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Just finished dialysis and feeling terrible! EOWYN2424 225 SWEET-PEASMOM
7/12/17 7:35 A
Check out our new toy!!! This is awesome CBULLIS1 5 CGARR442
7/9/17 10:26 P
7/9/17 9:52 P
This is me now in July 2017😊 MZSUZYQ2570 5 FRANKBELLOFAN
7/9/17 8:58 P
Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry for dinner. Mmm MRSFITPANDA 5 CFITZ1
7/9/17 11:04 P
Just getting started BEADARBY 12 SIMMONSCORNER
7/9/17 9:15 P
This was me 3 years ago I was at my worst 207 in a CINDY-O 13 MYTIMEOK
7/9/17 11:30 P
So um I don't know how or where to start but I am going to get to the goal I want to be at. It's har DESTINYFAY 169 SOLOMUA
7/10/17 1:03 A
When I started my weight loss journey back in January I was wearing size 4x workout pants and tops. SHANAHALL82 131 MDOWER1
7/10/17 6:48 A
10th in my age group, 39th overall (of 500 participants) at today's triathlon! That equates to top 2 SKEMERICH 32 PICKLEFISH7
7/10/17 12:49 P
Did you have a good weekend? My highlight today was a bike ride. How about you? SPARKGUY 78 LISABL09
7/10/17 5:45 P
Amazing what one can achieve in a year! Motivational story you can check out on Youtube: 70 lbs of GOODGETNBETR 305 JEANKNEE
7/10/17 4:24 P
Now this is a healthy birthday cake!! πŸ˜…β€πŸ‘πŸŽ‚ DIANEPAG 302 DONNA_CPS2
7/20/17 4:11 P
Have a great day. Let us give thanks for this day the Lord has made. PAMBROWN62 17 -RUBIES-
7/10/17 5:00 P
Walked my lil dude about was 97 outside yet glad we got our mile walk/warmup in because i DARKCHILD63 8 _LINDA
7/9/17 7:44 A
Low carbing from today. Lo and behold spicy onion RUBYREDIVY1 21 GRALAN
7/10/17 4:57 A
Hiking in Rhododendron State Park today! JSTETSER 33 ROCKYCPA
7/9/17 11:36 P
Perimenopause was really hard on me. Every part of KIMBREEDING 14 _LINDA
7/9/17 7:39 A
Enjoy your day! LITTLEREDHEN8 13 ORTATK
7/9/17 7:05 A
Sunday is a rest day for me. Up early with the little one and getting prepared for Sunday worship! H LOVELY1978 13 MOTIVATED36732
7/9/17 7:01 A
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 138397 SUNSHINE99999
7/22/17 12:28 P
Have you ever been called fat? MELISSAFTS 85 DRLMAZ
7/17/17 2:45 A
Don't you ever wish you were someone else? EOWYN2424 31 MCJULIEO
7/15/17 8:37 P
Posted a goal MRSTHOMAS8314 14 MERRYMARY42
7/8/17 12:58 A
My little 8 yr old cousin Hayven!! My parents have been raising her since she was born, so shes like GPALMER29 23 YMWONG22
7/8/17 12:30 A
Beloved Fitbit band broke. Carried it alone for two days. Husband attached another band. And it work GERMANPICKLE 17 MERRYMARY42
7/8/17 12:55 A
Shrimp, lemon, garlic, basil and zucchini with cheese ravioli for dinner. So yummy and fit in my mea SADIEMYERS 9 MERRYMARY42
7/8/17 12:57 A
Walking through the rain after work because of a train delay πŸ˜†Runners soaked because it was raining COMEBACKKID12 20 CGARR442
7/8/17 8:08 P
I began my weight loss journey 4 months ago. I have lost a total of 40 lbs and need to go another 40 NIKKI7304 31 LASTDIET2017
7/8/17 3:51 A
What a treat to enjoy the air conditioning walking the Labracadabrador at my wife's office while she BONNIEMARGAY 13 GARDENCHRIS
7/8/17 11:27 A
7/8/17 5:30 P
Super cool clouds from my evening walk! SHOPGIRL422 29 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/8/17 2:30 A
7/8/17 12:26 A
So excited at the moment! I'm really happy with how far I've come. The pictures on the left are from LADYSOTH24 86 QSHEPP
7/8/17 7:21 P
Sounds about right tomorrow marks 3days with only water and I've lost 4 pounds so In 20 days at the JUSTINNN_E 8 JUSTINNN_E
7/6/17 11:39 P
Lunch time workout I love that u can burn more calories by just putting treadmill on a incline. JANISBROWN06 6 ROBBIEY
7/6/17 7:41 P
I have a hard time staying on track...i can do so good for awhile.. I'll get to a point where I can ERICA1378 6 SMCCOMBS17
7/6/17 9:02 P
So today is day 8 post hernia surgery and all I can think about is how I need to eat better and work L42514 3 DIALYSISCHIC1
7/6/17 7:39 P
Left was day 1 right was on day 30 CHRISTINAV7 25 CHRISTINAV7
7/7/17 5:09 P
Left photo was on day 1. Middle photo on day 30. Right photo day 60. I'm still a work in progress. I CHRISTINAV7 16 KMILLER31
7/6/17 8:41 P
Onions, peppers, sweet potatoes, onion and Chicken Sausages. Post Gym I had 3 links but that totale MMURRAY1277 4 GAYLLYNNE
7/6/17 7:35 P
Same shirt JENNAE93 144 DLETTSWIN
7/6/17 7:48 P
Walking in airports is a super easy way to reach your step goals! 😁 STARGAZ3R 8 EVILCECIL
7/7/17 7:07 A
One of my favorite dinners! Chicken thighs with roasted Brussels Sprouts, sweet potato, Apple, garli KJKELLEY920 8 REEDSKI
7/6/17 11:13 P
Current weight 215# I love to go shopping now. I'm ASERET8470 10 MBLANKFORD
7/6/17 8:58 P
Losing weight is the easy part but keeping your mind mentally focused on keeping the weight off is WILLKARTER23 12 QUEENGRAHAM
7/6/17 10:31 P
Posted a photo SPARKPEOPLE 8 MBPP50
7/7/17 7:12 A
My inspiration for the day!! J38850 32 GEORGE815
7/6/17 9:36 A
I have been on Spark now for less than two weeks. I have finally decided to take pictures of my weig NANCIE223 30 MUNSON019
7/6/17 10:25 A
Old roses. I am within 4 lbs of first goal. Tracking what I eat has been an eye opener. I like tr SALLYG724 13 CARRIEMETODAY
7/6/17 9:40 A
Posted a photo RSCHWARTZ2 10 FLASUN
7/7/17 5:35 A
My breakfast... egg and cheese omelet with green pepper, red onion, and mushroom, with a pita on the BECCAISDOINGIT 33 YMWONG22
7/6/17 11:55 A
Wow!! Keep this picture in mind when ur weight loss is slowing down...thats a lot of fat in 5lbs! Co DIANEPAG 122 SKANTRA
7/6/17 8:03 P
Food and exercise are aligned; lost One pound from yesterday! 2BDYNAMIC 62 BJK1961
7/7/17 10:28 A
Seeking the beautiful moments: last night's sky, breakfast with my husband, and logging this morning LKMANNING7 25 2018HEALTHYME
7/6/17 10:13 A
Good Morning Sparkers! How are you getting back on track after the long holiday weekend? I had to ASF220 143 MOISESG55
7/6/17 3:28 P
A walk with a beautiful view XGEMINIX 60 TLYNNE504
7/6/17 12:19 P
Just a little humor before a interview ELROSIN24 32 TLYNNE504
7/6/17 12:23 P
Culinary lavender and blueberries on full fat cherry Greek yogurt. ZORBS13 17 ZORBS13
7/5/17 8:16 A
πŸ’ͺπŸ‰πŸ’πŸ“πŸπŸ‡ MUM-TO-AN-ANGEL 6 EOWYN2424
7/5/17 6:45 A
7/5/17 5:22 P
Made it!!! I indulged for the holiday, I'm not gonna lie, but I only went up 0.2lbs! And after week MERMAID207 11 LINDASOUTHER
7/5/17 8:18 A
Good morning! It's another day and another chance to get it right and make the world a better place! DANICONNOLLY 14 CHERYLHURT
7/5/17 7:32 A
Prayers for Karma today. She is being spayed. Let me just tell you this sweet little puppy has been SKITTLESNINJA 28 GRATTECIELLA
7/5/17 10:56 A
Posted a photo DAN1964 17 TOMSTUMP
7/5/17 10:00 A
Good morning's a new day! Let's keep pushing to our goal! BOWDIDDLE 8 LINDASOUTHER
7/5/17 8:16 A
7/5/17 10:24 A
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 110976 ZOEYBLU
7/22/17 10:52 A
More pics CAJUNGAL328 4 CAJUNGAL328
7/2/17 10:36 P
When your 17 month old has better form than you πŸ˜‚ TGLOVER14 36 CHERIRIDDELL
7/3/17 12:34 A
More pics.... here's hot and sweaty me CAJUNGAL328 3 EOWYN2424
7/2/17 8:18 P
Went hiking thru the hills today for like 3 hours. My body hurts like hell but I feel good. I didn't CAJUNGAL328 10 CAJUNGAL328
7/2/17 10:30 P
getting there... JIMDABEST 35 YARAAMON
7/3/17 8:29 A
I fell off the wagon and ate nearly 2000 calories today. Now I'm googling different fad diets as if SLIMMINGSARAH85 16 PASTORDAN_ATDCC
7/2/17 10:48 P
7/2/17 10:47 P

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