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emotion to show how you are feeling at this moment USMAWIFE 5427 ANGELICA254
12/14/17 1:15 P
Last letter starts next word USMAWIFE 3802 ANGELICA254
12/14/17 1:24 P
How will you exercise today? USMAWIFE 2732 USMAWIFE
12/13/17 6:30 P
Log in/bonus spin points USMAWIFE 4574 USMAWIFE
12/13/17 6:29 P
12/13/17 6:30 P
What do you currently have on your needles??? GEAUXSAT 7396 USMAWIFE
12/14/17 4:25 A
12/14/17 4:26 A
Posted a goal BJK1961 2 GETULLY
12/13/17 2:44 P
Slow responses from my computer really make me want to put my fist through a wall! BJK1961 5 KATBRUNNER
12/13/17 6:46 P
Asking for prayers for the people in Ca in fire areas. APPEALSTOME 14 PBVHCCVH
12/13/17 4:02 P
340 calorie lunch mixed greens, garlic, cucumber, chick peas, salmon and raspberry vinaigrette dress TMP0418 8 -POOKIE-
12/14/17 7:16 A
My super #Keto breakfast! Coconut flour "bread", spinach spread, smoked salmon, eggs, and bacon! All DANNY_LCF 12 NEEDACHANGE4ME
12/14/17 7:08 A
The first thing I started tracking was my steps. I installed the app midday September 29, 2017. One RONFOXX58 11 LORINTY
12/13/17 3:45 P
#BeforeAndAfter CHELSEA369 52 KJACKSN1
12/13/17 8:09 P
When you have to come in to the University on your day off!!! Might as well hit the gym or jog on th MANONAMISSION73 7 TMP0418
12/13/17 6:45 P
This cracked me up...I tell you this is me beyond a shadow of a doubt!!! CROD1830 11 CIERAPOET
12/13/17 4:01 P
Down 8.8lbs in 16 days!! I'm actually doing this! This is actually happening! I'm hoping to drop 10l ANGELICMOMMA 23 MIZKAREN
12/13/17 4:15 P
#BeforeAndAfter BLMSOLIS 126 GIANTOCR1
12/13/17 5:02 P
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney GETULLY 2 RETAT60
12/13/17 3:52 P
Met 2 goals. First a 40lbs loss and officially at a normal bmi from obese. 10 lbs to my final goal! CTMOM 142 TURQUROISE
12/13/17 6:43 P
Daily: Any Emoticon You Like! JORDAN501 40 GETULLY
12/12/17 11:32 A
Are you Tracking your Goals, Nutrition, etc. JASMINE1704 71 GETULLY
12/12/17 11:29 A
What Sweets Did You Eat so far Today? GOLDIE216 66 GETULLY
12/12/17 11:29 A
Daily: Any Fitness Emoticon You Like. JORDAN501 25 GETULLY
12/12/17 11:28 A
Got up late but still fit in a work out. Packing my bag the night before made all the difference get AMANDA_CP 4 GETULLY
12/12/17 11:12 A
Today I will focus on drinking water! Drink drink drink... I am so bad about this. I must make new h 2FINDHER 12 MSMITCHELL2696
12/12/17 1:57 P
My winter wonderland! JSTETSER 16 GARDENCHRIS
12/13/17 7:25 A
Many starts and stops. Finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Way to low of a calorie count was PWHITE165 6 ROBINVOTAW
12/12/17 1:46 P
hello, today is my first day, and I am feeling very positive. MZ-TOOTHICK 6 DAVIDSON6004
12/12/17 1:53 P
Let your body tell you what she needs! JSTETSER 17 GARDENCHRIS
12/13/17 7:25 A
Sorry its so blurry. Not sure what happened there. But I forgot to post last week but here it is. 3. FINDINGPEACE199 22 TXCURIOUS
12/13/17 9:07 A
Good morning everyone and Happy Tuesday. This is a non scale success for me and a Transformation Tue THEJACKIEDEAN12 29 QSHEPP
12/13/17 9:31 A
My breakfast smoothie. Christmas-style! MANIKLODE 8 ROBINVOTAW
12/12/17 1:44 P
Stay warm!! ❤❄ DIANEPAG 13 STEVIEBEE569
12/12/17 11:38 A
Have a great Tuesday. Lots to do today. Getting ready for Thursday Christmas Party at VA for nursing LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 TXCURIOUS
12/13/17 9:06 A
breakfast! 212 calories, 8 carbs! 2 eggs, 5 cherry tomatoes, 5 baby carrots and a glass of water : AGZIETLOW1 28 MPLSKEN
12/12/17 11:42 P
Quick morning workout: ✅ Thanks, Fitstar app! GRATTECIELLA 16 LIVEDAILY
12/12/17 4:36 P
10-mile walk/run done. I'm ready for the day . . . . or a nap. 1DAY-ATA-TIME 31 JOYCEHARRIS3
12/13/17 5:51 A
#BeforeAndAfter my highest weight in 2015. In October 2016 I turned 30 and made a New Year's resolut GOODFELINE 161 HEALTHYANDFIT27
12/13/17 2:21 A
My son was up all night sick, so I decided to get up at 4:30 and go run while my husband was home. T ZORBS13 21 TBRYAN-LU
12/12/17 10:01 P
Wishful thought for hard Sparkies ITALIANGAL44 92 TURQUROISE
12/12/17 3:56 P
Today is a good day! Reached my goal of 20 lbs down by the end of the year (started mid-september) a GUITARGIRL1220 180 NOCALORIES
12/12/17 9:10 P
New knittin kitten MALIPDX 5 GETULLY
12/11/17 10:57 P
Gotta admit, I'm a little down. I was 276 pounds on my birthday 1st June; I am down to 215 last week M_CAVANAGH 22 MSMITCHELL2696
12/12/17 10:10 A
Monday musings.... RHOOK20047 25 MBPP50
12/12/17 8:45 A
That seven-mile run felt amazing after being the walking plague for quite a while. Feeling strong an KBEGEY 12 TREYSONZ
12/12/17 4:44 P
Indulged in a coffee and cookie from Starbucks this morning but realized that is not the way to cele LOSING150JILLI 16 QSHEPP
12/12/17 5:40 A
Click the heart button if you survived without sweets and junk food today. ALLYLIZZY 26 CBASS30
12/12/17 2:01 A
I am finally back in the the 100's club! It may not seem like a whole lot but it's BIG to me!!!! #mo BARISTAGIRL28 172 KATHIFAYE
12/12/17 6:51 A
I feel like a traitor. For several years now, my pepper fudge has been a staple at Christmas parties LKMANNING7 33 CONSTANCE067
12/12/17 11:03 P
After an indulging weekend today was awesome!! Stayed within calories ✅ cardio ✅ Yay!! REEBOK87 14 REEBOK87
12/12/17 9:12 A
I know I look like crap. Haha, but feeling good. Down 23 pounds in 8 weeks RDBCOFFEE5 45 OBSIDYAN2
12/12/17 5:32 A
Today's numbers #KETO ST3PH 9 PIPPAMOUSE
12/12/17 2:55 P
Bonus!! ST3PH 21 MPLSKEN
12/12/17 11:43 P
The benefits of children old enough to be truly helpful (9 and 6). They assembled, fluffed, and deco ENGINEERMOM 16 OVERDUECHANGE
12/11/17 2:53 P
Down 40 lbs in 3 months, somehow I get the feeling the next 50 will be harder. Crazy to think how RODADDY 16 GETULLY
12/10/17 8:15 P
So someone’s post about being down on them-self but positive with other people. Find that true. Fo ROSETTE04 4 GETULLY
12/10/17 8:15 P
Had my hubby move the treadmill in he bedroom so it is facing the TV, not the wall. Watch out world. DCWILLIAMS831 6 FITGIGI0102
12/10/17 10:49 P
Many of you may remember the attack and death of my Sweet Lily. I have been depressed, devastated, ALABAMASUSAN17 36 1CRAZYDOG
12/11/17 4:10 P
Made a low carb sausage biscuits and gravy and it’s not as good as normal biscuits but it’s a great LOSING150JILLI 6 GETULLY
12/10/17 8:13 P
Happy we got to visit our neighborhood gym. CHERYL4808 4 TSHAWGER
12/10/17 8:03 P
Winner winner its my Dinner!!! Cabbage soup an apple walnut cranberry salad DOINITNOTGONNAS 11 TSHAWGER
12/10/17 8:02 P
I finally got up the nerve to post my before and current photos. I was shocked by the difference! Wh BUNNY_SHAWE 264 NANAOHMEN
12/10/17 10:02 P
My supportive hubby and his man cave/bed room/living room. June 3, 2016 hubby fall and broke his nec CHANGING-TURTLE 19 PATRICIA-CR
12/11/17 6:21 P
Posted a photo AMYMBUNCH 10 EARTH-ANGEL3
12/10/17 7:31 P
Homemade chicken and dumplings as healthy as we can make it. We will let it sit overnight and have i CGARR442 15 YELLOW09RED
12/11/17 12:28 P
Ran my very first 5k yesterday morning! It was a santa run which explains the beard lol. I beat my g CHELSEA369 25 MIRAGE727
12/10/17 9:55 P
swete bag free to 12/11 5 am est USMAWIFE 3 GOOZLEBEAR
12/10/17 10:01 P
colored balls of yarn puzzle USMAWIFE 4 ANNKRAN
12/11/17 8:30 P
donguri beret free to 3/9/18 knit USMAWIFE 2 GETULLY
12/9/17 11:04 P
garden of versailles free to 12/11 USMAWIFE 2 GETULLY
12/9/17 11:02 P
sul 2 free to 12/24 USMAWIFE 2 GETULLY
12/9/17 11:02 P
snowfall beanie free to 12/12 USMAWIFE 3 GETULLY
12/9/17 11:00 P
What healthy habits are hardest to stick with? Why GET2BEFIT 38 GETULLY
12/9/17 10:52 P
got my tree Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 GLENDAK72 11 MYTIMEOK
12/9/17 9:50 A