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Doesn't seem like much compared to others. But goo RLUNSFORD5 6 GOTHIKA911
7/25/17 11:40 P
Get Moving!! for me: stretches, 25 min fast walk; sit ups 5 sets of 10 ea - leg lifts 50 ea...maybe FLASUN 21 JAMER123
7/26/17 12:46 A
Everything in moderation. :) SPARKPEOPLE 13 CGARR442
7/25/17 11:09 P
Lunch today is kiwi with almonds. My new favorite combination! NEWMEBY55 27 CGARR442
7/25/17 11:09 P
Is anyone on here familiar with the alkaline diet? I don't want negative comments, more so ideas on CALLMESALLYG 4 CGARR442
7/25/17 11:08 P
A little tired to do an intense workout at the gym Today so I took a walk this eveningπŸ‘ First for m COMEBACKKID12 12 GRACED777
7/26/17 12:38 A
Posted a goal IVANHOE64 4 CGARR442
7/25/17 11:05 P
Post 7 for 21 LAKECHAMPLAIN 135236 DEE107
7/26/17 12:54 A
45minutes on the treadmill and it is nearly 11pm. Good night everyone! JENMICHAELS 12 CGARR442
7/24/17 10:42 P
My lunch doesn't always look pretty, but it does today! And colorful! JENMICHAELS 25 CGARR442
7/24/17 10:42 P
Our Grandson Moshe enjoying his summer time!!! Would love to be there with him. FLASUN 12 JAMER123
7/25/17 12:18 A
7/24/17 10:42 P
So I went to my water aerobics class tonight, haven't gone in a long time and there was a new instru COMEBACKKID12 6 GRACED777
7/25/17 7:20 A
Whew!! All in a days work! JENMICHAELS 5 DJ4HEALTH
7/25/17 12:10 A
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a sunny bike ride. How about you? SPARKGUY 42 SHOAPIE
7/25/17 6:44 P
Posted a goal IVANHOE64 4 7STIGGYMT
7/25/17 12:01 A
My sister just got a fitbit. Can you say healthy sister competition. My steps are about to skyrock MISHKA1212 9 ZELDA13
7/23/17 7:06 P
Sometimes I feel like I'm on this journey alone. Not on SparkPeople, mind you. I am ever so gratef REEDSKI 18 4CONNIESHEALTH
7/24/17 8:41 A
Posted a goal WALLAHALLA 4 LIS193
7/24/17 10:01 A
Posted a photo MAMARHINE1 14 BREEZYBOO79
7/23/17 7:28 P
I did great on the calories and I worked in a good walk. Thank you God for another good day SCTT123 4 TOMATOCAFEGAL
7/23/17 6:33 P
Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Sunday!!! FLASUN 23 FOXBAY99
7/24/17 12:00 A
Its a awesome feeling bei g in onederland DIRTYBABE 4 MYTIMEOK
7/23/17 9:57 P
A big salad for lunch helped me get to 7 servings of fruits and veggies today! DBEAU57 6 BDTHOM
7/23/17 2:24 P
Earlier I showed you a recent picture of me and my GPALMER29 31 CANDYLIND
7/23/17 10:14 A
We made low carb pizzas! The crust is a mozzarella and egg recipe!! JANDASMOM1 25 SASSYK11
7/23/17 6:26 A
Wanted to get my steps in but couldn't do cardio today. So I walked at work, after work, to the rest COMEBACKKID12 15 SPRINGBREEZI
7/24/17 9:41 P
Posted a photo TANGOJAVA43068 34 CGARR442
7/22/17 11:27 P
Yesterday my fitbit ended up with 13,844 steps and 5.51 Miles of walking!!! Night out with dancing FLASUN 11 JAMER123
7/23/17 12:07 A
Posted a photo TANGOJAVA43068 9 CGARR442
7/22/17 11:25 P
7/25/17 10:08 P
17,000 steps today! Exceeded my small goal for the day.. BETRHO48 7 SHOAPIE
7/22/17 9:46 P
which is higher in calories grilled or sautΓ©ed in olive oil (chicken) ... I'm logging in food. And y GBENITEZSITA 4 TIBURONA
7/22/17 2:01 A
I know I keep posting about this ice cream, BUT Oh My Goodness it's just so Delicious & you have no LISA1273 9 HEIDILEMIEUX
7/21/17 11:53 P
I made the lettuce tacos for dinner! My family loved them! MOMMIEOFNEJS 18 ZELDA13
7/22/17 2:09 A
It was far from easy but i accomplished my 10,000 steps. I also tracked my food. Spark People will IRENEMOMFRIEND 3 TCANNO
7/22/17 3:17 A
Our cute 5 month old Grandson doing his Yoga !!!!! Never to early to start!!! FLASUN 18 CGARR442
7/21/17 11:25 P
I'm not finished yet πŸ’ͺπŸ‘£ JENMICHAELS 6 CGARR442
7/21/17 11:24 P
Posted a photo SPARKPEOPLE 8 CGARR442
7/20/17 11:41 P
Our beautiful daughter & crazy/funny Grandson!! Just wish we could see them more!!! (Brooklyn, NY) FLASUN 18 FLASUN
7/21/17 5:07 A
I'm feeling a little disappointed in myself. I set a goal to run a 1000 miles this year, and I'm on PICKLEFISH7 8 CGARR442
7/20/17 11:39 P
Posted a photo SPARKPEOPLE 22 CGARR442
7/20/17 11:39 P
My newest exercise of the day: Chasing a hummingbi JENMICHAELS 5 CGARR442
7/20/17 11:38 P
Had to push myself today to do my cardio since I've been a bit sleep deprived πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘The workout today COMEBACKKID12 13 RAERAERAE62
7/21/17 12:15 A
I just started a vegetarian lifestyle. I no longer eat dairy and meat. I can't believe how much bett FIT4ELLIE 6 FIT4ELLIE
7/22/17 4:45 P
My treadmill is working :-) YAY! 5miles! JENMICHAELS 7 CHKCHNC
7/20/17 11:55 P
Ate whole can of chickpeas πŸ˜‹ powered by plant protein today! JBAIRD6 2 CGARR442
7/19/17 10:56 P
So I was wondering, what are everyone's thoughts on taking a break for a day on your diet. Is it goo LPEEBLES5 7 REIDA36
7/20/17 3:19 A
1.5 months after foot surgery, I built back up to 1 hour of walking this evening. Sure was hot and h WARRIORGIRL121 20 WARRIORGIRL121
7/25/17 9:51 P
Posted a photo IAN2409 38 NDCAROL
7/25/17 11:00 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 16 MSGO72
7/20/17 12:40 A
Neighbors Avocado's on tree ...getting bigger...ready for my Salad!! How do you like your Avocado's? FLASUN 24 JAMER123
7/20/17 12:44 A
I got my treadmill home and noticed the belt is slipping. (It isn't new, just new to me.) Kinda sad JENMICHAELS 6 JENMICHAELS
7/19/17 10:58 P
7 Times 3 Equals 21 TEEDEE911 1775 PROT0530
7/25/17 7:05 P
Been a great day at the lake with the kids CBULLIS1 4 CGARR442
7/18/17 10:07 P
Bad day at work 😞Saw my boss's evil side 😲 Didn't want to exercise, after work! just wanted to eat COMEBACKKID12 35 BOARDS9
7/20/17 4:31 P
My daughter loves an Ap on her phone to make these cute pictures!!! Enjoying everyone sent to me!!! FLASUN 12 JAMER123
7/18/17 11:30 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a bike ride in the sun. How about you? SPARKGUY 34 DANCINGFEM1952
7/19/17 6:58 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was sprints! How about you? SPARKGUY 30 LORNE67
7/24/17 5:05 P
I thought I would get a Nice cut and color Today, even though it's during​ the workweek πŸ˜€β˜ΊIt's like COMEBACKKID12 10 GRACED777
7/19/17 1:51 A
I'm getting a treadmill tomorrow!!!!!!!! Eeeek! So Excited!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 JENMICHAELS 4 CALCARINESULCUS
7/18/17 11:05 P
I have lost 34 pounds since April! Im feeling like this is easy this time. Yes, I have done this bef HALLOWEENJEN 4 JAMER123
7/17/17 10:09 P
I'm always reading trying to get more research on how to lose weight without a thyroid gland. It's s PREJEANR13 7 CGARR442
7/17/17 6:44 P
I started on July 9th, trying to lose some extra baby weight. Not sure that I have lost anything yet MEEMERS2010 15 __TIFFANY__
7/18/17 9:36 A
Need help to lose 20lbs but have a busy life style any ideas MAURISSA182 6 CGARR442
7/17/17 6:39 P
Our Grandson Moshe had a wonderful time with his parents at the Beach yesterday!!! FLASUN 14 MILLER-S
7/17/17 10:39 P
7/18/17 7:29 A
Good Morning my spark friends. Is your daily plan ready BIGRENTMAN 10 GLORYB83
7/18/17 7:11 A
Posted a goal IVANHOE64 4 CGARR442
7/17/17 6:37 P
I've been doing so well lately. So proud of myself. CATRICEJ 9 LKMANNING7
7/17/17 9:24 P
Hope you have a relaxing Sunday!! Need to go out for our walk soon -weather still HOT this early in FLASUN 18 JUDY1676
7/16/17 11:49 P
We went to the Festival of India in my town yesterday πŸ™ŒWe wanted to have fun and contribute to the COMEBACKKID12 7 CGARR442
7/16/17 11:29 P
#metime CBULLIS1 4 CGARR442
7/16/17 11:28 P
20-minute Chili πŸ™Œ New RECIPE and lunch for the week πŸ‘ I'm Not diabetic but I got it from the Diabe COMEBACKKID12 5 CGARR442
7/16/17 11:28 P
Beefy whole grain macaroni with zucchini my dinner for the week πŸ‘ I'm not diabetic but they Eat Hea COMEBACKKID12 16 GRACED777
7/18/17 9:04 A

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