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Emoticon :) your mood! BELLACUDDLES 7711 ARTJAC
4/27/17 1:04 A
Have You Huddled with Your Team Today? KETTLEBELLJUNKY 9330 DESERTDREAMERS
4/27/17 12:43 A
4/27/17 12:41 A
Login Points MOMOFMANY70 23532 BUTEAFULL
4/27/17 12:44 A
Are There Any Takers? MJRVIC2000 3582 DESERTDREAMERS
4/27/17 12:39 A
Word Association Game CMALESSA 7325 BTDACHIE
4/27/17 3:10 A
How Many Points From the Wheel Today? SILVER1369 6773 DESERTDREAMERS
4/27/17 12:38 A
While DH was getting himself ready I walked to the Pier Head and back in glorious sun, more of a st NEW-CAZ 28 DESERTDREAMERS
4/26/17 12:37 A
Wanna go for a walk?! :D Lets go! RUTHSJOURNEY 10 RUTHSJOURNEY
4/26/17 9:35 A
Suppose to be working on a paper, but once again, I am on I have to do better. MISSCNJ 8 CINDY4JOY
4/26/17 10:34 A
Motivation Moment RHOOK20047 23 MBPP50
4/26/17 6:11 A
Working on solving this! KAHSEE 13 FLOUNDER1323
4/26/17 12:38 A
Someone needs to tell this poor bear about Sparking ... RAERAERAE62 8 COMEBACKKID12
4/26/17 12:14 P
#motivated #inspiration #sparkpeople BUGZYBEAR 15 YMWONG22
4/26/17 5:28 A
Show how you feel with Icons each day! SPIRIT_ANGEL 6404 MUSICNUT
4/26/17 8:45 A
4/26/17 3:09 P
๐Ÿ˜‚Don't know about y'all but night time is usually where I could smash some calories back! I'd liter FITSISTA79 4 MEAGOP
4/24/17 10:15 P
4/25/17 8:03 A
Done some planting today...cultivating dirt for 45 min. sure can give you a workout ! Until tomorrow STARFISH1961 5 LYNETTET123
4/24/17 10:18 P
Moment of motivation RHOOK20047 6 POSEY440
4/25/17 5:33 P
I love finding funny post on Pinterest! MELTEA43 57 SUSANSKI
4/25/17 10:34 P
Lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks feel good. Yes we can!!! AMP102104 177 AV75241
4/25/17 1:32 A
4/24/17 1:46 A
2 weeks ago I started counting calories. I know it's not much difference, but my face definitely loo SMU5020 21 NASFKAB
4/24/17 12:59 A
After heart surgery heart attack and plenty of other health issue im blessed that im able to workout B81064 21 BIKE4HEALTH
4/24/17 1:45 A
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 14 ILOVEROSES
4/24/17 9:29 A
Put on this outfit today after not wearing it for THEJACKIEDEAN12 214 MOUCHE
4/24/17 11:46 A
Point from the spinning UNSURE 19883 JSEATTLE
4/26/17 3:04 P
Take a walk and enjoy the things around you on the way. LITTLEREDHEN8 20 MOTIVATED36732
4/23/17 8:47 A
You have huddled with the team today!!! ILOVEROSES 12947 JSEATTLE
4/26/17 3:14 P
4/26/17 11:39 P
Posted a photo IG100DAYREBOOT 14 LTRINH9
4/22/17 11:04 A
Have a goal reaching day today. LITTLEREDHEN8 14 JAJABEE1717
4/22/17 8:09 A
4/21/17 7:25 A
Anyone have any tips for how to get through the witching hours? ADORIBLE 15 CHUBBYNOMORE3
4/21/17 7:53 A
So true! Society is oblivious to what we are putting into our bodies. Kraft Dinner, Beefaroni, Mr.N OTTERBEME 20 STARGAZER333
4/21/17 5:39 P
I did not get my 14,500 steps in today, and that is fine with me. (Didn't get my bonus steps in beca DINKER0798 6 MEAGOP
4/20/17 9:31 P
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was a bike ride with my son. How about you? Check out the SPARKGUY 66 TUBLADY
4/21/17 4:07 P
July 2016 April 2017. Down 125 lbs JATOMIC 187 WEARINGTHIN
4/21/17 6:04 A
Down 36lbs. I can't see a HUGE difference yet, but it's definitely progress. :) #hardworkpaysoff #se HMARIE1983 162 LINDZZ3
4/26/17 8:30 A
Wanted to get 30 mins in before cleaning and preparing for guests tonight. Felt good, hips moved fre NEW-CAZ 17 DEE107
4/19/17 12:26 A
4/19/17 7:00 A
Walked, didn't drive, to the farmers' market. You find beautiful things when you walk! Thanks to t GRATTECIELLA 13 MISSCNJ
4/19/17 9:51 P
A mile around our park is three laps.. Ran the first walked the second and ranvthe third... I was hu A-A2008 5 NANCYA8689
4/18/17 7:07 P
Dinner yum yum guys what are y'all having MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 27 MRSCHUNKYNOMORE
4/18/17 8:44 P
Well I need to lose ALOT of weight. I just found this app and hopefully with all your support I will S11740 235 CINDHOLM
4/18/17 4:57 A
It was a really tough run today to get this. #running MOBYCARP 106 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/18/17 1:36 P
this is day one of my hard road ahead wish me luck cause iam going to need it. NEWLIFE5867 305 JUDSTERF
4/18/17 9:51 P
Books of Spring - April 2017 TEXASTITCHER 30 BOOKLOVER501
4/24/17 9:49 A
I went from walking 10 laps, to walking 9 laps and running 1, to walking 6 and running 4. Well, thi PSALMISTLD 81 DMSPEER93
4/17/17 9:48 P
Like every Saturday, I started the day with my walking group. What a way to start the day. Today's r MARCIWILSON1 5 ELRIDDICK
4/15/17 11:12 A
I logged all my food today. Yay! I didnt work out but I did schedule my own personal workout day eve MRSMOSS2017 15 WHITEANGEL4
4/21/17 12:00 A
Celebrating 47 today 37.6 pounds lighter than I was just 14 weeks ago! LME412 162 L_DROUIN
4/13/17 4:03 A
Good night...Sweet dreams.....Keep on Sparking.....We'll get there. STARFISH1961 7 BIKE4HEALTH
4/10/17 5:30 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 106 CHUBBYNOMORE3
4/9/17 4:57 P
Pretty much!! Time for Step class... fasted!!! Have an active Saturday!!! KTTAYLOR21 11 LIVINGCREATIVE
4/8/17 8:45 A
Posted a goal VEGGIEPAT 17 RYCGIRL
4/8/17 9:48 A
Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! PENNYBATES 20 JONIBUSHELL
4/8/17 10:11 A
Gives you something to think about. That 5 pounds is more than you think. PENNYBATES 130 DHAMILTON15634
4/8/17 4:38 P
4/8/17 6:33 A
I don't believe this but it is funny SUSANYOUNGER 6 CHUBBYNOMORE3
4/7/17 2:54 P
Wanted to show you guys my bunny, screwball. ANIMASTER888 46 _LINDA
4/7/17 3:20 P
When you've worked really hard to get in the best shape of your life and feel really great about you CHERYLDH 307 _LINDA
4/7/17 3:18 P
Gotta really want it๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช FITNESSCHIC007 48 PRAIRIECROCUS
4/7/17 2:15 A
Today was a success! #fitbit KCLA659 21 GOLDENYEAR66
4/14/17 12:54 A
I started this a mo. Ago going to the gym eating much better, found out today it's all worth it I lo LEZAFLOYD11 26 TIME4ME2017
4/7/17 7:50 A
Down another 6lbs!! Total of 290lbs so far!! You can do it don't give up!! God Bless!!! GPALMER29 156 L_DROUIN
4/7/17 3:58 A
Interview went very well, I am the new lab technician working on cancer research and in charge of 4 PINKIGLOO 124 L_DROUIN
4/7/17 3:56 A
4/6/17 12:56 A
4/6/17 12:56 A
Even if sometimes you feel you are going at a Snails pace ... at least you are going! .. don't give 2BDYNAMIC 32 SHARONKHARTER
4/8/17 8:55 P
My brother and I have decided to do something different this Easter Sunday. Instead of the two of u PATRICIAANN46 7 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/6/17 10:13 A
What is the best way to get rid of a toxic person who is getting worse with each passing year? PATRICIAANN46 16 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/6/17 10:12 A
If you could take a couple of weeks and go anywhere in the world, where would it be? PATRICIAANN46 16 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
4/6/17 10:21 P
It just occurred to me that this little, yellow former stray cat has the best attitude in life. He MCASKEY6 14 HIKINGSD
4/6/17 3:14 A

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