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NEED A BOOST This is not easy for me as I'm generally an outgoing, selfconfedent person bit of lat BIGFLABEAR 34 COOKWITHME65
11/22/17 3:46 A
Good Morning from Miami Beach. Woke my little sleepy head Yorkie up this morning to go walk on the TUBLADY 10 COOKWITHME65
11/22/17 3:20 A
#keto Hi keto everybodies! I cant believe its been 96 days since I last posted on here! We'll Im st MRSMCSKINNY 5 COOKWITHME65
11/22/17 3:03 A
Low carb jalapeño popper chicken and zucchini Alfredo for dinner. #keto Lost 3 pounds in 8 days! AMYBOOKIT 18 I_GET_BY
11/22/17 6:23 A
The Hanover brand mashed cauliflower, has only 2 carbs for the whole package. It was only $1.98 at m KSTEVERSON 10 COOKWITHME65
11/22/17 2:59 A
750 pounds of keto cooking awesomeness! #Keto chicken legs in gravy. chicken stock, cream cheese an MRSMCSKINNY 10 COOKWITHME65
11/22/17 2:50 A
Salsa came out nice! Recipe for it is as follows: 6 tomatoes, 2 onions, 1 jalapeno, cilantro(about PHOENIX_RISING1 9 COOKWITHME65
11/22/17 2:48 A
Returning to Spark after a long hiatus. Joined the gym today. Here goes nothing. SEMISWEETCHICK 5 TORTOISE110
11/22/17 7:38 A
Omg!!!! Under 200, first time since high school!!!!😲 LIL1IAN 303 HEALTHYME98
11/21/17 10:10 P
#Keto eating while on my business trip! It was yummy. 3 different kinds of lettuce, eggplant, artic DANNY_LCF 10 COOKWITHME65
11/20/17 10:13 A
I made a Fathead dough inspired #keto ravioli. It was very yummy but I'm now inspired to do an empan KSTEVERSON 26 ELLYMAE66
11/21/17 6:36 P
#keto yummy French beans SIGMABHANDARI 8 KSTEVERSON
11/20/17 8:44 P
11/22/17 2:33 A
Prepping for next week. Hardboiled eggs on the stove. Have to have #ketolicious food ready! #keto #k JACKIREI 14 COOKWITHME65
11/19/17 11:13 A
Lost 3 pounds this week. #keto AMYBOOKIT 8 COOKWITHME65
11/19/17 11:11 A
#keto i donated 4 bags of clothes yesterday. Saying good-bye to fat clothes feels good....making roo I_GET_BY 17 KSTEVERSON
11/19/17 6:09 P
Woohoo found something at Taco Bell that I could eat and not kill my #keto diet... Power Menu Bowl m ST3PH 10 KSTEVERSON
11/19/17 6:10 P
I DID IT!! The scale shows that I have officially lost 100 pounds since beginning this sparkpeople WORKIN2017 302 MOONGLOWSNANA
11/19/17 5:35 P
So excited, my scale never goes down always up! My husband and I started the #keto way of life on N SUTHANBEL 10 KSTEVERSON
11/19/17 6:10 P
Great week! Weight is holding stable. After losin LRJUSTUS1 13 CINDY4JOY
11/19/17 1:41 P
Late night but just got an hour’s walk in. Going to be a busy next few days...#keto ANNDIEDR 6 I_GET_BY
11/17/17 7:43 A
My super delicious #keto #LCHF meal to go #MealPrep : chicken patties and fried cabbage with tomato DANNY_LCF 9 PIPPAMOUSE
11/16/17 5:27 P
So in it and feeling amazing with no cravings or hunger. Eight (8!!!) NET CARBS day! Woot. #keto #k JACKIREI 9 ALOFA0509
11/18/17 9:33 A
#Keto craving pizza and needing some more food for the day. Made pepperoni pizza rounds. Applegate F PIPPAMOUSE 28 ANNDIEDR
11/18/17 6:52 A
Went out to eat this morning at Eggberts this morn ST3PH 6 PIPPAMOUSE
11/16/17 5:23 P
I had to do the Dreadmill today--30 minutes---It's raining hard here outside! LEANJEAN6 34 CANNINGNANNY
11/16/17 6:18 A
Up and back by twilight. Beautiful crescent moon, wish my camera could have captured it. Have a grea OUTSIDEJOJO 34 RONDAJO56
11/15/17 8:49 A
Out for walk in the town I grew up in. Helping my parents through some medical issues. My family h OOKLATHEMOK 23 MADEINBRITAIN
11/16/17 3:47 A
Note to self.... RHOOK20047 11 PICKIE98
11/15/17 1:05 P
This is a big deal for me. I have not put up any kind of Christmas decorations in at least 5+ years. MISSPEACHES3 18 SPEDED2
11/15/17 8:38 P
Got school pictures back today and just had to compare to last year's. Oh, my! #BeforeAndAfter LKMANNING7 136 CONNIET88
11/15/17 4:44 P
Was down in #Florida for a #Wedding. Now I'm back in #NewEngland and ready to get #backontrack with LEAHDEL16 3 COOKWITHME65
11/14/17 9:52 A
TMI alert: my weight is up two pounds due, I assume, to bloating. I’m trying to not allow myself to ANNDIEDR 8 ANNDIEDR
11/14/17 12:47 P
#keto #lowcarb Supper was roast beef with a gravy made from adding some xanthan gum. With cabbage st DEEO12 13 KANDICANE11
11/14/17 2:55 P
I played “Mr Blue Skies” while on my dark, rainy, foggy walk. Made it lovely. Ate a #keto breakfast ANNDIEDR 6 PIPPAMOUSE
11/14/17 12:45 A
I've been eating a keto diet for 4 weeks now. I have kept my carbs below 20 grams every day, drank JILLYBEAN1107 14 FIREANDSURF
11/15/17 8:47 P
I’ve been seeing and reading about people having success doing the Keto diet everywhere, but I have SANDRABUSH24 10 GINATRI1972
11/13/17 7:44 P
#KETO Fed the whole family Keto pizza tonight. Cauliflower crust pizza, pesto sauce, meat, veg and c DOLLYV1 23 I_GET_BY
11/14/17 9:04 A
Baked brownies for my Sunday school class and somebody else made cookies, but I did not eat any☺ but ST3PH 12 PIPPAMOUSE
11/14/17 8:09 P
Weigh in done. Soccer game over. Work out in. Nothing left to do today except this. Ahhhhh.... BRIANSCHARP 26 MWARNER211
11/13/17 11:20 A
My weight is down two more pounds today! And today’s Sunday, so I only have to negotiate today and t ANNDIEDR 23 ANNDIEDR
11/12/17 5:51 P
My first 20 down 😍😍 1/3 of what is like to lose KITREENA91 10 YMWONG22
11/12/17 10:22 A
I'm pisting this because I plan to have one hell off an after photo this time next year!!!.. MOUSE 24 GETULLY
11/11/17 11:39 P
I’m down another pound!! Just have to survive the weekend gracefully...#keto #hubbyishome ANNDIEDR 8 PIPPAMOUSE
11/11/17 6:58 P
#keto I made it into One-derland today! First time in over 3 years. 199.0 this morning! 54 more to AMBER071980 14 I_GET_BY
11/12/17 10:36 A
Breakfast: avocado, bacon, & sausage cooked in bac ST3PH 9 GINATRI1972
11/11/17 12:02 P
Good morning, Sparkers! It is 26 out this morning so I went to the gym instead of walking outdoors. ANNDIEDR 12 ANNDIEDR
11/11/17 8:20 A
#keto I am having a great start today, i am down two more pounds . GINATRI1972 6 GINATRI1972
11/11/17 10:11 P
Got a question for my #keto friends out diet soda a yes or a no on #keto since there's no ST3PH 15 BLESSOME
11/11/17 10:46 A
I've been doing Keto since Monday and my last weight check was last Friday morning. I weighed 298.5. MEGSICLEP 5 PIPPAMOUSE
11/10/17 9:31 P
#keto my ketoriffic dinner lemon pepper baked cod and parmesan asparagus mmm KITREENA91 13 COOKWITHME65
11/10/17 7:33 A
So last Friday (November 3rd) when I weighed mysel ST3PH 18 PIPPAMOUSE
11/10/17 10:31 A
Low-carb meatloaf and broccoli for lunch. Getting back to my #keto life! AMYANN2005 4 ZRIE014
11/9/17 8:48 P
#keto IBIH Easy Pumpkin Quick Bread. Sorry - had the name wrong. Not bad for having to fake the br BLESSOME 11 BLESSOME
11/11/17 10:49 A
#KETO #ketogenic #ketodiet. Hellooo. Dinner! Frie JACKIREI 14 MEGSICLEP
11/9/17 8:18 P
I managed to get in 7K+ steps already this morning. Eating is on track. Did well yesterday, too. Che ANNDIEDR 8 ANNDIEDR
11/9/17 4:28 P
Don't do a lot of baking as a rule, but IBIH Easy Quick Pumpkin bread is in the oven... It was easy, BLESSOME 3 BLESSOME
11/9/17 4:49 P
Super new to all of this and on day 4 of #keto. Breakfast today, 2 fried eggs half an avocado with b MEGSICLEP 24 HOTCHEETOS1016
11/11/17 9:53 P
My #keto lunch: 3 oz sirloin pan fried with butter (pan drippings included) topped with a little blu PIPPAMOUSE 16 PIPPAMOUSE
11/10/17 1:07 A
Heading out for my walk, hubby snaps a pic. I realize the camera angle is a bit low, but am happy wi PIPPAMOUSE 22 PIPPAMOUSE
11/10/17 1:05 A
#keto breakfast: avocado, sausage and bacon...with a bottle of water...very filling and yummy☺ ST3PH 17 JANTHEBLONDE
11/9/17 9:52 A
Still struggling with a plateau, and now a pinched nerve😟 this too, shall pass! I will push thr ALEOPARD 37 COOKWITHME65
11/9/17 8:30 A
Posted a photo KPROULX1 218 LOSER05
11/9/17 8:34 P
One Happy Camper Only 10 lbs to reach my goal. KEN1237 169 ZRIE014
11/9/17 8:53 P
Cook a pot of cabbage today it feel me up and it was AWSOME 🚶🚶🚶Did walk2 miles today🍌 KOSHAUBREY8 10 DINZEL
11/8/17 8:36 P
Found me some chocolate with only 1 net carb per serving ☺ not as sweet as a chocolate candy bar...b ST3PH 17 ST3PH
11/9/17 12:22 P
Dropped a jean size. New to this app been working hard at this for 2 months finally get to retire th DORTCH2795 34 ZRIE014
11/8/17 11:45 P
11/9/17 7:27 A
Found the 160s on this official Weigh Day Wednesday! Down 39; 24 to go! LKMANNING7 182 ZRIE014
11/8/17 11:45 P
My #keto calorie breakdown... @ZRIEO14 before you say "too much fat"... I'm doing #keto which is LO ST3PH 18 ST3PH
11/8/17 10:13 P
Already walk/jogged for an hour, AND I did some strength training. Ate a #keto breakfast of eggs coo ANNDIEDR 8 PIPPAMOUSE
11/8/17 11:40 P
The numbers on the scale keeps on moving down!!! #KETO is working!!! ☺ gonna do my happy dance 💃 a ST3PH 62 CHERIB00
11/8/17 10:54 P
Looking for suggestions for #keto friendly substitutes or recipes for pecan pie and #keto friendly s ST3PH 7 ST3PH
11/8/17 5:12 A
#keto #lowcarb Dinner - Hamburger on cloud bread with side of fried radishes in bacon grease. DEEO12 27 DEEO12
11/12/17 8:53 A
Cauliflower with left over chicken bacon bits and cheese. #keto. Officially 20.2 lbs down since Sept TATTOOMOMMA1974 11 GINATRI1972
11/8/17 10:49 A