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5/28/17 11:44 P
Went to go on a family walk tonight on this beautiful evening and had to stop because my son didn't SHANAHALL82 3 SHANAHALL82
5/28/17 11:10 P
do anyone drinks 64 oz of water every day πŸ˜‚ KINGOSBY 12 KOHLRABIGIRL
5/29/17 1:32 A
Have a New Hair Color....."Medium Golden Blonde".....I like it!! Macy's always has such beautiful d FLASUN 14 CGARR442
5/28/17 10:44 P
Feeling pretty good about todays accomplishments. 5miles JENMICHAELS 14 CGARR442
5/28/17 10:43 P
I told myself that I would go to the gym 4x this week Rain or shine and Today is the 4th timeπŸ™Œ Goal COMEBACKKID12 11 SHAKTI101
5/29/17 3:30 A
5/28/17 10:45 P
Went for a 4 mile walk at our favorite park. The baby geese were out with their families. They were CGARR442 5 FLASUN
5/29/17 4:47 A
Wow check me out. Started at 318lbs and now at 277.5lbs. In 9 weeks. Keeping my calorie count 1200 a FELISOL71 90 MLAREDO
5/28/17 5:01 A
Posted a photo LALARRA 8 DJ4HEALTH
5/28/17 12:04 A
Week 2 day 1, 45 pounds to goal - this is the belly I want to be finished with forever. So unhealthy STACIT0571 20 MDOWER1
5/28/17 7:48 A
Our Mall had a display of Fruity Juicy by M.A.C. cosmetics.....What is your FAVE fruit to snack on?? FLASUN 11 CGARR442
5/27/17 10:08 P
Well darn! I'm still at 180.2 again today. I was really hoping yesterday was the last day for the 18 JENMICHAELS 6 CGARR442
5/27/17 10:08 P
My apple tree I germinated from seeds and now its an inch tall :-) isn't it so cute!! JENMICHAELS 15 CGARR442
5/27/17 10:06 P
We walked around the Grand Gulf. It is still a little flooded, but pretty nonetheless. JENMICHAELS 2 CGARR442
5/27/17 10:04 P
Made myself a nice Homemade Turkey bacon breakfast sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin instead COMEBACKKID12 5 JOANNEJI
5/28/17 8:46 A
5/29/17 6:42 A
Did you have a good Saturday? My highlight was doing 1,000 calf raises! How about you? Here is to SPARKGUY 26 REDROBIN47
5/28/17 6:51 P
5 mile walk to the top of Stone Mountain. CGARR442 12 COCOAGOAL
5/28/17 12:07 A
THERE IS 13. 8 # LESS OF ME! It's one month since I took responsibility for my food choice, activity READYNOW2017 5 COCOAGOAL
5/27/17 2:40 A
One of the cool benefits of running is a strong heart. Pretty soon it will only need to beat every PICKLEFISH7 4 CGARR442
5/26/17 10:47 P
November 14th 2016, I passed out at school three times. It was around 7 in the morning, and I had m KOOKI140 21 KILTORE
5/27/17 3:17 P
Just lost my job today :( Trying hard to cope and I REFUSE to mess up my diet or eat crap because of FEARLESSBLISS 187 MICHELLEFOUND
5/27/17 11:21 A
I weighted in at 180.2 this morning. I'm hoping today is the last time I ever see the 180's!! JENMICHAELS 5 CGARR442
5/26/17 4:15 P
Had a wonderful Salad yesterday for my lunch! YUM!!!! FLASUN 20 COCOAGOAL
5/27/17 2:35 A
Just a little humor for today. Have a great Friday y'all! JENMICHAELS 10 CGARR442
5/26/17 4:14 P
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 117194 PROT358
5/28/17 11:27 P
Cheated like a mother @#!*# tonight for dinner, and you know what, I had some ice cream too! The TRAVIE0331 22 LENGZI
5/26/17 5:23 A
87 lbs. down.... tracking everything truly helps a ton!! S85244 303 ANDYLIN90
5/26/17 2:04 A
Today Is ONE week with this cold!! Wish it would go away!!!! FLASUN 23 GLORYB83
5/26/17 10:24 A
Applewood smoked pork tenderloin, blackeyed peas and mashed potatoes... I know its not exactly diet JENMICHAELS 4 CGARR442
5/25/17 10:49 P
I was mad at myself today for only going to the gym twice last week instead of my goal of 4x because COMEBACKKID12 10 PANDASONG
5/26/17 5:35 P
I zigzagged my way though our small town and try as I might, didn't quite make 3 full miles. JENMICHAELS 8 WALKN4WARD
5/26/17 1:35 A
I walked over two miles with this little cutie today. She fell asleep 😴 CGARR442 4 FLASUN
5/26/17 4:16 A
The only part of my body that's getting smaller is my wrists! πŸ€” PICKLEFISH7 4 CGARR442
5/24/17 9:14 P
Decided to reward myself for my commitment to a healthy lifestyle with a Mani pedi πŸ˜€But the salon i COMEBACKKID12 8 CGARR442
5/24/17 9:13 P
Did you have a woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was weights and ball crunches. How about you? Here is SPARKGUY 63 TXCURIOUS
5/26/17 9:52 A
7 Times 3 Equals 21 TEEDEE911 1529 BEVERLEAF
5/26/17 12:03 A
45 mins Deep water jogging today πŸ™Œ And I asked my instructor if I'm working my core πŸ˜‰He said as so COMEBACKKID12 3 CGARR442
5/24/17 1:36 P
Veggies for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack with 3 types of veggies in my smoothie πŸ˜€πŸ™Œ#cleaneati COMEBACKKID12 4 MERIWYLE
5/27/17 6:39 P
Most of my SparkFriends know where I go on my Wednesday's...3 Hours of Thrift shopping! Who wants to FLASUN 16 JAMER123
5/24/17 11:10 P
I walked 2 miles this morning. I love morning walks. JENMICHAELS 3 KOHLRABIGIRL
5/24/17 2:22 P
6.25 miles this morning. CGARR442 3 COMEBACKKID12
5/24/17 12:40 P
Morning walk/run in Bariloche, Argentina CGARR442 7 MEACH05
5/24/17 11:46 A
I didn't feel like working out. Knees hurt. But, I set out to power walk 1 mile & did 3.2 miles. #ti SUGAR0814 100 KELLIEBEAN
5/24/17 8:04 A
Mini Goal: Exercise everyday this work week. So far, so good. 45 minutes of walking yesterday and 30 MIMI_B 2 CGARR442
5/23/17 8:39 P
Had a pretty good day. Needed a nap at 10 this morning. Weird but welcomed. Increase in calories and KCAMP14 3 ONESTEPUP
5/23/17 8:55 P
My Grandson has some Decisions to make today! "Which one of my toys do I pick to play with today?" FLASUN 21 LESSOFMOORE
5/24/17 9:32 P
Posted a goal IVANHOE64 3 CGARR442
5/23/17 8:37 P
Its been raining off and on all morning. I was hop JENMICHAELS 3 CGARR442
5/23/17 8:36 P
I am very happy with meeting today's goals! CGARR442 10 IVANHOE64
5/24/17 8:27 A
A nice hike half way up Stone Mountain in the rain (too slippery to go all the way to the top). Then CGARR442 2 SPARKGUY
5/23/17 1:07 P
Ahh! I haven't seen the 180s in over eight years!! Almost 30 lb down! MAGLITE7 251 MIRAGE727
5/25/17 6:34 A
Happy Birthday to Me! DEMONA 10 1CRAZYDOG
5/23/17 12:25 P
Posted a photo GYPSY-SOUL1 78 PURPLEHONU
5/23/17 2:53 A
I joined a weight loss challenge and won the most inches lost. Down almost 17 inches, and 14lbs in 2 QUILL35 165 RAGERBOMB
5/24/17 7:35 A
Question: What are ways you've tried and found helpful in overcoming a sweet tooth craving? LANA_LEE 6 MICOLINA26
5/22/17 9:06 P
View at my newest favorite place to walk! AMANDABOND0113 12 CIERAPOET
5/22/17 9:43 P
It was dark and rainy today but I managed to turn that on its headπŸ˜€I climbed my stairs for 10 mins COMEBACKKID12 11 CGARR442
5/22/17 8:33 P
My cute little "monster" grandson having a nap after all his exercising for the day! FLASUN 18 LESSOFMOORE
5/24/17 9:33 P
Made a big batch of lentil soup to have for my lunch this week!πŸ˜‡Was dragging my feet but I consider COMEBACKKID12 10 JOANNEJI
5/24/17 9:14 A
Nice of the treadmill to throw some steep hills at the end of the workout. CGARR442 1 CGARR442
5/22/17 4:55 P
I so could have run the whole thing if it hadn't thrown in the hills at the end πŸ˜… In Octavalo, Ecua CGARR442 5 COMEBACKKID12
5/22/17 8:44 P
I graduated today! Got my associates degree! I'm so proud of myself taking care of my health and edu SHERILEEJOHNSON 93 SHERILEEJOHNSON
5/22/17 5:14 P
Walking day for us at our Mall....I saw the Flamingo in window and had to get a Picture...I LOVE pin FLASUN 10 LESSOFMOORE
5/25/17 9:44 P
Happy, healthy Sunday to everyone! Enjoy and rejoice! JB122383 4 CGARR442
5/21/17 10:04 P
I've walked a total of 5.5miles today in about 1hour 30minutes. My knees are slightly swollen. Any a JENMICHAELS 3 CGARR442
5/21/17 10:03 P
Did you have a good Sunday? My highlight was jump rope. How about you? Today I added 4 lessons/ac SPARKGUY 28 DAWNDMOORE40
5/23/17 12:00 A
Posted a goal CGARR442 1 CGARR442
5/21/17 8:22 P
Walk in Branson, Missouri CGARR442 1 CGARR442
5/21/17 8:20 P
More exercise today BJK1961 8 RAWCOOKIE
5/21/17 2:39 A
It is easy to miss the little things that can make you smile and get rid of the days tension...this JFAIT3 29 GREYTDOLPHIN
5/20/17 11:44 P
Not hungry!? Today I woke up just like everyday, ate breakfast and haven't felt hungry all day! I ha SUPERJESS1 7 METAGODDESS
5/20/17 11:27 P
This is day 26. I wish I had done a picture at day 1. I'm a work in progress and I deserve it. AKUSHNIROFF 41 F39834
5/21/17 2:45 A
Who wants to join my Grandson, Yitzchok in doing his morning push-ups????? FLASUN 21 CGARR442
5/20/17 8:23 P

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