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Ok....a ridiculous 'brag', but I hope my fellow sp JANELOVESJESUS 119 SFSTERLING2
6/27/16 9:39 P
So Guys, I have a horrible sweet tooth. How can I KERAQ122884 34 HORSEYPLAY1
6/27/16 1:42 P
Help! Going out to lunch with coworkers today. I LOVELYLEMONS53 11 COOKWITHME65
6/27/16 10:50 A
Ketosis? Anyone? WHITE_DAISY 4 JDPAGE1964
6/27/16 10:38 A
#vegetarian What's a good side dish for a veggie b INDIEHIPSTER10 10 LISA182
6/26/16 1:13 A
Day 25 lchf and 10 pounds down! #lowcarb TCHRKETO 8 CRAFTYMRSG87
6/26/16 3:37 P
Five weeks doing lchf and I'm down 15 pounds!! 43 LESLIEJONES919 33 DRAPOSA-H
6/26/16 3:18 P
#firstpost, hello everyone! this is my day two, ju 424242CT 5 424242CT
6/24/16 4:25 P
Did you read the article about summer food? I am not surprised by all the food and high calories. JUDY2FIT 4 JUDY2FIT
6/24/16 4:29 P
Anybody ever done the Ketogenesis Diet? MSHELBY16 10 LRJUSTUS1
6/24/16 6:34 P
What's a good protein powder, and where can I find KELLEYNICOLE87 22 TAMARAGP1
6/24/16 4:13 P
Hi all ok not sure if anyone want to know but here JABBADRAGON 52 SPARKLE1908
6/27/16 9:53 P
23 yrs old today and feeling happier and healthier THYMEFORCHANGE 2 COOKWITHME65
6/23/16 7:35 P
I weighed in today at 161.8! That is exciting for KPARKU17 10 MEROBLE333
6/23/16 8:04 P
Five months pregnant and trying to use app to main LEPAGECRYSTAL 5 HAPYGERL
6/23/16 2:00 P
I guess when u change your eating habits , your bo STAYCXL-NOMORE 26 DYANNE4293
6/24/16 11:24 A
Does anybody even eat salad anymore or its just me JLYNN559 80 PAREEMATTOX
6/22/16 12:48 P
I would like ideas on how to stop drinking coke a SWEETMARGO67 32 SWEETMARGO67
6/24/16 8:16 A
Got up this morning a little hesitant to take that THYMEFORCHANGE 18 COOKWITHME65
6/20/16 6:40 P
Met my goal of losing around 60 pounds recently, n LIVEWIRE252 27 MISSA526
6/20/16 8:58 P
The Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken recipe on here is a BARBERSANDY6 3 BARBERSANDY6
6/20/16 7:51 P
Seems like this is world wide app. Just wondering XCHELSEAMARIE93 200 QUEENSMOTHER
6/22/16 2:48 P
Looking for low carb pointers and recipes. Anyone? TROUTPOUT 25 TROUTPOUT
6/22/16 1:50 A
Hi I am new with spark . I don't know how it wor MOZHGAN50 7 RSCHMIDT9
6/18/16 6:45 P
#lowcarb any suggestions on how to get started? I HEALTH_NOW 14 R4STARS2464
6/20/16 1:53 P
#contrave My doctor is willing to prescibe it, but HEALTH_NOW 2 COOKWITHME65
6/18/16 2:43 P
Hello, I'm new to this. Just wondering if anyone BRRNDA 43 WEGRIFFITH43
6/18/16 2:46 P
Hello just started today and I'm just looking forw LABORI1969 10 PJACKSON86
6/18/16 3:07 P
I'm starting to eat right today. My daughter has b DONNAINSHAPE 3 COOKWITHME65
6/18/16 2:20 P
I am 33 years old, have had 3 babies, and am a rec ALFSMITH07 14 NELSANNA
6/18/16 3:22 P
I hit my first milestone! 25 pounds down today!! SFAGECKO 11 TOXICMISSLISA
6/18/16 12:13 P
Hey you #lowcarb folks, just want to give you all some #motivation. I'm not perfect, I don't exercis LITTLESAPPHIRE 104 RAY415
6/24/16 5:20 P
My boyfriend of four years tells me that I need to TAMARAOGINA 195 TALIYAH9810
6/19/16 5:43 P
Food favorites ? Is there away to delete items fr COOKWITHME65 5 COOKWITHME65
6/17/16 12:36 P
In nine weeks I have lost 19 pounds And a total of JTHOMPSON421 55 DIZZYBRITCHES
6/21/16 2:39 P
I see the 170s on my scale!! That 201 will never HEALTHYME162 36 TIFPEARSON
6/17/16 12:13 P
I started the program at our local hospital's bari WYTCHHAZYL 18 CSCHMIDT32
6/14/16 9:03 P
My mother just had a brain aneurysm. She's in surg THIS_TIME4SURE 36 ALLNEWSUE
6/13/16 3:53 P
I love blue cheese dressing but it's super high in calories. I just found a new one though, made wit TWEDEE777 26 YISKAMIRYAM
6/7/16 9:57 P
Day one. wish me luck! POPE7911 23 K1TT3N
6/6/16 10:44 A
Today marks one week on my weight loss journey and I've lost 4 pounds. Not much but I'm very happy a GABY9327 6 GABY9327
6/5/16 10:50 A
Normally when I walk I do about 1 mile. Today I wa GINGB1985 8 COOKWITHME65
6/1/16 9:06 P
Anybody from Nature Coast, Florida looking for a S MOREFUN2BE 12 DKELLY427
5/28/16 10:28 A
I'm feeling disappointed today. I went to Red Robi MQUINN868 22 ECAREY6
5/27/16 2:01 P
Starting sparkpeople (9991 time). I'm feeling #selfconscious lately and it's starting to affect my r SAUNDECM 8 NJSHAR
5/27/16 12:05 P
So it's jeans Friday at work...I dug out my Jean Capri from last year, looked at the tag and cringed SUPERBJENN35 32 KFSTAAB
5/28/16 9:24 A
Down 13 lbs. my first month! Energy up and making STEPHANIESIAM 16 AWROTEN
5/27/16 11:05 A
I just found out I'm pregnant... Should I stop thi SARAHMONTAGUE 10 COOKWITHME65
5/26/16 4:22 P
Spark people. The only place I've been comfortable MLUCIER26 38 NDEMINK
5/25/16 7:56 P
@270 pounds. Tracked food and exercise today. Ples KOFNYE 24 DBAILEY518
5/31/16 3:16 P
Proudly wearing my 2 sizes smaller pants at work t MSFIGGY 90 MSFIGGY
5/27/16 3:03 A
I started at 256 pounds, and I now weigh 138. I am KITTIE1919 422 MMLISA40
6/14/16 10:37 A
Since starting this app in April, I've lost 15 pou R3DWILLOW 35 KRWILL
5/23/16 8:51 A
Hi im Zoey been trying lose the pounds most of my ZOEYROSEMOON13 83 CSWEET12
5/23/16 8:40 A
Don't give up because you have a bad day, week or ATESNER 9 TORRIESJOURNEY
5/23/16 8:34 A
Since my family doesnt see the big deal, thought I MSAMBER1979 150 JENRON629
5/23/16 5:35 P
So far I'm do good on my calorie. I've lost 7lb th LOVENMOM 15 LOVENMOM
5/23/16 4:12 P
Wooooohoooo! 85 pounds gone this morning :) Never LRJUSTUS1 74 CALZADILLAS30
5/20/16 11:50 P
Giving my all! Hello...I am Christina...I was prev CHRISTINARUIZ 17 CHRISTINARUIZ
5/20/16 10:25 P
7 weeks of eating a bit healthier and keeping just about the same workout routine and I've shaved 12 LEWTER2108 4 LEWTER2108
5/20/16 9:42 P
Hello! #firstpost SWADE7 8 COOKWITHME65
5/20/16 9:31 P
I cried, I swear I cried. I weighed in at 145 toda MCRAYCRAFT 1577 GOATBOY_SNR
6/27/16 5:52 P
I'm at 164 pounds today. I started at 329 pounds o AUTIEJ 1856 FRANSMITH1568
6/11/16 10:46 A
Hello everybody jus wanna wish y'all a beautiful a MLOVE387 3 HEALTHYWANA
5/20/16 2:14 P
I keep reading that people put their scales away. CARMEN213 20 MR-LICKY-LICKY1
5/20/16 2:27 P
Well, my boyfriend proposed to me on Saturday, so BEEBE53768 68 MDHALL20088
5/20/16 12:05 P
Loving the Grand Canyon! MEXGAL1 2 COOKWITHME65
5/16/16 11:12 A
Today is going be a great day. A job interview for a job I really want, also down 26 pounds since Ap TEDKEVIN0618 9 B-LESS-ED
5/16/16 7:33 A
How can I stop binge eating when I'm sad? I had always been a skinny girl until I started overeating NATALIA1839 11 COOKWITHME65
5/10/16 5:55 P
What food do you avoid because it makes you feel l STEPPYJOY 157 ELLO275
5/14/16 3:52 P
So the little packages of powdered crystal light t TSTONE321 12 SPARTANJAI
5/10/16 5:47 P
I'm no longer in the 200s i started at 217 and now DCOLSTON9 17 SONIA_THORNTON
5/7/16 12:28 P
Super excited but I have to put a hold on my weight-loss journey. Still enjoying recording my health CLLOWE 57 NEFTALI200704
5/6/16 10:59 P
Trader Joe samplers!?!? How to track....had a bite COOKWITHME65 1 COOKWITHME65
5/6/16 9:28 P
Gonna imput a meatless diet for two days out of th DHAMPTON32 21 LILT68
5/6/16 2:42 P

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