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Post 7 for 21 LAKECHAMPLAIN 170090 CAREBEARS2077
4/25/18 5:50 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? SPARKGUY 30 KEKEIKO
4/25/18 8:22 A
#superachiever Reached my Step Goal today πŸ˜€I was going to go to the gym, but I was running late and COMEBACKKID12 15 CGARR442
4/24/18 8:59 P
Hope your Tuesday is very Tasteful & a Happy One!!! What's for Breakfast ???? FLASUN 14 JAMER123
4/24/18 11:03 P
Goooooooooooood Morning All!!!!!! BEZZYWIFEY 24 CGARR442
4/24/18 8:56 P
Today’s lunch. So yummy. A healthier, organic option in Jakarta, Indonesia (except I ate two - lol) B_RAZORSHARP 13 CGARR442
4/24/18 8:56 P
Jakarta. 15 million people in 1 small Island city. There’s no room to walk, ride or exercise here (o B_RAZORSHARP 15 2AWESOME4U
4/24/18 9:34 P
Bike ride. I did better by 1 min. Woohoo! Enjoy your fitness time friends. YELLOW09RED 2 CGARR442
4/24/18 8:53 P
My day got turned around on my way to the gym, the EVANS1848 44 COMEBACKKID12
4/24/18 8:59 P
Since I had a great walk in the park this afternoon and I think everybody for their feedback. I made EVANS1848 14 MJ7DM33
4/24/18 9:19 P
Run in Catalonia, Spain CGARR442 7 COMEBACKKID12
4/24/18 8:58 P
#superachiever HAPPY Earth DAY πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸŒπŸŒŽπŸŒI stomped This Good Earth Today and I also decided to do a COMEBACKKID12 20 DGRIFFITH51
4/23/18 8:56 P
Made time before company today & got steps in... WINGSDREAMS 16 JAMER123
4/23/18 11:43 P
Spark family good morning, yes it's Monday you know what we have to do get up and start a new week b EVANS1848 6 CGARR442
4/23/18 7:56 P
I started my day off I weighed myself on that scale, I did pretty good over the weekend I'm down 1.2 EVANS1848 13 COMEBACKKID12
4/25/18 4:07 P
I just had a nice walk outside. It's so pretty. The birds are happy. Enjoy your day friends. 15 mins YELLOW09RED 5 CGARR442
4/23/18 7:54 P
I just registered for my third 5K of the year! I did one for Pi Day and a fundraising one for the Ly GOODFELINE 2 CGARR442
4/23/18 7:27 P
Walk in Lisbon, Portugal plus .75 to finish meeting my daily goals. CGARR442 8 YELLOW09RED
4/24/18 12:30 P
Had our Nice 2.95 miles of walking yesterday!! The Mall was beautiful as always!! Happy Earth DAY!!! FLASUN 24 JAMER123
4/22/18 10:40 P
Yesterday 4/21 Walk with my daughter 20 mins. Woohoo Happy Earth Day friends. Enjoy it. YELLOW09RED 3 CGARR442
4/22/18 8:57 P
After a super busy day of chores hubby and I enjoyed riding our motorcycles to one of our favorite p SADIEMYERS 22 DIALYSISCHIC1
4/25/18 8:03 A
Bike ride Woohoo! 2 miles YELLOW09RED 3 CGARR442
4/22/18 8:56 P
Saw this sign at a McDonalds in Tokyo today. Despite what you might think - I resisted the urge to o B_RAZORSHARP 24 VICKICHICKI123
4/23/18 1:02 A
Today’s Apple Watch achievement. For a 30 minute or longer workout on Earth Day. CGARR442 10 YELLOW09RED
4/23/18 9:04 A
2.29 in Santoruni, Greece plus 1.3 miles to meet my daily goals. CGARR442 9 YELLOW09RED
4/23/18 9:05 A
Sun finally came out to play today and it reached almost 60 degrees. So yeah. We had to sneak in a r B_RAZORSHARP 13 DIALYSISCHIC1
4/22/18 3:08 P
Successful Saturday!!! Going to get in over 2 miles of walking today! Mall Walking!! FLASUN 19 JAMER123
4/21/18 10:00 P
4/20 Yesterday Walk outside 53 mins. Yeah! YELLOW09RED 3 CGARR442
4/21/18 9:13 P
Early morning SparkPeople, couldn't sleep so I think it's time to get up and start motivating myself EVANS1848 21 CGARR442
4/21/18 9:13 P
Today is Saturday half the day is done some of us are moving around. Some of us are not moving aroun EVANS1848 13 COMEBACKKID12
4/21/18 9:20 P
Meet Squirt my new puppy 😁 He is 2 1/2 months old and so tiny WALTSGIRL74 37 CGARR442
4/21/18 9:11 P
#superachiever Reached my Step Goal TODAY πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ And what a day, Sun and Sun everywhere and my leath COMEBACKKID12 10 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
4/22/18 10:42 A
Walk in Elburg, Gelderland CGARR442 8 YELLOW09RED
4/22/18 9:15 A
Two mile walk after chasing my grand daughter most of the day. πŸ’• CGARR442 12 YELLOW09RED
4/21/18 9:02 A
Finished my 40 minutes. #moveit MELISSA439 9 BONNIE1552
4/20/18 10:30 P
For those of you that use a fitbit/Garmin, which do you prefer? And why? On the fense about which on MAGOLIVE 11 MAGOLIVE
4/20/18 3:15 P
Happy Friday! BELLE728 15 PWILLOW1
4/20/18 10:01 P
Don't we wish this could be true....LOL. LINDA7677 27 STALBOTT48
4/20/18 4:54 P
Happy Friday!!! What is on your list for FUN today? FLASUN 17 JAMER123
4/20/18 11:36 P
Wishing you all a Fantastic Day and Weekend ahead...Let's Spark On... JUDITH316 14 REGILIEH
4/20/18 7:32 P
Good Morning ..Look who finally showed upπŸ€— BEZZYWIFEY 11 CGARR442
4/20/18 2:10 P
Had the best body positive dream. Dreamed I was getting into a hot tub with friends and felt 100% co IAN2409 9 SPEDED2
4/20/18 11:17 P
Post 7 Times for 21 Points ZELDA13 38221 2DAWN4
4/24/18 11:31 P
NSV tonight!!! My old jeans were all getting too I finally had to buy some new ones. Feel B_RAZORSHARP 35 CGARR442
4/19/18 10:18 P
Looking for Friday πŸ”¦..MORNING YALL BEZZYWIFEY 17 CGARR442
4/19/18 10:17 P
Have a very happy Thursday!!! My beautiful Plumeria Flowers are Blooming !! Smell so Nice!! FLASUN 30 CINDY247
4/20/18 1:37 P
Good morning friends, I went on a nice cooler walked. 28 mins/ 1 + 1/2 mile Enjoy your fitness time. YELLOW09RED 2 CGARR442
4/19/18 10:16 P
#superachiever I've been away, first from the ice storm, ice was falling off the buildings and some COMEBACKKID12 14 GOODGETNBETR
4/21/18 12:34 A
Good afternoon spark family I hope everybody is having a great day. My Morning has been long I becam EVANS1848 15 CGARR442
4/19/18 10:15 P
I'm a big-time junkie on chicken, so tonight it was baked chicken legs, little bit of broccoli and s EVANS1848 24 SOUTHTXXRNNR
4/20/18 7:37 A
Dinner tonight: Spinach with salt and olive oil topped with chicken thigh cooked in coconut oil. Sim SADIEMYERS 23 DGRIFFITH51
4/20/18 9:18 P
4/21/18 9:04 A
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 143929 PATJOONWW
4/25/18 4:02 P
Almost fifty DEBSANKS 28 DJ4HEALTH
4/19/18 12:07 A
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!! I'll be at the thrift store!!! Who wants to come ??? FLASUN 26 JAMER123
4/18/18 10:22 P
Good morning spark family I hope everybody is having a great hump day and I hope we all going to eat EVANS1848 8 CGARR442
4/18/18 8:23 P
I'm so impressed with Walt because I think he's getting it. I asked him to pick me something up at t WALTSGIRL74 7 CGARR442
4/18/18 8:22 P
Make this day count...MORNING πŸ€— BEZZYWIFEY 14 CGARR442
4/18/18 8:21 P
Went for a trail run at the local Ski area after work last night. Felt a little more like an 8 year B_RAZORSHARP 21 2AWESOME4U
4/18/18 9:09 P
Plan for texas roadhouse children's grilled chicken strips 150 calories and green beans 70 calories WALTSGIRL74 12 CGARR442
4/18/18 8:19 P
Walking outside. 22 mins. It was nice and sunny. YELLOW09RED 4 CGARR442
4/18/18 8:19 P
Today at the gym I had a good time on the treadmil EVANS1848 12 CGARR442
4/18/18 8:18 P
Have a Terrific Tuesday!!!! FLASUN 25 JAMER123
4/17/18 9:33 P
4/17 Second bike ride. Woohoo! 12mins/2 miles Enjoy your fitness time friends. YELLOW09RED 2 CGARR442
4/17/18 7:56 P
Walt surprised with my favorite movie last night! WALTSGIRL74 11 CGARR442
4/17/18 7:56 P
4/17 Yesterday walk 28 mins. Yeah! Hi friends. :) YELLOW09RED 3 CGARR442
4/17/18 7:55 P
Walk outside YELLOW09RED 5 SILVAS7
4/17/18 8:14 P
Scrambled eggs with pork belly, butter and half a small avocado. #Keto #lowcarb SADIEMYERS 17 SADIEMYERS
4/18/18 8:14 P
Good Morning... BEZZYWIFEY 46 CGARR442
4/17/18 7:54 P
If I break a sweat while doing house cleaning ( moving furniture etc) can I count that as cardio? WALTSGIRL74 17 CGARR442
4/17/18 7:54 P
Lunch..Cabbage, Corn ,Squash, Carrots, Snap Peas, Tomatoes, Zucchini issa meal in a Crock Pot.. BEZZYWIFEY 6 CGARR442
4/17/18 7:53 P
I kinda caved with the ice storm in my area but Tried to make it Healthy, Mango salsa and​ multigrai COMEBACKKID12 10 MPLSKEN
4/18/18 3:12 P
Happy Monday!!! Enjoy your Week!!! FLASUN 16 ROCKYCPA
4/16/18 11:51 P
4/15 Yesterday walk 29 mins YELLOW09RED 2 CGARR442
4/16/18 6:53 P
It's Monday, pouring rain the wind is blowing hard thunder and lightning can I go back to bed? Went EVANS1848 13 CGARR442
4/16/18 6:53 P