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Baby work this morning do I didn't work out this m CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
10/7/15 6:08 A
Another day if work and my youngest girls first BB CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
10/6/15 6:53 A
Volleyball tournimint today CBULLIS1 3 STRETCHYGIRL83
10/3/15 10:18 A
I have to kick this in gear. I gained 5 pounds and CBULLIS1 2 CEEMEE11
10/2/15 12:23 P
Last 4 days were not good. I was having headaches CBULLIS1 9 JOYCESHUBERT
9/30/15 1:28 P
Will everyone keep working out over the fall and w SONIAHUTCHINS 62 DHARMA11
9/28/15 9:04 P
Great job Colts!!!! I really dint think they woul CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
9/27/15 4:58 P
If U R reading this, I dare U to drink a cup of water. SOOKIE 2338 JENID36
10/7/15 11:42 A
It's Sunday. I just really don't wanna work I want CBULLIS1 8 MELANIERAJI
9/27/15 1:09 P
How was everyone's breakfast? Just peanut butter CBULLIS1 3 SAMMIEDARKO
9/26/15 10:38 A
Got a headache after my workout... What's that abo CBULLIS1 3 STRETCHYGIRL83
9/25/15 10:10 P
I think I'm back on track. I tracked food and work CBULLIS1 9 RO2BENT
9/24/15 8:15 A
Skipped my workout yesterday. And had to drag myse CBULLIS1 9 JOYCESHUBERT
9/23/15 1:35 P
Eating healthy and exercising on my Birthday. That XEMKAYTEEX 27 2MUCHSUNSHINE
9/22/15 12:28 P
Finally think I'm getting my water on track I di CBULLIS1 3 CUERVOSWOMAN
9/21/15 1:48 P
It's Sunday, which used to mean gorging on chips, INDIGOMILLIE 9 INDIGOMILLIE
9/21/15 10:04 A
Not sure I'm ready for the day to start. Would jus CBULLIS1 3 GSABASS
9/19/15 12:24 P
Today is my first day to make a healthy life for m SEXYA2015 13 BOOBIETRAPPD
9/19/15 12:34 P
Did you workout this morning? 20 min Turbo Jam. I CBULLIS1 3 GSABASS
9/17/15 7:04 A
Back to work. Enjoyed the last couple days off and CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
9/16/15 10:21 A
Haven't had breakfast yet. I need to eat I'm going CBULLIS1 2 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/15/15 10:17 A
Don't know what I did today but I made 200 spark p CBULLIS1 7 EO4WELLNESS
9/14/15 6:22 P
Long day at work I'm tiered CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
9/13/15 4:47 P
How is everyone's weekend? I'm working but it's g CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
9/12/15 1:05 P
i have a question...when you reach 300 points do y ROSAAVILA30 8 JENN9929
9/11/15 6:08 P
My Coffee maker is going to pits :( CBULLIS1 5 CBULLIS1
9/11/15 11:23 A
Celebrating this morning 12 from my goal weight an CBULLIS1 18 NRICH377
9/11/15 10:26 A
hope every one has a great day BRI2007 8 AUYAPAR
9/9/15 8:25 A
Just hit 300 spark points for September!!!! CBULLIS1 9 ELP14586
9/9/15 8:28 A
Starting to feel better. Hope everyone's morning i CBULLIS1 3 CINDYB0905
9/8/15 8:36 A
Said day all I want to do is eep CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
9/7/15 3:17 P
Where is everyone from? KELLBELL86 1107 DEETOM1123
10/1/15 10:19 A
Weighed in this morning and I am officially down e IMDOINGTHIS4ME 830 BCHARIE
10/5/15 6:27 P
what is one thing you are thankful for today? LIBERTY_JOY 810 JULES0192
10/5/15 9:59 P
How was everyone's day? Great day with my kids. T CBULLIS1 3 MUSICMA
9/5/15 9:05 P
How are you feeling about your progress? SPARK_COACH_JEN 3292 KULIA1
10/5/15 7:38 P
No exercise today. I dint want to move this mornin CBULLIS1 2 RO2BENT
9/3/15 6:22 A
The night was way to short CBULLIS1 4 CINDYB35111
9/2/15 8:27 A
I'm struggling to remember that this is the beginn LOLAROB33 14 2GEESMOM
9/1/15 2:22 P
Almost skipped my workout but I pushed my way thro CBULLIS1 4 SHANEKA34
9/1/15 7:57 A
Got a phone call from my daughter this morning. Ki CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
8/30/15 11:19 A
Got a phone call from my daughter this morning. Ki CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
8/30/15 11:19 A
Got a phone call from my daughter this morning. Ki CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
8/30/15 11:19 A
Does anyone else feel like people are judging you JMSTURDY 25 TRISTANNE
8/29/15 1:21 P
Got a birthday party tonight. I will do my best CBULLIS1 2 AJISUUN
8/29/15 2:23 P
9/2/15 1:01 P
I am just having a hard time working out in the mo REBECCAN67 29 JANLAROSE
8/28/15 8:54 A
I've been working all week and today the day I hav CBULLIS1 4 LOVECORGIS
8/28/15 9:09 A
So angry right now and a cravings abound. So want TURTLEKISS76 5 CBULLIS1
8/27/15 6:44 P
Last day to work. Have to get my house cleaned tom CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
8/27/15 1:09 P
I'm debating. Which is better diet pop or regular? CBULLIS1 16 KFOORD20
8/26/15 2:55 P
Woke up my daughter this morning at 4:30 poor girl CBULLIS1 3 1BOOMBALATTY
8/25/15 7:20 A
Got my day started with a good workout CBULLIS1 3 1BOOMBALATTY
8/24/15 7:44 A
40 min turbo Jam!!! Who else thinks Turbo Jam is CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
8/23/15 8:51 A
It will be a long fun day. My daughter has her 4-H CBULLIS1 6 STRETCHYGIRL83
8/22/15 11:41 A
I am wearing my skinny jeans today. So excited. ANDREATHECOOK 18 JENNY2030
8/21/15 12:52 P
Thank God it's Friday! What a beautiful day. DSUMLAUFT 2 CBULLIS1
8/21/15 11:23 A
I weight myself with a digital scale probably ever DEZFLO18 12 CABRIOGAL
8/21/15 11:48 A
wanting to loose the last 20-25, and I have been a RAEVEN85 9 CBULLIS1
8/21/15 11:11 A
I'm thinking the best way to get a Workout in whil CBULLIS1 7 ONELIFE112
8/21/15 10:03 A
How is everyone spending there day? Last day off CBULLIS1 2 BIKEGIRL10
8/20/15 5:20 A
One more day of work. So grateful CBULLIS1 2 AURORAGIRL75
8/19/15 6:26 P
What's your favorite exercise? MOEPALMER 56 BUTTERFLYBLUE58
8/19/15 2:36 P
My husband was still awake and I left for work at CBULLIS1 5 MSFIGGY
8/18/15 7:26 A
How was everyone's weekend? Mine started out grea CBULLIS1 5 GSABASS
8/17/15 6:28 A
I need more active friends. my friend feed is only MI-AMORS-WIFE 16 MI-AMORS-WIFE
8/16/15 4:23 P
would love to have some friends other then spark g GAIL0621 64 KSKARELL
8/20/15 8:46 P
It's going to be a great day!! CBULLIS1 7 CHERYLRENEE65
8/16/15 8:33 A
"Eating Well is a Form of SELF-RESPECT" I saw this MSFIGGY 31 MSFIGGY
8/17/15 1:07 P
Well it appears I will not get to go to the gym to MARCYLA 11 BCHARIE
8/15/15 4:20 P
Just ran my fitness tracker thing and my calorie b WNTMYPREBBYBDY 8 WNTMYPREBBYBDY
6/19/15 11:18 A
Gym time! What are you doing for exercise today? DYANNE4293 63 BMCC488
5/8/15 10:14 A
I made it out of the 180's! After a pinched nerve LIAYNTM 25 KRENZET
5/8/15 4:21 P
7/16/15 1:16 P
Daily General Discussion SHANIMCK 4505 CHRIMSONFYRE
4/29/15 6:57 A

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