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Pants are a problem. Iโ€™m between goal pants and bigger pants. Have to choice between droopy and snug IAN2409 15 VIRGINIAGIRL
3/21/18 12:25 P
Posted a photo TFOSTER1978 9 GEORGE815
3/21/18 11:06 A
Well spring didn't get the memo... meteorologists were predicting 1 to 3 inches of snow. We woke up MWARNER211 31 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/21/18 12:30 P
As the weeks go by, I notice my cravings are changing. Instead of junk food, I crave good food. My n WIZZLEWOLF1 73 SPEDED2
3/21/18 8:46 P
#BeforeAndAfter SWIFT6913221 239 MPLSKEN
3/21/18 10:43 P
Our 24th Anniversary Dinner compliments of my Cousin Bill ! Filet and Lobster Tails, grilled aspara CANNINGNANNY 138 LILIANN400
3/21/18 3:33 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 145433 ZRIE014
3/22/18 12:33 A
How often do you weigh yourself? AV_MOM2 20733 LWLAR7
3/22/18 3:57 A
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 31578 LWLAR7
3/22/18 3:59 A
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 143613 LWLAR7
3/22/18 4:00 A
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 108386 MOONGLOWSNANA
3/22/18 12:54 A
3/21/18 9:09 A
What's on your mind - Daily Chat JMERLAU 4901 HAPPYCPA1965
3/21/18 9:08 A
It has been exactly one month since I started and I am down 14.4lbs! One step at a time, but itโ€™s we WANTINABETTERME 77 ALLYLIZZY
3/20/18 2:46 P
Yummy cauliflower crust pizza. TLPARKH 14 TLPARKH
3/20/18 10:29 P
Lunch!!! Yum NATASHA_D1 10 JAMER123
3/20/18 10:51 P
Posted a photo SHANED2017 87 GEORGE815
3/20/18 4:47 P
My first goal is so close. 145lbs I'm very close. I started at 215 SWIFT6913221 142 GARDENCHRIS
3/21/18 7:08 A
Yessir... got it in before work... #goaldigger MERCEDESMCCALL 141 GEORGE815
3/20/18 4:46 P
Transformation Tuesday! The left is about a month into my journey. I'm almost 5"2 in case youre won MASHEDPOTATOES0 133 MASHEDPOTATOES0
3/20/18 9:20 P
Transformation Tuesday: Yesterday I was lifting weights at the gym and as I walked past the large m KATBRUNNER 304 FIDDLISH
3/20/18 6:55 P
#BeforeAndAfter This just since I got my Fitbit flex2 on Feb 24th!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜ Starting to see a difference! WINGSDREAMS 28 CONSECRATED2GOD
3/21/18 12:02 A
Gm hope you all are having a awesome morning โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’• KEENA47 25 KEENA47
3/20/18 9:56 P
Did you walk today? RICK1947 121925 ZRIE014
3/22/18 12:33 A
Getting healthier every day. From 197 to 168. SLHNA09 45 FANMAN1968
3/19/18 7:26 P
3/19/18 7:35 P
3/19/18 7:25 P
When for a hike in the botanical garden. Trying to take advantage of the sunshine and it's going to INZSPARK 13 MIYAMO
3/19/18 9:02 P
Attempting a lightened version of chicken pot pie for tonight. Using one crust, packing in the vegg AMYINTHEWILD 27 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/20/18 12:08 P
Down 36 pounds since my restart in November. I feel better and have more energy! Still have a long TEXASHSMOMOF3 237 TEXASHSMOMOF3
3/21/18 1:28 A
3/19/18 7:23 P
I love a big baked potato but miss the sour cream. Well this gives me my fix. Blend in a food proces LADYARTIST41 16 1CRAZYDOG
3/20/18 1:01 P
This was the first time since Iโ€™ve gotten back in exercising that Iโ€™ve felt that muscle burn and *li JENNI814 2 HAPPYCPA1965
3/18/18 7:25 P
My before picture. I am working on losing 40 pounds. IMALOSERNOW 14 REDBIRDFLY
3/18/18 9:58 P
me starting to exercise on my bike and burn 110 calories today after 30 minutes, my goal is to cont SHELLE9273 14 SASSYMOM2GIRLS
3/18/18 9:15 P
bbq chicken thigh and pineapple with green beans and rice. around 350 cals. ANNSPHOENIX1 6 PEGGY-BEE
3/21/18 8:50 P
Tried the Crustless Pizza on Spark Recipes today! Yum Yum. JUSTDOINME2018 11 RSTEINER1313
3/18/18 8:21 P
Today is the first day of a new journey. Hopefully I have fun along the way! Started with a nice w KHALLIT 17 CHRISTINEBWD
3/18/18 8:46 P
Tiptoe through the tulips with me!! I really needed a break this weekend, and here it is! Walking th JESSICA_G23 124 KMILLER31
3/19/18 12:04 A
3/19/18 3:59 P
What do you like in your omelets? RD03875 70 ZRIE014
3/22/18 12:41 A
Getting the hang of using the treadmill! I do real good as long as I don't look at my feet!! Lol ! ๏ฟฝ CINDY247 8 PATRICIA-CR
3/18/18 11:52 A
#BeforeAndAfter plateaued at 180-185 for the past 6 weeks but still gaining muscle TXAGGIEARCHER18 73 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/19/18 4:18 P
Transformative moment for me, I'd like to share, please. I crossed over to straight size today, I a PELESJEWEL 217 MOMMY445
3/19/18 3:32 P
#stressbuster. I love to do counted cross stitch. HALEKATRINAD 11 EVAOLIVER
3/18/18 4:21 A
420 calories and so delicious! Happy st. Patties day all!! KENNYBARBIE12 10 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/18/18 7:37 A
My next stress reliever ๐Ÿ™‚ ST3PH 8 MYDIETINFO1
3/17/18 8:49 P
We have started the journey to eating healthier. Started out by limiting our carbs for 2 weeks to 20 BUMPER09 11 TCANNO
3/18/18 4:42 A
Iโ€™ve lost 4lbs!!!!! Woohoo! Iโ€™m waking up in a great mood (even before I weighed myself... lol), sus FITDIGGITY 14 DYANNE4293
3/18/18 9:11 A
Goodmorning. Broccoli, 2 egg whites, 1 egg, 3oz shrimp, pat of butter, fresh salsa, garlic powder an JUSTSTICKWITHIT 28 COMEBACKKID12
3/16/18 8:41 P
This should keep me full until lunch. ๐Ÿ˜‹ Y'all hav ROLLTIDE8586 6 ROLLTIDE8586
3/16/18 6:08 P
Its flipping freezing out here. Got my couch to 5 DENISEA495 7 MUSTANGMOM6
3/16/18 12:37 P
Soon I'll see my Shiloh Rose! JSTETSER 23 LJKSHS
3/17/18 11:56 A
420 calories I'm headed to a seminar and I'm bringing my own lunch ๐Ÿ˜Š I can handle the sweet table I TMP0418 30 B_RAZORSHARP
3/16/18 7:38 P
So I just uploaded a new progress picture. It's also here. I've lost 6 inches in my chest and no les PHOUSE99 153 ZAGNUT6
3/17/18 12:16 A
3/20/18 8:26 A
I made it to my fourth month Not as I expected 8 pounds less this month for a total of 47 pounds les OLIE07 158 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/20/18 8:24 A
#BeforeAndAfter Thank you for your support. ๐Ÿค— Have a good Friday. LIL1IAN 307 RSTEINER1313
3/16/18 6:11 P
It's official - I signed up for the Flying Pig 10k! Goal - 57 minutes! Time to keep my training on VEG_GIRL04 3 GEORGE815
3/15/18 10:54 A
Healthy dinner last night salmon, roasted sweet potatoes and fresh asparagus!! MOMMALGT 15 MOMMALGT
3/15/18 8:37 P
My morning breakfast...ran out of raspberries so I had a 1/2 cup of blueberries...very delicious but SWALLIS7 10 GEORGE815
3/15/18 10:53 A
Posted a photo MRSBROWN1313 35 HELENATILFORD
3/15/18 11:41 A
Proud to say I am 47 and almost in the best shape ever. Spark really works. CATTY_GAL 115 MORNINGGLORY481
3/15/18 3:40 P
This โ€œbeforeโ€ photo is actually a โ€œduringโ€ photo! It was taken three months into my weight loss jou JBLESSER 255 SKYLAR_NIXON
3/16/18 11:36 P
Found this pic of me summer of 2016. I know i have lost a bit but where u see #beforeandafter pics CRYSTALVT1983 203 TMASSI
3/18/18 10:05 A
Goal 70 lbs down . Thanks for all the support spark friends. Keep on sparking KEN1237 170 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
3/15/18 3:43 P
3/15/18 6:37 A
3/15/18 12:18 P
My morning, canvasing the neighborhood for my friend running for Judge. TLPARKH 14 KAYDE53
3/14/18 8:35 P
Beautiful hike today!! A total of about 5 miles in the sun and wind. My soul needed this today. COLEYBANANA 12 SPARKLINGME176
3/14/18 9:22 P
Back in track today! My amazing dinner tonight. Pan seared tilapia, broccoli stir fry, and Japanese ARLOHAM 8 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/14/18 6:51 P
Had a great workout today, lost track of time, did so many PLANK to PIKES! Here I am giving you all PELESJEWEL 30 PELESJEWEL
3/17/18 10:13 A
I do not usually post anything about myself. I am down from 363.6+# (was too heavy to weigh at home JUDYO58 301 PATRICIAANN46
3/14/18 10:15 P
292 to 221... goal is 175! KIMBERLYDAWSON2 137 FITNFABMOMMY
3/14/18 9:38 P
#BeforeAndAfter The scale is not moving as much but my clothing paint a different story. VBRATON 13 LADYSHEL
3/15/18 8:01 P