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This is going to be a hard road but its something that has to be done B41415 7 LIZZIE138
3/16/18 9:29 P
This fellow is part of a family of geckos whose job it is to keep me on my toes. We set him outside GGRSPARK 25 ALALADY
3/14/18 6:07 P
I’ve been having a hard time getting my protein in so I ordered this and it tastes pretty good. Some PHATRN 9 HOTPINKCAMARO49
3/14/18 6:29 P
How to set that weight reports by default would be displayed from last year December, and not last y ALINVA 6 ALINVA
3/15/18 9:49 A
Mmm. One of my favorite things! LIL1IAN 25 JULIEA7201
3/16/18 9:07 A
Posted a photo SHADOWBRAT 11 MJ7DM33
3/13/18 8:21 P
Pep talks! Get your pep talks here! CASEYTALK 59 CASEYTALK
3/13/18 12:49 P
It's my day 2 on SparkPeople. 100 lbs. to lose! :) LYNETTEKAT 46 CCULLEN623
3/12/18 7:11 P
Say hello to one of my excuses for being fat and last addition to my little family my #2 # MISSCLASSOF2004 193 STAYSTRICK
3/12/18 9:35 P
Post your Woohoos here!!! BOGUSANNIE 5643 SPARKLINGME176
3/14/18 10:31 P
3/10/18 10:10 P
Today, heading to a party later. 199lbs. REVALLYSON 13 ECMSGURL1205
3/10/18 6:58 P
New to Spark, trying to get used to how everything works. Like the idea of a community, being able MOMMANUCCI 61 CHERRYZMB60
3/11/18 12:56 A
Why, scale, why? Yesterday, I walked 15K steps, did my tabata, did leg work, and ate 14XX calorie CASEYTALK 2 SPARKLINGME176
3/10/18 6:26 P
First time in a year on the stairmaster..i only la PHOXYBROWN 9 TMP0418
3/10/18 10:38 A
I'm just so tired, I'm just tired, I wish I could go one week without working out and without having GPALMER29 57 PJGIRL
3/10/18 7:57 P
I made cauliflower pizza. And put peppers and onions on top. It is very good. I'm hoping it will fre ROBLINO56 59 DININA48MN
3/10/18 2:58 A
Another slow lazy morning 🙂 Went to bed last night at 23:55, woke up this morning at 5:45, got dres ST3PH 3 CASEYTALK
3/9/18 3:18 P
Next week my older sister is coming for a weekloonngg visit! I'm just starting to feel positive agai SUMMERFODRIE 12 CONNIET88
3/10/18 9:51 A
3/15/18 8:03 P
Meet for coffee CASEYTALK 46 CASEYTALK
3/8/18 8:05 P
280 today is my day to start wish me luck MRSKEENEY90 246 GOODGETNBETR
3/10/18 12:28 A
So close to the 150's I can almost taste it! 40lbs down and 15lbs to my lifetime goal. VICKICHICKI123 164 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/9/18 1:16 P
Today is International Women's Day. Take a moment to remind yourself of a woman who has had an impa CASEYTALK 2 GEORGE815
3/8/18 11:20 A
Today was the hardest day. I lost a grandmother who I loved dearly SLIVERBULLET 62 IRENESHOCKLEY
3/8/18 4:31 A
Just starting out at 310lbs, with type 2 diabetes. Hoping to get to 130lbs by May 2019. On track tod A08525 131 4WHLRS
3/8/18 7:42 A
A friend gave me TrimOrganix Forskolin and Garcini LORIESUN 13 *GINA*
3/7/18 9:31 P
Just starting out wish me luck. 276 lbs yesterday 270.5 today. RICKC0 92 SISTERPRETTY
3/7/18 10:27 P
Gotta resist these free work treats! 😫 I keep reminding myself I have baby carrots back at my desk. KAITYBGOOD 23 ROSEANNECARLSON
3/7/18 8:24 P
Lunch for today. Everything in moderation, and I even got some vegetables! MEGAN 7 DIXIE-LUSH
3/7/18 2:50 P
I weighed myself this morning, 468.6lbs! A total of 32lbs lost since 2/26! And my husband went from MRSBRAINARD429 197 FRABBIT
3/7/18 8:09 P
WOW Got my Blood work Back !! in 4 Months My Total Cholesterol went from 283, down to 185 !! HDL wen DARPALMIERI 167 ALLYLIZZY
3/7/18 5:51 P
I lost my first pound! 29 to go. I'm doing this - one pound at a time! MEKNAPPSACK 164 LYNMEINDERS
3/7/18 2:48 P
You just KNOW you want to make some penguins the next time you have guests over, right? 17 calories CASEYTALK 12 CHERRY-TEA
3/6/18 10:26 P
Work is stressing me out right now. I’m on my lunch break and feel like some sweet and salty snacks, CREATING_ME1 8 DEVORA54
3/6/18 11:31 P
Lost another pound!!!!! DEBBIEPOE53 10 TMP0418
3/6/18 4:50 P
Starting back on my diet again. Stopped for awhile .had a few deaths in the family , gained back 10 MAMAJOJO73 11 DIXIE-LUSH
3/6/18 2:53 P
Best protein shakes that will help with weight loss that are not to expensive, can anyone help plea PUDDIN1982 5 PUDDIN1982
3/5/18 9:19 P
Wow, it’s been a LONG time since I was on SP. My weight has been slowly going up, maybe due to Med c CRAZY_BREEZY 9 CHERRYZMB60
3/5/18 5:15 P
My two oldest children asked to take pictures of me with the baby this morning. I don't normally lik MORETHANAMOMOF4 13 CHERRYZMB60
3/5/18 5:10 P
Day 1 220lbs with Goal of 50 lbs lost by Aug 2018 big Goal YES SHANNONNEMECHEK 30 CATHERINEKIRBY
3/5/18 5:10 P
Looking to feel great and looking better is just a bonus DLYNNKNOX1995 6 LWLAR7
3/4/18 11:50 P
need tips ANGELEYES8688 3 ANGELEYES8688
3/5/18 1:06 A
WOW! I just won 500 spark points! Now What? lol THANKFUL2018 6 FJKLBROWN
3/4/18 2:17 P
Went to a party last night and ate healthy, salad, chicken, vegtables. BIGFLABEAR 13 BJK1961
3/3/18 10:03 P
Today is first day of my journey i need to get healthy plan on a realitic goal of 50 lbs by end of y CINDYROSE52 12 LIZZIE138
3/3/18 3:26 P
Today is the first day of my journey. Have my meals planned and I'm about to take a walk for exercis TAMARAINTX 291 MIRAGE727
3/3/18 7:34 P
Down 4.6 lbs in 3 weeks. I believe one of my biggest problems was portion control. I bought a digita MLBSLK 8 ALLYLIZZY
3/2/18 12:49 P
24 more to go! HELDAR 10 DMDANGELO
3/2/18 12:17 P
I'm skipping my Fit Bit for the weekend. When I first got it, I noticed that my wrist started hurti MCASKEY6 6 JTHEALTHY1
3/2/18 12:15 P
Got my blood test results today, my Kidneys, liver, thyroid are all fine.but a1c was at 7.1, I know SQUIGGMOOCOW 12 YVONNECAVE
3/2/18 6:28 A
First 5K November 2017 PORTUGUEEMAMA 7 PAMBROWN62
3/2/18 3:13 A
Welll i am not happy with my weight and i am slowly starting to work on here i am now KISSMESOFTLY992 17 EVANS1848
3/2/18 4:09 A
Bibimbap it's what's for dinner! (Basmati brown rice, asparagus, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, ca CASEYTALK 17 1CRAZYDOG
3/1/18 3:20 P
Any thoughts on how long I should wait before I weigh myself for the first time? Start on my weight CTNURSELMB 11 ALLYLIZZY
3/1/18 1:39 A
I made kimchi kimbap for dinner. Super tasty and filling. I tried to go healthy with the rice thoug TUSNUA2017 3 CASEYTALK
2/28/18 8:37 P
Stayed on track. I passed up cake and chocolate covered strawberries. Nachos for dinner. Sweet PAMALAMA1413 6 CSROBERTSON621
2/28/18 10:15 P
NSV - Walked to the park this afternoon, 1.7 miles AMYINTHEWILD 26 GPALMER29
3/1/18 12:21 A
I need some suggestions... so I work until 8 PM and I always want a snack when I get home. Nothing h GETTINLEANIN18 18 ROMCGHEE69
3/1/18 8:49 P
Taking the stairs! GRATTECIELLA 26 1CRAZYDOG
3/1/18 3:20 P
Today I received the best news I have heard in a long time. My husband, who was diagnosed with stage KELSEY0111 304 KHALIA2
3/1/18 2:14 P
Confession: My cat is NOT my fur baby. He's my accomplice. CASEYTALK 4 ALICIA214
2/27/18 1:34 P
I was very upset to discover that I weigh TEN poun LORI_LIFTS 79 OPTICALXILLUSIO
3/5/18 11:43 P
Goal weight reached today! Very excited to move on to maintenance. I have more muscle on me now then SADIEMYERS 306 BATISTE1
3/1/18 10:09 A
and the pork ribs 😊 POLIXENI8 10 ITSAPROCESS
2/25/18 11:53 P
I’m currently sidelined due to hurting my back and hip what are some easy exercises that I can do wi RACHAROO702 5 GOODGETNBETR
2/26/18 1:08 A
Exercise today was a 5 mile hike with one of the pups ❤️ DOGMOM1230 18 MUSTANGMOM6
2/25/18 3:27 P
I saw this picture of me and freaked. I’ve been at this one month and feel like I’m doing much bette NURSERUST 12 FLOYDPAULEY
2/23/18 1:49 P
I need to eat breakfast and adult...but there is this baby; she is cuddly, sleepy and toasty warm. FITLIZZE 40 PWILLOW1
2/23/18 8:58 P
Nashville area Spark peeps - Headed your way next week for work. Seeking running trail or biking pat B_RAZORSHARP 12 ALOFA0509
2/23/18 10:21 P
Anyone out there who used to eat a lot of bread? How did you cut back? What other foods do you eat n U53RN4M3 11 ANNIEANNYANNEE
2/22/18 8:33 P
For an update on the baby. I am 10 weeks and 5 days today baby was healthy with a strong heartbeat a FREEZE2B 20 CHERRYZMB60
2/22/18 8:03 P
How do I find my friend on here?! 😫😫😫 AUTYBABY 3 AUTYBABY
2/22/18 9:57 P
I just went to the kitchen looking for lunch. I had the following internal discussion: "How about CASEYTALK 4 STARDUST53
2/23/18 12:13 A
Started my journey this week. Starting off slowly. Walking half a mile for this week and working mys CLAREBERNSEN 58 AKPIPER
2/22/18 4:01 A