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How Many Points Until Your NEXT Trophy??? MISHEE 190102 PATJOONWW
10/23/17 2:14 P
Happy Monday everyone. Today is weigh day for me. The scale registered that I am 2.2 pounds down fro DINZEL 5 1MORETRY_2015
10/23/17 11:11 A
So I'm thinking I want to change things up a bit. I grew up wearing boat cut jeans and a cute top al CBULLIS1 27 9CRYSTALEE21
10/23/17 12:08 P
I have been stuck for a few weeks at the same weight, so I decided to take some pictures. Even thoug L25833 10 JULIENSMITH
10/23/17 11:45 A
Gm everyone start my morning with acv and lemon .back on my green smoothies ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿ’˜ it doing ๐Ÿ‘ ty Lor SIMMON72 11 BLAULKEIM
10/23/17 10:27 A
Put your mind to it and it can be done. Let's do this for us ๐Ÿ˜Š TMP0418 14 YMWONG22
10/23/17 10:38 A
My first day using this app. I used to use lose it to track but here goes..let's rock this workout t ILJFITNESS 16 YMWONG22
10/23/17 10:37 A
I'm still in shock I've been working hard but still couldn't believe my weigh in this morning!! KSHOTTS 8 LINDASOUTHER
10/23/17 11:06 A
Saturday I took a walk to Cannon's Lake, fished for a little while and then walked home. I got my st RHONDAA128 45 RHONDAA128
10/23/17 12:09 P
I feel like I'm.always starting again... day 1.... again KEASTON7 26 LIL1IAN
10/23/17 3:45 P
I lost my way on my weight loss journey. Starting over today! MISSLADYT33 62 LALATIDAH
10/23/17 12:42 P
Well, I've already eaten some of my breakfast but anyway....I'm a volume eater so I have to make my MADDIEBSMAMA 43 MUSICISMYTHING4
10/23/17 12:19 P
Today is day 1! I've got a long road to follow but I'm feeling determined๐Ÿ‘™๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ NIKKI-P81 130 INSPIRED26
10/23/17 4:51 P
Goodmorning. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Goal this week was 2lbs. I lost .1. Yes that is po JUSTSTICKWITHIT 89 GREENSAPPHIRE
10/23/17 2:26 P
Did this on Saturday!!....It was such a blast!!...If you've ever thought about doing this, stop thin SKYDIVER757 151 AIMLESS549151
10/23/17 2:58 P
Emoticon Your Mood MCDIDDLYD 8224 DINZEL
10/23/17 10:08 A
What is your positive thought for today? SONG_OF_GRACE 17 DINZEL
10/23/17 8:41 A
What Are You Reading? PURPLEPEONY 918 DINZEL
10/23/17 8:36 A
Sparks Log-In Points MCDIDDLYD 4005 TURQUROISE
10/23/17 1:26 P
10/22/17 8:56 P
A to Z Wonderful Things from God SONG_OF_GRACE 36 DINZEL
10/22/17 8:29 P
10/22/17 8:28 P
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 70934 DINZEL
10/22/17 5:56 P
10/23/17 3:40 P
Two of biggest accomplishments! Reached a weight where I can honestly say "I love the way I look" an LALAP1012 20 WOMANOFLOVE
10/22/17 11:07 P
How to frustrate my day! Guess I needed to see some bikeshop eyecandy! SEAOFCARNAGE 3 ZRIE014
10/22/17 5:58 P
Beautiful beach run this morning. Looking forward to running in cooler weather soon! #running #sweat GRATTECIELLA 10 WHYTEBROWN
10/23/17 7:31 A
Ran my first virtual 5K today. Not fast but ran the whole thing. W00t! GABABS 10 LINDASOUTHER
10/22/17 6:31 P
Just made this today and it was amazing!!! Cauliflower Stuffing! Made with carrots, celery, onions ( NSHAMROCK23 15 BECCA4529
10/22/17 8:39 P
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 5 ZRIE014
10/22/17 5:48 P
Posted a photo FITULOUS 11 ZRIE014
10/22/17 5:32 P
I've come too far to go back. FITSISTA79 138 SILKYSLIM48
10/23/17 10:08 A
Omg!!!!!!!! I did it!!!!! Today marks a record for me. I lost a 100lbs!!!!! Time to Celebrate!!!! ๐Ÿ… MIZ-FENTON 256 GLORYB83
10/23/17 10:19 A
Posted a photo FITULOUS 11 BECCA4529
10/22/17 8:38 P
I'm glad I took "before" pics because some days I feel as if I still had those 35 pounds and I just LKMANNING7 156 J15778
10/23/17 9:14 A
Great day for a ride in the mountains. The leaves are really starting to turn. Hope everyone is havi GL1500RIDER 4 STAR135000
10/21/17 6:46 P
Have stuck to my points today and eaten some healthy filling options . THANKYOU vintage points TORIA66 3 DINZEL
10/21/17 5:24 P
After almost 3 months completely off task, I'm back on it again. Walked over 100,000 steps since Mon JENNIENAG 19 DOLPH79
10/21/17 6:55 P
Mom bought me a half pound of AMAZING scallops at Costco. Served with a few berries, a honey/sea-sal THISISMYJOB 19 LISA1065
10/23/17 10:36 A
Yay! It's taken a month n I have lost the extra 2kg my new scales gave me plus another 1.4 finally s RAWN13 6 TBRYAN-LU
10/21/17 6:55 P
Yummy I finally made cauliflower crust pizza delicious TMP0418 22 PENDILA
10/21/17 6:31 P
Happy birthday to me. PAULWATKINS 11 SILVAS7
10/22/17 2:02 P
Walked over ten miles on my bday today DEBSANKS 16 WHYTEBROWN
10/22/17 7:36 A
My daughter's birthday is today. I was worried, because special occasions typically derail me, but I PROUDMOMSHERI 8 DEBYDOINGIT
10/21/17 8:08 P
First time fishing with Alex and he caught the only fish. BOOBOO2717 15 ABUELAMEMA52
10/23/17 8:15 A
Bike ๐Ÿšฒ 10 miles BIGRENTMAN 10 CGARR442
10/21/17 10:27 P
This was my supper 4vps ..47g porridge oats made with water at 2.5vp topped with fresh kiwi abs mixe TORIA66 5 LKEITHO
10/21/17 6:17 P
Homemade chicken noodle soup on this 73 degree day lol DOINITNOTGONNAS 14 PBVHCCVH
10/21/17 7:18 P
75 min. bike ride this morning. Then took a class on edible landscaping and was given a rosemary pl REEDSKI 23 NANCYANNE55
10/22/17 9:17 A
#BeforeAndAfter LIL1IAN 32 LIL1IAN
10/22/17 8:43 A
Happy Birthday to me. NO party, NO cake, nothing special at all. RD03875 309 LOPEYP
10/22/17 6:23 P
Got something you take for grated, I have been dealing with a MANUAL can opener for years.. So excit ROSES4BEAUTY 20 NOCALORIES
10/21/17 8:15 P
How many log in points did you get today?? SHORTSTORY2 77 DINZEL
10/20/17 6:15 P
Three drunken guys entered a taxi after a heavy night of drinking. Immediately realizing that the m NANASUEH 4 JUDY1676
10/20/17 9:36 P
Breakfast today is watermelon and mango with a side of eggs (not in pic)... Plus I made little water GBENITEZSITA 13 ZRIE014
10/20/17 7:10 P
Haven't had a lot of weight change but there are changes happening!! Here's to more kickboxing and m MISSKELLY318 18 ZRIE014
10/20/17 7:08 P
Happy Friday! Get a healthy start to your weekend! GOODFELINE 13 ZRIE014
10/20/17 7:07 P
Working my bod on the SCI FIT. I love this machine! It is the only machine I can use right now for m BOOHOOBEAR 39 MEAGOP
10/20/17 11:30 P
Breakfast this morning :) SWEETBABYGIRL5 4 ZRIE014
10/20/17 7:08 P
Breakfast this morning. According to this App the country harvest bread was best thing i had for bre SWEETBABYGIRL5 4 ZRIE014
10/20/17 7:07 P
Im celebrating my 1 month anniversary of giving up coca cola! I replaced it with soda water when Im LALOAFY 11 ZRIE014
10/20/17 7:01 P
So it seems to be a slow journey but in the right direction so I'll take it. Down from 220 to 188.6 ONEDAY_ILLWIN 54 ZRIE014
10/20/17 6:44 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 10 JUDY1676
10/20/17 9:34 P
A friend just said to me how good I look after losing weight, and to tell her what I did :) MEXYULIZEA 22 ZRIE014
10/20/17 6:41 P
Decided to drink my Caramel Protein Shake in style! SHANMAC4 32 ZRIE014
10/20/17 6:40 P
Everyone keeps saying you've lost so much weight. I've gone from a 3xl (some 4xl) to XL mostly but s VHAYES04 107 SPARTANJAI
10/21/17 8:40 P
I posted this a couple days ago. Scenes from my hometown. These pictures help calm me. REEDSKI 115 I-AM-TITANIUM
10/21/17 4:00 A
#BeforeAndAfter In a way, I enjoy when Facebook has that reminders feature so you can share what you SSMITH762 104 CHRISTOPHER63
10/20/17 6:12 P
40 pounds gone KELLZ2004 183 STARRYEYES1985
10/20/17 7:42 P
Hi everyone... I am new to sparks people just trying to get ideas and keep the motivation in trying JAMESHOWARDBROC 63 DINZEL
10/19/17 11:12 A
Took a rest day yesterday and had a beautiful ride. My body is feeling refreshed and ready for more SADIEMYERS 13 IAN2409
10/20/17 10:02 P
happy healthy Thursday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 11 KITT52
10/20/17 11:44 A
Instead of using the elevator. I took the stairs to work @ 6:45 am. #nVegas๐ŸŒต๐ŸŽฐ RASCALTHEPUPPY 9 DLJONES50
10/19/17 11:54 A
Okay I'm getting on the scale first thing tomorrow to check the weight and body comp. Hope it's not CROWNOFSTARS 4 LEEWORD
10/19/17 11:29 A
Through the years from figure competitor to music CROWNOFSTARS 6 4CONNIESHEALTH
10/19/17 11:37 A