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Does anyone drink Slim fast? ASHLEYREVELES 10 ASHLEYREVELES
2/2/17 3:20 P
#keto I use the keto strips to track when I'm in ketosis. How long should it take to get back into k JFILKINS 7 ESTACEY2011
2/6/17 4:44 P
Time to start over. I gave up again a few months back. Doc put me on a stronger birth control pills, EMBERNBREESMAMA 6 EMBERNBREESMAMA
1/31/17 8:27 A
I need help getting protein. I don't like meat and cooking is a struggle. #food #notdomestic COOKIES4MONSTER 44 7STIGGYMT
2/8/17 11:16 P
Body sore. Stretching helped. Down almost 15 lbs. I feel muscles in my arms💪💪 DEE1532 11 TINALOUCHIC
1/29/17 1:33 P
Well it's been 2 3/4 of a week lost 5lbs. Nothing this week, hopefully its water weight I had a ton DELISSEA 8 AINA400
1/28/17 6:36 P
I KNEW I had a bridal shower luncheon today , so I ate a lower cal, protein/fat heavy breakfast. h HAPPYISME85 3 HAPPYISME85
1/28/17 6:30 P
Down 30lbs as of today, since December 22nd 2016 :) AMARYLLIS93 32 TMOFELDT
1/28/17 6:29 P
I'm feeling a bit I'll, should I still work out? ANYOTHERTEEN 7 HAPPYISME85
1/28/17 6:24 P
I break up my excersizes into 2 15-20 minute sessions every day... it's the only way I can do it wit ADREA1026 12 RYANCLAYTON
1/28/17 6:52 P
I lost 2 pounds in 8 days. I'm so proud of myself. I'm glad walking around is helping a lot. MOMMYOFJANGIRLS 11 MOMMYOFJANGIRLS
1/25/17 3:19 P
Tomorrow is weigh in day for me...two weeks of eating healthier...and exercising JENN072476 4 OCEANBOOTS
1/24/17 12:19 A
Today is my first day. It wasn't as bad as I thought.Of course tomorrow may be worse.My daughter and CHRISTYBALLARD1 14 BECKYJBUNNIES
1/30/17 4:18 P
Today is my first time actually using this to track my food intake I would have succeeded but for th TRINIGIRL2476 2 HAPPYISME85
1/23/17 9:46 P
Protein filled snack ideas? Easy to pack for work is a must! SARAHUM 8 HAPPYISME85
1/23/17 9:44 P
Complete day two of Beachbody T25 workout. Worked up a heck of a sweat. Woohoo. Still working on my SMILILY 25 JAYISOLDEM2
2/1/17 12:10 A
I love being #stressed not I feel like I'm putting on weight and I'm not eat much so #frustrating I' SWEETSWTHRT4 6 FC52888
1/21/17 6:06 P
So today was a rest day. It was my Sunday (I had yesterday and today off) I took my son to our libra KTERHUNE09 7 ANGEL2GOOD31
1/21/17 8:08 A
Im not sure this is good but to keep myself from snacking on whatever's in the kitchen I carry mini GHOSTILYUSHA 12 RO2BENT
1/21/17 7:58 A
Im am starting a new diet trying to lose 25 pounds before spring. Have bad knee so cant do alot of e W14675 8 OCEANBOOTS
1/21/17 9:38 A
So far so good! Down 43 lbs since October and feeling better! 8lbs to go to get out of the 500lb cl MBPOPOCA 351 DAPHINIJIMENEZ
1/25/17 7:54 P
Hello!! Im a mom, I've ate left overs from toddler plates for 4 years and yeah, I gained 30 pounds. MELDCARDOZA 11 BLUEEAGLEME
1/21/17 11:39 A
Hi, I'm here because I'm 40 with a 4 y/o and I need to get lighter and healthier. I was 120lbs 5'9 a JILL3804 23 C23555
1/21/17 8:21 P
How should I divide the "1500" cal intake for the day? #coach #calorieintake IE: 200cal ideal for br ASHLEY_42687 6 BLUEEAGLEME
1/21/17 11:44 A
I am wondering how often you take a break from the gym???? I hit it hard for 8 days and can barley ANGELAJANEDOE 12 HAPPYISME85
1/21/17 7:20 A
7/12/10 6:09 P
Good Day all - new here ZARKYLUNA 2 HAPPYISME85
6/21/10 12:16 P
Hello! Looking for workout partner(s) TESSCPDF 4 VENISEW1
1/17/10 6:54 P
1/11/10 2:04 P
What weight loss plan do people follow? CATLUVR06 24 AJC_80
2/12/10 11:05 A
Spark Nutriton Tracker Meals PITAKELLY13 20 PARISAPRIL1
1/19/10 9:00 A
Weigh in here! JESSRKIM 2413 AIRLINN
4/19/11 8:57 A
What's everyone think of the weather? HAPPYISME85 3 HAPPYISME85
12/11/09 10:20 A
12/9/09 8:52 P
What food are you exploring now? QUEST4CHANGE 190 GREBJACK
8/4/10 1:03 P
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 55108 SKEMERICH
1/16/18 11:08 P
Where does everyone work out? HAPPYISME85 9 MARILYN_ANN1
8/11/10 3:14 P
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 80225 SPANKIE3
1/16/18 9:30 P
3/25/11 7:13 P