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My favorite shopping venue. Every Tuesday! GRATTECIELLA 19 LAPPEROO
4/18/18 6:13 P
70 calories over. But this not exercising and resting my knee thing is still a bummer ... Gotta get GRATTECIELLA 20 CHERIRIDDELL
4/18/18 1:19 A
It didn't photograph well, but I made a really yummy curried sweet potato soup this evening. GRATTECIELLA 14 CHERIRIDDELL
4/18/18 1:19 A
My delicious dessert! 0 calories and soothing! GRATTECIELLA 8 CHERIRIDDELL
4/17/18 1:26 A
Spent the day enjoying a party with my son's Hebrew school class (and siblings, including this munch GRATTECIELLA 9 LAPPEROO
4/17/18 2:51 P
A week later, knee still had joint inflammation and I'm still off weight bearing exercises. :( But I GRATTECIELLA 23 LIVEDAILY
4/15/18 10:35 A
#healthymoms I desperately need some help breaking out of the cycle of evening carbs (to stay awake) ECUPMCB 4 FRISKYCRITTER
4/14/18 8:24 A
A warm day, and our first outdoor dinner of the year. And I ended the day within my calorie range to GRATTECIELLA 20 RAERAERAE62
4/14/18 3:12 P
Today is my husband's birthday! Instead of baking a regular cake, I made him a Watermelon Cake!! (My ESTEVES02 36 -POOKIE-
4/14/18 5:35 A
Lunch today was salmon salad with black beans and blue cheese over regular salad. Very yummy and the GRATTECIELLA 10 REEDSKI
4/14/18 9:51 A
Update: I found the food I tracked but didn’t eat. Deleted it, and now I’m under calories! Had the m GRATTECIELLA 14 LIVEDAILY
4/13/18 2:10 P
Only 45 calories over today. I choose to think of it as a success! GRATTECIELLA 26 LIVEDAILY
4/13/18 2:10 P
Thought you'd all like to see my colorful getup today. Only upper and abs as I try to let my knee he GRATTECIELLA 12 LIVEDAILY
4/13/18 2:11 P
I'm determined that today will be a good day for food! Got it all planned out. Trickiest thing will GRATTECIELLA 13 MCJULIEO
4/13/18 1:15 A
Poor planning, no exercise (too busy + ordered to stay off weight bearing exercise for my swollen kn GRATTECIELLA 17 KURTZIE1998
4/12/18 1:34 P
4/12/18 10:11 A
My favorite place to shop! GRATTECIELLA 10 LIVEDAILY
4/11/18 3:13 P
I am 17 calories over for today. I want dessert but I'm not having it because I'm over calories. Tha GRATTECIELLA 16 CHERIRIDDELL
4/11/18 1:17 A
So physical therapist says it is joint inflammation and that I have to take it very easy this week. GRATTECIELLA 14 LAPPEROO
4/11/18 8:52 A
This is how we lunch! GRATTECIELLA 22 EVILCECIL
4/10/18 5:43 A
Ok. Way over calories today with baby shower and book club (and not managing my hunger well in betwe GRATTECIELLA 18 LIVEDAILY
4/9/18 4:39 P
Heading to a baby shower with an open bar. (I know that’s weird :-)) this post is to remind me to ea GRATTECIELLA 22 SHELLLEY2
4/10/18 3:34 P
Within calories (I THINK) and all food tracked again thanks to this hike (even though calories came GRATTECIELLA 13 CHERIRIDDELL
4/9/18 1:27 A
Advice needed: I am supposed to run a 5k tomorrow, to meet my goal of 1/month. I did something weird GRATTECIELLA 52 LAPPEROO
4/11/18 8:55 A
Believe it or not, this is actually a wild cucumbe GRATTECIELLA 9 CHERIRIDDELL
4/9/18 1:28 A
Fun hike and lunch al fresco with the kids. I think we hiked the 1.8 miles in the slowest possible w GRATTECIELLA 19 CHERIRIDDELL
4/9/18 1:26 A
Within calories again today! GRATTECIELLA 9 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/7/18 10:08 A
Spring vegetable soup and seared zucchini for dinner (along with chicken). GRATTECIELLA 16 EVILCECIL
4/7/18 8:09 A
Lunch today was yummy! Baked sweet potato with yogurt, salsa, and fresh herbs. GRATTECIELLA 21 LIVEDAILY
4/6/18 1:09 P
Walked to and from dinner for date night. Adding in that activity kept me within calories for the da GRATTECIELLA 17 LIVEDAILY
4/6/18 1:10 P
Tracked All food and with in calories: steak since Sunday. And down another half pound! GRATTECIELLA 17 LAPPEROO
4/11/18 8:56 A
Lots of sweat today! GRATTECIELLA 12 SPARKLINGME176
4/5/18 7:44 P
Today's lunch was delicious! Salad with chocolate balsamic vinegar and olive oil, quinoa, roasted ca GRATTECIELLA 17 AOKDIET21
4/5/18 8:12 A
Down 1.6 lbs today. Right direction! GRATTECIELLA 12 EVILCECIL
4/5/18 7:02 A
Exercise helps with depression for sure! #sweatyselfie GRATTECIELLA 19 -POOKIE-
4/5/18 2:38 A
Day 3 streak of all food tracked and within calories! #winning GRATTECIELLA 1 GRATTECIELLA
4/4/18 2:33 A
today i tracked and eat more then i should have but i did a lot of activity so im hungrier than norm ECMSGURL1205 5 PAMMYLBEAR
4/5/18 2:09 P
My goal is just to be less sedentary. I completed my 15 minute workout video, becauseeeee I only wa ZRAIN23 3 MOMMALGT
4/3/18 10:22 P
Passover rock climbing adventure today! GRATTECIELLA 7 LAPPEROO
4/4/18 9:39 P
Victory: 100% of food tracked and within calories for the day! GRATTECIELLA 25 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/3/18 12:52 P
The photo on the left I call the epitome of letting myself go- as I was comfortable enough to post i GARDENOFARDEN 139 ABTRACK
4/3/18 6:15 A
I’m new too! MANDY_ROSE 4 -POOKIE-
4/3/18 3:41 A
Workout in the back yard. Because it's such a shame to go to the gym on such a beautiful day! GRATTECIELLA 11 LIVEDAILY
4/3/18 7:35 A
My lovely lunch. That is a “naked“ orange on the l GRATTECIELLA 12 LIVEDAILY
4/3/18 7:36 A
Just got my St. Patrick's Day race photos and wanted to share them with you. Next race is next Satur GRATTECIELLA 25 SHELLLEY2
4/8/18 9:49 A
March was not a good month for me but I am shaking it off and plan to keep moving forward. Here I a PAMBROWN62 174 MRSFANCYLADY
4/4/18 12:16 A
I have 25 years clean and sober today!! DYANNE4293 302 1958TMC
4/3/18 1:27 P
Way under calories ... Because I have the stomach flu or something like it. Sigh. GRATTECIELLA 14 LAPPEROO
4/2/18 9:38 P
Today I showered, checked my mailbox, and took out the trash. #fightingdepression PLAINJANEDOE 11 CONNIET88
4/2/18 8:54 A
4/2/18 10:26 A
Feeling hung over today (and not because I drank too much). But I ran anyway! Not as far as usual, b GRATTECIELLA 11 LIVEDAILY
4/2/18 10:27 A
I synced my Fitbit and this showed up on screen. Great Barrier Reef 1600 lifetime miles. ABTRACK 7 RETAT60
4/1/18 4:54 P
Its been 57 days since the last time I had any drink but water. #h2whoa ROYAUHLPRINCESS 7 DJAYBX
4/1/18 6:33 P
My sidekicks were working out with me but got bored halfway through :) GRATTECIELLA 3 L_DROUIN
4/1/18 3:25 P
I just love a farmers market! Under $35 for this bounty! As a single person this will last through SEAOFCARNAGE 14 DJAYBX
4/1/18 6:32 P
Awesome run today. No walk breaks! GRATTECIELLA 14 LIVEDAILY
3/31/18 8:08 P
#gymhairdontcare #sweatyselfie GRATTECIELLA 13 LIVEDAILY
3/29/18 2:12 P
Super excited about today's lunch! Salad topped with beans and canned salmon salad. GRATTECIELLA 19 LIVEDAILY
3/29/18 2:13 P
If you could have one of these for free for one year, what would you choose: Personal Masseuse, Per CAROLINAGIRL69 18 DIXIE-LUSH
3/28/18 12:45 A
Hello Spark Family! This is my second full day tracking my food on this app but it is probably the 1 JAXMOM414 37 LASTDIET2017
3/28/18 1:54 A
Holy buckets. T25 total body circuit almost did me in tonight. Made it with only two modifiers on th CELTIC79KITTEN 8 DJ4HEALTH
3/28/18 1:14 A
Heck yeah! 10000 steps hit🤘 cant wait for weigh in day!! 620STECHERMYA 3 GETULLY
3/27/18 10:21 P
Today's exercise: rock climbing with these two goofballs. I feel really proud that I managed to get GRATTECIELLA 12 LIVEDAILY
3/28/18 2:57 P
Yesterday's run was beautifully sunny but VERY windy. I felt good despite the goats like gusts! GRATTECIELLA 6 CHERIRIDDELL
3/28/18 1:17 A
3/26/18 2:12 P
Salad w protein and fruit RKHATERA01 15 AOKDIET21
4/5/18 8:17 A
The sweat is strong today! GRATTECIELLA 13 LAPPEROO
3/25/18 8:11 P
Not only did I work out, but I bypassed the snack mix and wine at the event at the gym. GRATTECIELLA 10 -POOKIE-
3/23/18 3:33 A
I am so walking on the treadmill right now and watching The Lion King with my kiddos. Multitasking. SHADOW2SOU1 15 MYHIGHESTVALUE
3/22/18 9:13 P
Wasn't feeling it today. Worked out anyway! Not my best run ever, but it'll do. #gymhairdontcare GRATTECIELLA 19 OBIESMOM2
3/23/18 8:26 A
The past few months I have been stuck in the upper 280s. Kept up with good nutrition and my gym clas BECCAN45 304 CHICAGOGIRL26
3/22/18 4:56 P
3/22/18 4:04 P
3/22/18 4:05 P
Hit the treadmill at 4:30 this morning😁 and I'm not a morning person. The evenings get hectic aroun GRANDD25 80 MJ7DM33
3/19/18 2:50 P
5k time: 34:23. Not too shabby (and 2:16 off my previous 5k time!) GRATTECIELLA 43 CHERIRIDDELL
3/18/18 1:25 A