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Channeling Mad Men today. Have a happy hump day! ADARKARA 7 BJK1961
6/22/17 10:04 P
Having a rough day. Not giving up on goals today, but it's been an emotionally difficult day. I have AMANDANTHONYJ 12 IMRAN99
6/16/17 5:48 A
6/13/17 2:00 P
Ok,question for the women, trying to reignite the spark in my relationship,tried using a woopie cush JUSTSTICKWITHIT 23 GSEATON
6/5/17 11:46 P
Starting my weight loss journey in the morning. This is the heaviest I've been, and after seeing pic BRITTANYKAEX 123 ORTATK
5/30/17 7:22 A
5/27/17 9:50 P
One month. Lots of time in the pool as evidenced by the tan lines. I don't feel like there is a lo LULUBELLE65 10 GSEATON
5/24/17 7:30 P
After a really tough weekend I finally feel good enough to smile. ADARKARA 15 ISNESS
6/3/17 4:56 P
Goodnight everyone!! Muffin Man signing out!! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 10 GSEATON
5/24/17 7:24 P
I'm new to this. I've been dieting now for 2 weeks and lost 10 lbs. but gained back 5 of them beca SARACLARK6973 9 SARACLARK6973
5/31/17 4:28 P
"I drink (water)and I know things. That's what I do." DARKMORNING 4 HDVIXEN
5/24/17 10:59 A
From my peony bush. Happy Monday, everyone! GSEATON 14 ISNESS
6/3/17 5:05 P
The back shot... always my favorite before/after or in progress picture, because you can't suck anyt GWEN4REAL 19 FRMYHLTH
5/19/17 10:31 P
Enjoying my birthday breakfast and coffee on my balcony before it gets too hot. ADARKARA 192 ISNESS
6/3/17 5:03 P
4 hours of house cleaning 1035 cals burned 13151 steps... WOW!!! MIMIGEE2 21 MZB2U190
5/20/17 8:16 A
I will move my body today in honor of those who can't! GSEATON 5 AZLEZGO
5/16/17 2:58 P
Getting there bit by bit 24 pounds down 326.2from 350 pounds MAMACHANGED37 64 MAMACHANGED37
5/17/17 9:58 A
Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there with kids AND/OR fur babies! Hugs! GSEATON 11 SHARONKHARTER
5/14/17 1:23 P
#stressbuster. I have been extremely stress out for the past couple of days I can't eat I can't sl ALICIADAVIS17 5 SHAKTI101
5/16/17 8:15 A
Question has anyone found that dancing is a good workout. I don't mean like with a dvd but, just dan CURVYELVIESAYS 7 CURVYELVIESAYS
5/1/17 9:04 P
SNOWING here in SD, ugh! REALLY???BUT, I got my work out stuff on and gonna pretend it's sunny and GSEATON 2 ISNESS
6/3/17 5:07 P
5/3/17 6:42 A
Tried this dvd, I have a whole new appreciation for you women, I'd rather walk on hot coals for 20 m JUSTSTICKWITHIT 11 EVILCECIL
4/28/17 7:28 A
Sort of how I have felt since surgery 2 weeks ago. VIRGINIAGIRL 14 BESSHAILE
4/26/17 5:48 A
I did am and pm workout today. 20 mins in am. 45 mins pm total steps for day 14454 ...proud of me my MIMIGEE2 82 RAPUNZEL53
4/11/17 3:53 A
Seen these ideas? SISSYFEB48 11 NAZYTEACH
4/4/17 6:39 A
Congrats to everyone who achieved Consistency Awards! Clap clap CLAP!!!! GSEATON 1 GSEATON
4/3/17 1:30 P
Day 21 of my Spark Streak! I will be proud of this -even if I ate a chocolate chip cookie the size o GSEATON 2 VIRGINIAGIRL
3/28/17 7:41 A
My sister had these delivered to congratulate me for losing 101#. I couldn't ask for a better suppor CARTAY25 130 LIGHTWAVES
3/26/17 7:32 P
#recipes My take on Zuppa Toscana. An Italian sausage and potato soup like served at Olive Garden. I ROLLIN76 20 CHOCOLATE38
4/29/17 4:50 A
Oh no,just found more lucky charms! Come to daddy lucky charms. Ok,done, no more lucky charms,proble JUSTSTICKWITHIT 8 GSEATON
3/24/17 6:53 P
I've been working out solid for the past 3 weeks. I go to the gym everyday and am following Lee Labr GRETA242 3 GSEATON
3/24/17 6:48 P
Clean eating plan is going great! I've lost 4 lbs since Sunday! I'm sure it's mostly water weight bu ADARKARA 9 GSEATON
3/24/17 6:47 P
This is my first day on this site wish me luck. I was previously using a different one that only kep LYN44WINS 56 CHUBBYNOMORE3
3/24/17 7:26 A
Little weight loss humor lol 😂 NIKKI_NICHOLE22 14 RAZZOOZLE
3/23/17 9:47 P
Advise please. How does one cut calories from a basic "need?" My coffee in the morning alone is ab 509LITTLETHINGS 142 JAZZEJR
3/23/17 6:14 P
I will move my body today in honor of those who can't! Have a great day, all! GSEATON 3 VIRGINIAGIRL
3/24/17 8:54 A
Worked out 6 days this week, today is my rest day. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone! GSEATON 2 KAHANGI
3/19/17 2:02 P
This is the second Sunday, I am doing the treadmill at home to make it 3 times a week with the 2 tim BAYBREEZE525 19 GSEATON
3/19/17 1:46 P
We all have "stuff" that we have to deal with. Health, finances, family, etc. DON'T let that stop yo GSEATON 1 GSEATON
3/18/17 12:40 P
I love doing and seeing transformation pictures, because most of the time the scale doesn't show the KIBAISREADY 29 CANDIGIRL4K
3/14/17 8:31 P
I got a compliment today... from a co worker who doesn't give out compliments... he said are you los MIMIGEE2 270 SEAJESS
3/14/17 1:31 P
Set clocks forward one hour, Sunday, 3/12/17 MSROZZIE 13 MSROZZIE
3/15/17 6:25 P
Hope everyone has a good night's sleep tonight! I'm off... SPARKGUY 40 PRAIRIECROCUS
3/15/17 6:25 P
Still not lovin' it, Sparkpeople! GSEATON 2 JERSEYGIRL24
3/10/17 10:43 P
Exciting new feature launching this week! I'm testing it now :) SPARKGUY 64 BANANASLOUIE7
3/15/17 8:20 P
So we can't give points to our teams anymore with this new format? GSEATON 6 CAROLINAGIRL69
3/10/17 1:01 P
So, this feed is separate from my friend feed. So now I have to check TWO feeds to see what my frien ADARKARA 7 ALICIA363
3/11/17 8:10 A
Not liking the new SP format. At all. CAROLINAGIRL69 8 WALKZWDOGZ
3/10/17 2:09 A
How do I see my friend feed? A1DENSMOM 5 ANNIM80
3/9/17 5:47 P
What's up with Spark today? Where are all of my Teams??? GSEATON 3 VIRGINIAGIRL
3/10/17 10:56 A
2/5/17 3:03 P
10/11/16 11:54 P
Use an emoticon to show how you feel today TRAIL75 4974 GOODYBAR58
6/22/17 11:38 A
Hi - I'm new here and I'm scared LOSIE78 20 BLUEJAY1969
11/30/14 3:45 A
9/26/14 11:52 A
I have totally failed WALDEN9 18 VALLITTLEMAMA6
9/18/14 1:36 A
Falling off the no-sugar wagon JEFFSCOGIRL 12 CAMINNOW
9/5/16 10:28 A
Which End of Sioux Falls Do You Live? BEEEBS 52 GSEATON
4/30/14 11:10 A
New Year, Clean Slate~~ Let's start fresh!! PINKNFITCARLA 30 KATHYJO56
1/14/14 1:22 P
12/25/13 6:50 P
Walking groups in the area? MRSPRINCESS2007 4 CATHOLICLADY57
11/20/13 12:57 P
...The Story of the Butterfly PIXIE-LICIOUS 14 SASSYTHING52
2/13/13 12:33 A
10/7/12 9:47 P
9/25/12 9:44 P
What is your middle name? LITTLE_QUEEN 24 SNOWYOGA
9/24/12 8:03 P
9/24/12 8:05 P
Falling Off The Wagon BEACHGIRL6221 15 CRISSY2013
1/20/13 8:29 P
9/14/12 9:19 A
Hi Sioux Falls People!!!! GSEATON 1 GSEATON
8/30/12 10:33 A
8/28/12 7:40 A
Avoid bad habits when at work? REGULARSHOW 15 2PINE4U
8/10/12 9:17 P
omg did i really just do that?! SSMALLX33 19 SNOOPY-ACE
8/15/12 12:28 P
Diabetes and a sweet tooth is not the best idea! JACEUG 19 JACEUG
7/21/12 2:03 A
I try so hard SWIMMER_DOE012 8 CLWALDRO
7/15/12 6:01 A

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