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#BeforeAndAfter Took me over 1 year, but this time, it's staying off. From a size 22w to a size 8p. SHARFERGIE 234 DONNA_CPS2
11/29/17 5:42 P
7/10/17 2:50 A
Looking for ideas for using protein powder to help balance my carbs and protein ratio. I add it to GOALIEGRANDMA3 4 KNUTSONJP
6/15/17 1:19 P
First time wearing a dress to work in over 10 years! RAYMOSSISTER 303 UMUCGRAD
6/7/17 6:36 P
Posted a photo GYPSY-SOUL1 5 IJRYAN
5/18/17 7:13 P
protein guideline GOALIEGRANDMA3 3 SUMSUMS
5/2/17 10:57 A
Since flu b and Idey infection I did not drink caffein. Past few days I've been anxious, restess sl GOALIEGRANDMA3 1 GOALIEGRANDMA3
4/30/17 9:17 P
I've had the flu b, and kidney ifection since 2 weeks ago. 2 days hospital. I could not eat..had ze GOALIEGRANDMA3 2 BOWDIDDLE
4/26/17 4:35 P
I cheated at my diet today.. I ate at a Korean bbq restaurant. I'm so ashamed and upset with myself MFSKPOP23 40 PETEK48
4/8/17 11:56 P
So far today I've met my nutritional goals with fat, protein. And carbs. In excited because I've ha GOALIEGRANDMA3 3 GOALIEGRANDMA3
3/25/17 9:21 P
carbs, fats, and protein GOALIEGRANDMA3 3 TBRYAN-LU
3/26/17 5:17 P
I'm wondering if I should purchase the extended service contract for my vehicle. We did not buy it GOALIEGRANDMA3 3 GOALIEGRANDMA3
3/15/17 11:22 A
Sometimes when I scan a food the calories do not say the same as on the label. And it's not because GOALIEGRANDMA3 4 GOODFELINE
3/15/17 10:59 A
Widoed Feb.9...please give your best advice on anything you think is helpful GOALIEGRANDMA3 10 KNUTSONJP
2/20/17 3:22 A
DAY 12: Completed a great workout at the gym. Burned 2100 calories LATISHEDEE 32 LUNA
2/5/17 8:55 A
Small victory, we went out to dinner and I didn't eat any breadsticks, nor did I take home a huge de COOKIES4MONSTER 14 JKPERANDO
2/4/17 8:47 P
Down 2 this week. Didn't think the scale was gonna budge.. DJANIAK 9 SUCCESS4BJ
2/8/17 7:33 P
#Lowmoment. Why is it when you get out of the shower and look at yourself in the mirror you feel dis ANDREAASHER8 15 GOALIEGRANDMA3
2/4/17 8:07 P
Down 38 pounds close to my next goal of 160. I weigh 161.8, and started at 200lb's about 2 and a hal G56254 12 GOALIEGRANDMA3
2/4/17 8:07 P
Weigh day, lost some with a total of 13lbs since I started. ALVEENA123 18 MRSAEP01
2/4/17 9:03 P
Keeping track of food really helps, had no idea how much I had been consuming. 3SWEETBOYS 15 DAWNIEHEATHER78
2/5/17 2:24 P
Hello, need encouragement today! Feeling bleh, and don't want to get up and move. #imnotquitting #ne MICHELEH1206 6 GOALIEGRANDMA3
2/3/17 12:14 P
Im seriously never not hungry. Im eating fiber, protiens, good fats...i juat never feel satisfied. R MOTHERMEL79 12 REAPER0677
2/3/17 2:00 P
Ok everyone i was 261 7 days ago now im down to 258 better than nothing #weightcheck CA2213 21 DGIGGLES3
2/4/17 7:01 P
Is eating alot of carbs bad J03815 5 GOALIEGRANDMA3
2/3/17 12:10 P
I measured my waist and found I lost 2-1/2" off my waist. In 2 weeks. I feel awesome! #confidence #d CHR623 40 SUCHADIVA215
2/22/17 10:42 P
What is your favorite form of exercise? And why? Mine is the rowing machine, and next up would be ru TEAMPOPPY101 21 RAYEJ53
2/7/17 11:08 A
Today is a good day to have a good day! Hello everyone.......I am new and wanted to say hello. I loo WNCGEMINI 9 GOOB0409
2/3/17 2:01 P
2yrs ago today, I officially lost 100 pds. How time flys! Best thing I ever did for me. I did i AKELLY45 37 GOALIEGRANDMA3
1/26/17 5:16 P
My goal weight is 177. What's yours? JAYLOVE43 1720 VSMITH84
3/6/17 8:40 A
So I've started a positivity Journal today.... to help keep reminding myself that I'm worth it. ZOMBIIEGIRL13 17 OCEANBOOTS
1/20/17 7:31 P
Just discovered a new Facebook page. Drizzle me skinny. It's weight watchers recipies but they have ERIN2016 4 GOALIEGRANDMA3
1/20/17 6:35 P
I lost 3lbs!!! I also exercised 4 days this week, i did better this week. I am so excited : LGARDNER0461 20 IMNERDY2
1/20/17 7:50 P
300lbs in August and today 258lbs HHHGAME1 85 OCEANBOOTS
1/20/17 11:18 P
I'm really having problems getting my nutrients baanced. I'm way over fats and carbs, and way low o GOALIEGRANDMA3 3 TSLUNDY
1/20/17 7:22 P
This is my first day starting with Spark. I'm 26 years old, 263lbs and 5'7... I have 2 children and MIMISHANA 30 SMITH93
1/19/17 7:56 P
Just tracked 30 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of strength tr PARALEGAL77 10 MZCHIEFBOO53
1/17/17 10:21 A
We see a surgeon tomorrow about my husbands recently discovered colon cancer GOALIEGRANDMA3 2 CUTELITTLEONE
1/16/17 8:00 P
I assumed that gardettas rye chips were healthy and a good snack, as it's night time and I didn't ea JESSICAWEATHER 16 MYMIKSA
1/16/17 7:38 P
Its been about 3 months since I last used my rowing machine. Today is my second day and i did 15 min KCNEL1966 4 GOALIEGRANDMA3
1/3/17 3:52 P
Gotta fit in the wedding dress by April!!! Let's do this! ESCOUT1 4 GOALIEGRANDMA3
1/3/17 3:51 P
Newbie here. Why does it give me 2 choices on my calories? MIA2017 16 VIVI65
1/3/17 4:19 P
Hey new to the group! I was wondering if anyone ever did the military diet !? If so did it work !? S42508 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/3/17 3:52 P
#60byChristmas I have gained crazy weight since some hard things have happened in life. I want to lo TYMBERWOLFE 10 SARAWALL2013
1/3/17 5:52 P
Second day of charting food. JENNIFER6099 6 GOALIEGRANDMA3
1/3/17 3:49 P
This is my first time on spark people and I love it so easy to track exercise and food NEWSOME241 10 K1TT3N
1/3/17 4:32 P
Fewer calories eaten today, but way to many of them from fat..way low on protein I have a cold and n GOALIEGRANDMA3 2 CLARADAY
1/2/17 12:05 A
Cat scan...drs. visit....surgeons visit and colonoscopy scheduled....all since 830 this morning And GOALIEGRANDMA3 2 FRANKBELLOFAN
12/30/16 4:40 P
How do you get the motivation to work out when you're sick? HSTAUFFER07 12 KIMLADYBUG
12/29/16 8:02 P
What's your take on diet soda? I'm considering occasion diet sodas to cut out some calories. I've ne KITSUNEMOMMY 42 GABYMORRIS
12/29/16 10:31 P
#Journal So how does journaling help u lose weight?I've tried it many times.I wrote what I ate, time SANAABUBACKER 11 CARTAY25
12/29/16 7:58 P
3.75 mile walk today GOALIEGRANDMA3 2 A1DENSMOM
12/29/16 6:04 P
Stepped on the scales after shower tonight(and a weeks vacation)..less than a # difference. I am pl GOALIEGRANDMA3 7 RUNNNERR
12/28/16 7:12 A
Headed home soon from a week visit with family...enjoyed..but ready to resume my regular routine of GOALIEGRANDMA3 2 CHEIVOUS
12/27/16 9:57 A
Good Friday morning P61763 4 GOALIEGRANDMA3
12/23/16 11:18 A
Short walk today to playground with grand daughter GOALIEGRANDMA3 3 TSHAWGER
12/22/16 4:02 P
My6 yr old grand daughter just painted my toenails GOALIEGRANDMA3 4 MSMAKEOVER
12/21/16 12:18 P
Roll Call: What's for breakfast this morning? This SOOKIE 50 BIGRENTMAN
12/21/16 12:10 P
Fell off the wagon. I was sick for a few days with GHOTTY4 7 MSMAKEOVER
12/21/16 12:17 P
Results are starting to show! Since I started this A55903 20 P7058PGA
12/21/16 12:22 P
Visiting with daughter and family in tx.....from o GOALIEGRANDMA3 1 GOALIEGRANDMA3
12/21/16 9:51 A
I just took my blood sugar. It's at 171. First time in MONTHS that it's below 200. #keto #ketodiet # BECCADIANE3782 42 ROMI1984
1/9/17 7:34 P
Birthday today and husband keeps buying sweets. I' JENNABEAR2020 11 TSHAWGER
12/18/16 8:15 P
I find it so hard to #walk during winter. I love w CIEAIRA 36 LYZZARDINABLIZZ
1/8/17 9:17 P
#progress . Walking is getting a little bit easier DEB-DA 8 BOOTYLICIOUS83
12/20/16 10:54 P
I have had way too many carbs today. GOALIEGRANDMA3 3 P7058PGA
12/18/16 6:56 P
If I dont have a weight scale can I estimate how m DANIELLAHYPEZ 9 SASSIE7S
12/18/16 9:41 A
I have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age KEVIN1028 3 LIGHTDRIVEN
12/18/16 10:35 A
How do you break the sugar habit? Any suggestions S91346 27 SALLYBRARIAN
12/19/16 7:06 P
I did it! I hit my first goal of 10 lbs! I'm so J41803 59 GOODGETNBETR
12/25/16 12:42 P
Hello everyone. I am new to dieting and I'm learni NYE7878 15 LUSHKA64
12/19/16 10:28 A
What's your biggest #food temptation ? The thing t YAMS2510 176 KDDLMT71
1/10/17 2:41 P
What does everyone use for salad dressing? There i DEVAN4 84 RHIO3TRE
12/27/16 3:18 A
FIVE POUNDS GONE! I'm so #happy! It has been such a struggle for me to get started and I'm really WRITINGMYSTORY 32 MSMAKEOVER
12/18/16 6:11 P
Here's a thing that helps me not eat mindlessly in front of the tv at night: I crochet or embroider DIVERGENTSUMMER 14 KELLY_SS
3/9/17 8:14 P