4 BOOTYLICIOUS83
9/21/16 3:08 A
I'm falling back! I keep eating compulsively :( #h KAJE89 8 SHERRIWEBS
9/21/16 12:53 P
Tomorrow would have been my Dad's 94th birthday. H HEALTH_NOW 8 LIEBLINGOMA1959
9/20/16 10:53 P
What's your favorite workout DVD?? Mine is watp Le BOOTYLICIOUS83 2 SISSY2979
9/21/16 12:17 A
What healthy breakfast ideas do you guys have? FELICIAME 17 WNTMYPREBBYBDY
9/21/16 2:17 A
Starting my new job tomorrow. Nervous and excited! KRAE68 45 BYGEM68
9/21/16 10:50 P
I'm extremely overweight, and I'm still very young PRINCESSPIZZA 25 GINABERTOLOTTI
9/21/16 12:25 A
Does anyone do beachbody on demand??? BOOTYLICIOUS83 3 BEACHBUNNI79
9/19/16 4:38 P
I refuse to let food control me. I need to eat pro BOOTYLICIOUS83 3 SHEILALAVON
9/19/16 4:44 P
I walked three miles today in an hour. That's a mi JODEEH2016 71 CRISTYNJACY
9/19/16 4:53 P
I need help uggggh!!! I haven't really logged anyt HEALTHYME1969 19 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/19/16 4:18 P
It's been a week on our diet! Hubby and I both los ACHAZYAH 30 THEINFAMOUS1
9/19/16 6:15 P
I didn't sleep well. I'm overeating. Worried it wi JENNIFERFIT1 9 CARLSONDEB
9/19/16 5:36 P
I am a nurse working 12 hour shifts. I am on my fe MARGEBOO46 11 VINNYM4
9/19/16 11:40 A
How does everyone cope with hunger. I've tried sti ROSALEE81 73 LOATS92
9/24/16 9:32 P
Just did a mile on my walk away the pounds video b HET2011 5 BOOTYLICIOUS83
9/19/16 9:46 A
I stink at staying on goal on the weekends. I don't drink my water, I don't track. New resolution: GRYPHYNSMAMA 17 RAYJONI07
9/19/16 10:39 A
How do people feel about weight loss surgery? I am LIBBYH69 10 L2LLOGAN
9/19/16 1:56 P
Food is a problem for me. I wish it wasn't somethi BOOTYLICIOUS83 7 CLARADAY
9/19/16 12:58 A
I LOVE tacos mainly turkey. Combined with cheese, BOOTYLICIOUS83 16 NEONFORD65
9/19/16 1:21 A
Great start to my morning: hit a goal on the scale DNS9264 35 TJ7914
9/17/16 11:00 P
Today has bee a day of life changing moments. My h BELINDA2017 9 TODAYIAM
9/17/16 9:42 P
Just wondering how many of you actually go to an actual gym to exercise? Right now a monthly fee for LIZBARBER16 123 QSHEPP
9/25/16 8:05 P
Need some good advice on how to kick the soda habi CHROMEDRAGON20 24 LTRINH9
9/17/16 8:15 P
Grocery shopping today : Instant steel cut oats cranberry/blueberry, carrots and light sour cream d ASHRAT88 6 AMANDAGARCIA85
9/17/16 6:19 P
Down 100 pounds with 25 to go. Feel better than I GAILIEBEE69 20 MSTRONG522
9/17/16 6:40 P
Have been eating nothing but tacos since yesterday BOOTYLICIOUS83 3 BOOTYLICIOUS83
9/17/16 5:41 P
I ate a pan of brownies from Papa John's and I'm f STARGGG1 45 SNAPDRAGON04
9/22/16 9:35 A

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