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The scale is not budging but I feel like a million bucks anyways. :) CHEETARA79 4 7STIGGYMT
3/21/18 3:59 P
Posted a photo CHEETARA79 16 MUSTANGMOM6
3/20/18 7:21 P
I've lost 25lbs , so happy.. I started my journey at 450lbs. Keto has been the best... It is so stri ALAINAABDUL31 14 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/20/18 7:18 A
My Spark app stopped sending notifications so I didn't log in on Saturday. I lost my 300+ day log i CHEETARA79 4 7STIGGYMT
3/19/18 10:32 A
I've been at a weight loss wall seance I hit my l POLAR63 6 CHEETARA79
3/15/18 9:04 A
This is hilarious and worth a click atch-drag-elsa-frees-boston-polic CHEETARA79 3 ADRIENALINE
3/14/18 2:56 P
I have downloaded this app to help me log my calorie carb and food intake. I have decided after a l KATIESTEWART151 7 KATIESTEWART151
3/14/18 1:30 P
Amazon Prime Workout Videos TORIH5 10 NITEMAN3D
3/16/18 11:41 P
I had a big lunch so I will skip afternoon snack. I probably won't be hungry anyway! CHEETARA79 3 CTNURSELMB
3/12/18 6:55 P
Doing yoga with my boys. CHEETARA79 16 CHERRYZMB60
3/11/18 12:41 A
Here's the picture I tried to post earlier. Its the dress at Target. Originally it was $24.99 and go AUNTRENEE 6 CHERRYZMB60
3/5/18 5:03 P
Husband and I went on a date yesterday. We saw Black Panther. It was so good! CHEETARA79 4 CHEIVOUS
3/5/18 3:39 P
I'm wearing a new dress that I got from Target the other day on clearance. Its an XL with long sleev AUNTRENEE 6 GEORGE815
3/4/18 11:53 A
Exercise step BUUKWORM14 4 I_ROBOT
3/2/18 4:19 P
Trying to get in shape DJWHAT 4 COONSY
3/2/18 4:16 P
It's raining like crazy here in CT! CHEETARA79 4 SADIEMYERS
3/2/18 1:46 P
busy day! CHEETARA79 4 RSTEINER1313
2/25/18 8:22 P
Went over today but not giving up!! JPATENAUDE1215 6 ROBINVOTAW
2/25/18 7:34 P
Zumba today! Woohoo! CHEETARA79 5 CHEIVOUS
2/25/18 6:29 P
Husband is travelling yet again this week. I'm getting a little burnt out with childcare, work, hou CHEETARA79 2 7STIGGYMT
2/22/18 9:38 A
Need advice. Found out I have a heel spur in my left foot. Doctor says no go for any running, but I SHOSHANA192 7 CHEETARA79
2/21/18 1:42 P
Whenever my husband books a plane ticket for a business trip, I should just go ahead and schedule wi CHEETARA79 3 DMDANGELO
2/20/18 12:32 P
We did family portraits this weekend. They turned out great! CHEETARA79 12 ALLYLIZZY
2/19/18 3:15 P
#BeforeAndAfter From birthday to birthday... I've ELF41978 288 KIMBERLYS2012
2/19/18 8:40 P
Slow, but consistent progress SAPHRAEL 7 CHERYLHURT
2/16/18 4:28 P
HELP!!! I AM STARVING! I missed breakfast this morning and did not pack a healthy lunch. I am leavin LANNWLSN 12 CHEETARA79
2/16/18 12:50 P
I went to Zumba last night which was such a treat. And I got a raise today!!! CHEETARA79 7 IAN2409
2/15/18 4:37 A
Stayed within my calorie range, drank 10+ cups of water, got my exercise in... today was a good day! KERRIBERRI86 3 KERRIBERRI86
2/12/18 8:45 P
Okay I had a question do you stick to the calories that they give you on here carbs protein and fat BVERSUDIN 8 BVERSUDIN
2/12/18 3:53 P
I was so active and got so much exercise in the past 3 days. I am sore and it feels so good! CHEETARA79 4 7STIGGYMT
2/12/18 11:39 A
Day 6 planks n thanks. Last night I planked for 1:10. 1. Thankful for a great meeting I just had. CHEETARA79 2 7STIGGYMT
2/6/18 3:15 P
Day 5 planks and thanks. Last night I planked for just over a minute. 3 physical objects I'm thank CHEETARA79 3 IAN2409
2/5/18 11:03 P
My little guy has the flu. Had to take him to the hospital yesterday but he came home last night. CHEETARA79 7 7STIGGYMT
1/30/18 9:37 A
My boyfriend is cheating on me. I'm angry and putting that frustration and rage into making this cha LANNWLSN 8 ROBINVOTAW
1/26/18 12:20 P
Now, here is something to think about on this Thankful Thursday. J_HENNINGTON 30 JAMER123
1/26/18 12:09 A
So this is it very rare that I have pictures taken where you can see more than my face. Bu DEANNAMARIEPULL 22 TAMMYMURPHY838
1/25/18 11:24 A
I'm maintaining my weight and that's ok for right now! Not gaining = winning!!! CHEETARA79 3 OVERDUECHANGE
1/25/18 3:32 P
I've lost 49 lbs so far and decided to reward myself with a new hairdo! KERRIBERRI86 271 PELESJEWEL
1/25/18 10:15 A
How many oz are in one glass of water as far as the tracker is concerned? NOELANCONTRALTO 4 LUANN_IN_PA
1/23/18 2:41 P
I made such an accomplishment today! I got stressed so I binged and at a little unhealthy. It frustr YEAROFTHEFOXXX 6 YEAROFTHEFOXXX
1/23/18 3:22 P
My blood test results from my physical were perfect. :) CHEETARA79 3 CHEIVOUS
1/23/18 3:32 P
Survived Monday! Worked out, ate well. On to Tuesday IAN2409 31 CGARR442
1/23/18 10:14 P
Finally did it, I reached my 1st goal and got under 200 before our trip which is tomorrow. Now to ge CANDPDUGAN 113 JAZZEJR
1/23/18 7:35 P
Looking for a way to add more protein to my diet. Not a fan of fish but going to give these a try! T KERRIBERRI86 10 KERRIBERRI86
1/22/18 5:20 P
Down 4lb this week in spite of fevers, cramps, and pms... feeling proud!!! SHRINKINGLULU 3 GRANDMABEAST63
1/28/18 7:53 A
This morning I made a choice at Dunkin Donuts. I got a medium coffee with cream, no sugar. I did N CHEETARA79 7 CHEIVOUS
1/22/18 11:27 A
I still have the metallic taste in my mouth. I have tried everything that I could think of to get ri AUNTRENEE 5 LUANN_IN_PA
1/22/18 9:01 A
CRAMPS!! I have all my workout stuff layed out and my gym clothes on... Now to talk my uterus into g SHRINKINGLULU 7 SASHASMOM1122
1/21/18 5:52 P
Slipped and fell pretty bad on the ice this morning. Trying to stay positive! CHEETARA79 5 IAN2409
1/20/18 1:53 A
So, I'm sitting in the ER with my sweet boy. I was HIGHRISH_EYES 17 MCJULIEO
1/18/18 2:20 P
I had my lowest weigh-in since giving birth 2 years ago. 193!!! WHOOP WHOOP! CHEETARA79 4 7STIGGYMT
1/18/18 5:00 P
10 minute workout. Do 50 seconds of each exercise then 10 second break. A HIIT interval timer app CHEETARA79 8 1DAY-ATA-TIME
1/17/18 10:05 A
UGH!! I am a ROCKSTAR during the week and the. The weekend hits and I completely lose my mind!! HELP JUSTACT1 7 JUSTACT1
1/17/18 11:48 A
My kids are sick. Poor them and poor me! CHEETARA79 4 SADIEMYERS
1/16/18 4:02 P
1/16/18 5:12 A
1/14/18 6:05 P
Starting keto today. I miss the carbs lol. Any tips? KOOKI140 9 SEYTON84
1/10/18 7:09 P
If I don't put my workout clothes on 1st thing in the morning, chances are... it won't happen. Happy KERRIBERRI86 94 DANNY_LCF
1/10/18 1:42 P
While i failed at the no soda challenge. I have been doing well on only 1 soda a day. Im on day 4 of BRENEW 15 ALALADY
1/8/18 5:20 P
I have a horrible cold but I'm hanging in there! CHEETARA79 6 IAN2409
1/8/18 10:21 P
downward dog! CHEETARA79 6 7STIGGYMT
1/2/18 9:17 P
We won't be going to church this morning. We got 3 phone calls (the last one being the minister) tel AUNTRENEE 9 PICKIE98
12/31/17 2:17 P
Yoga last night was fabulous. I will be said when my unlimited yoga groupon ends on 1/4. CHEETARA79 4 GEORGE815
12/29/17 2:01 P
I'm excited to go to a yoga class tonight. NAMASTE!!!! CHEETARA79 5 OVERDUECHANGE
12/28/17 3:38 P
What is everyones opinion on carbs? At the moment, AMANDABOND0113 8 AMANDABOND0113
12/26/17 4:16 P
12/23/17 3:49 P
I am taking an antibiotic for a fingernail on my left hand. I don't know how it ended with it. I did AUNTRENEE 7 LRJUSTUS1
12/21/17 6:40 P
My work holiday party is today. I'm going to decide what I will eat ahead of time so I don't overdo CHEETARA79 7 CHEIVOUS
12/19/17 2:44 P
My husband is off on yet another business trip but he promised he won't do any more travel this year CHEETARA79 3 TBRYAN-LU
12/18/17 5:01 P
I just did this workout! I am the best! CHEETARA79 5 MSPENCER7
12/17/17 4:10 P
We're having a Hanukkah party today! CHEETARA79 8 JESSICAEPATTON7
12/16/17 12:40 P
I only got 4 hours of sleep last night due to my baby, who is possibly getting sick. I shoveled sno CHEETARA79 4 ROBINVOTAW
12/14/17 10:04 A
I am drinking a hot cup of tea with a splash of milk instead of snacking on some nonsense. CHEETARA79 3 ELF41978
12/9/17 11:49 A
Make healthy choices today! CHEETARA79 3 7STIGGYMT
12/6/17 1:13 P
I loved my yoga class last night. It was very challenging and I'm sore today! CHEETARA79 3 7STIGGYMT
12/5/17 2:48 P