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Found an old pair of jeans in my closet. They were very tight a few weeks ago. Now they are totally GRATTECIELLA 17 -POOKIE-
7/22/17 2:20 A
I love walking our paths here in Lake Havasu. Meandering about, just enjoying the day ♡ MICKEYCLAUS 5 KBOUGHE1
7/21/17 5:49 P
This little girl right here is the reason I keep pushing myself to try again and again because I'm w XOMANDEEXO 7 KBOUGHE1
7/21/17 5:50 P
I did it.. for 45 minutes with a few stretch break BIGGIRLFEDUP 38 -POOKIE-
7/22/17 2:20 A
Not a fan of taking pics. But I am pretty stinking proud of myself right now. (not the best pics but KKRAVIG1975 38 RAERAERAE62
7/21/17 7:09 P
This my 4 year old yorkie Eddy. Love him to pieces!❤️ CONCETTA73 12 KBOUGHE1
7/21/17 4:24 P
After trying and trying and trying to get to the 100s I finally made it I am so excited this was the JENNIFERRVALDEZ 301 QSHEPP
7/21/17 8:08 P
Worked my butt off today at Zumba class. Had my sidekick with me to keep me motivated though. MOMTOTYKRISTEN 18 RAERAERAE62
7/21/17 6:58 P
Good morning everyone!!!! I FINALLY MADE IT INTO T THEJACKIEDEAN12 302 VALISHA0817
7/21/17 5:07 P
Exercise Today? GOLFPRO 17457 BANNERMAN
7/22/17 12:34 A
How far did you run today? COOP9002 31424 OVERKILL007
7/22/17 1:52 A
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 49149 ZRIE014
7/22/17 12:29 A
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 78468 ZRIE014
7/22/17 12:29 A
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 85408 ZRIE014
7/22/17 12:28 A
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 159049 TIBURONA
7/22/17 2:25 A
My breakfast. I made the waffles with oatmeal flour that I ground myself. Trying something different CREATING_ME1 23 CREATING_ME1
7/20/17 11:25 A
Posted a photo SPARKPEOPLE 22 CGARR442
7/20/17 11:39 P
Here's my lunch & afternoon snack. 578 calories in total - filling and will see me through to dinner EMBAR1 6 JJOHNSON393
7/20/17 10:46 A
Posted a photo SHORTY6PACKS 6 JBDTRI
7/20/17 10:27 A
A simple "Hello" can make someone's day. DEACONPEG 7 RAERAERAE62
7/20/17 3:22 P
lost 10.1 pounds since I decided to look "less" for son#3's wedding LEANJEAN6 144 RAINBOWMF
7/21/17 9:18 A
Down below 260lb for the first time in years!!! AMANDADWYERLUSE 172 BOGUSANNIE
7/20/17 4:25 P
Side by side .....u can do this!!! 120lbs down👍👍😁 DIANEPAG 260 LONGLEANNLANKY
7/21/17 3:35 P
Well, the pic on the right was after losing a bit and feeling good. The left was a few weeks ago, an OOFELIXOO 251 OOFELIXOO
7/21/17 6:58 A
Word Association III COCOA999 19144 HIKINGSD
7/22/17 2:43 A
Plumbing done. One cure for a bad mood coming up! GRATTECIELLA 7 OBIESMOM2
7/20/17 9:44 A
7/19/17 3:50 P
Day 1. ...I've got to do this for me and my health. Don't know why out has to be so hard. JULES 9 MDOWER1
7/19/17 5:26 P
Pic with purple shirt May 19, 2017... Pic with blue shirt July 19, 2017.. be honest.. can anyone t TXCOWBOYS2 13 MELISSA2018
7/19/17 5:30 P
Week 1 down. Lost 1.6 pounds. It's a start. D87331 269 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:14 P
This was amazing! 380 calories loaded with protein and iron. Mmm. MSCOTT138 8 2DAWN4
7/19/17 4:27 P
I'm happy happy happy I'm in the 70s. I lost 25 pounds. I went from305 to 279.6. I'm exercising twic MBROUSSAR2 153 SHUNIKAP
7/19/17 4:55 P
Feeling good! 29 lbs down this morning. I'm finally in the 60's. 270 wouldn't go away and then I wei SKINNYAMIRAH 124 QSHEPP
7/20/17 12:13 A
7/21/17 8:26 P
Goodbye 6X shirts and hello 4X shirts...this shirt is from 2014 when I did a heart walk...never did CHERYL4846 303 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:14 P
I met my first weight loss goal so instead of splurging on eating out, I had a #deliciousdailymomen MOMMYLOVESFOOD 5 BARCELONAME
7/18/17 1:51 P
Another successfully-cal breakfast and lunch! Also went for another 3 mile walk today! This was my NANCIE223 8 NANCIE223
7/18/17 1:42 P
Tired and no energy. Running on Empty! CURLYLADEE 11 -POOKIE-
7/19/17 9:41 A
Second day at the life center working out. BECKIEPETERSON 14 BECKIEPETERSON
7/19/17 1:23 A
Today is our third anniversary. Our love is truly SKITTLESNINJA 174 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:53 P
First shirt I had to hang up because it was too tight is now the only work shirt I'm not swimming in CHASINTHEDRAGON 113 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:54 P
Okay today instead of doing a side by side I'm doing an inside, one side of my pants legs of my old GPALMER29 177 MKC2792
7/18/17 9:23 P
Happy Tuesday peeps 😎😎. Forgot to share my work coat picture from yesterday so here goes!! The pi PHOXYM 306 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:51 P
I'm slowly approaching my goal!! I'm starting to s MEANDGOD82 129 MEANDGOD82
7/19/17 1:28 P
#TransformationTuesday from 236 lb a size 18w /20w to 210 lb in a size 16 regular. I haven't lost a SKITTLESNINJA 303 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:50 P
FINALLY----We have a sunny day! LEANJEAN6 37 CANNINGNANNY
7/19/17 7:11 A
Coffee first... walk/jog 3.34 miles second. Now for the rest of the day: shopping for camp and schoo LKMANNING7 13 KINDGIRL56
7/17/17 10:08 A
New week, new day ~ fresh beginnings. Happy Monday!!! Ready to begin anew. OUTSIDEJOJO 18 PATJOONWW
7/17/17 10:04 A
On my morning run, found a Mama turtle, she is nesting and babies will be here in September! So exci 3698JRL 11 FISHGUT3
7/17/17 10:27 A
I missed my daily walk yesterday :-( But you can bet your boots I got it today! 3.3 miles while list MEROBERTS21 56 YMWONG22
7/17/17 11:58 A
So I got a little crazy this morning and decided t FITSISTA79 59 CIDALIA_M73
7/20/17 8:25 A
Good morning! Who got up this morning and got a workout in?! SHANNONSSTORY 95 FINDINGWENDY914
7/17/17 12:18 P
Off to a good start! Ancient grain Cheerios with fresh strawberries and fresh blueberries. Yummy!! NANCIE223 17 NANCIE223
7/17/17 1:54 P
Woo hoo! Almost to my 50 lbs by 50 goal. I have until my birthday, August 9 to make my goal. I can d MADDIEBSMAMA 220 FITGIGI0102
7/21/17 6:51 P
Under 300 lbs! First goal acheived- such a nice start to the week. Happy Monday! SEYTON84 274 NUTTYGIRL2105
7/17/17 7:04 P
#nosoda #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 13 7STIGGYMT
7/17/17 5:15 P
#deliciousdailymoment DADAN_LAMORA 5 JAZZEJR
7/16/17 6:50 P
Posted a photo ADUKE6 5 IJRYAN
7/16/17 7:04 P
7/16/17 10:17 P
7/16/17 8:39 P
Posted a photo BDPUSH 4 TOCONNER
7/16/17 6:45 P
From couch potato to triathlete in 7 months! Raced MAGLITE7 168 INCH_BY_INCH
7/17/17 7:20 P
Dinner minus the crackers this time TARSHELL 10 TARSHELL
7/16/17 7:46 P
How far did you run this week? MTHARVEYRUNNER 3068 ZRIE014
7/22/17 12:30 A
I love this app and the community... ive shared it with my primary dr who is impressed by my weight GDFOOD 5 JVANAM
7/15/17 2:15 P
Posted a photo TAMMYQB 4 JVANAM
7/15/17 2:13 P
Finished week 2 of the Runner's World plant challenge! LIZANDRASHAW 9 HOLLYM48
7/16/17 10:29 A
7/15/17 2:41 P
Crocheting a bedspread to eliminate snacking! SILVERTHYME 16 SKANTRA
7/15/17 7:48 P
Lunch: tilapia, baked sweet potato with 1T butter, tomatoes and carrots☺ ST3PH 7 AUNTRENEE
7/15/17 3:45 P
I think i need to go shopping! GDFOOD 23 MDOWER1
7/15/17 4:05 P
Snacking at night is always hard for me. Last night, nothing passed my lips after dinner except wat PARISGRL7 150 RAYMOSSISTER
7/15/17 4:16 P
7/17/17 6:16 P
Soooo I'm struggling to get started on drinking my 2L of water per day. I lay out 4 bottles so I can NEWME 21 NEWME
7/15/17 11:10 P
Need some encouragement this morning. Our 10 year old Corgi mix passed away last night. LJBOWSER1 303 OVERWEIGHT
7/15/17 3:05 P

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