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Hello everyone this is my dinner for today doctor wants me to lose so I'm putting a goal for myself PAMSIMS20163 11 FROSTY99
10/20/17 7:52 P
To weigh in #BeforeAndAfter. Not surprise about weight lose this week. Been so busy at work not LIZKAY3 12 FROSTY99
10/20/17 7:52 P
I have to pick up my son from work at McDonald’s. I was hungry when I was getting ready to leave, so AIMLESS549151 16 EEJAA70
10/20/17 8:28 P
My lunch for today PAISAMONO28 13 LINOVER
10/20/17 8:45 P
The time when you turn your head and you can see your internal jugular on your neck. No more visible ARRON_OHAT 17 TOMMYSON23
10/20/17 8:49 P
I hit 137.5 today, down 13.5lbs since July. Getting close to my goal of 135! MEEMERS2010 32 ELLEYANNA
10/21/17 2:21 A
Another lunch time run to practice for my race in February. Did it without the backpack today and us LYONSFARM 20 BRIANSCHARP
10/20/17 10:01 P
i will probably add a few steps thru the rest of the evening, but the exercise portion of the day is SOFT_VAL67 9 DARRINISM
10/20/17 8:34 P
@CONSTANCE067 Now my best friends mom paints old furniture. This is a piece she restored and then DIALYSISCHIC1 14 MNGLORY1
10/20/17 11:00 P
My view on this beautiful October night. Love this! TULLIS12 20 GOIN4IT233
10/21/17 12:42 A
50 pounds gone! 😁 You can’t really see much of a difference but I can sure feel it! 😁 CHRISSYTINAR 263 HONEYFLCN
10/21/17 5:56 A
October 2017 CHAT - Welcome All SRIVERS1 35 FROSTY99
10/20/17 2:11 P
Greetings from the hiking trail! Man, my glutes are feeling it! PROUDMOMSHERI 10 FROSTY99
10/19/17 8:45 P
Finally had a good day!!! 1200 cals Zumba class and yoga class. Feeling empowered. REGINA45 6 FROSTY99
10/19/17 8:44 P
Getting over some terrible food poisoning. 🀒 Hoping tomorrow I'll be 100% so I can get back to my w IGOT2START 13 DAIZYSTARLITE
10/19/17 10:04 P
Not a healthy dinner. Going to walk now!!! Stressed out but going to Walk It Off before I turn into MOCHAMAZZJAZZ 5 DAIZYSTARLITE
10/19/17 10:06 P
Hope your day was great! I am looking forward to Friday. God keep me safe this week. GARDENSFORLIFE 21 CANNINGNANNY
10/20/17 10:02 A
Something to think about.... RHOOK20047 12 MBPP50
10/20/17 6:47 A
I stopped making excuses and stayed dedicated to healthy eating and appropriate portion size and hav KMATHIEU 192 HONEYFLCN
10/20/17 9:04 A
You would think my gastric bypass surgery (in 2004) would have been the weight loss fix, but it took DOM924530 132 MUSICNUT
10/20/17 5:32 A
Hi friends, lost my balance and fell down the steps, very lucky that I reached out to grab the rail JUSTSTICKWITHIT 27 1CRAZYDOG
10/19/17 12:13 P
Good evening. Just got done reheating some dinner and washing the dishes. We've settled in to the co DRINKALOTH2O 17 BRENDA_77039
10/19/17 8:40 A
Blessed to beach walk last week at Cannon Beach OR THATWHICHISGOOD 18 ZRIE014
10/19/17 1:47 A
i dont trust or count these calories burned. i dont think that is accurate. but im increasing my ste SOFT_VAL67 16 EVILCECIL
10/19/17 6:27 A
Cauliflower pizza, yum! BLUECAFE 15 KITT52
10/20/17 11:44 A
#BeforeAndAfter A little over a month later. I think I see a change... NAOMIRUNS 70 MOCHAMAZZJAZZ
10/19/17 2:45 A
oh no! hubby brought this home yesterday! not on my menu! SKMINNY 21 ZRIE014
10/19/17 1:42 A
This is my inspiration! Just paid off my dress. Wedding is in June... 8 months! My fitting for the d JNMORRIS15 178 JNMORRIS15
10/19/17 6:43 P
The picture on the left is from the end of last April, the middle is at 20 lbs lost, and the right i PDLSTMPR1 153 MINILOVER1
10/19/17 5:39 A
When there's no time for the gym??? Oh well I get it done at home βœ…βœ…βœ… MANONAMISSION73 9 CARMACHAMELEON
10/16/17 9:33 P
Had a great workout day! 4 miles was a walk/run- and then spent my afternoon shift playing kickbal KENNYBARBIE12 38 UMUCGRAD
10/16/17 10:34 P
10/16/17 10:34 P
Homemade coleslaw and a squash dish #keto TINKERFAN1968 12 BLESSOME
10/19/17 2:57 P
155 is better than 162..g night Sparks LORI 14 MANONAMISSION73
10/19/17 9:46 A
New Here! I just started going to the gym with my HOTACCOUNTANT 20 JOC36BROWN
10/19/17 8:20 A
A week off of fast food has made so much difference in the swelling in my ankles. #BeforeAndAfter SPARKELLY20103 136 CFITZ1
10/17/17 11:31 P
Max and Leo say goodnight sparkly friends. 1958TMC 45 1CRAZYDOG
10/18/17 12:02 P
#BeforeAndAfter CORYSWIFEY4915 89 KANDICANE11
10/17/17 1:12 P
Still not were i want to be, but really happy with how far I have come. MBLACK2085 254 TENACIOUS10
10/17/17 8:50 A
WONDERLAND! From 270 in May to this. Thanks to Spark People for all the support. On the toughest day DANSERD 46 FROSTY99
10/15/17 4:48 P
Thankful for progress no matter how slow. Both pics from this morning . Over 50 pounds lost, can't SADIEMYERS 19 IAN2409
10/20/17 10:01 P
Sharing a healthy snack with my baby :) NCFIT34 17 WARRIORGIRL121
10/20/17 8:54 P
Posted a photo MISSYCAMERON 15 MOUSE
10/15/17 7:24 P
Took a 90 min. bike ride this morning. The Valley of the Sun (Phoenix Metropolitan area) has a canal REEDSKI 17 PICKIE98
10/16/17 6:22 P
Even as I work hard towards healthy changes it is important to celebrate my body as I am along the w IMSHINY 68 EVILCECIL
10/16/17 6:59 A
A great lunch! MICHELLEMARIE76 11 ZRIE014
10/15/17 6:58 P
10/16/17 12:16 A
FINALLY!!!! Been in the 230's for the last month! I FINALLY broke through this morning! 26 lbs DOWN! SYEAGER1973 58 VAMPIRESBITING
10/15/17 11:15 P
My 1st white water rafting trip in over 25 years. Why did I wait so long to do it again??? FROSTY99 10 _LINDA
10/14/17 11:14 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 12 SRWYLIE
10/15/17 11:47 A
Last kayak ride for the year JSTETSER 23 ROCKYCPA
10/15/17 2:11 P
Cooking dinner, 6oz boneless skinless chicken breast, onion, 3 eggwhites, Mrs dash, cayenne pepper a JUSTSTICKWITHIT 21 DIALYSISCHIC1
10/15/17 2:55 P
Today has been a rough day but I have got a walk in and will do some chair exercises this evening. B LIVINGLOVINLIFE 28 1CRAZYDOG
10/15/17 3:15 P
Not bad if I do say so myself. JPELCHAT 29 _LINDA
10/14/17 11:15 P
Have a great evening. GARDENSFORLIFE 14 WHYTEBROWN
10/15/17 7:54 A
My husband and I having fun at the pumpkin patch :-) LLR630 20 CHERIRIDDELL
10/15/17 1:37 A
I lost 12lb between 28/09/17 to 10/10/17πŸ’ͺπŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’ FOSTERROSEANN38 13 FROSTY99
10/11/17 4:59 P
Just bought a pair of size 6 pants and small top for work! (Sorry about the bad face, I was tired). TAYBAMA 24 MDOWER1
10/11/17 5:52 P
Working out with the hubby! GORGEMOM73 6 FROSTY99
10/11/17 4:58 P
Autumn collage (made by me). ALLYLIZZY 14 DLJONES50
10/11/17 6:14 P
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 10 KACEYSW
10/11/17 5:28 P
Had an Awesome Workout at the Canada Games Centre Halifax early this morning. Cardio on the SCI FIT, BOOHOOBEAR 14 HARROWJET
10/12/17 8:14 A
Rainy and cold day after work and I’d love to be on my couch in my pjs. Instead, here I go into anot RRUSSELL46 20 ILARIAMARCUCCI
10/11/17 5:58 P
Start date- 4/10/17 58 pounds loss, halfway there!!! Kinda in a stall right now but I'm keepin on go WIFEYJENN 121 EARTH-ANGEL3
10/16/17 3:31 P
Jogged most of one mile, walked the second, cut out the third. After a restless night and in this th LKMANNING7 33 _LINDA
10/8/17 1:29 P
good morning y'all #lowcarb JUWEST 7 MARYLOTUS
10/8/17 11:26 A
10/8/17 12:08 P
Chloe getting her exercise in lol TMP0418 8 SISTER0614
10/8/17 11:21 A
This is what I won at the raffle we attended last night. Will never have problem drinking enough wa LJBOWSER1 15 SISTER0614
10/8/17 11:20 A
been for a walk--very mild here! LEANJEAN6 33 RAINBOWMF
10/9/17 4:45 P
have a happy healthy Sunday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 17 RAINBOWMF
10/9/17 4:46 P
Just what I needed this morning. So happy I am eating clean again and enjoying it. CHERRYBLOSSOMOM 14 CHERRYBLOSSOMOM
10/8/17 11:51 A
Ugh!!! I hate the scale, I truly do!! I sincerely worked harder this week than I've probably ever do CROD1830 204 LUNASPINA
10/11/17 4:24 A
#BeforeAndAfter yeah me JOSSIEPOSIE23 52 REDDYOUNG
10/11/17 5:21 P
Early afternoon here, I've been for a walk and now sat enjoying lunch with this view MARYMO22 107 CHRISTOPHER63
10/8/17 5:27 P