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My sister started her journey at 300 lbs. she started dieting to prepare for the leap procedure in t JENNAE93 20 INSPIRED26
9/23/17 8:37 A
9 Months til the BIG DAY and i need to lose 8" on my waist to fit into "The Perfect Dress".....Day 3 SGREENWOOD141 9 APACHESTEVE
9/22/17 11:50 A
9/22/17 11:33 A
I'm on day three and I've lost a little over three pounds so far! I've never been on a diet where I DARAVERDE101 5 COOKWITHME65
9/22/17 1:55 P
Looking forward to a stress free weekend! LIVETOEAT70 3 -POOKIE-
9/22/17 11:45 A
Blood work done. Healthy breakfast eaten. Size 12 skirt that was 3 inches too small last month...on! MARIAN326 3 ZORO22
9/22/17 11:59 A
I just had major surgery almost a month ago. Doc told me I could start water aerobics again yesterda GREYPLE 4 ZORO22
9/22/17 11:58 A
End of week 2 boot camp challenge. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a successful weekend. SOUTHTXXRNNR 5 GLASSHUNTER
9/22/17 2:36 P
Had reconstructive surgery on my colon and 6 hemorrhoid removed on Wednesday. Believe it or not I am SRIVERS1 5 MTN_KITTEN
9/22/17 12:23 P
Morning run in Quebec City, Canada CGARR442 5 COMEBACKKID12
9/22/17 11:27 P
5k-a-Day Streak: Day 24. TOPHATBANJO2 5 WHYTEBROWN
9/22/17 12:31 P
9/22/17 2:11 A
Happy First Day of Fall, Y'all! To all my Spark Friends, have a great first day of Fall! As the days TREKPURRSON 16 SPEDED2
9/22/17 7:26 P
To lose 67 pounds by January 3, 2018. To eat more protein less fat. Then less carbs. LISALILLY43 9 YMWONG22
9/22/17 9:37 A
9/22/17 4:39 P
I raised my goal to 30k a day, I have not been able to hit it all week. It was at 20k, I had no prob KCLA659 10 1DAY-ATA-TIME
9/22/17 8:16 A
Ok so I have one 15 minute break at work so it messes up my diet cause I don't know anything healthy RASHEEAH18 11 FRISKYCRITTER
9/22/17 6:54 A
I was doing so good but I gained 15 pound in a week how is this possible RASHEEAH18 8 NREED8
9/22/17 1:31 A
9/22/17 2:22 A
I've been sober for 39 days & watching what I eat. I'm eating healthier & smaller portions. Feelin COUNTRYGIRLSUSI 4 GOODGETNBETR
9/21/17 10:45 A
This time last year I couldn't even walk. I was on crutches, a knee brace, and in a motorized wheelc AMYMBUNCH 9 FISHGUT3
9/21/17 1:47 P
Just another evening in the horse pasture. 15 lbs from my BMI goal! BROOKERD1 5 LEEWORD
9/21/17 10:56 A
Treadmill hour is done! TOPHATBANJO2 4 LEEWORD
9/21/17 10:57 A
Does anyone have a fitbit and would like to be fit BEARYMCSHERMY 2 GOODGETNBETR
9/21/17 10:41 A
I started my journey in 2012 at 254 got down to 142 and was feeling great. The picture on my home p BOOBOO2717 6 TMP0418
9/21/17 12:10 P
Now they are saying I can't even have water. Not fair. PAMS3DDESIGNS1 2 GOODGETNBETR
9/21/17 10:38 A
Guess who’s back? Me! Ready to track to lose more weight!! MBPOPOCA 4 MIGHTYJULESTORM
9/21/17 10:44 A
Get'er done is my motto for this week..... 10,145 steps & counting ! SHANTRA7 8 DIROB57
9/21/17 11:38 A
Okay question , if I'm 5"0 and weigh 149 and my bmr says 1295. How many calories must I actually eat KAR1983 10 LUANN_IN_PA
9/22/17 9:11 A
Doing better today than I did yesterday, so that is progress. PYNETREE 9 CANNINGNANNY
9/22/17 7:18 A
Good morning spark friends. I hope everyone has a fabulous day.😀 CBOND72 96 WONDERCUTIE
9/20/17 2:46 P
I've made some pretty bad choices the last few months. 😥 The best one I'm making right now is getti BERASA 4 BERASA
9/20/17 2:08 P
45 min walk today NEPTUNE1939 7 BLISSFULMOMENTS
9/20/17 7:27 P
Don't text while driving today NEPTUNE1939 5 EVILCECIL
9/20/17 8:19 A
Heartbroken, our handsome dog, Finch, crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night. PYNETREE 15 SPEDED2
9/19/17 7:15 P
In high school I was extremely insecure about myself. I wore heavy sweaters in 80+ degree weather, I THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 _LINDA
9/19/17 9:06 P
I'm so getting one of these shirts...haha. You know I've only lost a few pounds ...literally just 2 DIALYSISCHIC1 16 CONSTANCE067
9/19/17 11:01 P
Hey everyone, it's my first day on sparkle, I'm a bit lost. Is there a diet plan I can follow ? Than NATURELLE5 10 NATURELLE5
9/19/17 2:52 P
Just one more pound and I will reach the 40 pounds gone mark. Then just 15 more to go. PHOUSE99 8 PHOUSE99
9/19/17 9:36 A
Let's make it count!! MARIHOTTI 7 CA
9/19/17 10:04 A
9/19/17 8:24 A
Hurricane Irma really did a number on my life there for a little while. Had no power for a week whic GABY9327 4 GOODGETNBETR
9/18/17 5:56 P
Ok, don't faint my dear old time spark friends whom know me so well. But I just got invited on a dat COOKWITHME65 9 1CRAZYDOG
9/19/17 11:24 A
So my husband is trying to join the National Guard and needs to lose 17lbs. He wants to do a high pr SABRINAMARLENE 6 SPARTANJAI
9/18/17 6:51 P
Today is day 6 of my water fast. It is hard, because my skin is breaking out really bad from detoxin NOVEMBERLOVE 4 SEBARTLETT1
9/18/17 6:23 P
A couple of people asked about my story, so I posted it to a blog today. LINZHORN 2 GOODGETNBETR
9/18/17 5:32 P
Ok im back and gonna try to stick w it. Today thus far 1 hotpocket. Now i just have to survive dinne CRAZYBECK84 2 GOODGETNBETR
9/18/17 5:32 P
Back in business, I lost track for few months ... IDAVAS_77 2 GOODGETNBETR
9/18/17 5:31 P
BAND or Singer Names- last letter starts new name MRSCORRIE 4502 SUSANH1230
9/21/17 10:07 A
A Grocery Store Item A to Z WOLFSPIRITS 68256 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
9/23/17 9:38 A
9/17/17 4:23 P
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 167421 JACRBUNCH
9/23/17 3:13 P
9/17/17 8:49 P
7lbs lost just by counting calories and eating healthy foods. No supplements. Cant exercise until 4 RAWLUS 5 GOODGETNBETR
9/17/17 4:17 P
made apple pies today.....a special treat for my Husband... I love his so much... KITT52 6 -POOKIE-
9/18/17 3:46 A
Anyone ever feel like you just can't catch a break? The last 3 weeks have been one thing after anoth LLOWE30 29 BARRYHAPPY1
9/17/17 5:37 P
So I ran today...for the first time in years....completed .93..Will keep going! CAROLINAGIRLVC 30 PHATPAT18
9/17/17 5:53 P
Here's to hoping that this week is better than last. Had to have my constant companion cat put to s SISTER0614 11 KATIE520
9/17/17 9:36 P
20.5 mile run/45000 steps in hot, humid weather...earned my cheat meal and my rest day tomorrow! ZORBS13 4 REEDSKI
9/17/17 4:17 P
My husband found SparkPeople right after we were married 10 years ago. We both tracked our food went BABIKAX225 13 BABIKAX225
9/17/17 5:06 P
Started on Thursday and as of this morning I am down 10 lbs. which is a good start. Of the 81 lbs. I JER29_11 4 MAROLD32
9/17/17 4:32 P
Yard cleaning day. It's hot and I'm sweating, but looks so much better. 😀 MKHINES07 2 GOODGETNBETR
9/17/17 1:49 P
Did a 10K walk. Was a beautiful day. Felt like it was still summer. AGENTCBOOTH 15 -POOKIE-
9/18/17 3:46 A
I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Relaxing and recharging for the week ahead, Spark on! PAMBROWN62 4 INSPIRED26
9/17/17 2:25 P
Homemade Coconut banana waffles topped w/ homemade coconut whipped cream & raspberries MorningStar F HERNEENEE 13 ROXANAMORENOGAL
9/17/17 4:48 P
How do I get my cardio in when I injured my knee KJOSEY4 7 NITEMAN3D
9/17/17 2:12 P
I list 4 lbs since Thursday RABBITMOM216 5 INSPIRED26
9/17/17 2:42 P
September 16 Fitbit stats - Calories in 1,918 vs calories spent 2,230 (includes basal metabolic calo NANHBH 3 LEANJEAN6
9/17/17 7:17 P
It's my day off. I've already put in my 10,000 steps for the day & it's just coming up to lunchtime. MIKIEMANNEQUIN 8 GOODGETNBETR
9/17/17 1:35 P
We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves. - Tenzin Gyatso, th JUDY1676 4 LEANJEAN6
9/17/17 7:18 P
On the left is a few months back on the right is today. Nor really where I want to be but at least s CDS427 18 MICHELECARLYON
9/17/17 2:38 P
Didn't want to go exercise. I had a million excuses why I shouldn't: it's hot, I slept bad last nig KRS316 3 RETAT60
9/17/17 2:44 P
I almost stopped doing Keto for a couple of weeks, but I weighed myself this morning. I lost 6 poun AZCACTUSGAL 6 MYWAYHIWAY
9/17/17 5:05 P
I'd like to reactivate the SP Lose 20lbs by Christmas. Last year it really helped me & many others. HEALTH_NOW 5 XRAYLADY65
9/19/17 7:47 A
Once again last night I made homemade brownies from scratch for my Sunday school class at church thi ST3PH 8 SYLBA61
9/17/17 3:39 P