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My sign of the day... RHOOK20047 21 PICKIE98
7/13/17 8:21 A
Down two pounds this week. 8 more to go for my first goal. NINAXANDELREX 17 RIVERRAT79
7/13/17 1:51 A
Went wild strawberry picking today!!! Going again tomorrow!! BRENNRENN 3 FINGERS51970
6/29/17 6:43 A
6/26/17 7:43 A
Getting it done early today....second workout this evening maybe 😀 my new kicks are comfortable MRSTHOMAS8314 10 MRSTHOMAS8314
5/24/17 8:36 P
Seriously thinking of opening a free gym! I have the space, location not so good. But, it might be f BRENNRENN 2 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/22/17 8:50 A
5/15/17 4:52 P
Adding some protein to breakfasts. NATIXII 14 MEXGAL1
5/9/17 10:57 A
Woke up to snow today! Aghh! Possibly more Wednesday.! Hoorah!(+_+) BRENNRENN 24 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/24/17 11:38 A
Not a big change but it is to me , down 2 sizes ,Yay GINABLUEYEZ1 302 GRANDMATHOMPSON
4/18/17 10:04 P
My goal was to be below 194lbs; preferably at 192lbs. This morning, I officially weighed in at 191. MCASKEY6 104 GRANDMATHOMPSON
4/18/17 10:04 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was exercise bike at a higher level = hurting legs. How a SPARKGUY 69 SHARONKHARTER
4/20/17 11:08 A
Why do you seek the living among the dead? He has RISEN just like He said! HAVE A HAPPY RESURRECTI MRSFANCYLADY 3 BRENNRENN
4/16/17 12:37 A
I've been doing salads in a jar for my weekly lunch meal prep for about 2 years. Since joining Spar MJAMILYN 30 MJAMILYN
4/9/17 9:32 P
Keeping at it and feeling great! And my husband says I look like I've lost weight! I'm glad it's fin NILLABEAN22 33 GEORGE815
3/26/17 5:34 P
Feeling down! I have gained 60lbs in a year. I dont recognise myself anymore. I lack motivation to e JEANNEK7 11 BRENNRENN
3/25/17 11:47 P
Happy Saturday! Weekend Check-in: what's one thing you will do this weekend to reach your goals? SPARKGUY 66 JEANKNEE
3/27/17 11:34 P
I'm doing it! Getting back on track, I'm building my endurance, I'm strengthening my bones and reall BRENNRENN 2 MALISSAPOLK
3/25/17 11:49 P
How can I keep my boobs?😂 YELIAB21 15 YELIAB21
3/25/17 2:27 P
I still gotta have my snacks n candy. So I jus save them to my favs and use portion control JEMIMAH1717 41 IMNERDY2
3/25/17 2:13 P
New to sparkpeopme. I was on myfitnesspal for four years and it has helped me lose a total of 27 pou KATRINKAKONG 17 KEEP_GOING247
3/24/17 12:49 A
Yeah, quick question. Does anybody know a great way to prepare egg plant? BRENNRENN 2 MLOSESWEIGHT
3/24/17 12:03 A
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was basketball with my son (he won again). How about y SPARKGUY 37 JOYCEHARRIS3
3/18/17 2:24 P
Posted a photo JENPOTTER 9 SHAY1961
3/14/17 1:31 P
?? Yawn:-D Goodnight BRENNRENN 2 ZRIE014
3/11/17 12:19 A
I'm wondering what is everyone's favorite Subway sandwich? I love the Black Forest ham and turkey br RYANCLAYTON 35 NCLARK27
1/15/17 10:03 P
Hubby wants to go to IHOP to eat. Just looking at the nutritional facts of the food, and it ain't go LSTANDRIDGE1 14 J38850
1/15/17 12:34 P
Someone please tell me how to stop the late night snacking? I do so good throughout the day and then TDURHAM48 24 QUINNY2016
1/15/17 2:38 P
Please pray for me. My mother passed away right a GLENNA_70 33 DAWN1830
12/15/16 4:38 P
Do you get mouth hungry? Like your mouth wants foo JHUCKER 25 CC3082
12/15/16 5:20 P
I give up. I'm tracking every day, staying in my JACKIEB138 30 RALPHDB
12/27/16 1:36 A
😥😥 Can Someone Please Tell Me Something Befo MSTRADER73 47 247ROSEANNE
10/30/16 5:57 P
I need help.....low motivation. My mind says go MRSMALTZ 19 247ROSEANNE
9/25/16 2:52 P
My fiance hasn't had sex with me in 3 weeks. He ca KRISTIN1522 126 JKASER13
9/13/16 2:26 P
#food Hello there!!! I am new here, and I am now T27983 14 T27983
9/11/16 11:05 P
Looking for new friends on here, feel free to hit CHARISSE2576 21 BRENNRENN
9/11/16 10:06 P
Why do I do this to myself? I do so good for a few MEL3347 12 BADDMAMA919
9/12/16 5:16 A
Been on here for a while. On and off for years. Bu LAD2015 23 MSDELTAGIRL
9/12/16 5:49 A
Hey all I'm new to this and looking for some peopl RYLEIGHS17 7 BRENNRENN
9/11/16 9:33 P
Alright people...I'm friggin jumping back on the b DUNLAPNAT 12 SHINEWTHSLENDER
9/11/16 9:27 P
7/28/15 12:46 P
Would like some Spark friends! STARSHINE123 9 _MORGENSTERN_
1/14/15 3:07 P
Sore muscle remedies? SADDHU1 12 SADDHU1
5/20/14 5:02 P
Starting fresh and going to do it right this time! PURPLEROSELOVER 11 DELLMEL
5/8/14 3:30 P
Blooming Beauties Challenge WINDMILLS18 281 DNJEN471
6/3/14 6:17 P
April 2014 Spark Challenge SHFELKEY 181 DEE107
5/5/14 11:06 P
Emoticon your mood today BEACHMOMMA 25422 LIZSPRINGSTEEN
8/23/17 9:14 A
What Exercise Did You Do For 10 Minutes Today? EARTHSEAME 30959 TCANNO
8/23/17 5:09 P
Anyone still here? STAGE_61 5 BRENNRENN
3/1/14 4:34 P
Welcome & Introduce Yourself! OHIOBETHC 137 -SHOREIDO-
11/5/14 10:12 P
Starting over....AGAIN JUL8301 9 OLIVIANIGHT
1/20/14 6:52 A
Restarting.... need help! AUTUMNMDOVE 17 AUTUMNMDOVE
1/21/14 4:57 P
Laugh Today? NUNANA 9055 RAYNAC3
8/23/17 8:37 A
Share your challenge goals here! COACH_NICOLE 11650 WALKINGINCT
8/20/17 8:38 A
8/10/17 1:41 P
10/9/12 5:34 P
Hi, Zumba Lovers !! HELLOKITTY127 3 BRENNRENN
10/9/12 1:50 A
How depressing! FAITH004 8 XOXOSUMMER
10/9/12 10:34 P
Do you like tea? LIFESGREAT2DAY 18 JLHUMMEL13
11/15/11 8:44 P