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Do you hate your thighs? Don't feel bad! Even this carrot has inner thigh rub πŸ˜‚ #iloveuglyproduce # GRATTECIELLA 13 SEXYMOMMOM1
7/24/17 6:49 P
7/24/17 5:52 P
I may not look it from the out side but I am so sick of being fat, depressed, all my girlfriends (my TAMMYLMERRITT42 19 ANGELMANDI
7/24/17 4:43 P
Today's lunch: peanut butter and fresh, sliced straeberries on a low calorie muffin. Side of the las GROWINGSOUL 5 DLCHIK
7/24/17 2:59 P
Me and my daughter on vacation this summer. AMYMFREY 7 OMAJ1953
7/24/17 3:33 P
If only grownups could go to art camp! Summer is the best! GRATTECIELLA 7 -POOKIE-
7/24/17 4:04 P
7/24/17 2:28 P
I am feeling an incredible sense of peace this morning. Saw Western Bluebirds with their young as I JEANKNEE 12 BLUE_22
7/24/17 6:23 P
Good morning! Let's get the day started right! GRATTECIELLA 6 LIVEDAILY
7/24/17 2:29 P
I roasted peaches at 350 for one hour, and will eat them for breakfast with cottage cheese or yogurt GRATTECIELLA 29 TAMSHAUMENO
7/24/17 2:59 P
This is what I face at work today! So tempted! Dark Milkyway is my favorite! Had my treat over the w JHONNMIDWAY 20 EDWIDTH
7/24/17 2:19 P
Guys, I just wanted to share this in case someone is feeling down about their progress today. I was PURZHINKITTI 107 SVELTEYOOPER
7/24/17 4:10 P
A bowl of fresh fruit salad for breakfast with a drizzle of honey DOINITNOTGONNAS 107 SASHASMOM1122
7/24/17 3:05 P
I haven't been motivated lately. So, I decided to try what other members are doing and that is creat FREDDJ2017 9 HIKINGSD
7/24/17 4:05 A
This is me on the eve of my new Irish Dance Fitness program: Reaching New Heights. This belly will b BAYBNJOE2 9 RAPUNZEL53
7/24/17 4:31 A
I was on SP this morning feeling kind of depressed. Couldn't decide what I was going to do for the d GAYLEP1957 8 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/24/17 10:44 A
World's healthiest picnic! GRATTECIELLA 8 LIVEDAILY
7/24/17 2:32 P
Finished cake. Santa Fey Super Cheif. My father loves trains. It even has his Fighter Interceptor S LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 73 RECOVERYMAMA
7/24/17 11:26 A
I've lost 30 lbs since March!! Never would I have JJ47135 132 UMUCGRAD
7/24/17 3:35 A
Trying KT tape to see if it will help with my tennis elbow. GRATTECIELLA 10 1CRAZYDOG
7/24/17 2:02 P
Said no to evening snacking, resisted the siren song of the chocolate, and ended the day within my c GRATTECIELLA 25 BJK1961
7/23/17 8:03 P
Trying something new for a light dinner: turkey wraps with avocado, bell pepper, laughing cow light GRATTECIELLA 20 LIVEDAILY
7/23/17 5:58 P
Old behavior: went to get frozen yogurt after class. Not terrible, but lots of sugar and not portion GRATTECIELLA 18 KOHLRABIGIRL
7/23/17 2:28 P
Yup! Showing up is half the battle! GRATTECIELLA 8 BJK1961
7/22/17 11:26 P
Sitting in a giant Adirondack chair during my class break. Life is good! GRATTECIELLA 11 WHYTEBROWN
7/23/17 11:10 A
Delicious farmers market haul MISS_ROBOT 13 TRI2_BFIT
7/23/17 9:49 P
Check it out! I reached 100k Spark points! And my 10k steps per day remains unbroken from May 16, ev GRATTECIELLA 11 BJK1961
7/22/17 11:29 P
Didn't want to but I did! I wanted to go and eat but I didn't what did I do....I went to the gym eve NATASHA_D1 21 KATHYJO56
7/23/17 12:20 A
Another hot one today folks! Stay cool and super hydrated! Happy Saturday! FITSISTA79 102 ROBINFITZWATER_
7/22/17 2:11 P
Yes 2 more pounds πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… way to go. YACKYURIAS 27 WALKITOFF101
7/22/17 1:45 P
have a great summertime Saturday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 9 KITT52
7/23/17 5:42 P
7/22/17 12:18 P
I wasn't feeling it for my jog today, so it was mo GRATTECIELLA 15 BJK1961
7/22/17 11:30 P
Physical therapy exercises done! Also, I'm up .2 lbs from an afternoon weigh in, which means I most GRATTECIELLA 13 LIVEDAILY
7/22/17 9:03 P
Salad with leftovers for lunch. Le yum. But I miss the blue cheese :) GRATTECIELLA 7 REDROBIN47
7/22/17 8:49 A
Found an old pair of jeans in my closet. They were very tight a few weeks ago. Now they are totally GRATTECIELLA 22 BJK1961
7/22/17 11:32 P
What are your favorite podcasts? Why? ANNIEAFG 31 BEESHELL8
7/21/17 8:23 P
What's your favorite non gym activity? MRSCORNY2015 96 PROVINCETOWN
7/24/17 3:19 P
One day of fitness and tracking at a time. One pound to lose each week. Small progress over time= bi FITNHAPPY4LIFE 5 AKROXIE
7/21/17 3:53 P
187lbs today means I lost 100lbs in 65weeks. 2-4 weeks at a time I would have no losses, but eventu MISSDORKNESS 71 SHAPEUPCHELLE
7/23/17 6:03 A
Whoo hoo! 40 lb down - about the weight of a 5 gallon water jug! MAGLITE7 145 MIRAGE727
7/21/17 4:32 P
Mountain views on my lunchtime walk. GRATTECIELLA 16 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/21/17 10:01 A
We've had some amazing clouds the last couple of days INITFORLIFE3 16 PLCHAPPELL
7/21/17 5:26 A
7/22/17 9:49 A seems i need to cut off some unhealthy relationships. There's this one called sabotage th DEEDEESIC 12 DGIGGLES3
7/21/17 7:45 A
Fit in a few minutes of arm exercises -- and 10k steps -- on a very long day. Still over calories du GRATTECIELLA 19 REDROBIN47
7/22/17 8:53 A
#mobilechat Looks like dinner for one again. Shrim LRJUSTUS1 11 RITA1956
7/21/17 4:45 P
7/21/17 12:08 A
Bought new eye shadow. WALLAHALLA 6 RITA1956
7/21/17 4:46 P
Lunch was egg salad with veggies to dip! #deliciousdailymoment IMAWRKNPROGRESS 3 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
7/21/17 12:13 A
Definitely fits my battles right now! I've been so emotional overwhelmed, high anxiety. Trying to ge G53673 16 OOKLATHEMOK
7/21/17 3:44 A
I found this and thought I'd share it on SP. REEDSKI 18 4CONNIESHEALTH
7/21/17 11:15 P
30 minutes of sweat drenching, gut wrenching cardio is the key. 15 minute medium pace run, followed CHKCHNC 5 CHKCHNC
7/21/17 12:26 A
I'm so happy with the mini gym in the garage and the checkerboard flooring. It doesn't look a lot bu SUPERDOJ 12 MDCALIFORNIA
7/20/17 5:39 P
Salad prepped for a long day tomorrow! Greens, tomatoes, black beans, leftover salmon, and leftover GRATTECIELLA 38 LIVEDAILY
7/20/17 5:06 P
Beach views from my bike ride today! I truly live in paradise. #deliciousdailymoment GRATTECIELLA 14 LIVEDAILY
7/20/17 5:09 P
Getting the fruits and veggies inπŸŽπŸ† MANDAWOLFEY 9 GRATTECIELLA
7/19/17 11:47 P
I completed 30 mins (on level 7)on my exercise bike! WEIGHTDICIPLINE 3 GRATTECIELLA
7/19/17 11:47 P
Started 21 day fix diet plan. Let's see how this works. KNYAGENYA 4 KNYAGENYA
7/19/17 11:49 P
Cookies! I haven't had cookies in ages... and now ELACE 14 ELACE
7/23/17 1:49 A
1.5 months after foot surgery, I built back up to 1 hour of walking this evening. Sure was hot and h WARRIORGIRL121 19 NGCHILD
7/24/17 1:32 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 KATHYJO56
7/20/17 12:26 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 16 MSGO72
7/20/17 12:40 A
Love clean eating! LAURENPAYNE1978 7 LAURENPAYNE1978
7/20/17 12:53 A
This week has been awesome! I'm at All Star Dance Camp, and have been dancing upwards of 5 hours a d LAHUDSONCHEF 20 ETHELMERZ
7/20/17 1:38 A
Teeny tiny adorable (and only slightly slug-eaten) strawberries from our own garden! GRATTECIELLA 25 I-AM-TITANIUM
7/21/17 2:55 A
Somehow I missed lunch today. So here's a hearty but healthy snack! #deliciousdailymoment GRATTECIELLA 15 LIVEDAILY
7/20/17 5:09 P
Salad bar for dinner tonight 😊 KSTEVERSON 155 FLUFFYGIRL101
7/20/17 5:48 P
Cure for a grumpy mood? A beach bike ride. 73 minu GRATTECIELLA 12 LIVEDAILY
7/20/17 5:10 P
Plumbing done. One cure for a bad mood coming up! GRATTECIELLA 7 OBIESMOM2
7/20/17 9:44 A
Lunch consists of 3.5 oz of grilled shrimp with okra and onions, with a side of 1.5 cups of Zoodles, THICK2FIT527 6 LRJUSTUS1
7/19/17 3:21 P
35 push-ups. Those last 5 were really tough! GRATTECIELLA 7 MARCHAPRILEMAY
7/20/17 7:45 P
Was intending to go for a beach bike ride this morning before work. Instead, I'm here at home, babys GRATTECIELLA 14 1CRAZYDOG
7/20/17 1:36 P
215 calorie lunch 3 oz tuna with a little mayo lettuce, peppers and onions tortilla wrap i skipped CALLMEKARMA 5 KBOUGHE1
7/19/17 2:29 P
I have seen the question on here before about what to do if you can't afford a gym or equipment. Wel SOUTHTXXRNNR 13 COMEBACKKID12
7/19/17 7:04 P

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