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Happy birthday to ME! Just grateful to celebrate another year! πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ #birthday #celebrati YELIAB21 281 LOOWHO1222
3/29/17 7:40 P
Monthly Team Challenge for March 2017 JUDITH316 41 JUDITH316
3/29/17 5:08 A
Today I am soooo hungry. Have no idea why. It's tough when I'm out of healthy food. I had to steal R DIGGUM2002 5 DIGGUM2002
3/27/17 6:04 P
It's so frustrating to see skinny people eating foods I love but can't eat anymore. It makes me feel WHOLENEWME2017 9 SSMITH762
3/28/17 10:15 A
I have been doing really well the last few months, losing 2-3 pounds a week with just moderation and CHALSTERS 3 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:08 P
What an amazing group of people here. Every time I open the feed people are cheering each other on a SARAHMACTAYLOR 4 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:08 P
I'm at a point in my life where I finally realize i need to do better for myself and my family. I al WITLEE 34 CHRSTNE2
3/27/17 8:48 P
Just starting out, Lord give me strength! J80267 8 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:07 P
Why is my doctor's scale weighing me differently than mine?? Grrrrr SUZIESWEAZEY 6 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:07 P
Made hummus today for lunch , added some sundried tomatoe pesto and extra garlic for that extra flav STARFISH1961 5 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:06 P
I've lost about 3-5lbs in 4 wks, w/ a lot of yoyo movement on the scale. Weekends & social occasions PEEWEEMAMA 7 CINDY4JOY
3/29/17 1:48 P
I just got back from visiting my sister in Tucson. I am so depressed. I really don't like Missouri GZELLEFRO 4 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:05 P
I'm feeling under the weather today with flu-like symptoms. Just want to crawl into my bed but I ha EOSTAR_45 2 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:05 P
Any suggestions on how to keep healthy during stressful times? RMPOKRZY 4 DIANALAZZELL
3/27/17 3:52 P
Today feels like a Monday for some reason. LT3AG4S 5 F7LINDA
3/27/17 3:06 P
#mobilechat I'm so hungry today, all day! I have been eating all day. Oatmeal, eggs, chicken, salad! SUMMERFODRIE 15 CONNIETEA88
3/28/17 7:25 A
Woke up half a pound heavier than last week. Took a moment to really assess things, and recognized MELISSAFISH 10 MELISSAFISH
3/27/17 3:57 P
Hello! My name is Tabitha & I am currently in college for my AA. I am wanting to loose a little weig TBARBERICH 2 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:03 P
Weighed today at 213 down from 240 in less than 2 months.. Cutting cal works amazing.. 63lbs to goπŸ’— G23445 3 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:03 P
So today I wile up with hives πŸ˜₯ all the way down my inner thigh on BOTH legs. I think it was from t KTERHUNE09 4 NAOMI_ACOSTA
3/27/17 8:11 P
I've been a yoyo dieter for years. Something is different this time though. Im committed to a change AMORROW1985 4 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 3:48 P
It's been a hard journey to this point but I'm gonna keep pressing on! MARIAHAA2994 35 PRAIRIECROCUS
3/27/17 5:38 P
I so do not like having to go all over the site to find my friend feed! :-( WINE4GIRL 3 GARDENCHRIS
3/28/17 7:13 A
Hello everyone - my name is Cheyenne and I'm new h CCOWEN37 3 F7LINDA
3/27/17 3:02 P
On our third day of having our German student with us! He is at school with my son today! Should be DAWNDMOORE40 1 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:00 P
We have a German student staying with us for two weeks and it has been a great time so far! We have DAWNDMOORE40 5 NDCAROL
3/27/17 12:49 P
Hi ! I struggle with a sugar addiction . Stress sends me to cookies and candy . I have cleared ou NUDAYY 5 GOODFELINE
3/24/17 1:59 P
Have a great weekend everyone. SUSANYOUNGER 4 DAWNDMOORE40
3/24/17 1:51 P
Walked in the rain today, pouring rain and went 5 miles. I feel great. SUSANYOUNGER 4 DAWNDMOORE40
3/24/17 1:51 P
My scale was down another pound this morning, and I'm trying to not be so jubilant... it's just the MCJULIEO 6 FOCUSONME57
3/25/17 3:22 P
3/24/17 1:50 P
I like to lose 20 weight by my 55 birthday Dec 5 ADUPLANTI5 5 ADUPLANTI5
3/24/17 1:52 P
22 days in 13lbs lost and three inches off my waist and two inches off my hipsπŸ’ͺ NADIA2389 5 NADIA2389
3/24/17 1:58 P
Today I am so excited because we have a German student coming to stay at our home for 2 weeks! DAWNDMOORE40 3 ENIGMANUPE
3/25/17 10:12 A
I have been sick and some family problems have gotten in my way as far as tracking everything but... APARIS0720 13 JAYISOLDEM2
3/24/17 2:25 P
Bust it baby! Killed it today! RIEMANK5 11 CATTT1015
3/24/17 3:43 P
I've been drinking my water today and eating snacks but I've been feeling even more hungry than usua KOOKI140 5 DAWNDMOORE40
3/21/17 10:42 A
struggling with stress and bad choices and now cholesterol is threw the roof i need some serious hel SHKAJO48 3 DAWNDMOORE40
3/21/17 10:41 A
Day 2 .... Feeling great..How is everyone else feeling? How far are you? How much weight have you l SANDYKAUPU 8 BLKSISTA
3/21/17 11:09 P
I'm back. I had done good and then hubby was diagnosed with cancer. SWEATGAGIRL 4 KOFFEENUT
3/21/17 12:27 P
This is something I want to change. I do not do mornings at all.... my goal is to go to the gym in ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 34 ~*~SPUNKI~*~
3/21/17 7:48 P
#fitmom#squatchallenge#beabadass ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 7 DAWNDMOORE40
3/21/17 10:38 A
Posted a photo SCANDEE 3 DAWNDMOORE40
3/21/17 10:38 A
Bullet tried to EAT My Fit Bit Zip! Tooth marks , Destroyed! Ordered another from AMAZON! Can't wait MOUNTAINMERMAID 5 GRLTAZ
3/21/17 6:03 P
Down 7 pounds this morning. What a great day! Came into the office and someone made brownies and I a JHONNMIDWAY 3 TRISSYINCHARGE
3/21/17 11:02 A
Sharing a pic from my walk. CBSTANFORD 24 TCANNO
3/22/17 4:20 A
Love Yourself! Small changes make a huge difference! πŸ‘πŸ‘β€β€ BEAUTYJERIDUGAS 48 FOXBAY99
3/21/17 12:43 P
This is a great idea TSC8780 123 ONE_TRUE_SISTAH
3/21/17 6:13 P
Good Morning! I am down 12 lbs in a month. I have a lot to go. I need to start a workout routine any PCANDY 303 THOMS1
3/21/17 6:05 P
I somehow pulled a muscle in my right leg. I have been down for a full day and then going into today DAWNDMOORE40 3 NDCAROL
3/21/17 10:40 A
Is there a way to see your weekly calories and workout totals? Like, not just day by day, but maybe R40758 3 R40758
3/20/17 6:21 P
get that echo tomorrow .. a little scared - doc heard or saw something wrong -SPIRITSEEKER2- 12 R62682
3/22/17 2:42 P
I'm New to sparks MBURR-JOS5 15 LOSINGIT86
3/19/17 7:34 P
Having a wonderful day! Also go a brand new computer and all is well that ends well! I am one happy DAWNDMOORE40 3 NDCAROL
3/20/17 2:18 P
Ending up having to get a new computer and finally finished getting everything transferred from my b DAWNDMOORE40 1 DAWNDMOORE40
3/19/17 3:40 A
My computer is not working right now! I may have to get another one! DAWNDMOORE40 3 DAWNDMOORE40
3/18/17 10:20 A
Good Morning 😎 up having a healthy breakfast ready to start my day. The last two months I have not ARTH3736 2 DAWNDMOORE40
3/16/17 9:43 A
How often do you weigh in? BMCKENZIE70 11 DAWNDMOORE40
3/16/17 9:43 A
I did it! I'm under 200 lbs before I leave to Portland, Oregon for the NCECA Conference! After 2 1/2 CRASHPIXIE 6 JEANKNEE
3/16/17 10:22 A
Hope everyone is having a good week .I'm having a good week . Patently waiting on going outside weat FRANWILL1 3 DAWNDMOORE40
3/16/17 9:42 A
Rightmost picture, 3 years ago... When I was at my chubbiest. This is my #ThrowbackThursday Have a PYR0KAGURA8 12 DAWNDMOORE40
3/16/17 9:42 A
Today was end my first week and so I weighed myself from 210-202!!! First time in a very long time t D86917 8 D86917
3/16/17 11:11 P
When you can't find a napkin BIGRENTMAN 15 MCJULIEO
3/16/17 8:06 P
Made it to the gym again today and my motivation was having bacon and eggs for breakfast! I really w GIRAFFERULES24 12 GIRAFFERULES24
3/16/17 12:05 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 14 TIBURONA
3/16/17 8:04 P
I got Sparkpeople Motivator of the Day! What a great way to open my email this morning! Thank you SKEMERICH 23 CJWORDPLAY
3/17/17 1:10 A
I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks and when I visualize it like this I really can't believe it. Prepa SUSANYOUNGER 71 SUSANYOUNGER
3/16/17 3:07 P
Down ten and a half pounds! Feeling great, feeling strong, feeling determined. KBEGEY 47 KIMLADYBUG
3/16/17 10:54 A
Tried to take my picture but it didn't work out. so, I will try it once more. Today marks 59 days of LOVESWEETS2 210 EO4WELLNESS
3/29/17 8:59 P
Finally feeling this burn (& I'm not talking politics)! After weeks of yo-yoing between two pounds I LADYSALUBRIOUS 2 DAWNDMOORE40
3/11/17 12:58 P
If you eat 3500 calories for 3 days in a row with no exercise, how much would you possibly gain? MAYASTOLEMAN 5 MAYASTOLEMAN
3/11/17 5:00 P
NO SUGAR in the morning coffee! Say WHAaaat? Baby steps!...Stevia is good CLEUTHAUS 23 SAMSHABEBY
3/11/17 6:48 P
I have lost 99lbs in 8 months!!!! I was hoping to hit 100lbs today but I'm okay with the results, no MRSOLIVER455 15 NBEAMAN7
3/11/17 1:19 P
Work in progress, down 41 pounds CHANGING-TURTLE 39 KALANTHA
3/12/17 6:47 P
Posted a photo AMYROSEC 13 LOULOU1709
3/15/17 1:29 P

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