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Say it in A WORD! ROG190 3036 FITMARY
4/19/18 8:16 A
Fine Tuning Self Accountability Challenge Group PASSIONATETIGER 833 FITMARY
4/19/18 8:15 A
Exercise will be a challenge today, but I'll fit it in somehow! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/19/18 8:07 A
Got myself to yoga yesterday. Woo hoo! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/18/18 7:22 A
Finish this sentence...Today I'm Thankful For.... IWANNABEALOSER 27278 WWREFUGEE1942
4/17/18 9:56 A
So happy I made it to the gym yesterday! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/16/18 8:01 A
a good day meeting my goals i can do this just need to take it one one hour at time not look at SPARKFRAN514 2 FITMARY
4/15/18 9:23 A
I had a wonderful time in Pilates & More class. How wonderful to be back! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/14/18 7:26 A
Having some pain today. Obviously I overdid it yesterday. Some groin pain. Ice, ice baby. Lol CHERYLE51 4 I-AM-TITANIUM
4/12/18 11:38 P
The first walk outdoors in quite a while... Nice! FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
4/12/18 11:06 P
Went for a 20 minute walk with snow flurries. Tonight and tomorrow will tell if I am in pain. I HA CHERYLE51 4 FITMARY
4/10/18 7:40 A
I will get myself to the gym today. FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/10/18 7:39 A
Spring is near! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/9/18 9:20 A
Looking for a new start today! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/8/18 10:41 A
I passed my physical therapy tests! Time to get back to work....slowly. FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/6/18 8:45 A
I got to jump on a mini-trampoline in physical therapy today! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/5/18 9:57 A
Busy day today. I will try to conserve my strength to make it to the end... FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/4/18 8:40 A
When 7up makes you sick, you know you have a bug. Spent day reading devotionals. The rest you do no GIAARNOLD 3 GIAARNOLD
4/3/18 12:39 P
One mile walk with Leslie Sansone. It seems very small but I don’t want to overdo my new hip CHERYLE51 11 EDLEAR
4/3/18 3:06 P
Heading to PT in just a few minutes. Such a help! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/2/18 7:10 A
Bunny cake and flowers. Great day with my family. Great meal made by my kids. No exercise today my h CHERYLE51 7 FITMARY
4/2/18 7:07 A
I'm so grateful for a wonderful physical therapist who is helping me deal with vertigo! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
3/30/18 9:11 A
Hoping for the best today. It's a busy day, but tomorrow will be easier. FITMARY 1 FITMARY
3/28/18 9:04 A
Hanging on by my fingertips, but still hopeful! FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
3/26/18 9:38 P
3/21/18 10:27 A
Hope to catch up today! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
3/20/18 7:46 A
Plan to make the most of the sunshine! FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
3/14/18 9:34 A
I got behind with my tracking. Care giving is very time consuming especially while I have this sinu LOSINGLINNDY 4 FITMARY
3/8/18 8:04 A
Going to visit my Aged Parents so I may not be able to post. Here in spirit though!! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
3/8/18 8:03 A
There's some snow shoveling in my near future.... FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
3/7/18 2:30 P
Made it to the gym and I'm proud of that. FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
3/3/18 9:05 P
I'm trying to get going on trying the kettlebells and or a Kundalini Video on Youtube. I just have MSJENNIFERVT48 3 FITMARY
3/2/18 9:03 A
February progress so far SPUNKYDUCKY 4 FITMARY
3/1/18 9:29 A
Pumping iron and push ups for me, a light day :) PENNY-55 2 FITMARY
2/28/18 8:17 A
got my butt up to exercise... went around the track 5x which was my goal -pushed through- and stretc MSJENNIFERVT48 3 PENNY-55
2/28/18 3:41 P
Lots of stairs yesterday, and I needed that! Treadmill and yoga today. Woo hoo! FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
2/27/18 9:11 A
Overwhelmed with work the past couple days, but no excuses today! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
2/24/18 10:09 A
I'm going to get my wins in yoga and Pilates tonight! FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
2/22/18 7:16 P
The rest of today is me time :) #goalfeats PENNY-55 4 PAMMYLBEAR
2/21/18 1:59 P
Thanks for the challenge, Penny! 5+/day is just my speed. So far, I've taken the stairs and walked e FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
2/22/18 7:18 P
3/23/18 8:38 P
3/30/18 12:17 A
Keep making the effort! You'll find success. JSTETSER 17 LIVEDAILY
2/7/18 4:53 P
It's great to have discipline and motivation, but slipping into the all-or-nothing mentality can wre PENNY-55 3 FITMARY
2/6/18 6:53 P
"New word from last two letters" TERRACOTTAGE 3439 MARCIALS51
3/28/18 9:44 A
Couldn't get all 10 wins yesterday. I was too wiped out from circuit training the day before! Still FITMARY 6 AHARVEY28
2/2/18 7:42 P
I just wrote down my first goal to walk at least 10 min today. I'm on my way. #fitnessfeats AHARVEY28 6 BILLTHOMSON
2/1/18 5:48 P
I'll need active recovery today after last night's circuit training.... #fitnessfeats FITMARY 3 TBRYAN-LU
2/1/18 6:58 P
bad day for me, I rested #fitnessfeats PENNY-55 8 TBRYAN-LU
2/1/18 7:04 P
My circuit training class was amazing! Plus I walked "briskly" up the stairs at work all day! #fitn FITMARY 5 TBRYAN-LU
2/1/18 7:07 P
Walking outside 55 min. Stationary Bike 42 min. Strength Training 15 min. #fitnessfeats SUSIEMT 8 TBRYAN-LU
2/1/18 7:08 P
Hooray! I got my fitness wins!!! Coach Nicole video, treadmill, and yoga class. Win-win-win! #fitne FITMARY 3 WHYTEBROWN
1/31/18 5:00 P
My husband likes the new Spark meals I make PENNY-55 3 FITMARY
1/29/18 6:21 P
The challenge is such an eye-opener! Today I'm combining everyday activity, a Spark video, and a cla FITMARY 3 LENNIEBINO
1/29/18 2:46 P
4/12/18 10:06 A
It's really hot in Adelaide, Australia today so I chose to do some non-strenuous yoga exercises that FLITTERBYG 10 EO4WELLNESS
1/27/18 1:31 P
'New Game: Word Association' NAN041 20145 JULIEA7201
4/18/18 11:06 P
Made it to 10 points #fitnessfeats CKEYES1 4 LENNIEBINO
1/27/18 12:34 A
Plans for circuit training last night had to be shelved.... So, today I'm going to the gym to lift w FITMARY 1 FITMARY
1/25/18 7:57 A
Plans for the day: walk briskly, even going up the stairs to my 4th-floor office, then get to circui FITMARY 2 LENNIEBINO
1/24/18 2:38 P
From spin class today & a little dog face 🐶 Even when the weather is crap, this puppers has me out KMW987 7 FITMARY
1/23/18 9:33 P
1 hr Zumba 1 hr Strength Training...leg day power lifts, dead lifts, squats, abductor, hip thrust. TOTALPACKAGE12 3 FITMARY
1/23/18 9:32 P
over 11k steps and 86min of walking done so far today #fitnessfeats OVER4TREFRESH 2 FITMARY
1/23/18 9:32 P
I made it to yoga class and got on the treadmill for a bit to warm up so that was good. I didn't rea FITMARY 1 FITMARY
1/23/18 9:31 P
rode my Stationary Bike for 40 minutes #fitnessfeats JMO070163 2 FITMARY
1/23/18 9:31 P
Lots of cardio today. Walking, zumba class, plus stretching video. #fitnessfeats BONNIE1552 3 OVER4TREFRESH
1/24/18 4:28 P
Had to drive into town so I stopped at the park for a short walk and used four of the body weight ex DGRIFFITH51 7 FITMARY
1/22/18 7:05 P
Heading to the gym in a couple hours for my fitness wins! #fitnessfeats FITMARY 7 MARINEMAMA
1/21/18 6:35 A
Started late, but I got 6 wins for today! #fitnessfeats FITMARY 2 ADRIENALINE
1/20/18 6:16 P
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 37633 MCJULIEO
4/20/18 12:21 A
Every morning, I get down and do 20 push-ups. They might not be perfect, but I'm getting stronger! JSTETSER 16 FITMARY
1/18/18 1:18 A
Struggle to get into the gym this morning, but so glad I came. Now onto legs! KMW987 15 ZINGIE825
1/13/18 10:52 A
Daughter home for Christmas IONA72 6 FITMARY
1/11/18 7:59 P
Books of Winter - January 2018 TEXASTITCHER 39 LADYCALICO
1/30/18 3:08 P
Walking in a winter wonderland! JSTETSER 40 WOMANOFLOVE
12/11/17 9:37 P