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Bring on the day CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
5/29/16 8:48 A
Thinking of getting a Fitbit, but not sure if it's JENNWIN12345 46 GOODLIL991
5/21/16 10:37 P
Just weighed in and lost .4 of a pound. Really? I DEBC82 31 1CRAZYCHICK
5/21/16 10:20 P
It's 8th grade graduation today kids grow up way t CBULLIS1 3 MRSSTILES
5/21/16 10:03 A
Getting my walks done again on lunch brake. It's g CBULLIS1 2 CHEIVOUS
5/16/16 1:53 P
Happy Sunday. Hopefully getting my hair done today CBULLIS1 6 CAMBI2
5/15/16 10:47 A
Need motivation I got to my goal weight and now am CBULLIS1 5 AKIMBERLYQ1
5/14/16 9:30 A
Odd question. But how old is everybody? I feel lik CIROSEOXO 3119 MSELINGER0
5/29/16 2:26 P
Spring cleaning today. Not going to be easy with a CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
4/29/16 8:18 A
Can I go back to sleep? LOL Gotta get my blood pu CBULLIS1 4 RUBYREDSTAR19
4/18/16 7:42 A
Gotta loose a inch in my waist by June to fit into CBULLIS1 3 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
4/17/16 9:42 A
Birds are chirping today and I have a lot of work CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
4/16/16 9:32 A
Gained 3 pounds😟 CBULLIS1 4 SMITH8008
4/15/16 12:40 P
It's going to be a nice day here.So I be going wal STITCHINGCRAZY 15 GOODGETNBETR
4/14/16 4:40 P
Be outside at a track meet all day should get a lo CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
4/14/16 8:19 A
If U R reading this, I dare U to drink a cup of water. SOOKIE 4080 CAMBI2
5/31/16 9:00 A
Just completed my first day with 30 minutes of exe SOPHIA2056 15 AUSNBREEZY1
4/8/16 8:25 A
As of today I have a 20lb weight loss since Februa AMYANN2005 29 DIZZYBRITCHES
4/8/16 10:55 A
I think I found my motivation!!!!! So So HAPPY I CBULLIS1 6 LBIDDLE-S
4/8/16 10:55 A
Good morning all you Spark Pals! Today is Thursda GHGRACIE 2 CBULLIS1
4/7/16 12:09 P
So cold outside. We're did Spring go? CBULLIS1 3 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
4/7/16 1:05 P
I'm still hanging in there. My problem is I'm gett CBULLIS1 13 AWHOLENEWROSE
4/6/16 8:24 A
Anxious to go outside. Peril here at work are sayi CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
4/4/16 11:59 A
It's going to be a nice day here In SD. I'm thinki CBULLIS1 4 CARAMELQT38
4/3/16 9:17 A
Just out of curiosity how many of you have actuall CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
4/2/16 9:05 P
Gotta get back on the wagon. I've just been having CBULLIS1 3 ERICAD08
4/1/16 10:09 A
What a good day! It's raining but I don't care, i CBULLIS1 3 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
3/30/16 12:54 P
Starting my journey again. I'm really upset at mys SEATS123 7 CBULLIS1
3/29/16 8:16 A
Haven't been great about tracking lately but been CBULLIS1 3 STITCHINGCRAZY
3/29/16 8:18 A
Went to see miracles from heaven with the girls la CBULLIS1 3 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
3/28/16 8:26 A
A lot of friends/co-workers are doing thrive, wrap LAND22COUNTRY 48 DRBARNETT
3/27/16 10:34 A
3/27/16 8:53 A
I'm so tired I want my work shift to end and I hav CBULLIS1 3 LAINABETH
3/26/16 7:43 A
Day off.. I think my husband was a little upset w CBULLIS1 8 KFSTAAB
3/25/16 10:12 A
Hard to believe we had 18" of snow yesterday! Peo NOMORECANDYKEL 10 RLEE14
3/24/16 11:11 P
I made a goal for myself to hit 20,000 steps every CBULLIS1 13 DRBARNETT
3/24/16 7:25 A
So out cat had her baby's in the garage lastnight. CBULLIS1 6 MMMBUJI6
3/23/16 9:41 P
Did great all day and fell of track horribly at th BBASIL87 42 1MUSICAT
3/23/16 8:03 A
3.5 milea in 38degree weather DEBSANKS 10 KTWEB37
3/22/16 2:04 P
Had a free lunch at work today at the moment I am CBULLIS1 4 HAPYGERL
3/22/16 12:55 P
So I start my eating habits change today! Day 1. G KASSY1981 21 BSANABRIA59
3/21/16 10:29 A
Time to get back to normal CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
3/21/16 6:50 A
Gotta get back on track!! Only I can do it!!! HDUNCAN78 3 HDUNCAN78
3/20/16 7:18 P
Good weekend but I ate way too much I need to get CBULLIS1 3 DIZZYBRITCHES
3/20/16 6:37 P
I know water is important and helps with weight lo MHERRIGES5 24 DLCHURCH54
3/19/16 10:32 A
It's going to be s fun day with extended family to CBULLIS1 2 ELP14586
3/19/16 8:30 A
When you look in the mirror do you like what you s FITBY2016 6 SHUNDRISS
3/19/16 8:31 A
Feeling really good today,walked this morning for KBICK214 3 MSTOBYE
3/18/16 7:58 A
Going to be a great day!!! KBICK214 2 CBULLIS1
3/18/16 7:56 A
95 lbs down and wearing size 10 dresses today! Sta AJ0708 2122 SHAMEEKADAR
5/28/16 1:21 A
I say NO to any food after my last meal! I dont wa MARYBETH000 13 JOSSYO
3/18/16 9:40 A
About to get my morning started with a mile walk.. AMBERBETH32 6 AKIMBERLYQ1
3/18/16 9:51 A
It's the start of my 3 day weekend!!! CBULLIS1 3 CANNERCHICK
3/18/16 7:56 A
Happy St Patrick's Day🍀. May we all have luck o CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
3/17/16 6:30 A
I am going to do it. I am going to train for and r DNORALEE 10 TABBYMARIE74
3/17/16 6:44 A
I've been using this app for almost 3 weeks. Have MTW1177 12 CBULLIS1
3/16/16 6:47 A
I'm down 4.4lbs in 5 weeks. I've been working real JMAGEE0 5 BAKERSDOZEN15
3/16/16 9:01 A
Good Morning! Don't forget to HUG yourself today b KMCCOLLUM66 6 DIVAGENEVA
3/16/16 6:55 A
Back to work for two days. Then I get to play agai CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
3/16/16 6:45 A
Gonna do some shopping today. My girl is to eat se CBULLIS1 1 CBULLIS1
3/15/16 9:43 A
3/14/16 5:25 P
Looks like today is the nicest day of the week. Th CBULLIS1 4 SMASON6
3/14/16 10:42 A
Final weigh-in for my neighborhood biggest loser c FATMOMRUN 105 MJANE15
3/14/16 12:15 P
have lost about 8 pounds now. birthday is a month EMI_RENEE 11 ANGIEN9
3/13/16 8:29 A
3/13/16 6:49 A
Feeling energetic today. I think I'm going to like CBULLIS1 3 00SNASH
3/13/16 7:37 A
Having a great day. Lost one of my challenges yest CBULLIS1 3 SCHNOOTIE
3/12/16 12:10 P
Today feeling sick and sons home from school, any CSMITH698 10 CBULLIS1
3/11/16 8:31 A
What a great day. Walked near the ocean. Saw my de MAUIRIPPER 9 GSABASS
3/11/16 8:36 A
60 days in and 15 pounds down. I have broken my a SBURRELL12 12 STRETCHYGIRL83
3/11/16 8:59 A
Good morning all. Today I am super excited. Los VJAEANDCC 14 ACEYBLUE
3/11/16 10:14 A
Going out to party tonight! My goal: Staying sober FRANNYMARY 21 KESSYSMOM
3/11/16 12:01 P
Lost 10lbs! To celebrate my 14 month old twins and AYOTOKS2001 19 CINDYB35111
3/11/16 11:08 A
Four day weekend with the kiddos. So excited and l CRYHUFF 7 AKETRON1970
3/11/16 8:28 A
I. A pound under my goal weight!!!!!! Can't remem CBULLIS1 7 INAMINIT
3/11/16 9:51 A

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