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can feel my hips on the floor while doing half-pigeon with my hips square #nsv #yoga #ahhhhh PLAINJANEDOE 7 PLAINJANEDOE
9/22/17 9:12 P
#Keto #Lowcarb I have lost 54lbs. 50 lbs of potatoes was very hard to hold. It's amazing I could wal KIMBERLY925 52 MDCALIFORNIA
9/22/17 9:31 P
Decided no fast food...but had to go somewhere before football game or those hotdogs would be callin SYDNEYM3 18 SMCMAHON8
9/22/17 9:49 P
I wanted to do a side by side to perk myself up during the slower weight loss weeks. I'm surprised a CSILVERS 234 1BODY_1LIFE
9/23/17 1:04 A
This is me today. 50 pounds gone! ISABEAUSROSE 254 ALALADY
9/22/17 9:26 P
Good evening Sparky's much love to all!! Hope everybody had a wonderful day!! Tomorrow is Big Friday GPALMER29 25 CHERIRIDDELL
9/22/17 1:49 A
Got in my walk / jog today while babywearing and holding my toddler's hand. It wasn't pretty but we KAYBRITMOODY 21 JBLESSER
9/21/17 11:34 P
9/21/17 11:06 P
My mentor blessed me with a new yoga mat and strap. I feel so happy. It was a very nice surprise. CDS427 39 LKBRIDGE
9/22/17 1:17 A
These are the best! 60 calories each and you can make pizzas, garlic toasts, pita sandwiches- they KENNYBARBIE12 29 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/22/17 12:06 A
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was stretching in the sunshine. How about you? SPARKGUY 73 ILOVEROSES
9/23/17 2:04 A
Ready for Rosh Hashanah dinner! GRATTECIELLA 107 -POOKIE-
9/22/17 11:42 A
Posted a photo F5-FURY 7 BEANPOD61
9/19/17 8:32 P
Posted a photo FAITHRAE 9 ROCKRS
9/19/17 8:11 P
Dinner tonight; Fresh spinach with crisp apple slices, reduced fat blue cheese crumbles, chopped wal GOOSIE13 35 GEORGE815
9/19/17 9:21 P
9/19/17 8:30 P
ONEderland! I haven't seen the 100's in 15 years or more! CARINA640 188 SAGEFAERIE
9/20/17 12:32 A
Here's what I'm having for my snack instead of leftover cake. Go me! GRATTECIELLA 79 HPOFBC
9/21/17 10:43 A
Having Greek yogurt with added protein, blueberries and granola for a quick supper whilst attending KJPE25 10 FRAN0426
9/18/17 5:56 P
In June, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Until then, I didn't realize that as my lifestyle has given 4REBECCAENM 72 KEN1237
9/18/17 9:23 P
This was me days before college ended my freshmen AMMZBURR7 21 KINYA4571
9/18/17 9:03 P
I've sporadically posted my daily reports here for my 100 day challenge and thought it would only be WHYTEBROWN 99 -RUBIES-
9/20/17 2:02 A
I was over 238 lbs starting this year and not exercising at all. Now I am exercising 5 -7 days week NEONGHOST21 220 BETTERLIFE12
9/18/17 7:38 P
I been working out since March and changing my eating habits. I lost 30 so far and still got plenty CAROLINAGIRLJNT 224 STORCH2000
9/18/17 11:03 P
Posted a photo SONYAT0624 9 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/17/17 10:54 P
When I started Sparking in June, I struggled to walk a mile in 18 minutes. Yesterday I did 5k in 45 LKMANNING7 52 BIKER66
9/18/17 1:21 A
Now 183 lbs - 73 lbs GONE 😊 PAB1JAB 115 PAB1JAB
9/18/17 9:17 A
The past 2 months I've been slacking on my workouts. I haven't given up on my goal of losing weight KAREN1035 43 TCANNO
9/18/17 4:00 A
Okay let's review top row 2015 at my heaviest 524 lb, middle row 2016 about halfway through my weigh GPALMER29 178 --CHERYL--
9/18/17 11:51 A
I may not be where I'm supposed to be, but I am go ARHUNT71 205 CSROBERTSON621
9/16/17 7:39 P
Posted a photo MISSYCAMERON 17 STAR135000
9/16/17 6:09 P
Posted a photo KEN1237 62 LKBRIDGE
9/16/17 2:28 P
Posted a photo LISA0801 80 SCYANKEE46
9/16/17 4:22 P
I've made a whole bunch of BABY STEPS to get where I'm at today folks but, ....."I WOULDN'T TRADE HO F5-FURY 98 KAYDE53
9/16/17 4:29 P
How does a mom of 4 find time to workout you ask???? I allow my little ones to join in! Not only do JEMMSIE 11 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
9/16/17 4:44 A
Have a great day! 4CONNIESHEALTH 8 ALEXA707
9/15/17 12:23 P
so happy that it is Friday. I need to get over the crud! ANNKRAN 2 CECELW
9/15/17 11:51 A
Just finished Zumba with my mom. Though I have an aching leg, I pushed through and I'm proud. Now... JRHUNT01 3 CECELW
9/15/17 11:51 A
Just finished my workout. A little later than usual, cause I kept talking myself out of doing it. Th IBELIEVE712 5 SOUTHTXXRNNR
9/15/17 12:52 P
No need to beat yourself up. Every day is a new beginning. In the words of Bob Marley. Every little MASHAUNDAB 3 ALEXA707
9/15/17 12:31 P
I'm proud of myself an it's only 12 in the aftrrnoon. TRACEYCROOK4 5 TRACEYCROOK4
9/15/17 1:13 P
Signed up for a 10 mile challenge on fitbit. I sure hope i can walk that. I haven't walked 10 miles CECELW 2 LKMANNING7
9/15/17 3:53 P
After 30 years I quit and today is my 4 year Anive SKITTLESNINJA 224 CUIS1NE
9/16/17 2:34 P
Posted a photo OBIESMOM2 16 RLLRKAT
9/19/17 11:17 A
I can't believe I am posting this, but it's all about getting out of your comfort zone. My then and MOEWITHE69 25 CITYBLUESGIRL
9/14/17 9:49 P
Breakfast: Greek yogurt with diced apple and cinna IGOT2START 118 INSPIRED26
9/14/17 8:43 P
I walked 4 miles before lunch today. I could barely get down the block a few years ago. I saw a rabb AEDORI 16 KAYLA-UK
9/15/17 2:44 A
Same girl. Different year LILACLICIOUS 58 TANNERZ
9/22/17 7:37 P
192 days tracking my food and water. Start weight: 163. Today: 129! That's 34 pounds lost!! I ha JAVAJESS21 123 LGSCARRIE
9/14/17 11:12 P
Happy 54th Birthday to ME! DYANNE4293 212 DYANNE4293
9/22/17 1:43 A
Passed my goal of 140!! Yaaahhh! ❤❤👍 began 248 1 yr ago!!! DIANEPAG 304 INSPIRED26
9/14/17 8:59 P
I'm creating a new pattern of thoughts and a new belief system in myself. I'm stronger then I was ye FITSISTA79 53 1DAY-ATA-TIME
9/14/17 8:47 A
From 231 lb down to 183.2 MELYMEL36 105 QSHEPP
9/13/17 9:15 P
From 380 to 308 been stuck for.almost 2 months. I am determined to get below 300 by my 40th birthday SPARKE77 235 STAR135000
9/13/17 9:27 P
Can't remember the last time I saw the 100's. I am amazed and thrilled to have found spark and see t LRYAN0696 285 TH3PH03NIX
9/13/17 8:03 P
Great news wait for it drum roll please. Just got back from the Cardiologist and my heart is in grea LOVESANGELS00 4 COOP9002
9/11/17 2:21 P
Well this is the new me. Honestly trying to decide if I love it or not. I do but at the same time I' CBULLIS1 26 CBULLIS1
9/14/17 8:16 P
Let's start this 85 kg to 65kg, will do my best 💪 GIANLEON 2 CECELW
9/11/17 2:14 P
Ok it's my official "before and after" photo. Starting weight 221. Current weight 174.4. Total pound ISABEAUSROSE 52 TMP0418
9/22/17 9:28 A
Down 24lbs and 2 pant sizes!! Woooo NIKKIE430 141 APLAWHORN
9/11/17 5:42 P
Progress.... MAMATOOWEN 304 MARIAMC4
9/12/17 9:50 A
First time in 9 years I am in onederland!!!! YEAH!!! DAXXDAY 302 VUKONPAU
9/11/17 5:06 P
Yummy beef fajitas! ADUKE6 10 SADIEMYERS
9/11/17 10:43 A
Baked brownies (from scratch) last night for Sunda ST3PH 12 TOMATOCAFEGAL
9/10/17 8:00 P
Another water goal crushed but I'm pretty sure I spent more of my shift running to the bathroom than DANILEANNC 20 ITSAPROCESS
9/10/17 8:24 P
63 pounds gone and more to go!!! BECKY_US 189 MAIZIEPAIGE
9/10/17 9:18 P
Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the way? Check out the Fall 5% PATRICIA-CR 7 IAMAGEMLOVER
9/11/17 9:46 A
Posted a goal SUNNY166 8 MAPFARMS
9/10/17 8:08 P
I weigh on Saturday. Last week, no weight loss. This week down 2 lbs (208 lbs). So I am still on tra SYLBA61 10 ANAH_ACE
9/17/17 8:29 A
Something to make you go "Awwww". I would love to own this little one! BOOHOOBEAR 29 IAMAGEMLOVER
9/10/17 8:12 A
The weight is coming off! I'm down another 2 pound THEONEANDONLYDA 27 TCARTER29
9/9/17 11:50 A
Working on-site today. Climbed 3 flights of stairs to go to the restroom instead of goto the nearest ROBINLABELLE 21 MPLSKEN
9/9/17 11:50 P
Finally broke my plateau,steroids and all. LLR630 30 MEAGOP
9/9/17 11:33 A
2 months ago I could barely walk a mile in 24 minutes. This morning, I just jogged 1/2 a mile and m JILLIAN48 156 ALALADY
9/9/17 7:21 P
My twin sister Darlene me and my granddaughter Cameron NGREENE42 11 SHENTE
9/8/17 3:24 P