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Still plugging away! Getting more and more proud of my hard work every week. Another few pounds and CHOLA82 167 ANGELAFREEMAN88
3/26/17 7:04 A
One of my old friends started cutting weight last year. Doing his weekly meal prep every Sunday aft ROLLIN76 31 MALISSAPOLK
3/25/17 11:45 P
Hello everyone! This is my first day here...not really sure how to start this journey other than to AWILSON0328 199 ROCKYCPA
3/24/17 7:00 P
Good morning is weigh in day and I weighed in at 261.8 lbs, which means I lost 8.8 THEJACKIEDEAN12 302 TFORD999
3/24/17 7:46 P
6.52 miles, nice day to get out walking PAPAYAHEAD 9 4CONNIESHEALTH
3/24/17 9:43 A
Up five pounds JAMES_HOFFMAN 5 ELSCO55
3/23/17 3:18 P
Woohoo! Now in a size Large top! Started in October 2015 in 4x/5x. Amazing things are happening. St LRJUSTUS1 12 DIZZYBRITCHES
3/24/17 7:22 P
Got a treadmill this morning so am going to work on getting in 1 mile walk on it today MARILYNS69 5 BROOKLYN_BORN
3/23/17 11:11 P
Down 52 pounds. I feel so much better CFOSTERARDMS48 101 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/23/17 10:20 P
Down 56 pounds! It's takin me a year but it was so worth it! Wish I could loose another 25 pounds. PLONG5 304 PLONG5
3/23/17 10:17 P
A great day indeed. I am now below 150. 🎉😙💪 TANDERSON2575 182 NANAGRIFFIN2
3/23/17 4:59 P
I started my weight loss journey on Jan 15. I just got back on spark this week though. Did my weigh SQUIRLGIRL13 26 DOVE52
3/22/17 3:06 P
Weigh in today and lost a total of 3.9 pounds!! So excited only my second weigh in but its coming al INVISIBLEGIRL06 301 CHUBBAGRRL
3/22/17 5:04 P
I've had this dress for 2 years but didn't have the guts to wear it out in public until last night. LANAHOKANSON 184 CHRISSYROO
3/22/17 4:07 P
I decided I needed a visual display to track my weight loss. My husband is an overgrown child, so w 4BABYWABYS 151 CUPKAKE137
3/22/17 5:25 P
Feeling great. Day number one 55lbs to loose.lets do it C18274 17 CINDY247
3/21/17 5:29 P
I am new to this app. I started new this early in MADDY198640 7 CINDY247
3/21/17 5:30 P
Right after workout im used as a jungle gym for the two TAUNI93 6 JJOHNSON393
3/21/17 4:49 P
I Had Spine surgery a year ago gained 40 lbs....This means I have to loose 40 lbs SALBIN1 16 SALBIN1
3/21/17 9:31 P
Hit the neighborhood with my mini to get our springtime fitness on! Walking with a two year old is DAUNTLESSDANI 9 SPARKGUY
3/21/17 7:37 P
This is a great idea TSC8780 123 ONE_TRUE_SISTAH
3/21/17 6:13 P
I posted earlier of my 166 pound weight loss it's embarrassing but this is my before and after keep CTRENT2 173 CHRIS3874
3/21/17 9:55 P
$10 at Walmart in Menomonie, WI!!! HIGHWAYGIRL2004 10 MSGO72
3/21/17 12:53 A
I needed to hear this today, as I have had a day wondering why I am putting myself through this... RHOOK20047 17 DREAMERMS
3/22/17 2:45 P
I started my healthy eating lifestyle On Feb.22,2016 as of Feb. 22,2017 I have lost a total of 92lbs PATRIC10669 187 TRINELLE2
3/21/17 7:47 P
Dinner is served, baked chicken, carrots, and stringbeans ZAZABEANDER 8 QSHEPP
3/21/17 8:14 P
i started put at 222lbs at the end of Nov 2106 and now weigh 190...down 32 lbs in about 3 1/2 months P78872 5 P78872
3/19/17 10:29 P
Sweet potato and Buffalo chicken casserole for dinner tonight! Mmmm... 😋 FINGERLAKESMOM3 12 FINGERLAKESMOM3
3/21/17 3:06 P
Posted a photo MDAVIS76 19 ELSCO55
3/19/17 8:55 P
3/19/17 9:07 P
Up early this am 5:30 got this pic POSEY440 13 SILVERSPARROW04
3/20/17 9:59 A
I had lost 40 lbs using spark people and I slacked off and gained 60 lbs due to life and other circu KIKI_2013 14 QSHEPP
3/20/17 1:08 A
This is the first full body pic I took of myself after I'd already lost 30 pounds. I'm not at goal y SKINNYERIN5 169 BJAEGER307
3/20/17 9:08 A
I got engaged today! LIMDUR 122 FOUNTOFBLESSING
3/20/17 4:45 A
Corned beef for dinner tonight with streamed broccoli and mashed potatoes! Happy At. Patrick's Day! TRAVELINGME2017 3 SISTERPRETTY
3/17/17 9:45 P
It's been 5 days. I started this on Monday. So c SHIPANG 5 RUSSELLFORD
3/17/17 9:53 P
ok I'm done for today..phew!!💪 MARIEB441 18 BARCELONAME
3/17/17 10:09 P
I tracked today even though I ate Chinese food for lunch... accountability is important as I've trie MICOLINA26 3 ALBIZU55
3/17/17 9:45 P
Seems everyone is sharing... Left is 365ish pounds. Right 250. Current weight 256.1 (I was up to 2 STEFANIE979 18 MISS-WILLOW
3/17/17 10:14 P
200 on the right 175 on the left B78312 15 JMELVIN4
3/17/17 10:59 P
2 years, 5 months. That's how long it took me to lose 117 pounds. No gimmicks, no quick fixes, no CARRIEB1011 282 BEVIEG41
3/18/17 5:28 P
What are you drinking right now? BRINDA 63784 BARCELONAME
3/21/17 1:08 P
June 2016 to March 2017 99lbs difference...Wow I'm actually blown away seeing this. MRSOLIVER455 84 MRSOLIVER455
3/17/17 8:02 A
I am new, and am really wanting to change my lifestyle, and lose weight, this is a before picture, t MKDS312 192 ANDANTE379
3/16/17 11:37 P
100 lbs down! I still have a ways to go to meet my goal, but everyday is a new day! MLEININGER23 53 PENNYBATES
3/16/17 11:32 P
What a difference 120 lbs can make. Still working on reaching my goal but this is me then and now. MISS-WILLOW 259 DAWN1830
3/17/17 5:16 P
One year today the pic. on the left was taken. I did not start my life style change till March 25 20 MBLACK2085 246 MLR_00
3/17/17 6:24 A
Grilled chicken breast with fresh spianch and tomatoes, broiled in the oven with half slice mozzarel NEWSHAREN 11 SISSY2979
3/14/17 9:35 P
When I am 100% honest with my count! Only my 2nd time over in a month. Unexpected luncheon@ work tod HAVING_HOPE 4 DMEYER4
3/14/17 8:14 P
Posted a photo LAM_MURPHY 11 THEBESTME2017
3/13/17 11:35 P
I'm new JENNIF40 47 JENNIF40
3/14/17 2:43 P
Finally! I've been at a plateau for 5-6 weeks, and finally broke thru! This shake is awesome. I'm CHUNT1118 33 CARMINE52
3/12/17 10:14 P
I lost 51 pounds on Medifast. I am now on Maintenance so this ap is perfect for me! PATRICIAROD 50 PATRICIAROD
3/17/17 12:46 A
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 11 GLORYB83
3/12/17 9:39 A
I have the Flu 😷, able to catch in time tho. What are some suggestions for staying on track with my ANNAK5812 13 HOKIENCLT
3/12/17 12:34 A
I want the return of the bonus points for the teams. It was a lot of fun the pennant points ANACORAZON 30 GREYTDOLPHIN
3/14/17 12:13 A
What a difference 18 months and 58lbs makes! 68lbs to go! #icandothis #progress #goals #determined # JULIHC82 153 WAILNUHA
3/18/17 7:49 A
I'm disappointed that the Team Bonus point flags are no longer available. I wish SparkPeople would j MILLER-S 4 CAROLINAGIRL69
3/9/17 3:48 P
Walking down the hall at work with my hands full and my paints started to fall down, had to drop eve TEXASGAL76 14 CONNIETEA88
3/10/17 6:46 A
Now what has SparkPeople done? here we go again . . . old dogs don't like changes CAT-IN-CJ 18 DEBVNE
3/10/17 7:57 A
Alright Spark, did your UI team do any market testing before rolling out this site change? This layo BONOLICIOUS2 6 BONOLICIOUS2
3/11/17 7:53 P
BRING BACK THE TEAM BONUS POINTS. I have enough trbl keeping up with Spark friends, and teammates le MA_DIDDLES 15 MA_DIDDLES
3/9/17 2:21 P
Day 1 of Spark. I'm excited! YEAH! Let's motivate and inspire one another! #newbie 💪 PYR0KAGURA8 5 AOKDIET21
3/11/17 8:15 A
Hi all, I'm sort of new here. Returning after years of absence. I don't usually post on any sites. L MARIESMOM45 26 USMAWIFE
3/9/17 1:45 P
So proud of myself...I passed on donuts at the office 2 days in a row! WHOLENEWME2017 96 GRLTAZ
3/13/17 3:02 P
Keep ______ on top here and stop the madness! :P CILLALILLY 42308 CILLALILLY
3/26/17 1:01 A
Let's NOT count....and SAY we did! QUILTINGBEAJ 22689 CILLALILLY
3/26/17 1:02 A
Last person to post wins! BABYNURSE383 85212 JANEYINMADTOWN
3/27/17 11:00 A
Question with a Question CATHY1970 132128 CILLALILLY
3/26/17 1:00 A
BIBLE A-Z , places, names, animals, whatever.. CILLALILLY 59138 JACFRANK
3/27/17 12:28 P
Post a fitness icon! MINDYJ1 22019 CINDHOLM
3/27/17 3:18 A
Keep the Spirit of Christmas Bells Ringing KMVBBAM 96 SOOZIEQUE55
12/26/16 2:38 A
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 125107 EMMACORY
3/27/17 10:49 A
Add a Holiday emoticon - take turns DARNIE36 428 JEANNIENOKLA
2/25/17 12:26 A
3/27/17 7:44 A

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