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Daily Weigh-In BOOKLADY36S 3678 GABY1948
6/27/17 9:16 A
Hi everyone! Just introducing myself. I'm 23yrs old, and ready to lose all my baby weight! 2 childre STINAJ93 34 STINAJ93
6/16/17 12:20 P
Good morning sparklers, anyone want to join me for coffee on my porch this morning? 1958TMC 84 FLASUN
6/17/17 7:11 A
Having a great night CBULLIS1 2 CGARR442
6/16/17 7:35 P
Happiness Happens Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 242 BAPEARMAN
6/28/17 12:15 A
Posted a photo CBULLIS1 14 CBULLIS1
6/13/17 12:26 P
My 15 year old. We went to story book park yesterday CBULLIS1 7 PINKPIXY22
6/11/17 1:25 P
YESSS!!! Finally got to my original goal of 140! It took me 14 weeks to lose 23 pounds. That last JJ47135 257 B77421
6/13/17 12:08 A
First full body pic I've had for awhile. Dorothy and I from the wizard of oz CBULLIS1 11 DAWNIEHEATHER78
6/11/17 9:50 P
Going to try and stay active with steps this weekend. All week and had 20,000 + steps except mon. W CBULLIS1 3 CGARR442
6/10/17 8:24 P
Good morning everyone!!!! Today is weigh in day and I am down 3 lbs exactly this week, which brings THEJACKIEDEAN12 277 GORDONED
6/9/17 11:53 P
Good morning Sparkpeoples! Have a terrific day and thankyou for all of your support! DANICONNOLLY 152 ROSEPETALPINK
6/8/17 12:57 P
I'm down 6.6 pounds in the past 11 days! I know that isn't some huge number or anything but I'm real FATTIENOMORGS 143 MARINEMAMA
6/8/17 5:42 A
I've stated my Journey 1year ago I've lost 105 lbs 2016FITQUEEN 253 ILYIA545
6/19/17 2:06 P
Using this app to track my pregnancy weight and what I eat! I'm 15 weeks today! First baby! πŸ‘Ά CHELSKING92 190 PWILLOW1
6/7/17 6:51 P
I can tell the difference in my weight still a long way to go but I'm still beautiful! MISSMARIA93 26 PINKPIXY22
6/5/17 11:16 P
@dawnieheather78. Wanted to say hi πŸ‘‹ and cheak out the new. Tagging friends thing. CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
6/5/17 7:40 P
May 30-Jun 4: 100 Crunches LABRYANT 16 JADEROSE1234
6/6/17 2:15 A
6/10/17 8:14 P
Fun in the β˜€οΈ today CBULLIS1 5 CGARR442
6/2/17 11:02 P
Posted a photo EPAPOILA 4 LAW06211
6/2/17 9:16 A
This photo and saying was supposed to go with the post about what the 5 months so far have been for TUBLADY 12 JAMER123
6/2/17 11:45 P
Exactly 9 months ago today September 2, 2016 I embarked on this amazing life journey, with a startin THEJACKIEDEAN12 315 KLIPSE
6/8/17 11:28 A
I am in Gramma heaven once again. Hannah Grace was born May 28th, weighing 8lbs 11oz. Believe it or HEYJUDE58 214 TIME4ME2017
6/2/17 6:26 P
May 30-Jun 4: Weigh In (Start) LABRYANT 4 CBULLIS1
5/30/17 7:29 P
Had a great 3 day weekend. Now back to work CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
5/30/17 12:24 P
From 524 to 224!! God Is Great!!! GPALMER29 249 NANCYANND55
5/29/17 10:16 A
I was at a clothing store yesterday and I was nervous because to be honest I've hardly gone clothe s BREMARSH91 205 CANDJMUNOZ
5/28/17 5:00 P
Start of my arm workout. Feeling pretty strong CBULLIS1 6 SPARKS07
5/28/17 11:14 A
Good morning everyone!!!!! Today is weigh in day and I weighed in at 238.6 lbs so I am 89.6 lbs down THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 KARENWILL2
5/29/17 6:18 A
felling great one day of work then my 3 day vacation begins CBULLIS1 2 TBRYAN-LU
5/25/17 9:20 P
My name really sucks. I had to do a total of 60 Burpees πŸ˜‚ GORDONED 8 GORDONED
5/12/17 5:04 P
Felling beautiful today and I live my work uniform today 😎🌻 CBULLIS1 6 BUSYGRANNY5
5/12/17 7:19 A
I stole this from someone one pep. I just love it it is exactly what I need to hear!!! CBULLIS1 11 CGARR442
4/30/17 10:04 P
Officially down 100lbs πŸ˜πŸ™ŠπŸ™Œ CWEST4973 84 MWARNER211
4/29/17 8:23 P
Went to the butterfly house a few days ago. Wish I was doing this today. It's cold out today ind if CBULLIS1 3 SUNSHINE99999
4/29/17 4:47 P
Need to find my motivation I have been off Spark people for 2 weeks and am now over my goal weight CBULLIS1 5 NDOEYLEWIS
4/28/17 9:33 P
Apr 24-30: 100 Crunches! LABRYANT 13 JADEROSE1234
5/16/17 10:16 P
Fun on the farm with this cutie today CBULLIS1 6 DAWNIEHEATHER78
4/18/17 6:04 P
Apr 11-17: CTC or Zzzzz's LABRYANT 13 7XGRANDMA2
4/25/17 4:39 P
Apr 11-17: Weigh In (Start) LABRYANT 3 CBULLIS1
4/17/17 8:36 A
Goal this week stay in calorie range all week and drink water. Weekend was full of not so good food. CBULLIS1 2 CGARR442
4/17/17 10:15 P
Happy Easter CBULLIS1 12 BRENDA_77039
4/16/17 8:35 A
I have officially hit my first goal of losing 30lbs!!!! It's been 14.5 weeks since I started on Spar KBARNES165 169 MYRANDA30
4/12/17 5:32 A
How are you feeling about your progress? SPARK_COACH_JEN 3833 LIGHTHOUSE1954
6/27/17 2:28 P
What's everyone up too? LUCKYDUCK2 730 MSLZZY
5/21/17 8:21 A
Please Post Your Birthday Here URSULA125 149 POEDAUGHTER7
6/17/17 12:56 A
How is everyone doing???? SHERRY257 26 CBULLIS1
4/10/17 9:04 P
Apr 4-10: Please Cheese Me! LABRYANT 7 PAOLINA
4/14/17 7:47 A
Having a wonderful day CBULLIS1 3 JUDITH316
4/10/17 11:57 P
What are you happy about today? SPARKPEOPLE 7 CBULLIS1
4/10/17 6:53 P
Loving my day despite the cold weather CBULLIS1 2 MSLZZY
4/10/17 6:59 P
Starting a new challenge the walk 5 k challenge. One of these days I will finish, if I do finish I w CBULLIS1 2 MSLZZY
4/10/17 7:02 P
Well the rain won't stop for me to take my walk πŸ˜’ CBULLIS1 4 J38850
4/9/17 1:09 P
Spring: to rise, leap, move, or act suddenly or swiftly. May you spring into action today! SPARKLED146 12 EMGERBER
4/8/17 7:23 A
Well, I'm pregnant again (baby #4). Doing my best to not gain much weight. Problem is... I don't no MORETHANAMOMOF3 5 MYTIMEOK
3/31/17 3:51 P
Feeling pretty good I'm getting back to my walks during my lunch break from work CBULLIS1 2 KILTORE
3/31/17 1:23 P
Just started my new diet, water goals, and excercise on monday! I am soo motivated to do this! I alr SLCASM 27 JBUHAY3
4/2/17 7:26 P
Happy birthday to ME! Just grateful to celebrate another year! πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ #birthday #celebrati YELIAB21 281 YELIAB21
3/30/17 6:35 A
So I just got married Sunday!! However since moving to Florida I've gained 60 pounds (my husband and FLORIDAGIRL2016 306 FLORIDAGIRL2016
3/28/17 9:23 P
I have been eating super unhealthy lately because of my birthday and I gained 5 lbs! I am so upset w LR237787 4 CONNIETEA88
3/27/17 9:00 A
Felling productive ready for a day of house cleaning. I think LOL CBULLIS1 2 CONNIETEA88
3/27/17 8:59 A
Ready for a new day. Happy Sunday 😎😎 CBULLIS1 3 MLLOYD16
3/26/17 7:03 A
Great day this is the first workout I did in 2 weeks!! CBULLIS1 4 JUDITH316
3/26/17 2:34 A
Still plugging away! Getting more and more proud of my hard work every week. Another few pounds and CHOLA82 167 ANGELAFREEMAN88
3/26/17 7:04 A
Showed a friend my weight lose chart maintaining for a year and a half. CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
3/25/17 7:00 P
#mobilechat down to 149 and rewarded myself with a new dress! What do you think? The straps come off EMMAYBEE 223 BRENDA_77039
3/26/17 12:04 A
Proud of my fridge right now. Are you? MIZZSHELBYRAE 16 MIZZSHELBYRAE
3/25/17 2:17 P
Meal prepping is the only true way for me to stay on the track. This is one of my previous preps for FITSISTA79 156 KARENWILL2
4/19/17 11:44 A
Good morning spark friends happy FridayπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ GTPPIRES1 2 CBULLIS1
3/24/17 11:06 A
Making great progress maintaining weight and still loosing in the hips and waist CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
3/24/17 11:05 A
Billboard Hot 100 Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 732 GABY1948
4/6/17 7:48 A
I needed this reminder today! RICKI157 11 KARENWILL2
3/24/17 12:16 A
Lost in my hips,waist and arms and gained 1inch in legs although I have been working the muscles in CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
3/23/17 10:17 P
Down 56 pounds! It's takin me a year but it was so worth it! Wish I could loose another 25 pounds. PLONG5 304 PLONG5
3/23/17 10:17 P

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