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If we all believe in ourselves we can do anything CJS1MOMMY 3 GOODGETNBETR
1/23/18 12:54 P
New job orientation day 2. At least there aren't any muffins or danish today. Water and coffee. I EVAOLIVER 4 GOODGETNBETR
1/23/18 12:52 P
Just finished my treadmill workout. I think I'll do another one this evening. MOMANDWIFE516 7 GOODGETNBETR
1/23/18 12:50 P
Celebrating my parents 58th Anniversary today!! ❀ Being sure to stay within my calorie range and get CONSTANCE067 17 CONSTANCE067
1/23/18 10:36 P
Very happy finally down to 152 . Starting at 215lbs . When I first started this I thought it was not SWIFT6913221 307 JPSCOV66
1/24/18 12:12 A
Ready to take on the day! I've been on a tracking streak for a few weeks or so now and I'm feeling g BIRBKITTEN1234 10 UPONATIME
1/23/18 1:43 P
Posted a photo SANDYGG75 16 MOGLO61
1/22/18 11:53 P
Sick but i worked out anyway. I am proud of myself. JUSTDAY 2 GOODGETNBETR
1/22/18 10:04 P
Today was my restart day. It hit me this weekend TXMUM2THREEBOYS 9 FROSTY99
1/22/18 10:23 P
Day 8/28 of my #WinterWarrior28DayReboot - walked across campus! NORCALTOPAZ 4 TCANNO
1/22/18 10:24 P
116 minutes- walking and cardio #moveit J38850 3 PRAIRIECROCUS
1/22/18 11:46 P
Not having a great day. Computer is crashed and I've been having a gallbladder attack all day. URBANAUDREYE 3 BECCABOO127
1/22/18 11:35 P
Hi all, I'm hoping to find a weight loss buddy/ buddies as I have found it's not easy doing it alone CARLA-C 3 CDS427
1/22/18 10:17 P
Hi everyone. I'm a #newbie here. My goal is to lose 50 lbs. Weighed in today, down 3 lbs. It's a st CATHERINESUE58 5 LUVOFME
1/22/18 10:46 P
I so wish..i would be a size 3..😜 PRINCESSAMARIE1 7 BAT_CAT
1/22/18 10:53 P
Yesterday, officially one week into my new diet and exercise plan and I'm down over 4 pounds. I took MURDIE1 26 RSTEINER1313
1/21/18 9:04 A
Today, I did a 3.1 mile hike up and down a popular mountain in the area with a friend for the first SB3872004 19 GOULDSGRANITE
1/21/18 9:11 A
I’m back to try Again! I Must..weight keeps going up..I’ve got No will power!?πŸ˜† MELLONRN 7 MELLONRN
1/21/18 8:40 A
Day one. Starting new. Current weight 245. ASHMATI1994 18 GOULDSGRANITE
1/21/18 9:16 A
Beginning of my journey for 2018 Sw: 340 lbs. on 1/20/18 I am determined to lose 100 lbs. by the, en BOBBI_63 55 BOBBI_63
1/21/18 8:15 P
1/23/18 1:44 P
Yay just weighed myself I'm at 269 I've lost 1 pound just got a lot more to go I'm so proud of mysel TINKERBELL1911 6 -POOKIE-
1/21/18 4:28 A
Sweet dreamsπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• MYAN1959 13 EVIE4NOW
1/21/18 12:53 A
A few years ago, I hit my all-time heaviest. I remember how tired I was all the time, and my joints MISHAMOOR 14 JFORD5
1/21/18 10:07 P
Not sure why,but today has really been a struggle , wanted to eat everthing in sight. I have snacked SHIRLEYJOE85 4 FRISKYCRITTER
1/21/18 7:24 A
Hi I can not get up to 1200 calories always in 800 or 900 any ideas MARYCAZA66 8 MARYCAZA66
1/21/18 12:34 P
I use hot tea to curb appetite without adding a bunch of calories, especially on chilly days like to AELICIAJEAN 6 JFAIT3
1/21/18 9:22 P
1/20/18 11:27 P
Figured I would upload a before pic of me! This was taken in October, before I started my journey at AKIMBRE1 12 LOISLEL
1/20/18 11:45 P
New starting photo CHUBYCAT19 17 FLAWHITEWOLF
1/20/18 11:24 P
I had a fall off the wagon day! Lord Help Me! HOLKAY2017 7 HOLKAY2017
1/20/18 11:51 P
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 184115 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
1/23/18 10:59 P
Your favorite workout song today? You know the 1 GOODGETNBETR 749 AKIMBRE1
1/20/18 10:28 P
1/20/18 7:21 P
😞 600g weight gain sigh n that was eating well n exercising more RAWN13 3 GOODGETNBETR
1/20/18 5:15 P
1/20/18 5:14 P
Did a little dance party on the spin bike today! πŸ’ͺ MYDREAMSIN2018 6 MYDREAMSIN2018
1/20/18 5:20 P
Still sick I start another round of antibiotics tonight SAGE86 3 GOODGETNBETR
1/20/18 5:11 P
1/20/18 5:10 P
I tryed hummus for the first time today, roasted garlic, I think I'm hooked, love it! CARRIEMETODAY 7 SJLOWE43
1/21/18 9:29 P
Necessary evil LRJONES78 8 ELSCO55
1/20/18 5:30 P
We went for a beautiful walk earlier. Sun was out, above freezing temps, and tracking my way to be KRYSTL719 13 KRYSTL719
1/20/18 6:50 P
Once you can control your mind, you can conquer your body ANNIGEDDON 3 GOODGETNBETR
1/20/18 5:08 P
For the first time in years, I have broken the 300 pound mark!!! Yahoo!!!! Loss- 22.4 pounds!!! LETITIAARNEY 13 FIDDLISH
1/20/18 9:58 P
So far I have lost 50 pounds & I met my goal. Now I have to maintain my weight & not gain it back. I DCWAGNER2017 3 GOODGETNBETR
1/20/18 5:07 P
Tired of feeling tired... I wish I had a maid and nanny and chef :-) HEARTS116 4 BLONDEE53
1/20/18 5:15 P
Day one again. Little scary. Been here before many times. SARAJANE1982 8 SARAJANE1982
1/20/18 8:50 P
#BeforeAndnearingAfter PK-HOUSTON 303 NASFKAB
1/21/18 1:19 A
The difference 190 days makes. #BeforeAndAfter ELF41978 116 PPPPPPPPPPPPPP
1/22/18 7:43 A
Woke up at 0330 and was at the gym by 0415....I'm trying to wake up on weekends the same time...tomo KAKONOLADY 3 STAPLESA
1/20/18 5:15 P
Jillian Michael's Extreme Shed & Shred - Level 2 Thought about skipping todays workout and doing it TWISTED_HONEY 10 SMH2016
1/19/18 10:40 P
For those of you with at least πŸ’― pounds to lose I ISABEAUSROSE 213 LOVETOSWIM2
1/21/18 4:08 P
Morning everyone and TGIF! Thankful to have gotten it done early. GOODGETNBETR 12 COMEBACKKID12
1/19/18 11:22 A
Ran 5 miles along the Singapore river this morning to the waterfront Merlion Park. The fountain stat B_RAZORSHARP 21 PLUMBO42
1/20/18 8:31 P
Good point! ; ) BERRY4 11 LIVEDAILY
1/19/18 3:42 P
90 minutes walking and 12 minutes Seated Core workout. #moveit AMYSUZEQ 8 PRAIRIECROCUS
1/23/18 1:50 A
Steep hilly walk with the wife and the Labracadabrador BONNIEMARGAY 4 MBPP50
1/19/18 11:01 A
Signed up for the gym today! Yeah! K_WOLFE 19 PATSYGO
1/19/18 3:58 A
Tasted and quit my dessert at faculty dinner tonight. SHINTEETAH 16 AIDACISNEROS
1/19/18 9:56 A
Good night my Spark friends 😴 ST3PH 12 DJ4HEALTH
1/19/18 3:28 A
Day 4/28 of my #WinterWarrior28DayReboot . I gotta admit, didn't want to do a darn thing today. But NORCALTOPAZ 6 ALABAMASUSAN17
1/19/18 9:02 A
Once we accept our limits, we can go beyond them. - Albert Einstein ~ 1/19/18 JVANAM 3 PAMBROWN62
1/19/18 3:22 A
Burned some extra calories today playing in the snow with my kiddos. The photographer in me couldn' DAISYJOHNS 7 ALLYLIZZY
1/19/18 1:59 P
1/18/18 8:50 P
This sure encourages one to move! #moveit LEANJEAN6 12 PRAIRIECROCUS
1/23/18 1:59 A
When exercise bands and a medicine ball make you might be entering the fitness dark si CJSM86 14 7STIGGYMT
1/18/18 8:40 A
Sorry sick in bed all day AFERRARI 11 CVRONEK
1/18/18 8:18 A
So annoyed!! Went to gym later than usual to do a 30min HIIT training class I've never done before WANNATHIN 9 WANNATHIN
1/18/18 1:16 A
Day 1 done and dusted..... #eattherainbow LYNMEINDERS 6 GOODGETNBETR
1/17/18 11:08 A
Got back from short ER & hospital stay. My bladder "closed" off and all I drank just swelled bladde REVMIKE10 6 CONSTANCE067
1/19/18 12:14 A
Started with orange juice for breakfast. Feeling dehydrated after being sick all night. #eattherai WALLAHALLA 7 2BDYNAMIC
1/17/18 1:25 P
The minute I stopped worrying about the weight, I SUCHADIVA215 13 SUCHADIVA215
1/21/18 8:04 P
Here is the chewed Fitbit. I ordered a new one. It was time for an upgrade. I just feel lost with RUFFIT 10 GOODGETNBETR
1/17/18 11:03 A
I've logged in to Spark 500 days in a row. WooHoo! JSTETSER 185 B_RAZORSHARP
1/18/18 4:31 A
Snowing. Went for a walk. This is my view when I go out my back door. Love living on the harbor. Da DIANEDOESSMILES 11 LUANN_IN_PA
1/17/18 11:43 A