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Motivation can come from a variety of places. Today it is from seeing myself in that new dress I bou FRANCLYN 1 FRANCLYN
1/28/18 2:14 P
43 should feel better than this. FRANCLYN 2 7STIGGYMT
12/5/17 2:18 P
Hello, Head Cold. FRANCLYN 3 DELHICKS16
9/24/17 6:59 P
62 and determined to get to 140 How do you change LOVESANGELS00 12 LOVESANGELS00
8/23/17 12:51 A
Trying to work on my final exam study guide... after doing notes for my final essay for the last 2 d MARATHON_MOM 2 FRANCLYN
7/16/17 2:48 P
Dealing with the reality that everything can going right in your life and clinical depression really FRANCLYN 9 FRANCLYN
7/14/17 5:48 P
I can tell the difference in my weight still a long way to go but I'm still beautiful! MISSMARIA93 26 PINKPIXY22
6/5/17 11:16 P
Im new i just started so here i go DPEREZ874 304 DARLAE1
5/29/17 11:30 P
Finally feeling better and using it to spend quality time with hubby and the camera. FRANCLYN 10 F8CONE8
5/28/17 11:25 A
Finally finishing up the classroom painting I've been meaning to get done all year. At least it'll b FRANCLYN 3 GEORGE815
5/19/17 5:57 P
Cheers Sparkfriends!!! My first coffee w 6 creams and 6 sugars, down from 12 and 12...this will take JUSTSTICKWITHIT 138 BLUEJEAN99
5/9/17 11:27 P
Just had my 3rd glass of Water .Is that bad? How often should I drink. SHERILYN784 4 SHERILYN784
5/10/17 12:18 P
Finding some very interesting critters as I continue to burn calories moving leaves around. ;) BETTYWEST824 7 MAYMA05
5/8/17 5:56 P
Goal is 50 lbs I've lost 13 lbs so far and feel at a stand still. I've been eating right and working KAYEVE123 17 2SPORTSBOYS
5/12/17 12:13 P
Starting over today at 178.8 was a lovely day for a walk!🌞❤👟 LTRINH9 10 FRANCLYN
5/8/17 5:31 P
Retro? Yes! 😉 Down 8 lbs! 7 more to go! MZZNATE 13 ELLENAJ22
5/8/17 6:43 P
I know I'm super annoying with all my food posts b FITSISTA79 37 JOANNEJI
5/9/17 8:26 A
This is my first day I'd like to loose roughly 100 lbs. I can do this JSOULE151380 304 INCH_BY_INCH
5/9/17 11:57 A
Hey everyone! 👋🏻 My name is Joey and I live in New York. I'm here to lose some weight and gain so JOEYCOFFEE 88 RUNNERNO5
5/28/17 6:02 P
Wooo hooo! Finally a bloom on our Yellow Summer Crooked Neck Squash! Can't wait to eat our own tast BETTYWEST824 10 EGGBASKET1
5/8/17 5:46 P
Officially down 40 pounds today! These pics are from December 1st and today. I still have some work POPCORNADDICT1 305 FIREMEDIC11339
5/9/17 12:30 A
New(ish) and expecting to be here a long while. FRANCLYN 9 TAPBELLE
5/24/17 11:30 A
Breakfast. I admit to adding dressing for once. Kinda regret that. Not just for health reasons. Remi FRANCLYN 9 COMEBACKKID12
4/21/17 4:08 P
My morning walk. Can't believe I'm 47 today and I'm feeling better than when I was 27!!!!! RUTHIE0609 64 GIGI5556
4/11/17 2:43 P
I'm finally making progress on what's going on with my health! FRANCLYN 5 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/10/17 7:32 A
Down 50 pounds since 12-3-16! Long way to go, but so proud so far!! BECCA8516 91 LRJONES78
3/31/17 8:12 P
I am on day 21! One decision, one step, one day at a time. ❤❤ AMBERR_77 21 RAERAERAE62
3/29/17 12:19 A
Had energy to play with my kiddos today. FRANCLYN 2 JEMMSIE
3/28/17 9:37 P
Those with bad hypothyroid issues, how do you get exercise going when you physically can't get out o FRANCLYN 7 FRANCLYN
3/28/17 1:28 P
Went for a 4 mile walk by the river last evening , felt inspired from you folks on SPARK ! Slept lik STARFISH1961 26 KELLIEBEAN
3/28/17 9:08 P
Starting my new plan to get in shape! Need to drop 100lbs I just bought a bicycle and my boyfriend i DANCINGOTTER89 114 PAMBROWN62
3/28/17 4:44 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? It's so fun seeing all t SPARKGUY 90 JOYCEHARRIS3
3/28/17 4:26 P
Almost at goal weight! JAMIEHORMEL 301 DTSM53
3/27/17 11:37 P
Prom #2k17❤ hopefully next year I won't look like a whale 😂 MILLIE_O8 37 MTN_KITTEN
3/27/17 7:30 P
Do you mind when people ask your age? BARBZUMBA 984 J38850
2/24/18 8:21 A
Coloring Books F8CONE8 119 IMPROVINGME
6/4/17 12:54 A
Start photos : 278.6 lbs March 26 2017 LUVOFME 8 CARASPJ
3/26/17 7:27 P
Yesterday I tried on some jeans that didn't fit before. They not only do they fit, but there a littl ASERET8470 20 I_ROBOT
3/26/17 2:56 P
Drank all my water today. It's a small victory but one that made the world of difference last time o FRANCLYN 1 FRANCLYN
3/18/17 12:06 A
Posted a photo KRISUA 8 RHIO3TRE
3/17/17 1:53 P
Fighting the insomnia and winning. FRANCLYN 1 FRANCLYN
3/17/17 1:46 P
Have a great day CHRISTINA332017 29 CAROLYNSUE17
3/16/17 10:44 A
Finally getting back on track to hydration. #TenCupsADay FRANCLYN 6 JUDITH316
3/16/17 3:27 A
What distractions get in your way every day? I've cut out Facebook for the time being. Looking for FRANCLYN 8 RAELOOS
3/15/17 2:17 P
Hi everyone, I'm not wanting to post this but... I think it'll be a great motivation starter for mys ANGELICMOMMA 33 JEANKNEE
3/16/17 1:05 A
I got a compliment today... from a co worker who doesn't give out compliments... he said are you los MIMIGEE2 270 SEAJESS
3/14/17 1:31 P
Hope everyone has a good night's sleep tonight! I'm off... SPARKGUY 40 PRAIRIECROCUS
3/15/17 6:25 P
how do i get rid of this feed. i don't like it. i want my goals and the team points back. CAT-IN-CJ 13 ERIN_POSCH
3/12/17 2:03 P
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 18953 BIKE4HEALTH
2/24/18 2:03 P
3/9/17 3:06 P
Beautiful day everyone. It's 's even better, bc i tried another pair of pants on the they are BAGGY, HLOPEZ84 14 JUNETTA2002
3/13/17 7:14 P
Don't know why but I woke up in a fighting mood today. Chronic illness gets to lose today's battles FRANCLYN 1 FRANCLYN
3/9/17 2:22 P
You are preparing for a 10 hour road trip ... what healthy foods/snacks are in your cooler? SOOKIE 14 KELLIEKLUMPP
3/9/17 2:54 P
BRING BACK THE TEAM BONUS POINTS. I have enough trbl keeping up with Spark friends, and teammates le MA_DIDDLES 15 MA_DIDDLES
3/9/17 2:21 P
Hi all, I'm sort of new here. Returning after years of absence. I don't usually post on any sites. L MARIESMOM45 26 USMAWIFE
3/9/17 1:45 P
Any tips on falling asleep earlier and actually staying asleep?! Its currently 4:40am and this is a DONNAMICHELLEE 25 MMWUSA
3/21/17 7:38 P
I started at 355 and I am at 340 now yesssss #Weightloss EVEMARIECLIFTON 43 SHEILAETEAGUE
3/5/17 8:41 P
As of today, I've lost 50 pounds!!! It was not an easy road but the effort and have been so worth it MISSYKITTY0912 53 LEEWILLIAMS67
3/5/17 8:27 P
Baby steps. Lifelong dehydration habits to break. Told myself I have to have a tumbler of water for FRANCLYN 3 ZORBS13
3/5/17 4:03 P
Resolutions or Goals? F8CONE8 100 IMPROVINGME
8/11/17 11:19 P
January 2017 Miles challenge SALTYCHOCOLATE 82 IMTHEPAPA
1/31/17 5:56 P
Hello. Just a runner that fell off the wagon! JORLEX 12 HEATHERLEIGH44
4/12/17 3:42 P
And today's Wacky Walking Weather is..... GEMSTONE1952 3104 LESLIELENORE
2/20/18 7:36 P
Artist Talk F8CONE8 1763 TEESTER2
2/4/18 9:09 P
New Motivational Quote F8CONE8 576 F8CONE8
2/22/18 12:26 P
What Don't We Know About You? LAUREN1213 133 FRANCLYN
7/19/16 8:55 P
What exercise did you do today? WALLAHALLA 302 GEMSTONE1952
7/17/17 9:48 P
How many points on the login wheel? GEMSTONE1952 2835 GEMSTONE1952
12/6/17 9:38 P
Emoticon your mood today GEMSTONE1952 5950 LESLIELENORE
2/24/18 8:09 A
Red Flag Team Bonus Points AMBUDMAN 322 AMBUDMAN
2/2/18 10:54 A
2016 chat room is open DARLENEBUNCH 65 GOLFGMA
2/5/17 8:26 A
On my walk today, I saw: ATLAONTHESHORE 1305 GEMSTONE1952
12/6/17 9:37 P
Welcome Newbie Wacky Walkers! Sign in here! GEMSTONE1952 432 VICTUSGIRL
2/4/18 12:04 A
Question for the ladies - racerbacks LIZZIE93-4 9 LIZZIE93-4
5/24/16 9:26 A
Weighed in this morning and I am officially down e IMDOINGTHIS4ME 2290 HERGRAMMY2017
3/1/17 4:14 P