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I'm addicted to SPRITE! any good ideas for my 2 o'clock binge? HANNAHMO3 9 MABRAXT
6/23/17 5:08 P
Am I totally mental? I mean, yeah, but is there a place on the app to enter your weight? HPOFBC 4 ALBREDA1980
4/15/17 6:06 P
Can I track my "house work" as a daily activity? HANNAHMO3 4 LUANN_IN_PA
4/9/17 9:00 P
Her 57th birthday was a success! She was suprized when I handed her a bonfire! Haha. There are 75 ca HANNAHMO3 8 MEAGOP
4/8/17 11:04 P
LUNCH! salad, with just enough dressing to be too much dressing, and a side of cottage cheese with m HANNAHMO3 7 97MONTY
4/6/17 2:46 P
Only 10lbs from being overweight! I'm getting so excited. (I'm 5'8") Birthday week the scale jumped MISSDORKNESS 168 TRESSWANN
4/7/17 6:20 A
Snack 1, strawberry yogurt with a dark chocolate almond granola. Tastes like a chocolate covered str HANNAHMO3 6 RAGNAR359
4/6/17 11:07 A
Ate perfect today! HANNAHMO3 7 HANNAHMO3
4/6/17 10:09 A
Another week without loose even a half of poud. 😒 I am tracking my food and doing exercise. What is YACKYURIAS 32 TOUGHGIRL68
4/5/17 2:08 P
Frat workout today for a week. Feeling a little chest cold, hope I can push through. Eating great, a HANNAHMO3 1 HANNAHMO3
4/5/17 10:28 A
Starting to get tired of what I'm eating. Planning on making almond crusted tilapia and turkey burge RAQUEL_SAYS_HI 7 JEMMSIE
4/3/17 1:52 P
Slow and steady losses add up :) for anyone who gets discouraged with "small losses" I encourage you JEMMSIE 212 71PAMMY
4/3/17 8:36 P
Saved myself from site shopping... haveing my weeks groceries delivered to the house tomorrow. We wi HANNAHMO3 6 MIAMI_LILLY
4/1/17 6:41 P
this is my first post. I have been diabetic since I was in my late 20's and now I'm in my late 60s a GLASSGIRL71 3 SPARKGUY
3/31/17 2:45 P
Feeling yucky today DEEBYRD88 5 DEEBYRD88
3/31/17 2:40 P
I begin this lifestyle journey will enthusiasm... Been tracking my diet and exercise on this great a ERICSING 2 HANNAHMO3
3/31/17 2:38 P
Waiting at the doctors office on my mother in law as you can see from today's picture I have that la JLCDCAR 18 M13324
3/31/17 3:36 P
I DID IT! Woke up this morning with depression brain.... why bother? Won't make a difference, you' 0VERITALREADY 179 CHINADOLL53
3/31/17 8:57 P
Down 50 pounds since 12-3-16! Long way to go, but so proud so far!! BECCA8516 91 LRJONES78
3/31/17 8:12 P
Tomorrow is my 6th month anniversary of being drug free after an 8 year long battle. It will also ma PHOENIXRISING87 305 JOSHVA
5/20/17 5:36 A
I have lost 11.7 lbs! In 2 weeks! I have 3 more to go before the 4th to stay on my goal line! HANNAHMO3 4 LAURAB_143
3/31/17 2:32 P
3/31/17 1:48 P
5% Spring Challenge-sign up now TCDRAGON54 2 HANNAHMO3
3/31/17 1:40 P
Say it in A WORD! ROG190 2731 MSLOUIE3
6/25/17 2:59 P
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 53470 GDANE3
6/26/17 5:02 A
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 OODELETEDOO 44626 GDANE3
6/26/17 5:00 A
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 12405 GDANE3
6/26/17 5:01 A
New(ish) and would love some fitbit friends CARLAARBUCKLE 5 ZENYAW
3/31/17 2:06 P
3/31/17 12:13 P
Let's start a small friendship team! MWCSLP1102 14 VIRGOGIRL46
4/7/17 4:43 P
slept from 3pm till 9pm, then fromm 1am till 10am. now i have a migraine.. BUT! i lost a lb in my dr HANNAHMO3 2 DCHAUDOIN
4/1/17 12:16 A
How is it that on Sunday and Monday I worked out perfect, ate perfect, and the scale didn't move. Tu HANNAHMO3 17 SCOTTDEAN
3/31/17 7:40 A
Said no to a soft pretzel and giant sugar cookie at work today, but wound up at hardeez for dinner. HANNAHMO3 13 IMNERDY2
3/28/17 7:57 P
51 pounds lost as of today... only 38 more to go!! FINGERLAKESMOM3 140 JAZZEJR
3/29/17 3:11 A
3/28/17 4:34 P
They have giant sugar cookies, and soft pretzels in the cafe for lunch today... I love giant sugar c HANNAHMO3 7 PEASWEET60
3/28/17 2:06 P
Not at goal weight yet, but I'm getting there! Happy Transformation Tuesday! DAUNTLESSDANI 41 HANNAHMO3
3/28/17 12:36 P
Lunch today is 2 scrambled eggs with radish sprouts, 2 royal trumpet mushrooms and 3 slices of white DANCINGOTTER89 8 BABY_GIRL69
3/28/17 3:27 P
This kiddo right here is my motivation for getting healthy. I want to be around to see him grow up! GINERDEE 8 JIFFYPOP413
3/28/17 12:52 P
Workout complete CHRISTINA332017 8 -POOKIE-
3/29/17 8:12 A
Went for a 4 mile walk by the river last evening , felt inspired from you folks on SPARK ! Slept lik STARFISH1961 26 KELLIEBEAN
3/28/17 9:08 P
Almost lost it during the Planks! Just have to talk yourself through it when you feel like giving up MEHMILY 10 JANPER1
3/28/17 4:28 P
Starting my new plan to get in shape! Need to drop 100lbs I just bought a bicycle and my boyfriend i DANCINGOTTER89 114 PAMBROWN62
3/28/17 4:44 P
So I just got married Sunday!! However since moving to Florida I've gained 60 pounds (my husband and FLORIDAGIRL2016 306 FLORIDAGIRL2016
3/28/17 9:23 P
My favorite part of my Zumba DVD is the African-beats portion! Sooo much fun! I literally thought ab HANNAHMO3 3 HANNAHMO3
3/27/17 10:51 P
Take that Monday! CHANCE04 9 MAYIE53
3/28/17 1:19 A
I made cheese Italian shells from hamburger helper for dinner tonight. Normally, I don't measure any HANNAHMO3 3 SAMI17
3/26/17 8:41 P
Well, I finally started losing again - only one pound this week - but better than the huge gains I'v SHELEEN1 12 SHELEEN1
3/28/17 1:11 P
I dont weigh in until tomorrow but today is an amazing milestone for me. Today I have hit 50lbs lost EMILYSNEWLIFE 164 MARCHAPRILEMAY
3/27/17 7:16 P
Hey everyone. #newbie here. I'm seeking a motivation buddy to form a bond that will encourage eachot KIRAROSEE 16 MEGGYSHELLYFIT
4/3/17 5:41 P
Zumba sculpt and tone finished! Slacked a bit cuz it was my first time for a few years, but my face HANNAHMO3 8 I_ROBOT
3/26/17 5:52 P
Been slacking on my excerice the past few days due to laundry piles and a painful foot. Went to medi HANNAHMO3 2 TRISSYINCHARGE
3/25/17 1:39 P
There are many stresses that affect a person and their overall health. The simplest things can cause HANNAHMO3 1 HANNAHMO3
3/23/17 12:37 P
What a difference 120 lbs can make. Still working on reaching my goal but this is me then and now. MISS-WILLOW 259 DAWN1830
3/17/17 5:16 P
I had a 270 calorie pb cookie at work today, and everybody is giving me crap for it. Looks like a ha HANNAHMO3 2 MEFATAGAIN
3/16/17 2:48 P
Day 3. Started off with 2 eggs over easy on 2 peices of toast and a half glass of sparkling apple ju HANNAHMO3 3 NELLJONES
3/16/17 9:04 A
Salad and 2 cups of spaghetti for lunch! Day 2. Anyone have any tweeks for my meal? Or does it look HANNAHMO3 8 MARYMOVES
3/15/17 6:02 P
Salad and 2 cups of spaghetti for lunch! Day 2. Anyone have any tweeks for my meal? Or does it look HANNAHMO3 2 NICKLESPICKLES
3/15/17 2:26 P
I want to lose 50 lbs by my birthday on June 10.. I know it's a long stretch. But I know if I stay p HANNAHMO3 5 JBUHAY3
3/15/17 2:56 P
What made you decide to start your life style change? Mine was when it was uncomfortable to move we SHLMOM256 8 SWEETHART31
3/16/17 7:41 A
First full day committed. Did a large green smoothie (2 cups spinach, 1 organic banana, 1 frozen pea HANNAHMO3 1 HANNAHMO3
3/14/17 8:41 P
I just celebrated a year of changes on March 6th. I started out at 363 pounds last year and am curre NEVERQUITGETFIT 337 FUNNYFACE101002
3/13/17 9:48 A
I have decided that since my husband has completely turned his life around, it is my time to focus o HANNAHMO3 42 RACHAELDG82
3/10/17 3:37 P
I am no longer obese! MEADSBAY 111 GMAM48
3/10/17 3:38 P
I'm haveing trouble getting motivited. I get bad blood pressure migraines, and don't want to be down HANNAHMO3 20 IMNERDY2
2/21/17 4:11 A
Weighed in this morning and I am officially down e IMDOINGTHIS4ME 2290 HERGRAMMY2017
3/1/17 4:14 P
Down 6lbs this week...amazing! I finally found som AMYANN2005 50 ADAMFRAME
2/1/17 8:56 P

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