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My husband told me that he wasnt attracted to me because of my weight gain. I have going to the gym CBROWN592 12 LINDSAYKIRK_
4/27/17 1:31 A
Decided I would look best in the 170s. Not going for 150-160s anymore. I'm not letting the bmi chart SUCHADIVA215 3 GREEN-EYED-LADY
4/26/17 11:51 P
I can't believe this happened tonight.... KOOKI140 11 IMRAN99
4/27/17 1:28 A
Are you relaxing tonight after a good day? GREEN-EYED-LADY 5 PRAIRIECROCUS
4/27/17 12:53 A
Day 1 on this app. Been working out for 2 months a little but the last 2 weeks really hitting the gy TPERRIN1979 2 GREEN-EYED-LADY
4/26/17 11:11 P
#newbie Hi! New here looking to lose weight and learn to eat healthier. TOWSANGEL 4 RUSSELLFORD
4/26/17 11:35 P
Today was a pretty good day. A little discouraged however. I'm suppose to get in 160 grams of protei LILMISS1908 6 LILMISS1908
4/26/17 11:15 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 KATHYJO56
4/27/17 12:21 A
Searing grouper for dinner. We usually have salmon - hope this is yummy! GRATTECIELLA 7 71PAMMY
4/26/17 11:12 P
I thought i should try and do this comparison since i am having a hard time looking in the mirror an EMILYSNEWLIFE 32 MYTIMEOK
4/27/17 1:11 A
Having a very hard time. I totally binged tonight after a terrible day. Not like oh a just bad day b SARAH_ARAUJO 8 SOUTHERNFRIED
4/26/17 10:58 P
I just downloaded this app and I have no idea where to begin!!! I'm determined though. Any suggestio BIGSIS1112 7 GREEN-EYED-LADY
4/26/17 6:12 P
I'm new here. Need advices!!! RP1011 6 RP1011
4/26/17 5:36 P
I love bleeding hearts. So pretty...blessings, Katharine PURPLEJEANS1010 8 SPARKARINA
4/26/17 6:02 P
Good Morning Everybody ! Are you eating healthy today ? My breakfast was a hard-boiled egg and a 1 GREEN-EYED-LADY 4 LADYNIGHTSTORM
4/26/17 11:31 A
Our dinner tonight: stuffed green peppers made with ground turkey. They were so big we split one i GREEN-EYED-LADY 14 1CRAZYDOG
4/26/17 10:58 A
My neighbor is a "thorn in my side". She always makes the same offensive comment. I've got to lear GREEN-EYED-LADY 12 HPOFBC
4/25/17 2:33 P
My visitor this cool morning here in Florida. Looks like it's going to be a lovely day. What are y GREEN-EYED-LADY 8 GADGETCC
4/25/17 10:29 A
Hello im a newbie started the weight loss journey KATYP0710 6 KATYP0710
4/24/17 8:58 P
What did you do today ? Eat healthy ? Get any exercise? Drink water ? GREEN-EYED-LADY 5 LEGGSMALON
4/24/17 7:15 P
My dinner tonight: stir-fried veggies. (green pepper, onions, carrots, eggplant, & tomatoes). All GREEN-EYED-LADY 13 KATHYJO56
4/25/17 12:15 A
I have a question. I've only been on a diet for 5days. Is it right that I have already lost 10lbs? I LACY1986 9 ALEXC1985
4/24/17 1:02 P
This says it all, for why people over 60 need to get healthy. I am posting this picture on my frid COCO559 20 GIGI5556
4/24/17 2:18 P
Found a beautiful pond on my 5 mile walk today. Love finding hidden treasures in my hometown. FLOUNDER1323 18 DEIN211
4/24/17 2:25 P
A flower for you! #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 10 HLOPEZ84
4/25/17 7:54 A
I got squished today! #savethetatas #breastcancerawareness ALATONA 3 SPARTANJAI
4/24/17 12:24 P
Which eating plan or diet are you following? I have seen somebody's picture and she lost so much w GETMOVING17 10 GETMOVING17
4/24/17 1:35 P
Just got a copy of my blood work results from my wonderful doctor and everything was "normal": no d GREEN-EYED-LADY 74 PAMLARAE
4/25/17 1:54 A
Gonna start drinking my water like this from now on. DEEMONIQUE94 22 GLORIAP52
4/24/17 9:30 P
When I started my weight lost on 4/9 I weighed 273 pounds I weigh myself today and I weigh 260 pound NESSA2017 17 NESSA2017
4/24/17 12:51 P
Made it to Ireland. Already had a 2.5 mi. walk. Ready and raring to keep going. MSLOUIE3 6 CASTALLCARES1
4/24/17 4:08 P
It's a beautiful Monday morning!!!! 4.24.17 LTRINH9 5 LTRINH9
4/24/17 12:15 P
My view as I worked out this morning! I live a mile from the ocean so I took my laptop and did Jilli ACRAZYCRAFTER 7 COMEBACKKID12
4/24/17 10:08 P
Did you have a good weekend? Are you going to make this a great week? Eat right, drink water, and GREEN-EYED-LADY 7 4METHISTYME
4/24/17 11:46 A
Dinner better late than never. Baked asparagus sprinkled with parmesan cheese, salt, & pepper. Baked BKAYS3 5 GREEN-EYED-LADY
4/24/17 12:00 A
After heart surgery heart attack and plenty of other health issue im blessed that im able to workout B81064 21 BIKE4HEALTH
4/24/17 1:45 A
My sweetheart got me a "foot massager bath" today. I feel pampered. GREEN-EYED-LADY 5 MARYJOANNA
4/24/17 5:19 A
My homemade fruit salad along with a piece of fish and water ZAZABEANDER 13 SOKOLUVTRAV
4/24/17 1:57 P
Feeling like a herbivore for breakfast😍 HENNYFLOW29 3 GREEN-EYED-LADY
4/23/17 12:52 P
Donated blood today. Quick and painless. GREEN-EYED-LADY 12 KOHINOOR2
4/23/17 1:17 P
Good Morning ! Have a lovely day ! GREEN-EYED-LADY 18 ROCKRS
4/23/17 11:05 A
Well, it turns out 54° is a bit chilly to be walking in a t-shirt. However, I managed my customary 4 BJK1961 25 NHEMBERGER
4/23/17 12:12 P
Lunch today was breaded and BAKED eggplant dipped in homemade salsa (gift from a neighbor). GREEN-EYED-LADY 9 ARGYLEMYSTERY
4/22/17 3:03 P
Breakfast today was a hard boiled egg. Less than 100 calories and packed with protein and other goo GREEN-EYED-LADY 9 CLPT1969
4/22/17 1:51 P
4/22/17 11:10 A
Try to get some exercise this weekend ! GREEN-EYED-LADY 2 JOCELYNH711
4/22/17 11:11 A
My kitty likes to climb trees. Did you get any exercise today ? GREEN-EYED-LADY 4 RAYNA1218
4/21/17 6:59 P
I have to remind myself of this. Weight is not the only thing that matters. All of these women weigh JENGLAND09 9 1935MARY
4/21/17 6:36 P
4/21/17 6:03 P
Today's garden pick. I cook many times from harvest, not what,we want! This looks like a real challe MMWUSA 11 EVILCECIL
4/22/17 8:20 A
Find some time today to stop and smell the flowers. GREEN-EYED-LADY 10 HG_109
4/21/17 12:09 P
Did you take time today to smell the flowers ? GREEN-EYED-LADY 18 MARYJOANNA
4/21/17 5:11 A
I've lost 75 pounds since I bought this dress new last October. NEVERQUITGETFIT 74 KEATON753
4/21/17 7:37 P
This is new to me. My goal is to loose 30 pounds. It's going to be hard, as I had 2 hip replacements FIELDSLU54 6 ARGYLEMYSTERY
4/20/17 3:26 P
Good Morning! Have a lovely day ! GREEN-EYED-LADY 16 CHER2SHINE
4/20/17 11:26 P
Good morning Everyone! Have a great day. 🙂 MARTINBETH 5 PEPSIRULZ
4/19/17 11:59 A
4/19/17 10:06 P
4/18/17 9:25 P
Are you relaxing tonight after a good day ? GREEN-EYED-LADY 30 KATHYJO56
4/19/17 12:29 A
4/19/17 3:18 A
Dinner tonight! So delicious! Added some extra chili powder, salsa, and 1 tbsp of light ranch dressi TOMECAT 6 JIBBIE49
4/18/17 9:02 P
Dinner tonight taco chicken salad with creamy cilantro lime dressing JENNBUG002 11 KIMBERLY6664
4/18/17 9:10 P
Prepping for my morning smoothies. If there is some items or tips for me that you think I should add TEACHNIKKI 12 CHRIS3874
4/18/17 8:58 P
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13 GREEN-EYED-LADY 10 KATHYJO56
4/19/17 12:30 A
Anybody else do adult coloring books to relieve stress ? I enjoy it. GREEN-EYED-LADY 33 DAXXDAY
4/19/17 7:18 A baked tilapia in a white wine lemon garlic sauce, side salad with fat free dressing. 32 MOUCHE 11 MOUCHE
4/18/17 8:50 P
4/18/17 8:26 P
You matter. You have value. You are worth it. LAJ137 2 GREEN-EYED-LADY
4/18/17 7:47 P
Does anybody else do adult coloring books to relieve stress ? GREEN-EYED-LADY 15 LUVKOALAS53
4/18/17 10:19 A
I LOVE Sparkguy.....don't you? MAGI_5 3 GREEN-EYED-LADY
4/17/17 11:57 P
Haven't ridden my bicycle since we were in a hurricane last September and moved inland to a hilly ar GREEN-EYED-LADY 10 _LINDA
4/18/17 12:25 A
From 230 pounds to 165! Only 40 to go ERICATRILBY 10 _LINDA
4/18/17 12:30 A
4/17/17 10:25 P
It was a really tough run today to get this. #running MOBYCARP 106 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/18/17 1:36 P
Another good gym session today :) Working hard to build more shape and definition. SUZIEB-PT 10 SUZIEB-PT
4/18/17 12:50 A

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