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Stress sucks how do you deal with it? AMCELROY4 34 GSABASS
11/29/15 6:24 A
No topic really... Went to the store to get some a SHANEG78 41 KAHANGI
11/29/15 12:40 A
Working on benefit enrollment process (1st time si GAILITCH 17 GAILITCH
11/28/15 8:01 P
i am looking for way to raise money for my senoir NINAMAHRENS 10 2GEESMOM
11/28/15 8:59 P
11/28/15 8:48 P
Walked for 15 minutes today instead of 10. This ti AMYANN2005 7 38TIMESACHARM
11/28/15 7:48 P
New to this site. Hello everybody :) DAWSONMAMA79 16 COOKIEC1963
11/29/15 9:07 A
Was so good for 2 days. End of day 3 I pigged out TWEETERITATOO 7 KAYJ76
11/28/15 1:00 P
Hello this is day 1 of my " lifestyle change" i am JESSIE082485 46 COFFEEPLEEZ
11/28/15 4:17 P
Hey folks, my name is Kat. I've been trying to get KMONTEIRO9 8 GSABASS
11/28/15 7:14 P
One of the greatest challenges in staying committe DAKBNBL2009 23 DIZZYBRITCHES
11/28/15 2:21 P
You know you've been on Sparkpeople too long when GSABASS 14 GAILITCH
11/28/15 12:46 P
Will be off for a couple days. Travelling to Breme VANILLASKY15 11 PPALM2015
11/28/15 12:46 P
I guss I just suck at this can't seem to make thi SETHSETH1 18 2GEESMOM
11/28/15 4:26 P
Yesterday was my 1st thanksgiving since I lost my CRISTA0318 8 2GEESMOM
11/28/15 1:09 P
I need motivation to work out in winter. I seem to ADRIENNERENAE83 19 2GEESMOM
11/28/15 1:15 P
Need a buddy to keep me accountable with late nigh LANAE8 12 LANGSTRUMP
11/29/15 12:00 A
What's the weather like where u are? Here in Ohio TORRIESJOURNEY 58 GSABASS
11/28/15 7:17 P
Lost weight this week - suck it, Thanksgiving! PMCCALL4495 20 ELP14586
11/28/15 1:14 P
So excited I finally bought a new fitbit. After no TINARENEE8462 19 GAILITCH
11/28/15 12:24 P
Guess who just run for 1h30min non-stop, this girl IRA-MARIA 50 BECKIENC
11/28/15 2:46 P
Slid for the last two weeks emotional eating reari MOMO32192 20 LOVEHEART2016
11/28/15 7:17 A
I lost 50lbs and I fell off the wagon I gained and BRANDIMGLOVER 16 GSABASS
11/28/15 6:47 A
We're in the process of buying a new car. Who knew BECKYISDOINGIT 12 GAILITCH
11/28/15 1:26 A
Is there any way i can convince my parents that i NATOULE123321 8 GSABASS
11/28/15 6:42 A
What are your meal plans for next week? SANAII 6 MSFIGGY
11/28/15 4:52 A
How do you deal with joint pain when all you can h AMCELROY4 10 PICKLEFISH7
11/28/15 7:13 A
My mom brought home a bucket of sour keys... serio PRESLYNN 11 SEPT2016
11/28/15 5:38 A
Thinking about getting FitBit. Has it helped anyon IASM78 11 CANADAGUY
11/28/15 6:37 A
I can do this One week of full eating clean Tomo CLAUDIASJOURNEY 8 GAILITCH
11/27/15 9:22 P
When I got nervous I feel like I need to eat just NOGA33 8 GAILITCH
11/27/15 7:50 P
I just found out there is a circus school not too ANNETJE 24 GAILITCH
11/27/15 7:40 P
If you live in western Pennsylvania today (for the GSABASS 11 2GEESMOM
11/27/15 8:22 P
Does anyone else have friends who try to make them CORINNE1987 41 APRILWILLIAMS64
11/27/15 7:12 P
Flying to Africa! NSV I fit in the seatbelt even AJISUUN 11 GSABASS
11/27/15 7:13 P
It was time to come back to this app, especially w BUTTERFLY0401 21 2GEESMOM
11/27/15 2:35 P
I don't care if people get tired of this but none KATIEPHELPS91 6 GSABASS
11/27/15 7:28 P
If I was skinny when I was little and if I lost al KATIEPHELPS91 12 GAILITCH
11/27/15 12:56 A
Today I shall eat to live, not live to eat. My new AMARIE013 17 VIDESB104
11/27/15 12:39 A
Thanksgiving morning woke to find I've reached 240 GAILITCH 56 KAHANGI
11/27/15 1:58 A
Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to measure and journal DYANNE4293 3 DYANNE4293
11/26/15 4:16 P
Before I lost weight I was so lazy and I hated wor KATIEPHELPS91 21 DIZZYBRITCHES
11/26/15 5:26 P
So the last few days I have been feeling really go PNMOMMOA0102 51 GSABASS
11/26/15 3:53 P
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm new to spark. I've been un KELLSKRAZE 22 KELLSKRAZE
11/29/15 6:26 A
11/26/15 2:41 P
Do you ever get to the bottom of your bowl and fee CJBEGINNINGS 8 GSABASS
11/26/15 3:55 P
Happy thanksgiving!!! I'm off schedule today worki JESATANK 4 GSABASS
11/26/15 4:04 P
I'm hungry after my run, but drinking water and st IASM78 3 GSABASS
11/26/15 4:04 P
Ladies with PCOS; i have a weird question... Do yo MSFIGGY 9 MSFIGGY
11/27/15 2:49 A
Spent the morning working out, cooking a pot of so GSABASS 12 GSABASS
11/26/15 4:06 P
Good Thursday Sparkpeeps & of course, Happy Thanks STRETCHYGIRL83 47 STRETCHYGIRL83
11/26/15 4:19 P
Day 2 with no pop....really want a glass and quitt ANNT1974 167 1BOOMBALATTY
11/29/15 5:41 A
Happy Thanksgiving! I intend to enjoy and savor ev PMCCALL4495 3 GAILITCH
11/26/15 11:41 A
Got to the hotel late last night, but I still put OWLKEEPTRYING 10 GSABASS
11/26/15 4:17 P
So mad at myself right now! Major binge on ice cr TWEETERITATOO 36 JOHNPAM01
11/27/15 10:31 A
The morning was calm,then it started raining Food. MSFIGGY 6 MSFIGGY
11/27/15 2:13 A
Happy Thanksgiving eve everyone. Eat your veggies BALANCE15 5 MSFIGGY
11/26/15 3:18 A
So proud of my self. Husband and daughter got Burg MLAFRANCE2 17 12KELLY10
11/26/15 4:33 A
Endoscopy DONE! No issues!! The only other hurdle KIMBOINMONROE 8 KAHANGI
11/26/15 3:51 A
It's hard to have cereal for breakfast when I'm us JOYTENNIS 11 RELAROCA
11/26/15 2:55 A
Hi! I'm new today, and I will choose honesty right MITZISMOMMY 9 MITZISMOMMY
11/26/15 2:25 P
I just started SparkPeople last week and I've done DAKOTAGYPSY2015 15 JODYNEY
11/26/15 7:30 A
Happy Thanksgiving! SBWALDRUP 6 GAILITCH
11/26/15 1:41 A
So tell me SP. What are some ways that you are goi MOMMY_LOVE8260 14 GAILITCH
11/26/15 1:29 A
Not feeling motivated to work out today. Really ti JWESTERMAN23 14 PPALM2015
11/25/15 8:01 P
I like candy - A LOT!! RICKLES 8 GSABASS
11/25/15 7:56 P
I really need help with staying motivated. I also MMFURNO 35 MMFURNO
11/27/15 10:59 A
Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, I just s 2MUCHSUNSHINE 65 2GEESMOM
11/25/15 10:39 P
Weigh-in Wednesday: I lost another pound! My progr DIZZYBRITCHES 26 SIXLESTER69
11/25/15 12:46 P
Have anyone tried any diet pills for help? ELQURITE 33 2GEESMOM
11/24/15 11:09 P
Some days you have the feeling like u just don't w ALLISONRCOLLINS 14 LEEFJL
11/24/15 10:52 P
Hey everyone I'm going to buffet for thanksgiving SKINNYCOW77 14 HANNAHGOLSEN
11/25/15 1:30 A
Went to the Dr. This morning 15 pounds down JEFFERSONB 25 KOMTRIA
11/24/15 9:11 P
To my walking friends .. do you track how many min READYTOLOSE84 15 VANILLASKY15
11/25/15 3:09 A
I had a great doctor's appointment today. I have KELLYHAMILTON 8 TWINMOMMYTRISH
11/24/15 9:07 P

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