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1/12/18 9:58 A
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 159 EDWARDS1411
1/12/18 2:43 P
{{ Exalt the Name of Jesus ~ Post a Praise! }} VISUALLYRICS 1377 JOHNWBROCKSR777
1/12/18 12:10 P
I was almost 280 when I had my baby. I weighed 267 when doctor's said I was prediabetic. I've lost 2 LUCYPATRICK41 151 ANETTYB66
1/10/18 7:28 P
#BeforeAndAfter Making progress...25 to go! TEEKS13 193 ARIELLEKELLY
1/14/18 12:24 A
Beautiful sunrise this morning! But its deceptively cold out! Temp 8 feels like -4! ❄⛄ but.. farm wo MWARNER211 24 STARFISH1961
12/28/17 10:05 P
I've lost 43 lbs over the last year and a half...H ACERBIC7979 60 CHRISTOPHER63
11/30/17 3:56 P
Oh my gosh!!! I think I'm gonna cry...tears of joy ST3PH 305 GINATRI1972
12/4/17 10:06 P
Posted a photo TWINZ_LOCZ 23 BOB5148
11/23/17 11:25 A
#BeforeAndAfter I couldn't really tell a difference until I looked at pictures a few months apart.😁 ASHLEYBAILEY091 181 NVRAGAINAGAIN
10/18/17 10:37 A
May the week ahead be filled with..... Love, Joy, Peace and Blessings. God bless you all on your wei TMP0418 67 RAUNESCA
10/16/17 10:35 A
ONE-DERLAND...I have Arrived!! Can't stop me now! πŸŽ‰ POGIRL17 303 POGIRL17
10/16/17 9:21 P
Good morning, have a terrific Tuesday. Here is a good thought to remember... JERSEYGIRL91305 139 MOMMY445
10/10/17 2:20 P
Hi everyone I'm on here because my doctor told me I have to lose weight because my right foot won't DARKDESIRES19 15 DARKDESIRES19
10/1/17 3:46 P
5 lbs from goal and feeling pretty good about that! Married 41 years today and headed out to eat wi DIROB57 154 ELIZACG9
10/8/17 5:53 P
Enjoy the weekend! J_HENNINGTON 90 APPLEVEE
9/25/17 5:38 P
9/23/17 4:01 A
This is me today. 50 pounds gone! ISABEAUSROSE 255 FRABBIT
9/23/17 1:36 P
10/7/17 6:09 P
261 then now 195 and still losing goal weight 150 DIANAGARAY 4 KAY-SUPREME
9/20/17 2:44 P
Great workout capped off by a great weigh in! Added bonus: I hit 10k steps, and I also won't have an GRATTECIELLA 11 PROVERBS31JULIA
9/22/17 2:09 A
I keep claiming this truth!!! The only way I can overcome my love for food is through the strength o DMSPEER93 5 COMEBACKKID12
9/20/17 5:41 P
Ok.... HUGE scale day for me!! I am down 32lbs!!!! Started at 341... I can do this!! NIKKIE430 302 SUSANSKI
9/20/17 10:01 P
ONEderland! I haven't seen the 100's in 15 years or more! CARINA640 188 SAGEFAERIE
9/20/17 12:32 A
Down my first 20 lbs today! πŸ‘ LINDSLOVESBRIAN 81 MDOWER1
9/19/17 4:38 P
Left 188. Right 161 and I am not done yet. YENROD49 153 _LINDA
9/19/17 9:06 P
In high school I was extremely insecure about myself. I wore heavy sweaters in 80+ degree weather, I THEJACKIEDEAN12 305 LARKDC
9/23/17 10:07 P
I been working out since March and changing my eating habits. I lost 30 so far and still got plenty CAROLINAGIRLJNT 223 STORCH2000
9/18/17 11:03 P
Two and a half years ago I lost 50 lbs and felt amazing. Then I gained everything back and then some KARMALEETA 101 HIPPER502
9/13/17 2:41 P
From 380 to 308 been stuck for.almost 2 months. I am determined to get below 300 by my 40th birthday SPARKE77 237 SASSY631
9/24/17 11:31 A
Can't remember the last time I saw the 100's. I am amazed and thrilled to have found spark and see t LRYAN0696 285 TH3PH03NIX
9/13/17 8:03 P
Huge milestone for me! Prior to losing weight (115pounds and counting!), I could NEVER find a costu STEFANIE979 68 STEFANIE979
9/12/17 7:25 P
It's leg day! πŸ’ͺ LAURENPAYNE1978 51 BRIARGAL
9/12/17 12:54 P
I'm making an appointment with my nutritionist. I have been adhering faithfully to my diet and exerc SHENTE 14 RYCGIRL
9/12/17 11:14 A
Slowly I'm getting there. 4 years and 52 pounds lighter. More muscle tone now too but this process SADIEMYERS 203 B12455
9/14/17 6:03 A
My Florida family was fortunate! JSTETSER 127 JUDITH316
9/13/17 3:18 A
Yeah yeah finally out the 40s even if it's not by much Im still winninπŸ’–πŸ’– HENNYFLOW29 82 YMWONG22
9/12/17 10:45 A
I've enjoyed reading about people's successes and now it's my turn. Today I'm taking the first step. TADA_POOF 287 MCNULTY2
9/12/17 2:02 P
Weigh-In: 202.8 I feel better about the goals I have set and the rewards I'm looking forward to!! H DMSPEER93 5 LEEWORD
9/11/17 10:20 A
It has taken me 10 weeks to do it, but I FINALLY LOST 5 LBS!! Happy dance this morning....halfway t DIROB57 51 COMEBACKKID12
9/12/17 6:46 P
151 this morningπŸ˜€can't wait to see 140's!! I was 185 in January, down 34 lbs and feeling so much be ALEOPARD 77 ROCKS8ROX
10/7/17 8:46 A
Good morning Sparkies! It's my let's say 100th tim LINAHONG 83 ISABEAUSROSE
9/11/17 2:40 P
Good morning everyone, Well it's been 1 month 2 days since I quit smoking. Let me say that exceris DMC62 182 _LINDA
9/11/17 2:59 P
Down 24lbs and 2 pant sizes!! Woooo NIKKIE430 141 APLAWHORN
9/11/17 5:42 P
First time in 9 years I am in onederland!!!! YEAH!!! DAXXDAY 301 VUKONPAU
9/11/17 5:06 P
Finally came up with a visual aid for my weight loss. KATIE520 75 KATIE520
9/11/17 9:52 A
Found my drivers license while cleaning my wallet. Thought I would do a face comparison. Amazing the HRODGERS4 150 SADIEMYERS
9/11/17 10:40 A
WOO! Bought size 10 pants on clearance, finally able to zip them up today! Size 24 on the left. Than OVERDUECHANGE 223 PSYCHMASTER
9/11/17 12:00 P
Today marks my 2 year mark. 2 years ago I weighed 320 pounds today I weigh 222. In those two years m MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 55 QSHEPP
9/9/17 11:01 A
Very powerful! BLESSED2BEME 15 KEKEIKO
9/9/17 10:53 A
Day 75 of my 10,000 step streak. Never thought I'd make it this long. Its now a habit to move my bod BLESSED2BEME 30 LOVEDABUNCH2
9/8/17 9:35 P
A little difference 14 lbs makes? Maybe I'm my own worst critic but I don't see a whole lot of diffe ROBINLABELLE 246 _LINDA
9/7/17 5:33 P
I want to buy one of those "my name is" stickers make one of these and frame it. I got a good laugh RACHELLENH 6 GEORGE815
9/5/17 4:50 P
Posted a photo JENNAE93 186 NOCALORIES
9/5/17 9:41 P
Needing to rely on God to help me get back on track after a rough weekend of not watching what I ate DMSPEER93 15 LINDASOUTHER
9/5/17 11:00 A
Haven't been able to fit into these pants in over a year! Happy day! NESALEH 154 CELTICSOUL
9/5/17 2:15 P
I weighed in at 149 this morning!!! First time in years that I've been below, or even near, 150!!!!! MBENGUEGIRLS 262 UMUCGRAD
9/5/17 9:14 P
Fixing my eyes on Jesus today! I need to get over the hump and into onederland! DMSPEER93 12 JAPANGURL17
9/11/17 7:31 A
You cant go wrong exercising with this view! FLGIRL1234 18 MIRAGE727
9/4/17 9:57 P
I took this 2 weeks ago down 80 pounds still have 90 to go...trying to stay positive. KAYMCDANNELL16 151 KIM54
9/5/17 2:12 P
Yay! 18.4 pounds lost since Aug 8th! MOLLYKI 184 MOLLYKI
9/2/17 7:38 P
Beautiful sunset over Alex Bay last night! Spending the holiday weekend vacationing here with the fa ZIGGYSTARSHAY 19 FISHGUT3
9/1/17 3:53 P
Hit my next mini-goal! 35 pounds gone! Next mini goals are 10 pounds by the end of Oct, and another PINKMUSTARD21 141 INCH_BY_INCH
9/12/17 12:13 P
9/2/17 12:05 A
Yay! This happened today,πŸ˜„ Almost to my first goal of losing 52 pounds. JULESANA8818 247 SPARTANJAI
8/29/17 6:05 P
Just tracking since Monday has taken me from 207.4 to 203 this morning!! What a lesson on the import DMSPEER93 4 EJOY-EVELYN
8/26/17 9:53 P
Starting out year 41 twenty pounds less!! JMSKREDE 89 SPALOMO49
8/25/17 2:34 P
Amazed how long I can last exercising now. I've never been able to last this long. Not even when I w COOLEYFAM6 13 MDOWER1
8/25/17 2:55 P
I've officially lost 46 lbs and just took my progress photos!!! ROSE_DE_VILE 201 ROSE_DE_VILE
9/2/17 10:49 A
I'm getting my glucose # down with diet & exercise! #diabetes JSTETSER 141 LINDAGRIMM6840
10/23/17 1:07 P
First time under 200 in 31 years! Ninety eight pounds down. Original goal was 100 lb loss. Now I'm PASQUALE51 293 PASQUALE51
9/7/17 8:07 P
1/16/18 9:53 A
A-Z what are you thankful for? BELLACUDDLES 8233 JOHNWBROCKSR777
1/12/18 12:00 P
My pants are almost too loose...good excuse to go shopping! (Reward once I am under 200lbs!) JAPANGURL17 111 TENACIOUS10
8/27/17 6:46 A
Getting back on track the last couple of days has resulted in dropping 0.8 pounds in a day! Just nee DMSPEER93 2 KOFFEENUT
8/23/17 10:29 A