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Just learned that in Finland they have wife carrying races. I said "good thing we live in the USA" a AMYE22 6 -POOKIE-
12/11/17 3:29 A
Homemade chicken and dumplings as healthy as we can make it. We will let it sit overnight and have i CGARR442 15 YELLOW09RED
12/11/17 12:28 P
Posted a photo SANDYGG75 9 FROSTY99
12/10/17 10:41 P
Personal goal met tonight. I used the 5lb weights the entire time through sculpt tonight rather than CDS427 21 FITGIGI0102
12/10/17 11:05 P
My family 😍 They are what push me to be the best! I'm so grateful for my wonderful husband. He's my WHOVIAN86 19 5GRAMMYDIANA
12/11/17 12:09 A
Love the bond that my 2 boys have with each other💞 AMYMBUNCH 21 ZRIE014
12/11/17 1:00 A
There's a first time for everything. CELITA3 14 5GRAMMYDIANA
12/11/17 12:09 A
25 down 35 to go from now on I will set my goal at ten pound increments MHIGGINS138 75 ZRIE014
12/11/17 12:58 A
I'm having so much fun with this new way of eating 😊 I been up since 6am been prepping for the week TMP0418 17 LAW06211
12/9/17 5:32 P
Who's finally below 200 lbs for the first time in almost two years? 👉 This guy! 👈 Haha. 🕺 AWKWARDPRIMATE 48 LAW06211
12/9/17 5:29 P
I got into a size 18 today snug yes but I'm in and zipped. CARRIEMETODAY 73 BILLTHOMSON
12/9/17 9:11 P
Ate raspberries and low fat cottage cheese as a snack. My taste buds are doing a happy dance. Love r KATONTHEMAT 14 MONEYSTRETCHER
12/9/17 4:13 P
I'm down 11 pounds just by watching what I eat! I've only been dieting for two weeks; I'm so excited HDM05 6 KIKIE1973
12/9/17 4:56 P
Smoothie time 😋 and the rest I'll freeze TMP0418 22 LPORTER2015
12/10/17 6:52 A
#BeforeAndAfterhit 50 lbs down this week- feeling great but nervous to let bad habits creep back in MICHW4 114 GRACEFULJOURNEY
12/9/17 8:08 P
Today vs. A year ago! Not at goal yet but I will g NAOMIRUNS 189 SYLBA61
12/9/17 10:09 P
My blood glucose is better than most people's fasting blood glucose. #keto works for #diabetes. #nom KSTEVERSON 23 BLESSOME
12/10/17 10:49 A
December 2017 CHAT - Welcome All SRIVERS1 21 FROSTY99
12/9/17 3:45 P
Your struggles and challenges are what make you the most beautiful. You could never become a rainbow ALLYLIZZY 10 FROSTY99
12/8/17 10:12 P
Just try to go to the store today. SLYDE-GLYDER 22 GARDENCHRIS
12/9/17 8:52 A
48 min power walk!! Feel the burn, lol!! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 25 TIGERSEYEHEART
12/9/17 3:48 A
Grandkids are coming to visit, and got some fruit to balance it out! Course i had one of each kind, SKMINNY 15 LIZZIE138
12/8/17 11:12 P
Can't believe next Saturday, I'll be married for 11 years already. 💞 AMYMBUNCH 27 EO4WELLNESS
12/9/17 4:31 P
I wanted to share some pictures I took today. Coming from South Texas we hardly get a winter much le CHUNKYCHACHI 21 FITGIGI0102
12/8/17 11:51 P
12/9/17 4:17 A
Got my Christmas tree up!! MEMA328 33 BLUEJEAN99
12/9/17 4:48 P
I've lost 100lbs as of today. I have a lot to lose so sometimes I don't feel like much has changed u VLS_121 306 HELENMERCER82
12/10/17 8:54 A
We are surrounded by fires and it’s been stressful in Southern California. I quickly found myself wa 1BODY_1LIFE 33 1BODY_1LIFE
12/9/17 6:38 P
Couldn’t wait till the 17th to measure myself. I really needed a nonscale win. Well, lost 1.5 inches KJMARTIN86 7 LINGOD2010
12/7/17 8:39 P
This a coliflower with squash and green peppers and zucchini cuts with alittle oilive oil and mozzar STATONJAMES4 10 REEDSKI
12/7/17 9:37 P
Lentil soup simmering on the stove and sweet potatoes baking in the oven - perfect supper for the fi LKMANNING7 15 WOMANOFLOVE
12/8/17 12:04 P
Nov 27-Dec 3 was a difficult time with my birthday celebration and 3 days later it was our anniversa JOYCES2K17DIET 2 FROSTY99
12/7/17 8:07 P
I've been using Spark People since March and I've lost 72 lbs loves this app it keeps me accountable KERENSA9697 34 AMBLEEBEAR2152
12/7/17 9:22 P
Dinner my partner in crime made NOMASHOTCHEETOS 15 LINGOD2010
12/7/17 8:36 P
All of my cards are done and mailed out here's to you all may you have a happy and healthy holiday � TMP0418 14 EVILCECIL
12/8/17 6:50 A
Official weight loss for the month of November was 3 pounds. Dr. was happy with that so guess I am t SISTER0614 13 TURQUROISE
12/7/17 9:04 P
Just wanted to send a big shout-out to everyone on JDUB2483 8 WOMANWANTKIDNEY
12/7/17 8:53 P
I can't believe last year i was barely fitting in a 9/10 today i finally bought a few pairs of jeans WRETCHEDNDIVINE 21 WRETCHEDNDIVINE
12/10/17 8:54 A
Hi my name is Jacqueline. I’m 21 years old and I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. In Sept THEJACKIEDEAN12 194 CONNIET88
12/8/17 8:21 A
I’ve heard dark chocolate can have health benefits in small quantities .... I don’t think they meant PLUMBO42 8 FROSTY99
12/6/17 4:25 P
Beginning of November I was 185lb. Cyber Monday I was 189. Today at the annual Cardiologist I was 1 OLD-NACL 8 OLD-NACL
12/6/17 5:51 P
That look you make when you realize all that echinacea tea, throat coat tea, and breathe right tea w NEEDBU66 14 PBVHCCVH
12/6/17 4:33 P
I just climbed up & down the stepladder a million times, hanging garlands & lights. I don't use a tr KMCGR3 5 GOODGETNBETR
12/6/17 5:39 P
First time out to eat since I started SP but I made some good choices I had 2 salads and half a piec TMP0418 33 -POOKIE-
12/7/17 12:40 P
This shirt used to be so tight on me that the spaces between the buttons would stretch and show the KBEGEY 62 NOCALORIES
12/6/17 10:34 P
My Christmas Cactuses (Cacti?) are blooming! CKOUDSI617 20 PWILLOW1
12/6/17 6:14 P
Have a great vacation coming up. Wanted to lose 20 lbs in 30 days if possible Lost 10 lbs and have SINGINGLADYLIND 22 BELLSH1BELL
12/6/17 7:17 P
One of the exercises done this morning...Sit To Stands! BOOHOOBEAR 160 SCHRADER5
12/7/17 1:49 P
Hit my goal today!! 68 lbs! Dropped my last rock i MOMS3KIDS 287 NOCALORIES
12/6/17 10:21 P
I started last week at 156 I weighed in this morning at 154.4!! MICKIEPETE 5 FROSTY99
12/5/17 9:13 P
I have fallen so far off the wagon. Help! Idk how to get back on. E83872 9 ALOFA0509
12/6/17 12:48 A
12/5/17 9:31 P
12/8/17 12:13 P
Ok here is the second day I started on the diet my before picture. Looking forward to an after one l MARIA9679 39 EMIG96
12/6/17 8:30 A
Tonight I roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus, red onion, a jalapeño pepper, and zucchin REEDSKI 27 CANDYLIND
12/6/17 11:19 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was running sprints. How about you? SPARKGUY 73 _LINDA
12/7/17 9:04 P
#motivated So I was under my goal earlier today and then I decided to hit the treadmill and do some COMEBACKKID12 19 TREASURER57
12/6/17 7:35 A
Thirty seven pounds down mean you get a whole new wardrobe without going shopping. PHYLLISHODGES23 21 KJACKSN1
12/4/17 10:42 P
Had some extra time for dinner tonight...homemade GLINOH 40 FROSTY99
12/4/17 9:34 P
Dinner time ty Lord for this meal amen healthy lifestyle 💘 it 😋 y'all have bless night #positive m SIMMON72 10 REEDSKI
12/4/17 10:14 P
Is this for real? 200% of my goal MEGANNIKOL1 17 AMBLEEBEAR2152
12/4/17 10:08 P
The fuzzy little Bug in front of Mr White is my latest foster kitten. All these kittens are rescue k ROVONEYE 36 CATHYRAEDAVIS2
12/4/17 10:34 P
Part of the Lytton trail , moderate level. You can do 10 miles to the top...strenuous. Not for us to GGRSPARK 16 SRWYLIE
12/5/17 8:18 A
I was craving sweet I made a cinnamon #keto mug cake for just 1.3 carbs! DANNY_LCF 18 NEEDACHANGE4ME
12/6/17 9:21 A
Lentil stew. Nailed it, too :) ANNSPHOENIX1 15 ANNSPHOENIX1
12/6/17 6:55 A
Day 229 of 1600 calorie living. From 312(left pic) size 26 pants 3x/4x shirts in March 2017 to 223 TRINA 169 OLIE07
12/5/17 7:56 A
#BeforeAndAfter Having your actual face back is really the best part because you agree to pictures a MADISONGREB 37 MRSJEFFL
12/8/17 10:01 P
Well I decided to do something different for activity today- the pic shows the fruit of my labor - y BEANPOD61 14 ALOFA0509
12/3/17 8:17 P
#BeforeAndAfter Date night! This is the dress and shoes all come together. The first is from my son' LYONSFARM 45 LVMS61516
12/6/17 1:51 A
FINALLY hit 80 lbs lost. 245 lbs down to 165 so far. 😊 GOLDIEFOXX 229 SOLEMAN10
12/4/17 9:01 P
Down over 20 lbs and several inches. Still more training to do, but thankful for a changed mindset! TEACHYKEEN08 28 AGEE1944
12/3/17 10:58 P
I didn't realize how terribly big I had gotten until I saw this Thanksgiving 2017 picture. I am not 2JUICY47 15 NIKKINIKKI136
12/3/17 9:23 P
My son decided to decorate my cat. Lol!!! And my cat seems like he doesn't mind at all...Lol!!! AMYMBUNCH 10 BLONDWUNN
12/3/17 8:04 P
I didn’t realize the difference until I did this post. I still have a way to go but I love how I fee MBW822 142 MRSJEFFL
12/8/17 9:55 P
🎶 It's our most favorite time of the year 🎶 When the tree is a growing and the lights are a glowin DIALYSISCHIC1 19 ABUELAMEMA52
12/6/17 5:26 A