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Trying to stay on track can be hard, but it is worth it. I am on day 2 of a restart. AKASHAREBEAR 4 BERRY4
5/21/17 6:50 P
Life is full of up's and down's and winding roads MEMORIES7 16 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/22/17 8:52 A
Posted a photo JUDITH316 22 MCJULIEO
5/21/17 11:56 P
Do you like my new quote? Here is today's blog that explains where it comes from: http://www.spark SPARKGUY 25 DAWNWATERWOMAN
5/22/17 1:28 P
Sunday at home to prepare freezer meals and relax. Happy Sunday, be active. Be alive!!!! LADYANDREA2012 5 JAMER123
5/21/17 11:35 P
Oh how beautiful the weather is! I can finally go out for a run again today! DAWNDMOORE40 2 NDCAROL
5/22/17 10:10 A
5/22/17 12:34 P
Good morning and happy Friday to all of you! Not sure what to do for a workout today because of my s DAWNDMOORE40 3 KRISZTA11
5/19/17 1:49 P
Monthly Team Challenge for May 2017 JUDITH316 35 POETLKNG2LOSE
5/21/17 9:31 A
Welcome New Members to the Mindful Mansion! LADYHYJINX 90 DAWNDMOORE40
5/16/17 10:36 P
Come chat with us on the Front Porch! LADYHYJINX 3631 TRACY6659
5/22/17 11:32 A
Started at 200 lbs, currently at 149 lbs. Been on my weight loss journey for over 2 years, it has no P25880 302 CUTZ333
5/16/17 3:41 P
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! God bless you! DAWNDMOORE40 3 REGILIEH
5/14/17 5:06 P
Hope you are all having a good day, for me its quiet as I have picked up a bug and not feeling my us JUDITH316 16 DAWNDMOORE40
5/13/17 9:50 A
My son, Stan and daughter-in-law Brenda just left, they were in town delivering Fire Pit Tables they JUDITH316 19 DAWNDMOORE40
5/13/17 9:50 A
Posted a photo JUDITH316 11 DAWNDMOORE40
5/13/17 9:50 A
Feeling Confident as I look out over the front yard which is awakening to Spring! MAGGIEROSEBOWL 27 FUNNYFACE101002
5/13/17 10:51 P
Did you know the words SILENT and LISTEN have the same letters? This gives you something to think ab MISSPEACHES3 4 DAWNDMOORE40
5/13/17 9:49 A
Feeling down, my brother in law is in his lasts days dying from cancer, and my husband is very sad. LADYANDREA2012 17 LUVS2BIKE101
5/13/17 6:52 P
I wish that more Sparkers would check their pages to see what is blocked. Some are set so no one can MISSPEACHES3 7 ELYSIAN_DREAMS
5/13/17 10:19 A
Wishing all the Mother's a Blessed Mother's Day Weekend...Enjoy! JUDITH316 9 JAMER123
5/13/17 11:40 P
My shoulder is healing slowly. I have ramped up my workout to instead of just faced paced walking I DAWNDMOORE40 3 NDCAROL
5/13/17 12:43 P
Did you have a good Friday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? Here is a new SPARKGUY 45 JAVNMICH1969
5/15/17 1:12 A
Have not been feeling well! I have a shoulder that I either tore something or pulled something away DAWNDMOORE40 5 KAISERMOM89
5/9/17 4:29 A
Happy Friday everyone! Here is today's blog if you'd like a quick read and to press the SparkButton SPARKGUY 14 LIS193
5/6/17 12:19 P
Posted a photo JUDITH316 12 DAWNDMOORE40
5/6/17 11:45 A
Happy Saturday Spark friends! I am off to a concert tonight with my husband! I can never get enough DAWNDMOORE40 3 JUDITH316
5/6/17 1:24 P
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was jump rope. How about you? Like my fireworks? Here is SPARKGUY 25 4CONNIESHEALTH
5/5/17 2:46 P
Yesterday I did a step workout which was a lot of fun but today I think I am going to do some interv DAWNDMOORE40 3 SOUTHTXXRNNR
5/5/17 11:03 A
Heading to my DD's house to help with my lovely graddaughter while she cleans and gets ready to g=he LADYANDREA2012 7 JAMER123
5/5/17 12:43 A
Posted a photo JUDITH316 13 JAMER123
5/5/17 12:44 A
Good morning Sparkers! Here is today's blog and SparkButton to push: SPARKGUY 15 WALLAHALLA
5/5/17 9:53 A
My highlight today was a step workout! I have not done one of those in a while and it sure gets your DAWNDMOORE40 4 MASHAUNDAB
5/4/17 4:27 P
What made you want to change your life, what was the changing point? I remember being so depressed a APRILELLIS01 273 MISSY455
5/6/17 1:46 A
At home, in desperate need of another me day, doing the stuff that needs to be done. It will bring LADYANDREA2012 10 DAWNDMOORE40
5/3/17 11:31 A
Nice yoga session today, but I found out how quickly you can lose your "flow" when you've been sick NDCAROL 3 DAWNDMOORE40
5/3/17 11:31 A
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was jump rope and sprints. How about you? Here is today's SPARKGUY 41 FOXBAY99
5/3/17 7:55 P
Have a Fantastic Day....Keep Sparking! JUDITH316 15 JAMER123
5/4/17 12:09 A
Today I found a new workout that looks like fun! I will give my feedback tomorrow! Have a happy Wedn DAWNDMOORE40 1 DAWNDMOORE40
5/3/17 11:30 A
May 2017 Fitness Challenge 500 minutes of Fitness. LJK091354 9 DAWNDMOORE40
5/2/17 11:58 A
Are you committed to reaching your goals today? Here is today's challenge blog: http://www.sparkpeo SPARKGUY 18 DAWNDMOORE40
5/1/17 11:53 A
Upset, sad, and very frustrated. I hate when my family judge me and my actions. I can't go to the h LADYANDREA2012 14 JEANKNEE
5/1/17 10:57 P
04/30/17 = My HOARDING "clean-up" is completed... "photos" are in my sparkpage Blog :-) Finally I a SUNSHINE5268 4 BABY_GIRL69
5/1/17 12:18 P
Did you have a good Sunday? Here's to a great week ahead! My highlight was stretching in the sun. Ho SPARKGUY 20 DAWNDMOORE40
5/1/17 11:51 A
It's nice to see the rain finally stopped here in Illinois! I was beginning to think I was going to DAWNDMOORE40 7 JUDITH316
5/2/17 3:49 A
Good morning everyone! We had 1,300 presses of the SparkButton in the past 24 hours --woohoo! Here SPARKGUY 17 SPARKS07
5/2/17 12:30 A
This made me smile and I wanted to share with all of you. Blessings. MISSPEACHES3 18 4CONNIESHEALTH
4/30/17 10:26 A
Did you have a good Saturday? My highlight was a bike ride with my son. How about you? Here is to SPARKGUY 28 JEANKNEE
5/1/17 10:58 P
Posted a photo JUDITH316 11 BABY_GIRL69
5/1/17 12:20 P
Today I am doing my first Avon vendor fair! Luckily with all the rain we get to be inside! It's goin DAWNDMOORE40 3 REGILIEH
4/30/17 2:54 P
I am a breakfast skipper. I wake up later and rush MHUTTON 8 MHUTTON
4/29/17 3:39 P
Happy Friday everyone! If you are committed to reach your goals, I posted new content and the first SPARKGUY 16 WALLAHALLA
4/29/17 3:57 P
4/29/17 3:30 P
Today is stormy out so I am inside getting in a cardio workout and spending some time catching up on DAWNDMOORE40 2 JUDITH316
4/30/17 3:26 A
Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them MEMORIES7 15 JANCARD
4/30/17 11:58 A
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was tennis practice. How about you? Here is today's b SPARKGUY 46 EJOY-EVELYN
4/27/17 9:45 P
Wishing you all a Fantastic Thursday ahead.. JUDITH316 17 BABY_GIRL69
4/27/17 2:53 P
Today is grocery shopping day with Grandma! What a joy it is to help others! Have a blessed day! DAWNDMOORE40 2 JUDITH316
4/28/17 5:01 A
Hope you all had a great day and your evening has been blessed, as for me, I had a full day of teach JUDITH316 9 DAWNDMOORE40
4/26/17 12:09 P
I am back from the dentist, but I have to be back on Friday tp end the process. Happy Wednesday!!!! LADYANDREA2012 10 FOXBAY99
4/27/17 4:09 P
Happy Wednesday everyone! Remember having a bad day doesn't mean you have failed, but it's a learnin DAWNDMOORE40 2 LRJUSTUS1
4/26/17 12:20 P
Did you have a good Monday? Let's all reach a bunch of goals this week together! My highlight today SPARKGUY 103 MARGEOB
5/1/17 6:00 P
Never Give up. Blessings to all. MISSPEACHES3 18 DAWNDMOORE40
4/25/17 11:44 A
Let's Keep Shining and be a Blessing to Someone Today.... JUDITH316 9 SHARONKHARTER
4/25/17 12:01 P
A tooth broke yesterday. In need to go to the dentist to get it fixed, but the car broke too. Isn' LADYANDREA2012 12 HAPPYSOUL91
4/26/17 9:18 A
Today is so beautiful outside! I plan on getting in a good work out! Tonight is date night with my h DAWNDMOORE40 3 7STIGGYMT
4/25/17 12:33 P
Good sleep last night = better chances for a good day today. Have a great day everyone! SPARKGUY 25 OBZ978
4/27/17 10:31 A
Who is ready for a Monday commitment to reach goals this week? Here is my short blog today: http:/ SPARKGUY 22 KITT52
4/25/17 8:16 A
I am wishing my fat/weight would just jump off of me. Not discouraged, just fed up. O.K., I know tha MISSPEACHES3 7 4CONNIESHEALTH
4/24/17 8:43 P
Did you have a good weekend? My highlight today was jump rope. How about you? Even short workouts do SPARKGUY 55 RUSSELLFORD
4/24/17 8:48 P
Monday to plan a great week, to care for yourself and to love yourself deeply. Happy and healthy Mo LADYANDREA2012 8 EJOY-EVELYN
4/24/17 11:17 P
Today has been a hectic day but I plan on going outside for a bike ride! It is so beautiful out! DAWNDMOORE40 4 PRESTORJON
4/24/17 5:53 P
Monthly Team Challenge for April 2017 JUDITH316 46 JUDITH316
4/30/17 1:04 A
Have a Fantastic Friday and Weekend! JUDITH316 6 DAWNDMOORE40
4/23/17 12:14 P
Hit like if you are committed to reaching goals this weekend! Here is my blog this morning for the SPARKGUY 14 POSEY440
4/23/17 7:01 P

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