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Lost another pound! Down 8lbs now! It feels great to be losing some of this body baggage! FIT4MY4KIDS 26 CWILKERSO4
7/19/17 4:59 P
Feeling good! 29 lbs down this morning. I'm finally in the 60's. 270 wouldn't go away and then I wei SKINNYAMIRAH 124 QSHEPP
7/20/17 12:13 A
Going on 13,000 steps in a few. I'm on it ! SHANTRA7 5 MADEINBRITAIN
7/20/17 3:06 A
Running my 27th half marathon this weekend, but somehow this will be my first one on trails. ZORBS13 8 YMWONG22
7/19/17 10:26 A
I'm finally starting to see some results. Notice no picture from January/February. The dress, which MELATREE45 90 FRUITSANDVEG
7/19/17 2:33 P
Week 1 down. Lost 1.6 pounds. It's a start. D87331 269 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:14 P
a little 5 minute zen moment before I hit the trails this morning. Have an amazing day!! N42542 196 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:13 P
Post a fitness icon! MINDYJ1 22654 NASFKAB
7/19/17 8:52 A
Post Something Red! MUGSYMOM 14141 MLAN613
7/20/17 6:24 A
Hard work & dedication really does pay off. This i SVASQUEZ44 8 FITWITHIN
7/18/17 5:45 A
Im finally under a 150. Im so proud of myself. I dropped 10 pounds in like 4 weeks, then i stalled, EBICKLEY5 9 FITWITHIN
7/18/17 5:31 A
Went get the family sonic for dinner on my way home from the gym, didn't touch it. I made a homemade MADILYNEVE 4 FITWITHIN
7/18/17 5:28 A
I had a great workout today at kettle bell class. I am into doing deadlifts and suitcase carrying. O BLAZINGSWORD 5 FITWITHIN
7/18/17 5:27 A
I started on here May 25th this year. I find that tracking on here makes me really think before I p JKJAN1981 3 FITWITHIN
7/18/17 5:24 A
My fitness goal this week (My first week) is to do at least 3 days of 30 min exercise sessions. Yest REIDA36 7 DANCINGELEPHANT
7/18/17 9:22 P
I've made it 7 days tracking & preparing what I eat (provided I track today)! TALONRMK 13 MARINEMAMA
7/18/17 7:08 A
Good morning Sparkers! Have a great week..πŸ˜πŸŒŸπŸ’›πŸŽ‰ οΏ½πŸŽ‡πŸŒ·πŸŒΌπŸŒΉπŸŒ΄πŸŒ±πŸŒ² J38850 4 LAURCAM13
7/17/17 12:15 P
Posted a photo MKPARKE77 7 MDOWER1
7/17/17 9:54 A
Woo hoo! Almost to my 50 lbs by 50 goal. I have until my birthday, August 9 to make my goal. I can d MADDIEBSMAMA 219 STRONGERLEANER
7/17/17 6:39 P
Under 300 lbs! First goal acheived- such a nice start to the week. Happy Monday! SEYTON84 274 NUTTYGIRL2105
7/17/17 7:04 P
What color is your shirt today? WOLFSPIRITS 47508 1RETSGM
7/19/17 4:18 P
climbed a local mountain for my workout. 9349 steps, burned 1100 calories. AWPLEMMONSSR 47 FITWITHIN
7/17/17 12:27 A
As of this morning I have officially lost 71 pounds! If you told me at the beginning of January 201 WORKIN2017 105 WORKIN2017
7/17/17 1:15 P
After weeks of working one day at a time I took the weekend off πŸ˜€ Went through the closet and got r MICHELLEFOUND 209 SOUTHBAYRED
7/18/17 6:43 A
While celebrating at a friends party yesterday. Someone move there chair over and sat on my third to FITWITHIN 5 SPARKLINGME176
7/16/17 6:16 P
First race since my surgery over a year ago! 10K in 1:18:27. JESSWAHOO99 191 RDCAGAIN10
7/16/17 3:58 P
First 5k race in over ten years. Proud of what I am doing! Have a great and healthy Sunday everyone! RANAF222 121 REEBJW
7/16/17 3:35 P
what are you drinking right now? RENE333 68385 RAYNAC3
7/20/17 8:45 A
7/16/17 7:09 A
Posted a photo GODDREAMDIVA1 16 SALAM4545
7/16/17 10:37 P
I never take full length photos my kangaroo punch is always showing ASHCB3 13 INSHENAPARROTT2
7/16/17 9:58 A
20% to my goal weight. 34 pounds released. SPARKLYEYES71 7 FITWITHIN
7/16/17 6:17 A
Friday: 5 hours of house cleaning... 1046 cals burned...13321 steps.... This pic was taken before I MIMIGEE2 8 FITWITHIN
7/16/17 6:15 A
7/17/17 6:16 P
Two celebrations events today. I will have to be very mindful of what I'm eating. I'm taking fresh FITWITHIN 9 FITWITHIN
7/16/17 6:02 A
Me and my Husband now vs when we first started dat JMELZY 9 JMELZY
7/16/17 7:23 A
I recalculated my long term goal on my fitbit and that number just cries out at me my long term goal SPKDREAMZZ 6 SMITIM
7/15/17 6:34 A
#deliciousdailymoment N10439 8 MARINEMAMA
7/15/17 7:09 A
Posted a photo SPKDREAMZZ 11 LIZZIE138
7/15/17 8:07 A
Quit feeling sorry for yourself, quit making excuses and just get it done. If you really want change CHKCHNC 11 JEMMSIE
7/15/17 11:30 A
I can accomplish all things because I believe in me! MSLOUIE3 17 GRAMMIEPAJAMMIE
7/15/17 7:31 A
How often do you all weigh in? Every week? SPICUZZAC 14 CLARE1952
7/15/17 6:57 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 13 1CRAZYDOG
7/15/17 11:19 A
Posted a photo LOISLEL 17 FITWITHIN
7/14/17 2:22 A
I've lost 2lbs this week KAYLA691322 4 FITWITHIN
7/14/17 2:19 A
Post workout selfie at the gym because they have really good lighting KATHI512 5 FITWITHIN
7/14/17 2:19 A
Stupid excited just ordered my new shoes MYSTIKALSHARYL 12 MYSTIKALSHARYL
7/14/17 7:40 A
I'm starting a walking routine 1/2 mile in the morning and again in the evening. Only 3 days now and MARISSACW1124 10 KBOUGHE1
7/14/17 4:49 A
18 lbs down 94 to go i feel great (first photo 292) next thtee photos (274) KIMICOPE26 15 KIMICOPE26
7/14/17 11:24 A
Day 1, my heaviest @368 lbs. Long journey ahead. Watch out world, here I come! BCOMINGPIGLET 204 TTUCKERMCGILL
7/14/17 6:26 A
We've both quit smoking !!! Yay !!! SHANTRA7 3 MADEINBRITAIN
7/14/17 3:08 A
Back to working nights... biggest obstacle is not snacking at night... ughhh, #badhabits share some DAPHNE192003 15 DAPHNE192003
7/13/17 11:42 P
I got out of work... i knew if i went home and changed I was not gonna come back to the gym..... so JPAPUGA27 22 SHARESELSIMS
7/13/17 10:32 A
WooHoo! FINALLY got the nerve up to add some jogging intervals! I'm sore (stinky sciatica!), but exc IMAWRKNPROGRESS 9 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
7/14/17 9:05 A
7/13/17 5:53 A
πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ LYN2011 11 WFTGATL
7/13/17 7:27 A
My first proper 5k fun run. I was a keen runner and pretty fit NICCI87 7 MOTIVATED36732
7/13/17 6:40 A
This is for LADYTARLTON who just lost her beloved cat Spawt of 7 years. We all feel your pain and s WONDER--WOMAN 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/13/17 7:01 P
Posted a photo OBIESMOM2 18 BLESSED2BEME
7/13/17 10:26 A
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 126308 ALFBUNDY
7/19/17 9:40 A
This is a Before and After picture of my Mom. She AERIONUSZ592 187 ANNEMARIE30
7/13/17 5:31 A
Posted a photo BROKEN89 6 CZECH102
7/12/17 8:42 P
Looks like my country walks may not happen for a w LYONSFARM 68 NANCYANND55
7/12/17 3:35 P
Turns out Luna has advanced cancer. Currently at the vet while they perform the necessary procedure SSMITH762 293 MARINEMAMA
7/12/17 7:53 A
My beautiful little Belle suffered a very severe stroke last night. She could lift her head a look THEURERBGT 40 SWALLIS7
7/12/17 8:02 A
My first day back on my weightloss journey .. so excited, and loving this app. Seems like a great, s A_ROD1992 5 TOBYBIRD
7/12/17 7:37 A
I wanted some chocolate so badly, but I resisted. I've got to lose this weight and get these glucose ADRIENNE563 30 WATCHOUTWORLD
7/12/17 4:50 A
Posted a photo TANGOJAVA43068 86 _RAMONA
7/12/17 4:29 A
All these stories about people losing weight inspired me even more so to lose some too! Here's an em ANGELICMOMMA 174 SWALLIS7
7/12/17 8:00 A
Just started today. I gave up on weight watchers...I never made my goals and was miserable. Hopefull L_ROSE 11 FITWITHIN
7/11/17 1:02 A
Got a new ID at work today. What a difference fifteen months can make! PCODDENS 229 KRISYTAL34
7/11/17 8:14 A
A small difference. Taking it on day at a time! KITATHAMES 68 ALFORD204
7/11/17 10:20 A
I can feel myself coming toward a big wall of funk right now with all the stress, so I am going to t BONNIEMARGAY 5 GARDENCHRIS
7/11/17 7:15 A
Meal prepped for the week CFRENCH12 12 KAREN_EDMONDS
7/10/17 9:46 A
it wasn't pretty, it wasn't fast, but it is DONE - first run. SWEDE_SU 120 JEANKNEE
7/10/17 3:55 P

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