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2nd day with no soda. My head hurts but I want to prove I can do it for a week. #foodfeats SLIMSHAPE18 8 CSROBERTSON621
4/20/18 11:27 P
Visited Boulder today for a doctor’s appointment for my middle son. Lots of sitting and not much mo AMYINTHEWILD 18 COCEGU
4/21/18 5:15 A
First day let's see how this goes wish ne luck on my journey! MONIQUINHA57 16 GIANTOCR1
4/20/18 11:02 P
I came across this big old tree while hiking today. I love finding old trees with such character! Th KARABELLA03 29 JAYNE3013
4/20/18 10:44 P
100 lbs lost on keto in 8months C45872 79 GOIN4IT233
4/21/18 4:25 A
Two months with Spark People today and I have only went above calorie range once and that was for a SHELLEYMCELROY6 16 GOODGETNBETR
4/21/18 12:35 A
Plate full of veggies and fruit with s small side of tuna noodle salad. 💪🏽💪🏽 #eattherainbow #e JACKJACK91 14 BILLTHOMSON
4/21/18 7:37 A
Today is our 44th Anniversary. Dinner & $1 'ritas 🍹at Applebee's! PYNETREE 215 SLEWIS7
4/21/18 7:33 A
I needed this reminder today! Figured someone else might too! MAMABEE7 12 NOCALORIES
4/19/18 11:42 P
Dinner skinless chicken breast with spinach SHAYSHAY6444 7 ROSALIE28
4/19/18 9:51 P
4/21/18 12:33 A
This was dinner, tuna/ chicken salad with an avocado and tblsp of Dukes Mayo, sliced red onions and AELDER122 8 ROSALIE28
4/19/18 9:49 P
Ending my night... Doctor suggested keto to get better results. I will be starting that. Goodnight e TIFFANYCH27 9 FITNFABMOMMY
4/19/18 11:32 P
I've changed!😊 #nevergiveup FITSISTA79 129 JOANNEJI
4/20/18 8:54 A
I’ve had a few bumps in the ride but this was me 2 FATBEGONECHICK 70 FATBEGONECHICK
4/20/18 7:55 A
This is the first day I’ve met all my Fitbit goals!!! SUNKISSEDPATHOS 12 EDWARDS1411
4/19/18 1:22 A
Our little band of puppies. Two weeks old today. DEANNAHARPER64 41 DEANNAHARPER64
4/19/18 8:14 A
I met my step goals by walking to and from work, three flights of steps triple times today instead o JENWILLOW7 7 DAIZYSTARLITE
4/18/18 11:05 P
Proud of myself - made good choices and avoided the Cadbury egg calling name and this dish of chocol MANGO1960 12 JSMYTHE3
4/19/18 1:31 A
Posted a goal DIGER718 20 TCANNO
4/19/18 3:46 A
Definitely getting my confidence back! MISSCNJ 78 FITWITHIN
4/19/18 12:19 A
-25lbs in 7 weeks! EGRUBER5 150 GOIN4IT233
4/19/18 2:14 A
#BeforeAndAfter long but great journey :) BUTTERFLYPANDA1 39 BUTTERFLYPANDA1
4/19/18 5:46 P
April 2018 CHAT - Welcome All SRIVERS1 14 FROSTY99
4/18/18 5:36 P
I walked through a snow storm to get to a $2 movie theater. Saw Greatest Showman and Jumanji enjoye JHADZHIA 5 CATHYSFITLIFE
4/18/18 2:23 P
Really starting to enjoy baseball practice....4.5 mile walk in while my oldest boy practiced. P_CLARK 3 FROSTY99
4/17/18 9:15 P
4-17-18 30 Minutes Total (10 + 20) Walk Outside 48° Today! Feels Like Spring!!! The sun is shining! ANNA4318 10 BONNIE1552
4/18/18 9:31 P
Posted a photo MLBSLK 26 CHERYLHURT
4/17/18 9:37 P
Deliciously filling, vegan eggs, black beans and nopales!! Sooo good. CAMONELLIE 9 ELLISONDARLING
4/18/18 3:58 P
And 90 minutes of work to go #moveit LITZT4223 15 BONNIE1552
4/18/18 9:31 P
We got rid of the recliner and added another exercise machine! WALTSGIRL74 33 2DAWN4
4/17/18 10:42 P
140 lbs down in the last 14 months. (167 lbs from my heaviest 4 years ago). Keep sparking. We can d MANDA2091 153 SARAHILAFRANCES
4/18/18 10:56 A
#transformationtuesday GOLDIEFOXX 99 GOLDIEFOXX
4/18/18 6:16 P
I cooked a good dinner tonight chicken thigh and leg baked, a slice of onion, 1 Cup cherry tomatoes, EVANS1848 18 VICKICHICKI123
4/17/18 7:36 P
From 10/16 to 12/17 i feel so much better TORIEA 227 FIDDLISH
4/16/18 9:05 P
This is my grilled chicken salad I made for dinner ... KITTYN77 15 JAYNE3013
4/16/18 9:53 P
#BeforeAndAfter I feel sad ,Im just gaining weight nobody to support me , Im only 19years old ,my we SADIBAIFA 41 BONNIE1552
4/17/18 7:48 P
The Silver Comet Trail @ Coot's Lake, GA. April is beautiful here and I really needed some time in M JANICEK56 12 GVIARS43
4/17/18 4:33 A
Went with my husband to Kroger and Sam’s today. Went to Sam’s first and I had never rode in one of t TBOYD5000 10 ANNA4318
4/16/18 8:54 P
Progress. 16 pounds down and 1 pound away from my first milestone of 280. DARKESTROSE 14 DARKESTROSE
4/16/18 10:12 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 NOCALORIES
4/16/18 9:34 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 MOGLO61
4/16/18 10:17 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 6 NOCALORIES
4/16/18 9:36 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 26 JOC36BROWN
4/17/18 4:19 A
Tears of joy!! I am under 200 pounds...I haven't seen a number below 200 in nearly 20 years! I am PDLSTMPR1 309 BOXERLOVER77
4/19/18 6:54 A
I stayed in my calorie range and got all my water in today!!!! VICKYLYLES 6 DAISYFLWR
4/18/18 2:30 P
8 servings of produce today! YISKAMIRYAM 4 FROSTY99
4/15/18 7:49 P
#BeforeAndAfter this app has helped so much. Keeps me accountable. 59 in one week. Hope to b TAMARALYNN98661 28 OLIE07
4/18/18 11:03 A
This little girl Maggie Mae, has been keeping me very active working on her potty training and she i CHARIKIM 16 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/16/18 10:44 A
Posted a goal CHEETARA79 12 PAMBROWN62
4/15/18 8:14 P
Seasoned salmon with feta, fire roasted vegetables OPTICALXILLUSIO 17 B_RAZORSHARP
4/15/18 9:45 P
4/15/18 8:27 P
This app is wonderful, I've lost over 55 lb in one year because of it. It is very important to count ARWISCH 176 UMUCGRAD
4/15/18 11:29 P
Down ten pounds and feeling a lot better!!!! MIMI3KEE 12 FROSTY99
4/14/18 8:44 P
Had a good hike with my family today!! SARIESUE 17 FROSTY99
4/14/18 8:44 P
Just finished 3 hours of gardening. The weather ap THETRAVELVISION 13 BOLEBRON
4/14/18 9:00 P
Have a wonderful evening. DGFOWLER 11 LIZZIE138
4/14/18 9:46 P
Dinners up 275 calories Turkey tenderloin, asparagus and baked sweet potato chips num num 😋 TMP0418 27 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/15/18 8:07 A
Bikestyle, for realz! SEAOFCARNAGE 10 BOLEBRON
4/14/18 8:54 P
My dinner Flat bread pizza this is just 1/2 a flat bread..very satisfying peppers ,onion tomatoes ,s STEVIEROSE67 11 STEVIEROSE67
4/15/18 12:14 A
We are back from a week-long vacation on the beach. I thought I was being careful and really paying TRYINGINTEXAS 17 TRYINGINTEXAS
4/15/18 1:01 A
Inspired by my weight loss last year, I set aside my nice (and now over-sized) suits and work separa *GINA* 21 ALOFA0509
4/15/18 1:32 A
Thin eye round steak, steamed green beans, homemade baked fries with a little Lawry's. IWANNABE_ALICE 14 LAH1222
4/14/18 11:41 P
Day 5: Still tracking everything. 😁Blizzard here in Oneida, Wisconsin. So venison stew (Mmmmmm!)an DOLLIPS 15 GREYTDOLPHIN
4/14/18 9:47 P
4/15/18 1:51 A
Currently 75 degrees with a wicked low of 61! We're camping out in our yard tonight. So is this the LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 48 SOUTHTXXRNNR
4/14/18 5:04 P
Today, I totalled 18592 steps,more than 8 miles overall. That's my best in a long long time. I hop ABTRACK 3 FROSTY99
4/13/18 10:48 P
Two days of struggle but I made it today 9 cups! ☺️ #h2whoa JACKJACK91 7 SPARKLEIGH61
4/14/18 8:56 A
I include fresh squeezed lemon or lime with my water, it tastes better & is good for regulating bloo CANITA92 6 BILLTHOMSON
4/14/18 7:23 A
Wegmans carries frozen grilled veggies that are easy to prepare. I included shrimp, scallops and chi CANITA92 6 BONNIE1552
4/15/18 8:59 P
The perfect breakfast to get the day started right! ANNA4318 18 ZRIE014
4/14/18 1:13 A
A little hard to tell since it's not all fat loss GABY9327 30 GABY9327
4/15/18 3:18 P
Every reason I ever needed to accomplish anything ♥️ If I succeed they succeed! TIFFANYCH27 27 TIFFANYCH27
4/16/18 10:17 A
Today is my 3 month change-a-versary. Down 35 pounds and I'm so excited!! Only five more pounds to m PAMMIESUE81 111 TCANNO
4/14/18 4:10 A
Made a pot of the cabbage soup today. Found the recipe on Pinterest. It's the diet soup and it's abs BETHAADKINS 16 DJ4HEALTH
4/13/18 12:07 A