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Last letter starts next word USMAWIFE 3535 USMAWIFE
8/19/17 9:40 P
emotion to show how you are feeling at this moment USMAWIFE 5097 USMAWIFE
8/19/17 9:40 P
Log in/bonus spin points USMAWIFE 4318 GETULLY
8/19/17 9:30 P
8/19/17 9:28 P
What do you currently have on your needles??? GEAUXSAT 7102 GETULLY
8/19/17 9:25 P
8/19/17 9:24 P
From a 1x -2x to a regular large in a shirt. Makes me happy!🤗 Feeling beautiful. Tonight I have a f JHONNMIDWAY 33 NOCALORIES
8/19/17 9:58 P
8/19/17 9:55 P
i want to lose 20 pounds BORREGOVAL20006 17 MDCALIFORNIA
8/19/17 9:31 P
Knew I shouldn't have had that dessert... ugh... I got sick. It was too rich for my tummy. Still get CPHILLIPS64 2 GETULLY
8/19/17 9:01 P
Today was a planned cheat day. But I did not kill my nutrition goals as bad as I thought I would and COVDAR9 2 GETULLY
8/19/17 9:00 P
Yoga and ballet are done for the day. Trying to mix it up so I stay motivated. MARAJADE91 19 TOMATOCAFEGAL
8/19/17 9:37 P
4 miles today and 20 min of restorative yoga. SHERRIAR75492 14 DEEO12
8/19/17 9:14 P
Showing FW the old man can still climb a park feature. :) LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 13 NOCALORIES
8/19/17 9:51 P
I was always intimidated by farmers markets but I'm getting the hang of it and even the hubs said th APONI_KB 13 FROSTY99
8/19/17 9:49 P
Day 2 of 14 straight. Rowing today. Difficult but satisfying. MICOLINA26 10 KZOSCIN
8/19/17 9:49 P
Your mood.... emoticon it!! :) BELLACUDDLES 615 ROCKS8ROX
8/19/17 8:36 P
I lost another pound this week. 9 pounds down in 3 weeks! Whoo hoo!! JW 11 LINDASOUTHER
8/18/17 10:03 A
Unsure how truly healthy it is since it's flour tortillas and pork, but all those veggies count for JAPANGURL17 27 KATHYMAINE58
8/18/17 9:52 A
Yesterday's bonus!!! ST3PH 14 CHERYLHURT
8/18/17 7:24 A
Happy Friday! Saw this posted somewhere and it is very true! Have a great weekend and remember YOU g LISA0801 13 METALMOMMA25
8/18/17 9:38 A
I'm Up to My Eye Balls in Canning Tomatoes ! :} CANNINGNANNY 20 DANICONNOLLY
8/18/17 8:28 P
Yesterday's discouragement is defeated by today's surprise: broke a decade mark that has eluded me f LKMANNING7 166 DANICONNOLLY
8/18/17 8:24 P
I need to get back on track. I have gained back ten pounds of the 25 I lost after I had a hysterecto NAZYTEACH 38 LOSING4GOODLIFE
8/18/17 8:44 A
Happy happy Friday! Thankful for SparkPeople and the never ending sources of encouragement on the w MICHCLEARY 38 GRANNY2SK1
8/18/17 9:21 A
TODAY is the day I start counting calories again! OUTSIDEJOJO 94 _LINDA
8/18/17 2:12 P
Whole wheat English muffin with egg, tomato, half slice reduced fat cheese & turkey polish kielbasa, MWARNER211 35 LINDASOUTHER
8/18/17 9:53 A
I don't mean to bore you great folks but,..... Looking back, always makes me smile! 😉 F5-FURY 211 JAPANGURL17
8/19/17 7:24 A
Had knee surgery 4 days ago and am struggling...I will be on crutches for 4 weeks and can't workout LYNN0488 9 LYNN0488
8/17/17 10:25 A
Down 29lbs as of today. Just 67 to go’ JKUMMEROW71 5 SRWYLIE
8/17/17 8:40 A
Choice: Maintaining WINTERFLOWER 17 MIRAGE727
8/17/17 11:26 A
Ton of spinach, freshly ground flax seed, strawberry, blueberry & banana... is what's for breakfast! HERNEENEE 19 MIRAGE727
8/17/17 11:23 A
Roasted Tomatoes ! Naturally Sweet ! CANNINGNANNY 28 LIVEDAILY
8/17/17 5:39 P
Up for a walk before life gets too crazy - crush my goals one choice at a time MYSTIKALSHARYL 8 SRWYLIE
8/17/17 8:37 A
Enjoy your workout SWCHKLT 7 DINZEL
8/17/17 8:50 A
My amazing DIL and beloved beautiful Pearl. MEADSBAY 6 GABY1948
8/17/17 9:06 A
Give thanks for another day! TCOOK10456 17 SPARKLINGME176
8/17/17 11:21 A
One yr difference!! 120lbs later 60 yrs old 👍👍 DIANEPAG 129 DEWEBER
8/17/17 1:59 P
TBT Me a month after my bike crash SOFLOKITTY 35 PWILLOW1
8/18/17 11:36 A
Last night while walking there was a dip on the road and I ended up falling (inserting laughing face JAPANGURL17 15 JAPANGURL17
8/17/17 11:46 A
Wow! I shrunk! DIANEPAG 162 ROCKRS
8/17/17 3:54 P
8/17/17 10:45 A
Good morning, I am somewhat new to sparkpeople. I have struggled with weight for the last 15 years. CHRISENDRAROSS 261 CHRISENDRAROSS
8/17/17 5:52 P
How will you exercise today? USMAWIFE 2557 USMAWIFE
8/18/17 9:26 P
8/19/17 12:17 P
8 stages of becoming a knitting addict USMAWIFE 3 ANNKRAN
8/16/17 7:11 P
I love to swim! Today I swam a 2000 free (80 lengths) without stopping! A new PR! LR237787 18 APACHESTEVE
8/16/17 10:52 A
Just saying hi!! I'm new to this ...but I've been on a weightloss journey for 8 months. ..I need to NICOLEGREENE74 20 CHRISSYWILSON80
8/16/17 10:07 P
Posted a photo ANNSPHOENIX1 12 MAZUR157
8/16/17 10:37 A
Need prayers for this little lady today. She is having dental surgery and needs to be put to sleep LJBOWSER1 25 ISNESS
8/16/17 7:13 P
Love yourself.. Something I have had to learn to tell myself every day.God Bless all GYMRATFORLIFE 9 CHRISSYWILSON80
8/16/17 10:26 A
Didn't workout yesterday, so I did 50 mins of T25 RUNNING_PHOENIX 29 MAZUR157
8/16/17 10:35 A
Goodmorning everyone, breakfast consisting of watermelon, blueberries,strawberries and a scoop of 20 JUSTSTICKWITHIT 38 JULIENSMITH
8/16/17 8:39 P
I very seldom post pics of myself, but I recently turned 57 years old and I'm feeling kind of sassy MOUCHE 191 TCRANE522
8/16/17 7:20 P
Been working hard trying to get lean and tone at the gym, especially with my arms because I battled THEJACKIEDEAN12 110 LKMANNING7
8/17/17 7:00 A
It's officially V81775 248 JTHEALTHY1
8/16/17 6:59 P
This dress is 2 sizes smaller than what I thought I could wear JAGUILAR88 174 DIALYSISCHIC1
8/16/17 4:24 P
Good Morning Spark People! ZDAN44 182 SASHASMOM1122
8/16/17 3:14 P
Game: Two Words ~ Change One. GOLDIE216 25 TISHTOES
8/18/17 11:05 P
sikull shawl free to 850 am 8/16 knit USMAWIFE 3 GOOZLEBEAR
8/15/17 5:18 P
Finally left the 180's club! So exciting this has been a barrier number for me! APPLEVEE 3 AULAURUS
8/15/17 12:22 P
Goodmorning, thank you for all the support. Hanging out around Amish country today, goal is to hit 1 JUSTSTICKWITHIT 29 SADIEMYERS
8/15/17 10:24 P
Having a healthy 340 calorie lunch today. Fish is a great diet food! I even have some calories left K31922 8 BBDELTA
8/15/17 10:59 A
Morning Sparkers! When was the last time you did something you haven't done before to change up you ASF220 14 ZORO22
8/15/17 11:13 A
Breakfast Smoothie IGOT2START 11 SAMMEB17
8/15/17 11:17 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 6 GABY1948
8/15/17 11:09 A
Yes this is how we've been feeling in South Texas! Way too hot no matter what time of day. Makes it NSAL78 15 LINDASOUTHER
8/15/17 1:59 P
Good Tuesday morning Sparky's!! I hope you're having a good day!! And got some rest last night!! It' GPALMER29 20 MEEMERS2010
8/18/17 5:30 P
Buying more flavor water Lost 2 pounds this week DORA 24 MARIHELEN
8/15/17 11:46 A
I have lost 100 pounds ...the last 40 is NOT going to beat me!! MYSTIKALSHARYL 52 LINDASOUTHER
8/15/17 1:50 P
Good morning Community! Stop hating yourself for what you aren't! Start loving yourself for who you LOVELY1978 114 SUGARSMOM2
8/15/17 4:06 P
Massive amount of food- 243 calories! I broke out one of grandma's egg cups and bought the adorable AUGUSTAGLOOP 114 GOODGETNBETR
8/18/17 11:52 A
It's officially I am pregnant. V81775 219 SSUUEE1
8/15/17 8:12 P
Haven't seen the 160s in at least 5 years! 💪👏👏😀😎 NONANATOR 197 DLJONES50
8/15/17 6:11 P
FIRST weigh-in....woo hoo!!!! 28 days in and 14 lbs down!!! Upping my cardio for the next 4 weeks AULAURUS 193 ROSEANN17
8/18/17 1:17 P