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One way to shed some extra weight.. Haircut! No I did not weigh before and after but that could have MWARNER211 91 LRJUSTUS1
2/9/18 7:44 P
Elementary school run club! GRATTECIELLA 5 I-AM-TITANIUM
2/10/18 12:02 A
2/9/18 5:14 A
Guys, I just wanted to share my "little" success with you. I have been here with you Sparkpeople for SWEETINFINITY1 27 ELIZABETHDARCY
2/16/18 10:54 P
Okay, it can be both, but mostly, with the right mindset, you get there. KETOCURIOUS 67 JULIEA7201
2/7/18 11:56 A
Run club today! Only 15 minutes (a little over 1 mile) but it's time I otherwise would have spent co GRATTECIELLA 5 LIVEDAILY
2/5/18 10:06 P
I had a good weekend! GRATTECIELLA 7 LIVEDAILY
2/5/18 10:06 P
5k completed! I took walk breaks, but ran most of it. Final chip time 36:39. 12 seconds off previous GRATTECIELLA 48 CAMPING_MOM
2/5/18 2:34 P
Peanut butter and banana on English muffin. Race day breakfast of champions! GRATTECIELLA 31 BILLTHOMSON
2/4/18 1:38 P
Sunday 04 February 2018 QOTD “The reason why we struggle w/insecurity is because we compare our beh 1CRAZYDOG 14 ILOVEROSES
2/5/18 6:44 A
Such a beautiful hike yesterday! #grateful GRATTECIELLA 75 CHERIRIDDELL
2/5/18 1:50 A
All food tracked for the day! Much deserved sleep. GRATTECIELLA 8 LIVEDAILY
2/3/18 3:59 P
Driving home from a beautiful beach run. Happy Friday! Tomorrow I rest before race day on Sunday. #r GRATTECIELLA 7 SHELLLEY2
2/3/18 2:21 P
Kale salad with almonds, Apple, radishes, and pecorino, topped by a fried egg, topped by red caviar. GRATTECIELLA 15 MDCALIFORNIA
1/31/18 10:13 P
When elementary school run club starts at 7:45, I'm amazed how much I can get done before 9am! GRATTECIELLA 8 CHERIRIDDELL
2/1/18 2:02 A
Mid morning snack: Apple with laughing cow light, and 1 ounce of edamame GRATTECIELLA 9 CHERIRIDDELL
1/31/18 1:38 A
#BeforeAndAfter KDICE61 217 SUESALLA1
2/8/18 11:10 P
2800 steps. It's a far cry from my 10,000 goal, but my dr would probably kick my butt if I did much JAY61 7 JAY61
1/27/18 7:13 P
Awesome bike ride today on a beautiful January day! GRATTECIELLA 9 CHERIRIDDELL
1/28/18 1:30 A
Starting over. Feeling bad about my weight. I've never been 190 lbs in my life. I need to make a cha ALOLCAT 5 LINZHORN
1/27/18 7:41 P
Made it to the gym before work (and I'm NOT a morning person). And ran a whole mile at 5.5 mph - imp GRATTECIELLA 17 REEDSKI
1/27/18 10:03 A
Long day! But I got in 40 min of easy treadmill intervals instead of crashing in front of the tv! GRATTECIELLA 16 LAPPEROO
1/26/18 1:20 P
I've lost 49 lbs so far and decided to reward myself with a new hairdo! KERRIBERRI86 271 PELESJEWEL
1/25/18 10:15 A
Today's successes: - within calories! - 10k steps - no time for real exercise but I did get a nice w GRATTECIELLA 20 KRISTIGIRL12208
1/24/18 10:53 A
Over calories due to a long day and a big lunch at my client’s very nice cafeteria. But: I tracked a GRATTECIELLA 12 CHERIRIDDELL
1/24/18 1:43 A
Hard run followed by some TRX for upper body. 💪🏅 GRATTECIELLA 10 WHYTEBROWN
1/22/18 5:06 A
Went to the gym on my business trip. It was expensive and I left my boots in the Lyft. Sigh. Can't w GRATTECIELLA 12 LAPPEROO
1/19/18 11:41 A
I'm teaching my grandkids about a healthy lifestyle! JSTETSER 13 MIRAGE727
1/19/18 10:13 A
Big family outting planned for sunday. Going to be around a lot of unhealthy food. My plan. Plenty o KUMASKYRA 5 SASHASMOM1122
1/18/18 1:06 P
Reading spark articles this morning kicked my rear into gear. On my way to the gym before work! GRATTECIELLA 15 PAULA3420
2/8/18 5:20 P
Somehow/someway I managed to walk/run 5 miles on t HRCURFMAN 8 ZAGNUT6
1/15/18 11:20 P
Brought my own dinner to the airport - leftover fried chicken over homemade kale apple salad. #balan GRATTECIELLA 11 LIVEDAILY
1/16/18 2:48 P
Beautiful beach run on a lazy Monday. Now to pack for my work trip to SF. Don’t forget gym clothes! GRATTECIELLA 10 CHERIRIDDELL
1/16/18 1:32 A
Here’s some ways we can all have a positive, productive, and goal reaching week. Have a marvelous M PAMBROWN62 9 COMEBACKKID12
1/15/18 1:27 P
Have some work to do to get back to that goal line MAGLITE7 20 WOMANOFLOVE
1/15/18 10:44 P
2131 days of being active on the site!!!! WOO HOO for me! 1-15-18 Today lets remember to be kind t SPARKLINGME176 10 _LINDA
1/16/18 3:40 P
Beautiful and fresh from local farm shop! -POOKIE- 14 CANNINGNANNY
1/17/18 7:49 A
The view from Mt Washington JSTETSER 125 MARYJOANNA
1/16/18 5:32 A
Feeling so miserable at work. Really want to change, but haven't been able to find something else i WANNATHIN 11 WANNATHIN
1/15/18 4:33 A
Ended the day within calories AND turned in my long and hairy report. Booyah! GRATTECIELLA 21 1CRAZYDOG
1/15/18 12:51 P
Ok, I got the food tracking and calories back in line after the holidays; then I got the water back LKMANNING7 24 SUSANSKI
1/15/18 5:35 P
Posting these pics are my motivation to stay on tr MUSICLADY923 38 SOOZIE12
1/15/18 8:28 A
The moon was still up at sunrise. What a great start to the day. INITFORLIFE3 54 ALICIA363
1/15/18 7:59 A
This morning my son (he's seven going on twenty-one) decided to sneak a picture of me... as I was ge JESSICA_G23 241 CONTENTE13
1/15/18 8:56 A
Got to sleep in - thank you Grandma and Grandpa for babysitting! Now a bike ride and brunch. Lazy Su GRATTECIELLA 10 LIVEDAILY
1/14/18 5:10 P
Some challenges with eating and with hunger last week, but it was a good pick for exercise! GRATTECIELLA 22 SIXLESTER69
1/14/18 4:14 A
Trying a more protein intensive breakfast: Greek yogurt, pb2, and pear. Hope this helps with all day GRATTECIELLA 15 TIF
1/15/18 9:10 P
Post run club. Workout complete! GRATTECIELLA 11 -POOKIE-
1/13/18 2:24 A
Yesterday was a hungry day. But today WILL be better! GRATTECIELLA 11 CHERIRIDDELL
1/13/18 1:38 A
Grr. I was hungry ALL DAY today. I made good choices (no sugary foods or my other vices) but devoure GRATTECIELLA 25 LAPPEROO
1/13/18 12:47 P
Healthy snack! GRATTECIELLA 17 TIF
1/15/18 9:15 P
Man, this was one tough workout! #sweatyselfie #gymhairdontcare GRATTECIELLA 7 SUZEEQ13
1/11/18 2:24 P
Workout complete. Jog plus TRX for upper body. GRATTECIELLA 8 LIVEDAILY
1/11/18 11:27 A
9lb weight loss feels great for my start! PJRICHTER05 2 GRATTECIELLA
1/10/18 11:51 A
I created a mixed drink lastnight that amazing, delicious, and only 100 calories! So good! ABUHLER 3 ABUHLER
1/10/18 11:55 A
I got my morning workout in 💪🏼😁 starting the day off right! Now its time for some homework before SWOODALL14 3 SWOODALL14
1/10/18 2:17 P
It's Bittersweet Chocolate Day! A good day to step away from the sweeter versions and sample the dar NANASUEH 2 GRATTECIELLA
1/10/18 11:48 A
The last 2 years ive lost 90 lbs. unfortunately I gained it all back. But January 1st, 2018 I’m happ KARSON1999 12 SADIEMYERS
1/10/18 7:56 P
Beautiful walk to school this morning after 2 days of rain. GRATTECIELLA 13 LAPPEROO
1/11/18 2:03 P
Enjoyed walking the kids to school in the first rain shower of the winter! GRATTECIELLA 12 1CRAZYDOG
1/9/18 1:24 P
Bike intervals! Gentle on the knee and makes me nice and sweaty. GRATTECIELLA 10 -POOKIE-
1/9/18 4:08 A
Meeting my goals! Its going to be a great year! Its been a long road. Started out at 185# @ 5'4" las WENDYSU48 237 LTRINH9
1/8/18 7:51 P
Good morning! Starting a new job this morning! Wish me luck! KAYLEEVICTORIAX 303 GRACIE6121
1/8/18 5:58 P
Using the Flat Belly cookbooks as a springboard, here’s this week’s dinner menu plan. Note that in o ENGINEERMOM 9 WLHOPE
1/7/18 4:59 P
Guess what day a pastry baker came for an extended stay at our home? EASTCOASTFOODIE 4 JUNIORSSISTER
1/7/18 5:54 P
Starting another year, all of my friends have dropped off, so going it alone... DBALLERING 6 MSMITCHELL2696
1/7/18 5:35 P
Buffalo chicken salad and curried sweet potato lentil soup- 350 calories, 21g of protein. I’m stuf AMYINTHEWILD 13 CONSTANCE067
1/7/18 9:16 P
Walk after book club. I'm fortunate to live in such a warm and beautiful place! GRATTECIELLA 22 LAPPEROO
1/8/18 12:17 P
10 minutes of elliptical before bookclub! GRATTECIELLA 15 -POOKIE-
1/8/18 2:39 A
First workout in 5+ years! Holy mother of god I didn't realize how out of shape I was until it was t KRYSTIN_ZELLER 7 KRYSTIN_ZELLER
1/6/18 1:20 P
My sidekicks is demonstrating back plank, the last exercise in my workout today. Workout completed! GRATTECIELLA 11 LAPPEROO
1/7/18 1:08 P
Had one of those days - headachy all day, hungry all day. Way over calories. BUT I snacked on health GRATTECIELLA 12 LAPPEROO
1/7/18 1:10 P
Scale was up today 3.5 lbs from last Friday. And I have been really good with eating and tracking to GRATTECIELLA 18 LIVEDAILY
1/4/18 12:59 P
Oof. Had a very good day today food wise - until right before bed when I ate 2 pc of cake leftover f GRATTECIELLA 28 CHERIRIDDELL
1/5/18 1:57 A
Doc says my knee pain is bursitis - not a big deal. So back with a very gentle run. Not as sweaty as GRATTECIELLA 11 -POOKIE-
1/4/18 2:42 A