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6/23/17 11:12 A
Last Fruit Eaten... PURPLEPEONY 1382 KATHYJO56
6/23/17 12:13 A
Last Veggie Eaten... PURPLEPEONY 1590 KATHYJO56
6/23/17 12:12 A
:).....Emoticon your mood! BELLACUDDLES 3588 BELLACUDDLES
6/23/17 8:37 A
Word Association Game 4 JANETELIZABETH1 7121 EJOY-EVELYN
6/22/17 9:49 P
Two words, change one... JANETELIZABETH1 4933 EJOY-EVELYN
6/22/17 9:38 P
Change one letter - JANETELIZABETH1 7904 EJOY-EVELYN
6/22/17 9:37 P
Change one (or no) letters (6) EJOY-EVELYN 1105 R2COUNTRY
6/22/17 6:24 P
Change a letter OR Find a new word in the word GEMINICHIK 1767 KATHYJO56
6/23/17 12:14 A
Change one (or no) letters (5) EJOY-EVELYN 1366 R2COUNTRY
6/22/17 6:25 P
Give your SparkTeam a hug today~with an emoticon PURPLEPEONY 1257 KATHYJO56
6/22/17 3:55 P
Post a Woo Hoo! today if you love Jesus PURPLEPEONY 1962 KATHYJO56
6/23/17 12:15 A
6/20/17 1:36 A
Words beginning with "J" game CHERRIET 18 EJOY-EVELYN
6/20/17 1:35 A
You still have time to join the Summer 5% Weight Loss Challenge. Some teams are open for sign ups. C CERIUSLY 5 EJOY-EVELYN
6/18/17 10:24 P
It is a daily choice to eat properly or not to, and that is a good day😀 then there are days it is h PATRICIAANNE307 9 EJOY-EVELYN
6/18/17 10:23 P
How do you get you steps in before 10:30?! Mow your neighbors grass and your grass with a push mower DEEKELLYE 15 EJOY-EVELYN
6/18/17 10:22 P
Five years ago and about forty pound lighter (memory photo at Amnicon Falls), I have come to realize EJOY-EVELYN 9 GARDENCHRIS
6/19/17 6:55 A
When hiking the Amnicon Falls, a Wisconsin State Park, it's fun to look for tiny flowers or up to th EJOY-EVELYN 6 GARDENCHRIS
6/18/17 12:20 P
Quick - What is the first word you think of? GEMINICHIK 567 KATHYJO56
6/23/17 12:13 A
BERSERK!!! Post ANY random emoticon! PURPLEPEONY 1062 KATHYJO56
6/20/17 3:23 P
Grocery Cart: Post your grocery items (A-Z) PURPLEPEONY 1262 KATHYJO56
6/20/17 3:29 P
TV GUIDE: Post ANY TV SHOW you watched today! PURPLEPEONY 611 KATHYJO56
6/20/17 3:31 P
Visit the TEAM WALL Today? ~ Post I Love SP ~ PURPLEPEONY 855 KATHYJO56
6/20/17 3:32 P
Down another 3.4 lbs and back in the 160s! WOO HOO!! WHYTEBROWN 61 SARIC3
6/18/17 5:00 P
Egg, bacon and quinoa fritter. Filling breakfast for about 250 calories. #mobilechat MISSDORKNESS 50 PBVHCCVH
6/18/17 7:09 A
You still have time to join the Summer 5% Weight Loss Challenge. Some teams are open for sign ups. C CERIUSLY 7 WALLAHALLA
6/17/17 11:17 P
Stay cool! 😎 #mobilechat MISSDORKNESS 16 EJOY-EVELYN
6/17/17 1:24 A
6/20/17 3:33 P
(A-Z) Things to do INSTEAD of Eating... PURPLEPEONY 1043 KATHYJO56
6/20/17 3:34 P
Such a little ham. He's so cute even tho he has the chicken pox. He's still in a good mood. DEEKELLYE 4 EJOY-EVELYN
6/16/17 7:51 P
Salad for lunch was as clean as it gets. AALLEY2 2 EJOY-EVELYN
6/16/17 7:50 P
Keep Moving! JSTETSER 19 TOMSGAL85
6/18/17 7:15 A
Pumpkin smoothie. Yum! SPARKYCARLEY 10 _LINDA
6/16/17 8:57 P
No more "I'll start next [week/month] after...". I'm starting again TODAY! I need to get healthy aga SPARKYCARLEY 4 EJOY-EVELYN
6/16/17 12:08 A
My Fitbit Charge 2 is out for delivery!! I cannot wait to get it and charge it up and start using it DEEKELLYE 4 DEEKELLYE
6/16/17 9:27 A
I am currently reading Linda Spangle's book '100 Days of Weight Loss' and I am finding it full of gr BLESSED2BEME 15 OBIESMOM2
6/15/17 8:54 A
I had not seen my ex in about 2 years and 105lbs. I saw him today. ... he actually stuttered. 😏👍🏼 MISSDORKNESS 280 SUPERWOMANSUE17
6/23/17 11:33 A
Treated myself to French toast grilled cheese. 350 calories. Chicken sausage, egg whites, whole grai MISSDORKNESS 21 -POOKIE-
6/15/17 12:20 P
Long walk for the week. GOODGETNBETR 6 WHYTEBROWN
6/14/17 9:00 A
Beautiful half hour hike in the woods followed by a picnic with my sweetheart. Great day! NITEMAN3D 15 EJOY-EVELYN
6/12/17 11:48 P
Happy with today's weigh-in. 202.2!!!! So far 6.8 pounds lost! Thank you, Jesus!! May I continue to DMSPEER93 5 EJOY-EVELYN
6/12/17 11:48 P
I wish I'd seen this quote a week ago when hubby & I were facing a very scary surgery he went throug BLESSED2BEME 6 KEKEIKO
6/13/17 10:51 A
Meal prep! Less than 400 calories apiece. (Whole grain pasta, marinara sauce, ground turkey, quinoa, MISSDORKNESS 21 MEKIAMOO
6/13/17 10:43 A
A pose with my sweet daughter before church. I have been working to get into this dress for a year. LISA1065 107 MDOWER1
6/12/17 5:59 A
I joined a gym for the first time today. I revamped my goals. I've been an emotional wreck lately an CHARMANIA76 9 DAWNDMOORE40
6/13/17 12:09 P
Listening to motivational classical music on a Sunday morning. Have a great day everyone! SPARKGUY 26 LEXUSKAT
6/13/17 1:25 P
Getting ready for Monday. I had a great time this weekend! JSTETSER 12 4CONNIESHEALTH
6/12/17 4:43 P
6/11/17 12:26 A
Married on 6/9/2017 SHANTRA7 100 -RUBIES-
6/12/17 1:38 A
Passed on ice cream today AALLEY2 4 ANNDANDY
6/11/17 12:28 A
Glad to share this beautiful day in central Wisconsin with a church and college friend who married h EJOY-EVELYN 8 GARDENCHRIS
6/11/17 11:59 A
Another good day yesterday! :) WHYTEBROWN 10 1DAY-ATA-TIME
6/10/17 10:30 A
The Northland (ferns photographed at Jay Cooke Park, a Minnesota State Park) has transitioned into s EJOY-EVELYN 7 GARDENCHRIS
6/10/17 12:38 P
Poppies are blooming! AALLEY2 14 MADEINBRITAIN
6/10/17 3:49 A
Posted a photo LUCYVT 8 EJOY-EVELYN
6/9/17 12:39 A
Another great hike at Jay Cooke Park a Minnesota State Park with two collegiate students -- a Vietna EJOY-EVELYN 8 JAZZEJR
6/10/17 9:10 A
Great weekend of walk challenges, I won both! woohoo! AALLEY2 3 MADEINBRITAIN
6/8/17 3:03 A
Hiking keeps me healthy! JSTETSER 24 LESSOFMOORE
6/10/17 8:30 P
A great hike along the waterfront of Lake Superior at Leif Erikson Park tonight. On a three-day stre EJOY-EVELYN 7 GARDENCHRIS
6/8/17 6:58 A
I was very blessed to introduce a couple college student friends to Amnicon Falls State Park today. EJOY-EVELYN 18 GARDENCHRIS
6/7/17 7:04 A
6/7/17 8:52 P
I was working out today and an ad came on the television, "I lost 65 lbs, no gym, no exercise! You c LISA1065 4 GAYLEP1957
6/6/17 11:27 P
Day 2 of my 100 Day Challenge done! WHYTEBROWN 7 MSBOOTCAMP
6/7/17 1:52 A
Day 1 of my 100 day Challenge, take 2 :) WHYTEBROWN 6 EJOY-EVELYN
6/6/17 4:51 A
6/22/17 3:57 P
My first hike today was to little Manitou Falls as part of Pattison, a Wisconsin State Park. I was g EJOY-EVELYN 17 AALLEY2
6/6/17 1:07 P
Hiking Mt. Monadnock today! JSTETSER 29 EJOY-EVELYN
6/5/17 11:52 A
Well I've gotten off track for the last month with conferences, late night dance rehearsals, etc. M LEE519 10 EJOY-EVELYN
6/5/17 11:52 A
Catching up on missed work from last week for school. I have both drills done and both quizzes done. DEEKELLYE 2 EJOY-EVELYN
6/5/17 11:50 A
I'm going for a pound of veggies today! AALLEY2 2 EJOY-EVELYN
6/3/17 11:13 P
Reward today is fresh herbal tea. then hunting for some organic nettle leaf out in the field. Can't AALLEY2 2 EJOY-EVELYN
6/3/17 11:12 P
550 calories for two burgers my way, 900 calories the way my teenager prepares his... but even his w MISSDORKNESS 26 KENDRACARROLL
6/6/17 8:18 P
After a few days of trips and tours, yesterday's tour ended with my now college-graduate internation EJOY-EVELYN 6 GARDENCHRIS
6/4/17 12:01 P
Listening to motivational classical music this morning. Have a great day everyone! SPARKGUY 28 KOHINOOR2
6/3/17 11:53 P

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