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6/27/17 8:24 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 KATHYJO56
6/28/17 12:28 A
First time using this app. I need to lose 40lbs so that I can get my body ready to become pregnant. MRSDCSUSEY 4 MRSDCSUSEY
6/27/17 10:00 P
Saw this last night on my midnight walk. COURTENAYE 7 KOHINOOR2
6/27/17 7:14 P
Another midnight ramble. COURTENAYE 3 GREEN-EYED-LADY
6/27/17 7:09 P
First time since I had my bby girl that I actually feel like myself.. It's my first week with this a J90334 20 WEIGHTDICIPLINE
6/27/17 10:59 P
I can't catch a break, just took the longest walk of my life with my 30 pound daughter on my back an SLIMMINGSARAH85 28 WEIGHTDICIPLINE
6/27/17 11:00 P
6/27/17 7:59 P
My Dinner tonight: 3 ounces of veal (173 calories according to the SP food tracker) and a spinach s GREEN-EYED-LADY 7 SASSYBRE1
6/27/17 9:01 P
Good morning. Approx. 300 cals. HOOSIERMOM33 9 COUNTRYCAROL1
6/27/17 11:40 A
Posted a photo MRSTHOMAS8314 14 NIQUE50
6/24/17 4:04 A
This is a reminder that living a heathy lifestyle can work for everyone no matter how much you have 2BFREE2LIVE 24 CFITZ1
6/27/17 8:15 P
Fresh Sweet California Cherries make a terrific evening snack. GREEN-EYED-LADY 26 PAMBROWN62
6/24/17 3:18 A
Tonight's dinner: 3 oz. of veal, small ear of fresh sweet corn, small red potato. 368 calories GREEN-EYED-LADY 12 WFTGATL
6/23/17 10:51 P
A friend gave me these Campari Tomatoes today. (He knows the way to my heart. lol) Going to save GREEN-EYED-LADY 5 KENDILYNN
6/23/17 12:48 P
A friend gave me these two orange bell peppers today, so I googled them. Found out they are SUPER GREEN-EYED-LADY 8 CAROLANNHER49
6/23/17 1:24 P
My breakfast today: 1/2 whole wheat pita stuffed with 2 scrambled eggs, kale, tomato, and onion. 2 GREEN-EYED-LADY 7 GIGIUS
6/23/17 12:53 P
Good morning Sparkers! J38850 15 AALLEY2
6/22/17 8:53 P
Today I made it out of the "obese" BMI category into the just "overweight" BMI category. It's been GREEN-EYED-LADY 207 MARYJOANNA
6/23/17 5:34 A
Today I made it OUT of the "OBESE" BMI category! It's been one month since I really started "Spark GREEN-EYED-LADY 7 NANCYANND55
6/22/17 12:58 P
Happy Summer Solstice 🌞 Sharing seeded sun blush tomato bread with my family. My little girl and I -POOKIE- 9 KITT52
6/21/17 2:43 P
Day one of this app. BJW36TDK 21 THEURERBGT
6/21/17 1:29 P
look at my beautiful birthday cake a fellow spark gal made for me ... and it is all edible ... oh my TRAILWALKERJO54 106 CHARTHESTAR
6/22/17 11:14 P
While at work today I was a little stressed, took a walk with one of the sweet dogs at work, look wh IAMJUSTME79 10 CTYONIT
6/19/17 1:56 A
Made Kale "Chips" for the first time in my life. Just Spray with olive oil and bake @350 degrees fo GREEN-EYED-LADY 17 STARFISH1961
6/19/17 9:05 P
Added veggies to my breakfast this morning: 2 medium scrambled eggs with chopped Kale, Tomato, and GREEN-EYED-LADY 8 STARFISH1961
6/19/17 9:00 P
In Phoenix for conference. Already 82 out. Up above 100 today. Staying inside as much as possible. H BILLDREW4 8 MPLSKEN
6/17/17 10:53 P
Je suis curieuse... Y a-t-il des gens qui parlent français ici? STARGAZ3R 4 STARGAZ3R
6/17/17 1:07 P
Looking after my sister's dog, Rosie 🐶 a great workout buddies! NIKKIALYSS1 8 ROSEBOMB
6/17/17 11:39 A
My post yoga breakfast. Sweet cherries are a not so guilty pleasure. MIMI 14 -POOKIE-
6/17/17 11:46 A
Here's a terrific snack: a fresh ripe PEAR. For about 100 calories, it has 6 grams of fiber, and m GREEN-EYED-LADY 6 FRENCHY73
6/17/17 2:42 P
I received a great gift from a friend today: a cantaloupe and several mangos. They both have about GREEN-EYED-LADY 15 NANCYANND55
6/17/17 9:27 A
This is lunch today: Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms (prepared at the grocery store). 120 calories ea GREEN-EYED-LADY 3 STARFISH1961
6/16/17 11:58 P
Needed a bit of motivation this morning... found the picture on the left from last summer on a frien PHOXYM 304 INCH_BY_INCH
6/18/17 10:09 A
A week ago today I lost my trail buddy Bessy, words can't describe how sad we are.. We sure miss her THOMASINA57 25 THOMASINA57
6/16/17 11:09 A
Breakfast: Sara Lee delightful whole wheat bread, large egg, one piece of turkey bacon, spinach, tom MJAJ2017 10 SANDYANNIE471
6/15/17 9:16 A
6/17/17 7:55 A
Kale, scrambled egg whites with salsa over 1/2 an avocado. Good stuff AJK91873 3 _LINDA
6/15/17 12:40 P
Watch out for Flavored Yogurt. "Plain yogurt that you add whole fruit to is very healthy; it typica GREEN-EYED-LADY 4 ZELDA13
6/14/17 1:05 P
Hey, I'm new here and I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips. I need to lose 30ish pounds to b TEARFULSOUL 7 COLORADOMARI
6/27/17 11:50 P
According to Michael Greger, MD in the Reader's Digest (Feb 2017) "Processed meats like bacon, ham, GREEN-EYED-LADY 16 KKRAVIG1975
6/15/17 3:14 P
7 day Cabbage soup detox I start today 🤷🏾‍♀️ 2016FITQUEEN 24 2016FITQUEEN
6/16/17 6:37 P
I made lentils for the first time in my life. I cooked them in a slow cooker with chopped onion and GREEN-EYED-LADY 8 DANICONNOLLY
6/13/17 5:12 P
i started out at 420 pounds lost 178 pounds now i weigh 242. My goal is to way 150 so i have 92 more EPEOPLES3 167 MAMIEKINS484
6/11/17 9:36 P
Day 1. 150 pounds to go. One day at a time :) RIRIKI671 44 DRAGON1950
6/11/17 3:02 P
Happiness is a spending the morning weeding the "yarden" and getting some dirt therapy. We harvested SKEMERICH 11 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
6/11/17 4:21 P
Slow Sunday went to church now cloudy and slow steady rain. We need the rain but getting me sleepy. AOKDIET21 10 4CONNIESHEALTH
6/12/17 4:43 P
Meal prep...veggie and split peas. SARMSTRONG198 10 SWALLIS7
6/11/17 8:20 P
BEANS are a "Nutritional All-Star" according to the Reader's Digest (Feb 2017) "A cup every day may GREEN-EYED-LADY 8 ARGYLEMYSTERY
6/11/17 2:53 P
According to Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, DRPH in the Reader's Digest (Feb 2017) FRUITS may be better f GREEN-EYED-LADY 5 APPLEVEE
6/11/17 12:19 P
Time to taste a foreign fruit Ecuadorian "pepino-melon" or cucumber-melon NICETREVI 12 LR237787
6/9/17 9:33 P
First Day of a New Challenge to exercise at least 10 minutes. Walked around the park and spotted th GREEN-EYED-LADY 10 MARYJOANNA
6/10/17 5:55 A
The Sandhill Cranes in my yard love the bread and seeds I put out for them. They need to eat too ! GREEN-EYED-LADY 12 MBLANKFORD
6/15/17 8:08 P
Low Fat Dairy may not necessarily be Better. According to David Ludwig, MD, PHD, "Studies suggest t GREEN-EYED-LADY 6 KENDILYNN
6/9/17 5:37 P
SALT may be less of a risk than scientists thought. "If you don't have high blood pressure, you can GREEN-EYED-LADY 10 1CRAZYDOG
6/9/17 9:07 P
The Reader's Digest (Feb. 2017) suggests trying "overnight" oats. "Combine old-fashioned oats with GREEN-EYED-LADY 8 71PAMMY
6/9/17 4:39 P
6/9/17 3:44 P
Proceed with caution when consuming artificial sweeteners according to the Reader's Digest (Feb 2017 GREEN-EYED-LADY 6 JIBBIE49
6/9/17 4:21 P
Feeling great met my boss today EMARIOM 20 KBOUGHE1
6/9/17 5:52 P
Drink More Water ! Small studies show that water has the potential to boost metabolism. "I sugges GREEN-EYED-LADY 8 PJTFR1007
6/27/17 5:50 P
Have you ever tried SARDINES ? "They are loaded with omega-3's, selenium, vitamin D, and high-qual GREEN-EYED-LADY 16 OAHARRIS
6/9/17 5:23 P
Success ! I grew tomatoes for the first time in my life ! I used to live in an apartment until flo GREEN-EYED-LADY 13 PRAIRIECROCUS
6/9/17 10:17 A
My favorite snack is DIY (Do It Yourself) Popcorn. I have a microwave popcorn bowl but a brown pape GREEN-EYED-LADY 11 KATHYJO56
6/8/17 12:30 A
Enjoy a cup of brewed TEA. "Brewed tea raises metabolism rates. Be careful not to cancel out the h GREEN-EYED-LADY 6 STARFISH1961
6/7/17 6:55 P
I hate meetings at work where they have goodies, donuts, bagels...ugh! Carbs. I chose the fruit! (An LAURENGRACE24 10 TIBURONA
6/7/17 5:53 P
Include BERRIES in your meals and snacks. "Berries have high levels of antioxidants that may lower GREEN-EYED-LADY 7 ARGYLEMYSTERY
6/7/17 6:10 P
Canned TUNA is one of the most affordable proteins in the supermarket, and it's packed with omega3's GREEN-EYED-LADY 12 KIMM7469
6/7/17 3:53 P
Cutting up a fresh pineapple for breakfast. GREEN-EYED-LADY 26 NANCYANND55
6/7/17 6:33 P
My Veggie Plate tonight: fresh steamed green beans with mushrooms, sautéed pea pods with soy sauce GREEN-EYED-LADY 6 OSONIYE
6/7/17 6:26 A
Its funny how life works. The left picture was me 7 years ago, at that time I was a SR. In highschoo CWEST4973 208 SHAKTI101
6/7/17 4:43 A
Starting my day off with a little love...egg love! SHOPGIRL422 7 NANCYANND55
6/5/17 8:04 P
Still got 50 more lbs to lose. But I feel so nice these days. Went out and bought me two new dresses STUFFY864 303 FLASUN
6/6/17 4:13 A
Holy smokes y'all! My smile has changed soooo much since January! Happy Monday peeps and God bless PHOXYM 108 NANCYANND55
6/5/17 8:05 P
My sweetheart got to meet his one year old grandson for the first time. It was really a great day. GREEN-EYED-LADY 18 1CRAZYDOG
6/5/17 11:41 A
3 months ago I couldn't imagine falling in love wi TEAMWAX 8 JBDTRI
6/3/17 9:48 A

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