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Not bad today feel great!!! Wish that sparks had a way to add firbit. PAPEROO2 20 PAPEROO2
11/18/17 9:04 A
I am having a problem I'm on a med that makes me loose weight but it is not taking the extra skin wi LINGOD2010 6 XERXESTHEGREAT
11/17/17 11:53 P
11/18/17 1:45 A
Woo man, feeling the urge to binge tonight. Nights are the worst for me. Not worth it this time. RANKINDAD4 6 LASTDIET2017
11/18/17 1:50 A
Today I worked so hard in the kitchen, scrubbing walls and floor. I was working for 8 hours today, w SUSANSKI 7 CRADLEY
11/18/17 8:16 A
That awful moment when you realize you've been charging yourself too many calories because you weren MOMMABEAR920 5 MOMMABEAR920
11/18/17 8:01 A
4.5 mile hike today! I may have been the slowest, I may have been huffing and puffing through some TEXASHSMOMOF3 58 DARLAE1
11/18/17 9:50 A
Goodmorning, trying to keep it loose today. Have a great day!! We got this๐Ÿ˜Ž JUSTSTICKWITHIT 42 EVILCECIL
11/17/17 6:42 A
Can be done. Circle of Surrender Sparkteam CROWNOFSTARS 5 ROBBIEY
11/16/17 8:41 A
Yogurt bar at the hospital wherr my husband had double hip replacement, SCORE!!!!! JOANOFARCH 11 AUNTRENEE
11/16/17 9:19 A
Here is my review on the 3day MILITARY DIET Follow my Instagram GETFITJESS91 GETFITJESS91 5 GETFITJESS91
11/16/17 10:46 A
11/16/17 8:12 A
Last night was an awesome night out with my sisters, Mom and sis in law but ate too much! Feeling d JPATENAUDE1215 8 GOODGETNBETR
11/16/17 8:12 A
This is my first day...Again! INDYROSE 21 YMWONG22
11/16/17 8:14 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 119 PATRICIA-CR
11/16/17 6:03 P
struggling with night time bulimia. i do ok all day but can not stop eating after 7 pm. so ashamed MURBUR123 9 HAWKTHREE
11/16/17 8:42 A
I finally made the 20 pound loss! DJWWINKS11 20 FISHGUT3
11/16/17 10:14 A
Have a great Thursday NEPTUNE1939 9 PATRICIA-CR
11/16/17 6:05 P
I can fit into my Capri' goal was to fit into them by December 15 when we leave for vacation. WENDYC1975 24 LINDASOUTHER
11/16/17 10:56 A
Its coffee time NEPTUNE1939 4 FISHGUT3
11/16/17 10:15 A
Was up by 4:30...showered, got dressed, cleaned th ST3PH 14 AMYWESTMAN
11/16/17 9:25 A
Today.... YES!!! I swept off my patio. That was like raking leafs. Then I played on the wii resort. DAWNRENEE337 11 TREE
11/16/17 12:11 P
It's WWWednesday and I stayed completely the same as last week-- LIVING my LIFETIME below goal for 5 JOYCEHARRIS3 13 REEDSKI
11/16/17 5:35 A
What are changing to change your life? LIVINGLOVINLIFE 21 PATRICIA-CR
11/16/17 6:13 P
Its been awhile scenes i have been on here. But i have lost 19 lbs and don't plan on putting back on LINGOD2010 6 SHARON97124
11/15/17 6:32 P
Jogged for an hour straight at 4 mph. Can't remember the last time I ran 4 miles, if ever... MEGANMACKENZIE2 7 RETAT60
11/14/17 7:50 P
My husband really needs to gain weight, I need to lose. We're poor & can't afford 2 dinners, but our WRITING_ZEBRA 7 GOODGETNBETR
11/14/17 7:49 P
14 lbs down๐Ÿ’• LILLID200 7 COVDAR9
11/14/17 9:10 P
Over the river and through the woods to another outdoor adventure. Little tidbit; I'm afraid of the J2002HEIDS 10 KMMR87
11/14/17 8:43 P
Every night I come home from work so exhausted and stressed. I'm not losing like I was, even with wa BEVERLY1501 7 SARAKATHRYN76
11/14/17 8:30 P
My dinner salmon and sriracha sesame cabbage, carrots and brown rice PHATNURSE17 12 KCCAMERONCAM1
11/14/17 9:00 P
Another great day! JSTETSER 25 ROCKYCPA
11/15/17 11:49 P
Hello! I'm Katie, age 33 from WI and just started today on my journey! My goal is to lose 50 lbs by KATERDPHER51 89 PRAIRIECROCUS
11/15/17 1:02 A
Sciatica attack continues...and is now bilateral. Prayers welcome, beautiful people. Thank you in ad SARAKATHRYN76 5 KARENC69
11/13/17 9:03 P
๐ŸŽ‰ First weigh in, down 5 pounds!!! ๐ŸŽ‰ TEXASHSMOMOF3 27 TEXASHSMOMOF3
11/14/17 9:49 P
Week 1 and Iโ€™m down 3.4 pounds! HORSESHOEHONEY 5 BETRHO48
11/15/17 7:47 A
"The Reason I Smile So Much"!!!! F5-FURY 9 TMP0418
11/14/17 5:23 A
Just starting out. Kinda nervous but I will succeed TKATTMAN 2 GOODGETNBETR
11/13/17 8:48 P
So flustered with my job. Boss is becoming unbearable and the stress is making me gain weight. ๐Ÿ˜• An LOSING150JILLI 8 CTYONIT
11/10/17 2:12 A
Visited my sister in Pasadena, ate entirely to much. Having trouble getting back on track...I believ PANSYANN 6 GEFREE2770BLESS
11/10/17 6:06 A
11/10/17 12:11 A
15 lbs difference CHRISSY2312 24 CHRISSY2312
11/10/17 12:03 P
hello! I'm chase, I'm 20 and I'm just starting out BUMBLECHAE 11 CATALDI81
11/14/17 12:58 P
My 7th month and -44 lbs less this has been quite a journey keep reminding myself Not to give Up and AMERICALDS 61 AMERICALDS
11/10/17 9:06 A
My fiance and I. Wedding is in 4 weeks JESSICAM19891 32 JESSICAM19891
11/10/17 2:07 P
Yesterday was my birthday (and it was amazing)! I am 31 and 216lbs. Those numbers don't define me. NIKMACK 12 HAWKTHREE
11/10/17 7:21 A
Made bad food choices late at night. Tomorrow is a new day and I will be successful. One bad choice PLUMBO42 11 DIALYSISCHIC1
11/10/17 1:37 A
Having the limitations that come with recovery from outpatient surgery is frustrating but still tryi SIOBANGMOM 10 TESHLA
11/15/17 9:48 P
old faithful. HOTLANTA88 11 ZRIE014
11/10/17 1:08 A
Your favorite workout song today? You know the 1 GOODGETNBETR 735 ZRIE014
11/10/17 12:54 A
I have so many tracked flights on google flights it's like looking at a stock ticker.... #Iloveplann VEG_GIRL04 4 SHAMROCKY2K
11/8/17 5:40 P
Walk/Run in Arashiyama, Japan CGARR442 7 YELLOW09RED
11/9/17 8:48 A
Todayโ€™s lunch, salad with cowboy caviar, sort of a taco salad I suppose! SEAOFCARNAGE 10 ZRIE014
11/8/17 11:21 P
Zuchini Lasagna.....didn't miss the pasta one bit. ๐Ÿ˜‹ DIALYSISCHIC1 38 CANDYLIND
11/9/17 12:22 A
How do I tell a loved one, who has my best interest in mind, to back off. My weight loss and diet is CONNIET88 4 7STIGGYMT
11/8/17 6:25 P
I have never felt better y'all! This year I have lost 26 pounds and have become vegan along my journ FITSISTA79 49 MSCAPI2017
11/12/17 4:24 P
Be sure and drink your water today : ) PAMELACALI 11 ZRIE014
11/8/17 11:45 P
Posted a photo AVANELSON40 24 ZRIE014
11/8/17 11:40 P
WEDNESDAY WEIGH IN: 12 pounds down from October 23rd to November 8th!!!! This is only the beginning MZBLESSED87 7 MZBLESSED87
11/8/17 5:09 P
My baby as a he's a big overgrown spoiled puppy ๐Ÿถ ST3PH 25 ZRIE014
11/8/17 11:29 P
Tough day..... but I had to tell myself.... I'm tougher. One more step... one more rep. Cheers LIZZ 18 ZRIE014
11/8/17 11:34 P
It is so encouraging to be a part of Spark People! It is sustaining my resolve and helping me to bel MAINSTREETGAL 4 BLONDWUNN
11/8/17 4:33 P
11/9/17 12:16 A
Hello! I'm looking for some motivation:) Im starting my resolution early this year. This will be the DANNIBEHEALTHY 7 V0112358
11/14/17 12:05 P
Now the fun begins - Tweaked my back at the gym.... I will need to work harder on proper form TOMSTUMP 5 ZRIE014
11/7/17 8:02 P
11/8/17 5:21 A
#BeforeAndAfter still have a long way to go. GETFITJESS91 12 ZRIE014
11/7/17 7:24 P
Bought a new workout video. Lost 6.4 lbs. with it. #keto #lowcarb GINNABEE 6 ZRIE014
11/7/17 8:16 P
Day 1 of my journey...time to go to work..#goal30lbs. #6weeks BRITTNY818HAIR 17 ZRIE014
11/7/17 7:18 P
Outdoor summer exercise ends; winter indoor sports dome begins LARRYTHORNTON1 3 ZRIE014
11/7/17 8:16 P
Woohoo! holding at 'lowest weight yet' CAT-IN-CJ 9 GARDENCHRIS
11/8/17 7:46 A
Posted a photo TWIN412 6 ZRIE014
11/7/17 7:45 P
They ran my credits from trine, not only will I have my degree in criminal justice with a minor in p MKPARKE77 17 ZRIE014
11/7/17 7:17 P
I just tried on my winter coat that was so snug last year and would not button up it is now big enou CDS427 7 MOMMACASSEY
11/7/17 8:39 P
How do you guys keep yourselves motivated?! I have tried but not really tried a few times since the ROXMB529 7 ROXMB529
11/7/17 2:53 P