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FIVE POUNDS GONE! I'm so #happy! It has been such a struggle for me to get started and I'm really WRITINGMYSTORY 24 GOALIEGRANDMA3
12/9/16 9:55 A
I'm looking forwards to having some daylight activities with the kids this weekend. What are you lo RMPOKRZY 13 TANGERINE_135
12/9/16 11:26 A
Should I really be weighing myself everyday? #dail S15248 15 DRBARNETT
12/9/16 10:39 A
HELP! I've gained weight. I'm at my highest ever. RANA!! 13 LOLAHH
12/9/16 11:06 A
Second day of my jorney... I tracked what I ate us JOURNEYOFLOVEFI 15 OHTAFFYWHITE
12/9/16 9:54 A
I can't stop taking naps... I work and i get home SIERRALUVLEE 9 PURPLEONPOINTE
12/8/16 7:34 P
I gave up coffee. My reason 4 doing so, because I VPHIPPS3 19 GOALIEGRANDMA3
12/8/16 6:57 P
Down 45 pounds and I'm finally starting to see a d CAITIEHALL94 15 PHYLLISHOPKINS
12/8/16 9:36 P
Ooooh! Apparently my #update of this app yesterday DIZZYBRITCHES 3 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/8/16 7:05 P
Walked 60 min. Today with 3 friends GOALIEGRANDMA3 1 GOALIEGRANDMA3
12/8/16 6:55 P
If you overeat and exceed your calories one day ( MAYASTOLEMAN 9 LADYREDCOMET
12/7/16 11:46 A
How often do you all weigh yourself? I am weighin MHET2016 32 DORRINDA112
12/7/16 4:23 P
Can someone give me tips on how to continue to lose weight even without a strict diet? I fear that I LACEYBATTLES 19 MEANTTOTHRIVE
12/7/16 4:06 P
Has anyone used Raspberry Keytone as a supplement. OCEANDREAMIN 7 GOALIEGRANDMA3
12/7/16 11:10 A
This is Day 1 for me. Just looked through site a b ITSTC17 14 ARTH3736
12/8/16 2:36 P
My goal is so close! Only 4lbs away! Part of me wa RUTHIE2315 15 JACKIELOOKALIKE
12/7/16 11:58 A
So I ate a full bag of Cheetos. 500+ calories. I f GINARIVERS 27 FIVEFOOTWONDER
12/7/16 12:30 P
Hello Everyone! My 3rd day! Is not easy but I'm g PAOBEST 18 HEALTH_NOW
12/6/16 9:52 A
Finally down 6 pounds. Hoping to keep it gone. #do KITTEN121011 43 SARAWALL2013
12/8/16 5:29 P
So I think today I finally woke up. While Christma KEGLA79 16 KEGLA79
12/6/16 8:44 A
Hi! This is my 4th day on the program MALLEYMARILYN 7 TSHAWGER
12/6/16 8:40 A
I've been cutting calories like crazy exercising e TWINKER82 19 LUANN_IN_PA
12/6/16 1:32 P
#eattolose I track everything before I eat so I kn COLORADOBUMKIN 58 PETALPAWS
12/8/16 9:12 A
I need to lose about 80 ponds CVANNORTW 10 TSHAWGER
12/6/16 8:39 A
Got into smaller jeans today 40NOW2007 67 MSANN59
12/6/16 5:58 P
I love Christmas shopping. I hate Christmas shoppi IAMHOLDINGON 19 KENDILYNN
12/6/16 11:06 A
I burned 200 calories today and worked out for 30 MESSIAHFIT 5 GOALIEGRANDMA3
12/5/16 4:27 P
I rejoined Spark to gain a community of supporters BLAZIANBARBI 15 GOALIEGRANDMA3
12/3/16 8:19 P
Finally hit the 50 Lbs lost, I weighed 265.5 started at 316. Still a ways to go as I am aiming for LEDOORMAT530 38 DAPHINIJIMENEZ
12/3/16 8:45 P
If you could have one food be magically fat free a COFFEE-LOVER 87 J41803
12/4/16 12:37 A
Bought 3 rag rugs for my kitchen at a craft show GOALIEGRANDMA3 4 POSITIVEHIPPY12
12/3/16 8:18 P
I am 68, will be 69 in Jan., I've lost lost 13 lbs J65764 12 GOALIEGRANDMA3
12/3/16 7:42 P
I have a really hard time staying motivated. Any t BRLARSON291 6 POSITIVEHIPPY12
12/3/16 7:50 P
Tracked everything today for the first time in mon LETITIAARNEY 13 7STIGGYMT
12/2/16 9:48 P
I am having a hard time lowering my sodium intake! MAMAGIDGETJ 28 GOALIEGRANDMA3
12/2/16 9:17 P
Car was out of commission so I haven't been to the THESKINNYFOX 13 BYGEM68
12/2/16 9:22 P
My new favorite #food...cauliflower!! DAWN1830 17 BYGEM68
12/2/16 9:30 P
Anyone watching the MAC championship game? GOALIEGRANDMA3 2 7STIGGYMT
12/2/16 10:00 P
Here's a thing that helps me not eat mindlessly in front of the tv at night: I crochet or embroider DIVERGENTSUMMER 12 BANANASLOUIE7
12/2/16 10:01 P
I had a great dental check up today.....exrays good, and no cavities GOALIEGRANDMA3 2 BEACHTIME9
12/1/16 2:20 P
What's the weather like in your city? NICOLE_PATRYCE 18 FITTEREVERYDAY
12/1/16 3:14 P
Hey guys I need help I need a good diet to help me MONAE40 11 MONAE40
12/1/16 2:23 P
Can I eat pastas just not passing my calorie limit GABBY0827 20 LUANN_IN_PA
12/1/16 6:02 P
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 1036 DIRTYBABE
12/8/16 5:31 P
Quick Tip: I motivate myself to eat less by preten JASSIRYS 5 DEMONRUBY
12/1/16 2:27 P
Its thirsty Thursday! LOL drink that water yo! Goo MRSSTEGALL 28 MRSSTEGALL
12/1/16 5:24 P
#firstpost hoping this app can help me to lose .I CHEROKEELADY22 7 ROCKET1DOG
12/1/16 2:25 P
#lowcarb I managed to get through the holiday, an INTOLOSELBS 14 GOALIEGRANDMA3
11/30/16 10:41 P
Check in day 2: Calorie deficit of 1154... So if there are 3500 calories in a pound, it will take 6- T20177 5 GOALIEGRANDMA3
11/30/16 10:40 P
What victims do you guys recommend? I can't take b FREESPITITHIPPI 5 OTEMPURA
11/30/16 10:45 P
I've eaten my allotted calories for the day and ex BWALSH4 9 GOALIEGRANDMA3
11/30/16 10:37 P
I'm about to cry. I've cut most carbs, most sugars JOLOSERJO 53 DEPRESCOTT
12/1/16 11:54 A
So hard to find the balance sometimes between too LILPET73109 5 THISKARYNGIRL
12/2/16 7:32 P
Does anyone know some quick excercises to do befor PATTONTIFFANY03 5 CLARADAY
12/2/16 9:00 P
Home from 6 day visit with daughter and family. To GOALIEGRANDMA3 3 GOALIEGRANDMA3
11/28/16 10:51 P
We was talking about putting the Christmas tree up J38850 20 SANDRAKAY66
11/26/16 3:21 P
Question.... My brother told me that when he track KEASTON7 18 GOALIEGRANDMA3
11/26/16 12:07 P
Back to square sister came to visit...brought 2 cakes...invited me to eat out...n while the ZEBRALADY7575 36 BOOTYLICIOUS83
11/26/16 10:58 P
I've combined diet, exercise, hydroxycut pills and K33615 18 K33615
11/26/16 12:44 P
I'm on the phone app and can't log my weight!? Onl CARLYG23 7 CARLYG23
11/26/16 1:00 P
I hit the 10lbs down mark! Yayyy! #weightcheck B46237 26 SARAWALL2013
11/26/16 12:35 P
Spending thanksgiving visiting family in Florida. Hubby contracted bronchitis..trip to quick care. GOALIEGRANDMA3 5 CALA51
11/26/16 12:18 P
At daughter's till 28th...trying to make best food GOALIEGRANDMA3 2 RMPOKRZY
11/23/16 7:33 P
My exercise today....digging. Digging up cannas b JANDYLEA 5 BYGEM68
11/20/16 10:36 P
As of right now, IVE LOST 30 LBS!!😄 GROOMS74 34 CHARLOTTE2539
11/20/16 10:38 P
Stupid trigger food! Made baked beef ravioli with FRANKBELLOFAN 11 FRANKBELLOFAN
11/20/16 10:55 P
Didn't want to work out but got myself to-do it no PSYCHOTICPANDA 9 7STIGGYMT
11/20/16 10:42 P
Had a horrible weekend. Yesterday I ate way too mu MOMMYVX3 5 7STIGGYMT
11/20/16 10:43 P
Thinking I better get serious, no body gonna do it 1000TIMESOVER 10 CSTUART76
11/18/16 10:02 A
I started off at 320 pound last year I'm not curre CGANOE1 54 JAYISOLDEM2
11/20/16 12:36 A
Ok I am new to this whole calorie counting thing.. CHRISTINECARDEN 16 WHYTEBROWN
11/17/16 8:36 P
Had a little slow day but I did need it my legs ar SHODGE23 4 LMCBEE53081
11/17/16 6:32 P
Thanksgiving!! What is your plan to make sure you LOSEINSTYLE 21 AMBERA_GARCIA
11/17/16 7:55 P
I gained relationship weight. I had been doing so ICECOLDNILLA 7 GOALIEGRANDMA3
11/17/16 2:47 P
I'm at 164 pounds today. I started at 329 pounds o AUTIEJ 2850 LTM234
11/29/16 10:17 P

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