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How far did you run today? COOP9002 30875 ZRIE014
3/25/17 12:14 A
Exercise Today? GOLFPRO 16997 ROCCOCOM
3/25/17 1:08 A
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 48150 LIN1263
3/25/17 2:45 A
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 77528 LIN1263
3/25/17 2:40 A
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 84309 LIN1263
3/25/17 2:43 A
Change a letter OLYGIRL1 13784 COOP9002
3/24/17 6:42 P
Hey everyone! Almost done with my first week, not a bad week, next week will be even better. The goa CAGABRIELI 7 MEHMILY
3/24/17 8:56 P
Dinner tonight MOCNVW23 23 POSEY440
3/24/17 9:54 P
Not too bad for my rest day. It was beautiful out and couldn't resist those long spring walks with m JENNYSAUFL 9 SPADE450
3/24/17 7:23 P
#4 my workout after work is walking the neighborhood and tonight my personal trainer is my husband. LOSEITGIRL2016 6 MEFATAGAIN
3/24/17 8:40 P
Posted a photo HAVING_HOPE 7 COOP9002
3/24/17 6:37 P
Meal prepping is the only true way for me to stay on the track. This is one of my previous preps for FITSISTA79 155 ELLENAJ22
3/24/17 9:43 P
Good morning is weigh in day and I weighed in at 261.8 lbs, which means I lost 8.8 THEJACKIEDEAN12 302 TFORD999
3/24/17 7:46 P
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 144583 KRAFTKID
3/25/17 12:20 A
Posted a goal AMBERR_77 13 CINDY247
3/23/17 10:13 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 9 97MONTY
3/23/17 10:17 A
Hashrowns with veggies and ketchup. MANDIE05 10 ROCKGREATHEALTH
3/23/17 10:19 A
3/23/17 2:22 P
April 22nd will be the 3 month mark for me! I've lost about 10lbs already and I'll be taking a photo LCANNIFF 9 JULIENSMITH
3/23/17 10:37 A
How do you get into the habit of eating breakfast in the morning? I'm just not hungry until 10 am SALGAL41 41 LUKEFUNDERBURK
3/23/17 11:54 A
Is anyone else on here following a keto woe? This chart shows my weight loss on keto- where i cheate HALEYCORTEZ 10 LUKEFUNDERBURK
3/23/17 11:56 A
A great day indeed. I am now below 150. 🎉😙💪 TANDERSON2575 182 NANAGRIFFIN2
3/23/17 4:59 P
Thinking about changing my night owl ways... LILA-JADE 2 COOP9002
3/22/17 11:47 A
Today is my Birthday. I can't wait to see what this year holds! It is going to be amazing! Adventu SKEMERICH 44 BERNADETTEB
3/22/17 6:51 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 7 COOP9002
3/22/17 11:46 A
30 minute walk at lunch! Happy Wednesday everybody! SHALOMFROMWOO 5 JKL219
3/22/17 12:11 P
love tree blooms FRANWILL1 6 COOP9002
3/22/17 11:44 A
Who or what is your motivation to want to live a healthy life. Find your motivation first! Losing we READY4PROGRESS 8 JKL219
3/22/17 12:17 P
It was a slow mile, but it was a mile. On Thanksgiving Day I weighed myself and I weighed 303. I was LULU487 44 BIGGULL
3/22/17 1:06 P
My butt hurts. Now that I'm significantly smaller, every chair I sit in seems to have been designed BJK1961 8 TIGERSEYE3
3/22/17 12:16 P
Haha. Good am! I just saw this and thought it was a good one. Today is "Danny Day"..aka trainer day. BBABY0924 26 GAYLE2017
3/22/17 12:49 P
Weigh in today and lost a total of 3.9 pounds!! So excited only my second weigh in but its coming al INVISIBLEGIRL06 301 CHUBBAGRRL
3/22/17 5:04 P
I decided I needed a visual display to track my weight loss. My husband is an overgrown child, so w 4BABYWABYS 151 CUPKAKE137
3/22/17 5:25 P
A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 106847 CINDHOLM
3/25/17 1:02 A
I broke my 2 day plateau of being at 199 pounds. I lost a pound and down to 198 pounds. I know that AUNTRENEE 3 COOP9002
3/21/17 11:45 A
Posted a photo IHEARTPAWS7 15 COOP9002
3/21/17 11:45 A
Now this is a great memory & reminder of where I started ... 100 (+) pounds still off ... it's the NOOKA_74 27 STLOUISWOMAN
3/21/17 1:44 P
32.6lbs lighter SHERITA911 16 SHERITA911
3/22/17 10:08 A
Love Yourself! Small changes make a huge difference! 👐👐❤❤ BEAUTYJERIDUGAS 48 FOXBAY99
3/21/17 12:43 P
435 calories and 19 carb breakfast. Im okay with that. 🤗🍑 TBPEGG 5 TINALOUCHIC
3/24/17 11:26 A
The weight I wanna be at by June. 25 pounds to go KOOKI140 18 CHRISSAY1968
3/21/17 3:04 P
First day here! 😀Got 100 pounds to loose. Good Morning SALSABLEND7 166 THOMS1
3/21/17 6:07 P
Good Morning! I am down 12 lbs in a month. I have a lot to go. I need to start a workout routine any PCANDY 303 THOMS1
3/21/17 6:05 P
I've been losing, but the last couple of weeks has been pretty slow progress. It's time to change th PLEXUSCHIC 4 RODRIGUEZ41508
3/20/17 11:34 A
Posted a photo TLDENNIS5 12 RODRIGUEZ41508
3/20/17 11:29 A
21 pounds down since November! I feel a lot thinner and all of my clothes are getting super baggy! METALMIRI 24 JO88BAKO
3/20/17 11:41 A
Following that peacock ... enjoying YOGESHI 5 JULIENSMITH
3/20/17 11:09 A
Two weeks ago i was super proud of myself. I had 12 pounds gone, felt like a new person, meal planne ASHLEYLINAMEN 45 ROBBGIN
3/20/17 12:00 P
Down 37# this morning. Changed my way of eating in November. I'm so happy with my results. 23 lbs to M54708 122 2BDYNAMIC
3/20/17 5:41 P
Also - down 3 lbs in week one LUNADRAGON 9 GINERDEE
3/20/17 11:18 A
I got this Sweetie this weekend! Time for some walks! NEVERBEENSKINNY 63 QUES2HEALTH
3/20/17 11:02 P
Any time I wake up before work to workout out is a victory to me... the fight I have with myself whe MIMIGEE2 102 LULU487
3/20/17 2:54 P
How far did you run this week? MTHARVEYRUNNER 2881 ZRIE014
3/25/17 12:15 A
3/25/17 1:11 A
Here's my first attempt at a crochet turtle. I have some ideas for how to make it even better! DEXSUNFIRE79 23 PACEKA1
3/19/17 7:23 P
Down 23lbs since January 2, 2017..have hit a plateau the past couple of weeks but am still forging o MTOLL81 29 MEFATAGAIN
3/19/17 2:57 P
Week 2 weight in tomm! TOMMY3978 6 TOMMY3978
3/19/17 2:42 P
3/20/17 6:24 A
Some impromptu outdoor yoga during my run! ZORBS13 6 MEFATAGAIN
3/19/17 2:46 P
From 340 to 210 woot woot AMERICE9221 93 FITNESS447
3/19/17 5:15 P
Goal weight reached! Never posted a pic before, but if it will maybe inspire others to push themselv GROOMS74 305 MCCALI59
3/21/17 12:30 P
Stage 19 - Return to Running program - completed. 20-minutes of continuous running. It has taken 2 JEANKNEE 23 AQUAGIRL08
3/21/17 9:34 A
Grateful to find beauty while walking the pup along the city streets. BONNIEMARGAY 9 LOULOU1709
3/18/17 7:21 P
Weighing in at 235lbs. I sure hope this helps. I have 71lbs to lose. I have done many diets in the p CRYSTALM84 25 AKGINGER
3/18/17 4:56 P
Enjoying nature on this beautiful day! SHOPGIRL422 17 SUNSHINE99999
3/18/17 5:50 P
Out snowshoeing saw some beautiful sites. Looking for people to join me #freinds TYPAR82 6 SUNSHINE99999
3/18/17 5:49 P
I had too much wine last night and did not want to go on my scheduled run, but I did, and it wasn't BARBARAMJ 9 247ROSEANNE
3/18/17 5:49 P
Posted a photo ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 8 CHERYLFRYE68
3/18/17 4:55 P
yeahhhh!!! crushed it lol MARIEB441 12 PURPLESPELLS
3/18/17 5:45 P
Once around the outside loop. Equaled 39 flights of stairs and 2.5 miles. But only halfway through m BOBBYKBILLMAN 3 MSPENCER7
3/18/17 4:31 P
There's been ups and downs. But 41 lbs down in a year!! SUNGIRL822 248 FBAILEY24X
3/19/17 8:12 A
Volunteering at Take A Child Outside Day! Lots of walking on the trail. 😊 CAERIED 7 RATPACK65
3/18/17 5:11 P
I did it, I did it ... I'm in ONEderland!!!!! Down 61 pounds ... and counting. Come do the happy, ha MTN_KITTEN 286 FOCUSONME57
3/20/17 10:05 A
Word Association III COCOA999 18208 BTDACHIE
3/25/17 4:08 A
No green beer for me this year. Instead, asparagus and zucchini "spaghetti" LAURENPAYNE1978 4 LAURENPAYNE1978
3/18/17 12:02 A

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