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Busy day at work. Haven't sat down much today CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
2/21/17 12:38 P
Been a great day. Did 40 min of turbo jam and made it all the way through. Usually not hard for me b CBULLIS1 2 GODDESSBELLA77
2/20/17 7:55 P
Feb 20-26: Weigh In (Start) LABRYANT 2 CBULLIS1
2/19/17 8:26 P
I cried, I swear I cried. I weighed in at 145 toda MCRAYCRAFT 2475 HOLLY61FIRE
2/21/17 2:40 P
I picked up a pair of size 12 jeans today during a thrift store shopping spree. Omg, they actually SSMITH762 392 LOISLEL
2/21/17 2:53 P
Last night was date night so ate 250 calories more than planned but still below my recommended calor ANNIM80 20 SPARKISBACK17
2/19/17 9:11 A
#NSV I had been working on planks on my knees with my trainer - and today I was able to do them on m SKINNYERIN5 31 LISAMARIE2015
2/19/17 8:29 A
Very proud of myself. Went to Applebee's for supper last night and I stuck with the healthy part of CBULLIS1 15 LISAMARIE2015
2/19/17 8:30 A
Billboard Hot 100 Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 297 GABY1948
2/21/17 5:35 P
Busy day at work CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
2/14/17 12:38 P
Wondering how I ever use to get 20,000 steps on every day. Im lucky if I make 15,000. I'm going to g CBULLIS1 18 SAPHIRA70
2/12/17 7:15 A
I use Spark people like Facebook. How cool would it be if you could hash tag a friend if you want th CBULLIS1 8 BIGRENTMAN
2/12/17 9:07 A
Told my husband not to buy me any treats (candy is my weakness) anymore. If it's not in the house i LINDSAYN1430 66 CBULLIS1
2/10/17 3:22 P
Do you allow your self a cheat day, or a cheat meal or snack#wanticecream MICHELLELAW01 19 MISAIS
2/10/17 10:18 P
Forgot to weigh myself this morning. The more I think about it the more it bugs me but I will get my CBULLIS1 2 CINDY4JOY
2/10/17 10:31 A
So I feel like the calories I am allowed for my weight loss is too high . So I eat less than it says BAVIGES01 19 PENNYBATES
2/8/17 10:59 P
Happy hump day CBULLIS1 9 DAWN1830
2/8/17 11:59 A
Finally a sleeping baby boy CBULLIS1 3 QR3451
2/7/17 5:56 P
My boy is playing do nice. I feel like I should take advantage and just keep going on the treadmill CBULLIS1 5 7STIGGYMT
2/6/17 5:58 P
Anyone else planning on totally blowing it for Super Bowl this evening? CASSIEMA 56 MELINDA2234
2/5/17 7:48 P
Ok I think I need to do something with my workout. I've lost 2 pounds but I gained a inch in my wais CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
2/4/17 12:10 P
Got the rest of my meals planned out now just need to stick to it. CBULLIS1 5 CBULLIS1
1/31/17 1:20 P
Cleaning day. Going to try and clean appliances to may be hard with a 2 year old wish me luck CBULLIS1 3 EN-VANDRARE
1/30/17 9:26 A
I think I'm getting my sleep in starting to feel a bit better CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
1/29/17 4:03 P
😮 holy.... I PASSED THE 140 MARK!!!! Im 136 as of today woooohoooo!!!! #goal #determined #wontstop HOOPALINA 117 MISTISTU
2/17/17 10:39 A
What do you co when you have a nasty cold? Gonna be such a long day CBULLIS1 8 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/28/17 8:21 A
I forgot my lunch and left my money and the only thing to eat is mint girlscout cookies can i eat th GXNXSIIS 9 HRYAN9
1/27/17 11:12 A
Day 5 Weigh-In:. Down 7.4 lbs! Very happy with my progress. THEJOEMARINO 16 DONNASCOTT57
1/27/17 11:14 A
Been eating healthy and exercising for a week. DOWN 10LBS SCONGER23 9 ARTH3736
1/27/17 9:42 A
Getting back on track after my cheat day. CBULLIS1 3 ARTH3736
1/27/17 9:43 A
Finding it hard to stay focused this wee CBULLIS1 4 CAZADORES
1/25/17 5:26 P
Thinking of getting a fitbit ,for those who use it how or what do you enjoy about it,I have a androi BOT2823WADLEY 28 TABBIE28
1/23/17 8:34 A
Going to be a great day CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
1/23/17 6:54 A
Been a great day. I'm very proud of myself I stuck to my guns and ordered simply fit breakfast from CBULLIS1 2 MAMAJID
1/22/17 6:30 P
Oh what s day. Glad to Br homr CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
1/20/17 7:57 P
Oh drama today in the work place don't you just love it 😩 CBULLIS1 5 ANAISPAYEN
1/19/17 12:41 P
Having a good day. Hope every is CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
1/18/17 12:00 P
Why do I fell guilty about spending money on myself?😔. I went shopping with my kids and had a great CBULLIS1 11 LSTONESTREET1
1/17/17 9:34 A
Got a workout done on the weekend!! This does not happen very often CBULLIS1 4 CHINADOLL53
1/14/17 6:31 P
Been s pretty great day CBULLIS1 2 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/13/17 8:37 P
Not a good day. Work was awful which led to binge eating when I got home CBULLIS1 7 SOUTHERNFRIED
1/12/17 5:58 P
Well lots of snow coming down. I was planning a workout for this afternoon I think that workout may CBULLIS1 2 JOCELYNH711
1/11/17 7:00 A
Did really good except I had a IHOP salad for lunch. I only had half and it was 43 grams of fat!!!!! CBULLIS1 3 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/9/17 8:51 P
Felling focused this morning CBULLIS1 3 MELVIDI
1/9/17 7:04 A
Working odd shifts. I work over nights and have 2 small children. I feel like all i do I do is eat, BEAKY 5 MAMAJID
1/8/17 7:56 P
Sunday weigh in MEKATHAQWEEN 1282 JEANKNEE
2/19/17 11:03 P
How is everyone doing???? SHERRY257 25 SJGMOM
2/15/17 11:53 A
Team Huddle Every Day! JOHNNIEGIRL0612 6 CBULLIS1
1/8/17 8:58 A
Do you feel beautiful today? -POLEDANCEGIRL- 2296 SPARKLINGME176
1/18/17 7:44 P
I was about 13 calories over my cal intake yesterday. Kuldip have done better but could have done w CBULLIS1 12 RITA1956
1/8/17 8:57 A
So I got Spark premium at the beginning of the year. Just asking why I haven't got my 500 Spark poin CBULLIS1 3 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/7/17 10:28 A
Looking for a good strength training workout. My problem is I don't want to be on the floor. Looking CBULLIS1 9 ERIN2016
1/6/17 12:47 P
Been doing very well tracking food and exercising CBULLIS1 6 DLJONES50
1/5/17 10:21 A
Here's to another good day. Legs are sore from all my squats yesterday but I'm glad I feel something CBULLIS1 5 HLANIER4
1/3/17 6:45 A
Hope everyone had a great first day of 2017. We had our last celebration for Christmas and celebrate CBULLIS1 2 DORHYGT
1/2/17 7:49 A
Happy New Year CBULLIS1 3 ROMI1984
1/1/17 10:44 P
Team Points MSLZZY 2298 MSLZZY
2/21/17 9:21 A
I am officially the smallest I have ever been in m KORRILCONGDON 662 SPARTANJAI
1/21/17 5:43 P
What's for dinner tonight? Drum roll DEBSANKS 34 SWCHKLT
12/28/16 10:49 P
I'm debating on getting Spark premium. I'm just maintaining the weight I've had it off for almost a CBULLIS1 17 SPARK_MERLE
12/30/16 12:39 A
Anyone have any resolution for the new year? I'm sitting here thinking about it but I hate to make CBULLIS1 2 ALBREDA1980
12/28/16 6:28 A
Needing motivation my eating is not even great in the morning. CBULLIS1 5 KENK667
12/27/16 8:14 A
Weather is frightful. Christmas dinner at grandmas CBULLIS1 4 VIVI65
12/26/16 7:38 A
Have a happy healthy Mary Christmas CBULLIS1 3 LISAMARIE2015
12/24/16 8:16 A
Didn't exactly make my #20bychristmas but I lost 8 JOURNEYTO185 18 DONNASCOTT57
12/24/16 8:31 A
I did it! Bye bye, first 20! #20bychristmas SMB1980 65 INSPIRED85
12/29/16 7:52 A
Yesterday my son looked at me and he sees me every VLRPRKS 38 DAWN1830
12/23/16 5:52 P
Feeling pretty good today. Haven't stayed on track CBULLIS1 4 DBAKER571
12/23/16 11:11 A
A anotherday gotta keep pushing. Afraid I'm going CBULLIS1 4 LAURENSX
12/22/16 7:02 A
Time for work again. Seams to be a very long week. CBULLIS1 3 ZOEYBRATZ
12/21/16 6:32 A
Saw a car up side down in the ditch on my way to w CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
12/20/16 6:55 A
I don't log on the weekends. I just enjoy them, si CKLINGSHI 7 FITTEREVERYDAY
12/19/16 2:45 P
I survived the cold weekend. It was wonderful bein CBULLIS1 3 VIVI65
12/19/16 7:08 A
Very cold today temp is -17 but feels more like -3 CBULLIS1 2 7STIGGYMT
12/18/16 10:11 A
Going to try and stay away from the not so healthy CBULLIS1 4 RO2BENT
12/17/16 9:04 A

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