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Exercise Today? GOLFPRO 17949 COOP9002
2/22/18 3:51 P
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 51001 SBURDEN
2/22/18 4:28 P
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 80552 ECOAXUM
2/22/18 4:51 P
How far did you run today? COOP9002 32392 COOP9002
2/22/18 3:26 P
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 87249 BIGPOPPAPUFF
2/22/18 4:29 P
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 185226 PATSGIRLY
2/22/18 5:44 P
Loving myself right today and back in track NATASHA_D1 8 YAYOZHIK
2/22/18 4:13 P
For an update on the baby. I am 10 weeks and 5 days today baby was healthy with a strong heartbeat a FREEZE2B 19 ALOFA0509
2/22/18 5:37 P
250 vs 198. My highest was 280. M86265 44 ROSEANNECARLSON
2/22/18 7:14 P
#BeforeAndAftergoood!!!!!!! 50-60 more!! AIXA0609 63 FIDDLISH
2/22/18 7:16 P
My highest weight was 187 and today I am 166.. 21 pounds lost! I feel so much better and I can't sto DANYALE_29 107 NUTTYGIRL2105
2/22/18 7:36 P
Well guys, it has been a long journey but I'm down 47 pounds since last May. I started at 201 and CGILGER1 116 NUTTYGIRL2105
2/22/18 7:32 P
My 10th month and progress so far even though I’d plateau for almost 2 month, that won’t hold me bac AMERICALDS 163 DETERMINED369
2/22/18 7:42 P
Exactly 11 years ago today I was supposed to have a scopal surgery on my uterus, to find out why I w AMYMBUNCH 13 PWILLOW1
2/21/18 2:55 P
My saving grace today JBALL21 7 RSTEINER1313
2/21/18 2:50 P
So I dont know if this is a huge deal to some but I reached one of my goals today... I did 4 miles o JUSTINA1253 13 HELENATILFORD
2/21/18 2:12 P
TREKPURRSON is thanking God for Reverend Billy Graham, who went to Heaven today at age 99! TREKPURRSON 21 JUDITHANNIE
2/21/18 7:58 P
It all starts with what I put in my fridge!😘 FITSISTA79 80 SILKYSLIM48
2/22/18 9:10 A
Joined YMCA last week and spending 20 minutes on threadmill and 35 on the stationary bike, 5 days pe THRESACALDWELL 25 ALLENJOSEPH
2/21/18 3:22 P
#BeforeAndAfter I see a huge difference. but I have a long way to go.. I am so happy it's been 18 ye DOINITNOTGONNAS 306 MARINOON
2/21/18 11:46 P
The difference 36 pounds makes! #BeforeAndAfter MS1VILLEGAS 132 CSROBERTSON621
2/21/18 9:44 P
Okay y'all, this is really hard for me to post, but SP is always so supportive, I'm being brave! I p SHRINKINGLULU 110 COMMUTERRAIL
2/22/18 10:41 A
Name a CITY, anywhere Ato Z WOLFSPIRITS 58785 MOMMY2JJ2
2/22/18 7:38 P
Below freezing again here today....brrrrr SISSYFEB48 11 LIL1IAN
2/20/18 2:40 P
Caprese salad - I swapped the olive oil drizzle wi JULZ09 9 SEASHRIMP
2/20/18 12:06 P
I have been on and off my routine lately. Time to get serious again! I've lost 66 lbs and needed a s KNAGREEN 121 SYLBA61
2/20/18 6:19 P
Finally outta the 200’s yay! ANIMEGIRL 38 SCGRAVER
2/20/18 4:29 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 REEDSKI
2/21/18 8:08 A
Stay strong on your journey! MEG92 10 ROSEANNECARLSON
2/20/18 1:28 P
I screwed up last week. I skipped a whole week of Zumba and P90x with only two weeks left in the pro LSMILAN 13 KACEYSW
2/20/18 5:40 P
Feeling GREAT for a 63 Year Old Lady Today! Come Celebrate my Years with ME SparkFriends!!!! FLASUN 311 JAMER123
2/20/18 10:54 P
Sooooo, this happened over the weekend which completely threw me off track, lol!! (Dorky shirts cour DANYGIRL40 303 CHEIVOUS
2/20/18 5:42 P
Weigh in Tuesday 2.6 pounds 😊 total 47.6 in 5.5 months. I'm super proud of myself today 😊 To all TMP0418 185 ALEOPARD
2/20/18 11:08 P
Two Words Change One JUDYGENTRY 29765 PHATPAT18
2/20/18 4:55 P
Two words - change one BOBBIEDAZZLER1 159585 1RETSGM
2/22/18 12:54 P
Holy Strawberry! πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ MRSFITPANDA 48 ALABAMASUSAN17
2/19/18 10:27 P
Anybody want to go for a ride in our 1958 Ford? He 1958TMC 22 MSLZZY
2/20/18 7:32 A
2/19/18 8:12 P
2/20/18 2:31 A
My nerdy hufflepuff mug and homemade non dairy (unsweetened almond milk) stevia sweetened hot chocol MARAJADE91 14 B_RAZORSHARP
2/19/18 9:51 P
Posted a photo ROSEBUD613 5 BIKE4HEALTH
2/19/18 8:45 P
I'm having a slice of this cake my SIL made for out little dinner party..still withing my calorie ra KAKONOLADY 20 FELICIA1963
2/19/18 9:59 P
Stayed on point at the restaurant! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 46 KENNYBARBIE12
2/20/18 6:17 A
Here I go again. 7 years ago I lost 130 pounds with Spark People. Ran a marathon, completed a triath KITHKINCAID 190 QUAIL75
2/20/18 2:45 P
Got inspired to take a walk on the boardwalk/beach today. Hubby originally said no but then offered MLHORAN10 7 DGRIFFITH51
2/18/18 6:08 P
Heck yeah goodbye size 22-24 and 2-3x Hello size 12 jeans and large shirt woo hoo happy dance 😊 I l TMP0418 96 ALABAMASUSAN17
2/19/18 8:32 A
My 3 year old son made a new friend. They were skipping rocks by the pondπŸ’ž AMYMBUNCH 11 ROBBIEY
2/18/18 6:53 P
He asked...she said yes!! ❀️❀️❀️ My daughter and her, now, fiancé! SONDRAHARRIS 17 MANONAMISSION73
2/19/18 6:44 P
Heading out for a winter hike with the love of my life. TIKITAMI 8 ALALADY
2/18/18 6:15 P
We're ready to change. We've hit that place where nothing we do is comfortable and we have to make a SUNBEAMJANEAL 34 ELISAGAL1
2/18/18 7:14 P
Short 7.5 mile hike this afternoon. I couldn't res GILLIEGRL4 14 MDOWER1
2/18/18 6:26 P
On September 14, 2016, to be exact I decided to make a change, I wanted to be healthier have more en BELKYG11 200 ECMSGURL1205
2/18/18 9:31 P
Change 1 Letter To Make A New Word JTREMBATH 18456 SUSANH1230
2/22/18 5:35 P
Posted a photo KLANGERN1 6 COOP9002
2/17/18 5:14 P
Got up worked out πŸ’ͺ🏻, did yard work until the ra JUDYBEAR216 15 MPLSKEN
2/17/18 11:41 P
Thanks to my Spark friends, the movie Rocky 4 and Tony Robbins, I was able to hit my goal of 10000 s JUSTSTICKWITHIT 31 PRAIRIEOMA
2/18/18 2:40 A
Ran my first 8 miles this morning! The heart that SWEETSUNSHIN7 7 --CHERYL--
2/18/18 2:22 P
Me and my cat are still doing great.My weight is still where I want it to be from where I started at BEE7203 10 WLHOPE
2/17/18 7:55 P
Started at 345. Down to 215. N still going eating right n exercise... T24112 174 GREENSPRING54
2/18/18 12:42 A
Not done yet, but getting closer to where I want to be πŸ’ͺ FIERCEFIREFLI 13 RSTEINER1313
2/17/18 7:51 P
Yep I found me a new play toy see if I can get into some trouble lol!! I guess I'm going to be a Har GPALMER29 19 BLUECAFE
2/17/18 9:35 P
Change A Letter BUTIFULDAWN 33626 RMUL2013
2/22/18 7:42 P
I have a lousy cold- following a meal plan? HaHaHa! Exercising? HaHaHa! So.... PEGJW111 11 ELSCO55
2/16/18 3:54 P
A little inspiration for all of you today... ALLYLIZZY 11 POGIRL17
2/16/18 5:31 P
Posted a photo JUDITH316 18 REEDSKI
2/17/18 10:40 A
2/16/18 3:09 P
Bean salad again. Lol but I added beets and subtracted a bean this time. πŸ˜‹ So yummy and pretty to l ORIGINALGDP 26 ZUZUPETALS10
2/16/18 4:08 P
Lunch 278 cals: cantelope, red seedless grapes, black forest ham, blueberry swirl bread, fig preserv SYLBA61 14 LIL1IAN
2/16/18 7:51 P
I am down 2 pounds in 2 weeks not much but it's a start SHAMIKAC2 224 CHRISTOPHER63
2/16/18 9:07 P
I prolly post a lot too much but just soo excited to see how many changes I have made and realizing DHARRIS200 165 CANUCKSEW1
2/17/18 12:20 A
I thanked my husband for continuing to love me when I was fat. He said "you were never fat. You were MUSICLADY923 167 LSMITH2017
2/18/18 3:17 P
2/22/18 6:28 P
I have never really been a fan of fish, other than a little bit of smoked salmon. It is a texture th STATSCAT 15 JEWELRYLOVER
2/15/18 5:54 P
Feeling good!!! Started making small changes eliminating bad carbs,sugars,sodas etc. Taking in 100-1 THELMAJO6430 34 NUTSABOUTMINIS
2/15/18 8:59 P
Hope you are having a goal reaching, thankful Thursday. PAMBROWN62 7 SPARKLINGME176
2/15/18 8:35 P