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I had a healthy carb free dinner. Bbq baked chicken breast, a sliced tomato with red onion and 1/2 c ASHPAPAC9 15 SARAHLILBIT1
8/23/17 10:44 P
This is just one of nature's wonders! KATETK 15 NOCALORIES
8/24/17 12:35 A
Time to chuckle DGFOWLER 12 STARZ16
8/23/17 11:42 P
Got produce for the week , other than what I have growing fresh....8 a day keeps the lbs away....πŸ˜‰ STARFISH1961 15 STARFISH1961
8/24/17 12:50 A
These were brought into work. Didn't give in! #justsaidno MEGCZAR 30 HOTPINKCAMARO49
8/23/17 11:04 P
Tonight's snack 4 Captain's wafers and a half a cup of cottage cheese I love this stuff good source GPALMER29 12 PROVERBS31JULIA
8/24/17 1:08 A
Down 21lbs went from 199 to 178 about another 30lbs to go CRYSTALVT1983 55 RUSSELLFORD
8/24/17 1:40 A
8/24/17 5:05 A
Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor for a physical. I THEJACKIEDEAN12 307 NOCALORIES
8/24/17 12:47 A
August 2017 CHAT - Welcome All SRIVERS1 27 FROSTY99
8/23/17 8:26 P
WHEEL spark points YOU earned today..? NAN041 8241 SRIVERS1
8/23/17 10:10 P
Progress this year. 196.6 down to 170. LOSINGJESS 15 SYNCHRODAD
8/22/17 11:37 P
Motivation moment RHOOK20047 12 MBPP50
8/23/17 8:06 A
Posted a photo MSROZZIE 13 MSROZZIE
8/23/17 9:12 P
A far cry from where I was 8 years ago. I slipped back a bit since having my 3rd baby 4 years ago b LOSINGJESS 78 MDOWER1
8/23/17 8:16 A
Progress photo... still want to lose a good chunk tho. GOLDIEFOXX 135 4CONNIESHEALTH
8/23/17 3:52 P
I know there isn't much of a difference, but I tho MKPARKE77 202 NEWBARBARA2017
8/23/17 8:33 A
I was already down 11 lbs in the first picture. 39lbs difference between these pictures. 50lbs total BREASH491 109 ISABEAUSROSE
8/23/17 7:43 A
53 pounds down and none of my pants fit!! BECKY_US 256 GINTEX
8/23/17 7:08 A
Through a welding mask! KETOKRAZYCHICK 14 FROSTY99
8/21/17 9:06 P
Making progressπŸ‘ NVRGIVINGUP 7 TEAGIRL49
8/22/17 1:09 A
Top was a year ago! Bottom is now! Keep on keto on! KETOKRAZYCHICK 20 KSTEVERSON
8/22/17 1:05 P
I have been looking into plant based protien so I got into some lentils that were building up. Anyt ANNSPHOENIX1 7 ILARIAMARCUCCI
8/22/17 2:06 A
Who saw this today SWCHKLT 11 GODS-PRINCESS
8/22/17 8:35 A
#dailydeliciousmoment.....we got a big laugh out of this ! Trying to do a mirror selfie for the firs STARFISH1961 8 DIALYSISCHIC1
8/24/17 12:26 A
It was really amazing to watch eclipase today. HIMREN03 8 THICK2FIT527
8/21/17 9:38 P
So I started at 170 and worked out vigorously and ate healthy and quickly found that in had lost 10 TAYBCOPELAND 20 ILARIAMARCUCCI
8/22/17 2:00 A
Dinner my sweet husband had ready when I got home! Vegetables & baked chicken breast! #sweethusband MEL-243 21 WALLAHALLA
8/22/17 9:44 P
BAM!! They should call me emerald cuz my salad be poppin! πŸ’ͺ LITTLETRANSBOY 4 WESAPHILLIPS
8/21/17 9:29 P
My daily motivation for everything I do. During this walk, he decided he didn't want to ride in the BOBCATGIRL76 73 IDICEM
8/23/17 8:57 A
Hey guys so aug 17th was my birthday I turned 38 I was hoping for a specific result for my birthday NBUTLER57 252 NBUTLER57
8/22/17 9:29 A
beautiful day to walk over 10k. I burned 1.4K calories. I did not know you could burn calories in K DEBYDOINGIT 7 FROSTY99
8/20/17 8:08 P
I don't know if I am supposed to do this or not, but I am going to post a link to my blog. This week ABINATHRA 20 RUTHSHEPHERD1
8/21/17 10:31 A
#deliciousdailymoment I hope these taste as good as they look. Parmesan eggplant slices. KNITTINGKITTY 15 PILLARPOINT
8/20/17 10:44 P
Posted a photo TIFFY30 7 SPARKLE1908
8/20/17 8:38 P
Kayaking with my kids before they head back to college. TIPTOETO50 11 MDCALIFORNIA
8/20/17 9:14 P
Posted a photo TIFFY30 7 WEARINGTHIN
8/21/17 5:17 A
Posted a photo KETOKRAZYCHICK 21 DREA4119
8/20/17 8:36 P
My journey so far...13 months. Top left now, bottom bottom right start. RAYMOSSISTER 7 1958TMC
8/21/17 4:49 P
A gorgeous night for a kayak adventure on the lake! NATASHA_D1 9 KATHYJO56
8/21/17 12:42 A
Back from Planet Fitness! 1.4 miles over and 1.6 miles back....walked to Target for food to cook fo MRSTRUCKER58 12 SPARKLE1908
8/20/17 8:35 P
Posted a photo VANNA 3 FROSTY99
8/19/17 9:50 P
I was always intimidated by farmers markets but I'm getting the hang of it and even the hubs said th APONI_KB 15 EVILCECIL
8/20/17 7:28 A
Nailed all the benchmarks. BLUESOX4113 10 HOLLY61FIRE
8/19/17 10:04 P
Carpet shampooing, DONE!....Yard work, DONE!......Shower now, Resting! ...... Here is my HAPPY FACE! F5-FURY 14 F5-FURY
8/20/17 3:09 P
Today's fitbit PLAINJANEDOE 21 TIF
8/19/17 10:51 P
Subflooring sanded, cleaned, primed, and floor sander rental returned. Everything prepared for floor BONNIEMARGAY 9 GARDENCHRIS
8/20/17 11:17 A
Did an Epilepsy Awareness event today and this hill might not look like much in this picture but I t CHUBBY_MOM 30 PURPLENY
8/19/17 11:21 P
You can do this. Don't compare, but find what works for you. It. Took me taking out my favorite foo JAPANGURL17 8 MIRANDAMASON603
8/19/17 10:28 A
8/18/17 10:49 P
Walking thru central park OOKLATHEMOK 22 MADEINBRITAIN
8/19/17 5:51 A
Enjoyed kayaking this morning! Enjoying the weather and scenery all while burning some calories! GJANUZZI 13 GABIRUSZCZAK
8/19/17 12:34 A
oh, Friday, I've been looking forward to this all week πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ DANICONNOLLY 23 ELSCO55
8/18/17 10:17 P
Not the same outfit.... and not a huge difference... but I'm proud. #vacation #tracking #steps #goal ELF41978 34 GABIRUSZCZAK
8/19/17 12:34 A
I dropped another 6lbs bringing my total weight loss to 61pounds... AWALKER83 126 TCANNO
8/19/17 4:02 A
Day 5 is done! This is the most days in a row that I've ever worked out! I usually find a reason.... JENNIFERROSE13 29 KAREN_EDMONDS
8/18/17 10:43 P
Wrapping those veggies! #deliciousdailymoment KATIE_6401 19 RETAT60
8/18/17 10:29 P
8/18/17 1:20 A
I did it. I was able to stand in tree pose tonight at yoga without falling over. Next to do it for a CDS427 14 DJ4HEALTH
8/18/17 12:38 A
Isn't that the truth?!?! lol πŸ˜‰ CONSTANCE067 13 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/18/17 7:48 A
This is me 2 months, 3 weeks, And 34 lbs ago. ☺ BREEZYK 6 CSPORE56
8/17/17 11:33 P
#deliciousdailymoment LOOSEYLEFTY 9 ILARIAMARCUCCI
8/18/17 1:55 A
Some fun pictures from my bike ride tonight. LLOWE30 14 CHERIRIDDELL
8/18/17 1:16 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 13 DANICONNOLLY
8/18/17 8:36 P
30 lbs down! 20 more to go! It took me a year but that's because I LOVE food, Lol! But consistent ex MGRANATO 238 PLCHAPPELL
8/18/17 5:26 A
First day of sophmore year. Down 25 pounds from last year! LITTLEEMI2 97 AUNTRENEE
8/18/17 9:08 A
Workout #1 done! I've lost 5 lbs so far tracking food, but it's time to get these muscles working a AMBRIGGSTX 85 TCANNO
8/18/17 3:38 A
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 8 _RAMONA
8/16/17 3:30 A
Worked out for an hour and a half, and resisted croissant sandwich. Feel proud of myself. I love cro ILARIAMARCUCCI 5 TCANNO
8/16/17 6:40 A
I'm back on track, I think; no wallowing in yesterday's mistakes! FITGIGI0102 9 ARHUNT71
8/16/17 1:41 P
19,688 steps yesterday & 15,048 steps so far for today !!! SHANTRA7 10 EO4WELLNESS
8/16/17 6:27 P
Enjoying my reward! (Gondola ride). Learning to use food to fuel my body vs using food as a coping d PRINCESSBEHR33 25 ARHUNT71
8/16/17 1:40 P
My hubby gave me these beautiful flowers for our anniversary! ❀️ ACRAIG921 154 ACRAIG921
8/16/17 9:24 P
8/16/17 5:17 A
First day back to school. I put in a few miles in just a few hours. JENMICHAELS 5 CGARR442
8/14/17 11:08 P