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Post 7 for 21 LAKECHAMPLAIN 169480 _CYNDY55_
4/22/18 9:56 P
Posted a photo J_HENNINGTON 15 DEE107
4/22/18 8:01 P
Saturday's surmise.... RHOOK20047 14 MBPP50
4/22/18 11:41 A
After three weeks of focusing on #keto and #fasting I’ve finally come to a conclusion I feel is best FITDIGGITY 6 LRJUSTUS1
4/22/18 12:49 A
Getting started on my first day on #Sparkpeople. Away on a gorgeous island in Cebu, Mactan, and maki CH8RM8INE 15 1CRAZYDOG
4/22/18 10:41 A
Its perfect!! Sure do love the kid . Lol was precious having his parents see it. Of course they l DIANEDOESSMILES 11 DEE107
4/22/18 8:00 P
4/22/18 12:53 P
4/22/18 1:33 P
Today, I am smiling, because my husband hugged me and said, "you feel like you've lost some weight." ZINASP1 75 LASTDIET2017
4/22/18 1:22 A
4/22/18 9:44 A
My family and I had a great time tonight. MELB1287 16 MELB1287
4/22/18 9:59 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 18 DEE107
4/22/18 8:00 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 25 HAPPYSOUL91
4/22/18 1:12 P
Wishing all a great weekend. PAMBROWN62 26 COMEBACKKID12
4/21/18 9:26 P
One of my passions is to exercise in walk aerobics and/or also with my stationary bike, at least 60 ALLENJOSEPH 12 BONNIE1552
4/22/18 5:09 A
100 lbs lost on keto in 8months C45872 79 GOIN4IT233
4/21/18 4:25 A
For tomorrow I will not eat after 9 pm in the evening, I will drink 8 oz glasses of water, I will ea BRUCELANGLEY 11 SUZEEQ13
4/21/18 8:00 P
Going away for the week to help the in-laws (well, so hubby can) move. No internet there, so I'll ha SASSYBLONDE69 10 SASSYBLONDE69
4/22/18 12:42 P
Starting paleo today. Any success stories out there? Looking to lose 40 pounds. Could lose about 60 JWMOM54 5 ZRIE014
4/21/18 12:45 A
Finding myself in a powerful way #strongertoday KSUE33 13 ANNA4318
4/21/18 8:36 A
I wish there was a way to stop posts to all those #challenges ...I'm sure it is helpful for some...b KIKIE1973 7 7STIGGYMT
4/21/18 5:51 A
4/21/18 9:32 P
So appreciate our Spark community. Been steadily achieving goals daily. 😊 THE-CHEERY-ONE 17 ZRIE014
4/21/18 12:42 A
Got this the other day while I was on my work retreat. Climbed ALOT of stairs in 2 days. My favorite DIXIE-LUSH 22 AMYINTHEWILD
4/21/18 9:57 A
I might have been a little active today! :)#fitbit LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 29 KBME22
4/22/18 6:23 P
I want to try a green tea fat burner has anyone tried it ECMSGURL1205 6 LASTDIET2017
4/21/18 1:30 A
Today: pity party over. MRI is scheduled for next week. In the mean time I am going to stop eating m GRATTECIELLA 17 LIVEDAILY
4/21/18 11:11 P
Dee-lih-shush! 1. Prepped miracle noodles Angel Hair. Add a tablespoon of low sodium soy sauce. 2. M MAO-MIAOWS 9 I-AM-TITANIUM
4/21/18 1:32 A
Goodnight everyone! Tomorow is a new day! MONIQUINHA57 11 MONIQUINHA57
4/21/18 1:43 A
Guys! It's been a minute since I've posted,,, SORRY!! I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY! πŸ’•,.. I'm official MIKAILA86 53 CHRISBEM
4/22/18 2:13 P
Had a great workout todayπŸ™ŒπŸ½ _KANDY 12 _KANDY
4/21/18 5:52 P
It was a beautiful day but I didn't get to enjoy very much of it I'm sad to say! My first full day b WALKN4WARD 11 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/21/18 10:37 A
Today is our 44th Anniversary. Dinner & $1 'ritas 🍹at Applebee's! PYNETREE 217 1CRAZYDOG
4/22/18 11:48 A
Good ending to a good day TOMSTUMP 3 LOSEWEIGHT1212
4/20/18 9:40 P
I have had a rough week dealing with an emotional situation. I haven't exercised all week. I gotta LAM200514 3 PGHMIMI1
4/20/18 10:39 P
I need this gym. πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• MARSHASHADOW 12 CHERYLHURT
4/20/18 9:40 P
It was such a beautiful day for a hike!😎 KARABELLA03 16 PAULA3420
4/20/18 10:19 P
Kiddie meal @ texas roadhouse WALTSGIRL74 18 DJAYBX
4/20/18 9:46 P
Plate full of veggies and fruit with s small side of tuna noodle salad. πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽 #eattherainbow JACKJACK91 2 CHERYLHURT
4/20/18 9:39 P
Two months with Spark People today. I only went above calorie range once, yesterday. I celebrated my SHELLEYMCELROY6 6 CINDY247
4/21/18 10:16 A
Went on a bike ride to clear me head. KSUE33 6 JULIEA7201
4/20/18 11:04 P
Boiled chicken, parsley, green bell pepper, and chick pea salad, with oil and vinegar dressing ❀ MONIQUINHA57 7 TURQUROISE
4/20/18 9:51 P
Camping and still keeping it keto. Mittens is dining with us as well. Homemade sauerkraut, smoked LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 42 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
4/21/18 10:58 P
Plate full of veggies and fruit with s small side of tuna noodle salad. πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽 #eattherainbow #e JACKJACK91 2 CHERYLHURT
4/20/18 9:38 P
Try hard to eat healthy this weekend LEANJEAN6 25 SHOAPIE
4/21/18 9:29 P
First day let's see how this goes wish ne luck on my journey! MONIQUINHA57 16 GIANTOCR1
4/20/18 11:02 P
I came across this big old tree while hiking today. I love finding old trees with such character! Th KARABELLA03 29 JAYNE3013
4/20/18 10:44 P
Plate full of veggies and fruit with s small side of tuna noodle salad. πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽 #eattherainbow #e JACKJACK91 16 CKEYES1
4/21/18 12:00 P
Two months with Spark People today and I have only went above calorie range once and that was for a SHELLEYMCELROY6 18 OHMEMEME
4/21/18 10:16 A
4-20-18 Walked Outside for 30 Minutes with Edgar, my dog. So wonderful to have warm spring weather! ANNA4318 32 JULIENSMITH
4/21/18 8:37 P
This isn't my problem. In fact since I started eating better, I sleep too well. However, I thought t WIZZLEWOLF1 33 TBRYAN-LU
4/21/18 12:37 A
4-20-18 I can't believe it! I made it to my first weight goal of 160! I've been trying to do this fo ANNA4318 267 KIPPER15
4/20/18 9:16 P
Count 1-100 until 10 points SLIMMERJESSE 1349796 GJERSEYGIRL
4/22/18 9:18 P
4/20/18 10:31 A
Posted a photo MAMADIAZ 7 GEORGE815
4/20/18 10:31 A
4.18.18 starting again SARAHSALMON88 13 GEORGE815
4/20/18 10:30 A
Ok first real movement I've seen on the scale and it's from doing the one thing I LOATH (running) an TROMORG 22 GEORGE815
4/20/18 10:29 A
Not my best day on Thursday, but I managed to eat fairly healthy - with a detour on the not needed s BONNIE1552 16 LENNIEBINO
4/20/18 7:49 P
Dont forget to have fun with your food eating healthy can taste great πŸ˜‹ 340 calories 4oz shredded c TMP0418 30 PELESJEWEL
4/20/18 1:12 P
Posted a photo KEENA47 22 FIDDLISH
4/20/18 2:54 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 116 and still sugar free. Workouts complete. Meals planned and tracked. O STEEPERSLOUNGE 23 MPLSKEN
4/21/18 12:01 A
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 22 YOURCAKELADY44
4/20/18 11:54 A
Posted a photo DARPALMIERI 29 GEORGE815
4/20/18 10:25 A
Healthy start to a busy day! SUNKISSEDPATHOS 12 _LINDA
4/20/18 1:24 P
I started WW 2 years ago this June. Here are my face to face comparisons. Then, 1 year and now. KIMBERAKA 71 ZUZUPETALS10
4/20/18 3:08 P
I think spring is almost here..ahhh ITALIANGAL44 16 _LINDA
4/20/18 1:23 P
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ DRAMAQUEEN926 23 GEORGE815
4/20/18 10:22 A
Just restarting this challenge today! #fitnessfeats BONNIE1552 20 ECOAXUM
4/21/18 4:57 A
Got in a 4 mile outdoor walk today between shifts- yea for nicer weather!! And chasing the kids at KENNYBARBIE12 33 TMP0418
4/20/18 6:29 A
#keto day 109... had to fly for work. Room between MANNYDELACRUZ 22 FRISKYCRITTER
4/20/18 3:12 A
So this happened tonight ... how many calories burned watching a cow give birth? I was sweating !!! SHANDRA49 72 SHENTE
4/20/18 6:04 A
4/21/18 12:33 A
4-19-18 Today I met my goal to be sugar free. #goalfeats ANNA4318 9 AMYINTHEWILD
4/20/18 9:15 A
Ending my night... Doctor suggested keto to get better results. I will be starting that. Goodnight e TIFFANYCH27 9 FITNFABMOMMY
4/19/18 11:32 P
First I was gonna ride my stationary bike for 30 min, but then I tried to do too much, so I changed SUMMARAH 9 GOODGETNBETR
4/21/18 12:34 A