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Running shoes part 2: I made a post yesterday look BRANDIE374 9 SUSIESPARK4444
7/6/15 7:34 A
This may sound unhealthy/crazy to some of you but MSFIGGY 22 MSFIGGY
6/24/15 5:38 P
I have been working out and eating under 2000 cals LEXVOGEL 11 DANELLE34
6/24/15 9:14 A
I'm really lost... What determines weight on the s TERIMONT 12 NAOMI_ACOSTA
6/24/15 5:35 P
anyone here use sugar in their coffee? I'm really CIN3DEE2 51 CANDYPA
6/21/15 3:04 P
garcinia Cambogia- does this help with appetite? I HAILZY1985 6 4EVERHIS1
6/15/15 7:44 A
Has anyone tried that lipozene do they think it w AIREANNAMERYL 7 AMICHELLE12
6/14/15 3:45 P
So here is my thing;I get on bus at 0615 for work, MSFIGGY 13 MSFIGGY
6/11/15 1:17 P
Not related to my weight loss but I figured I'd as TINA34S 12 TINA34S
3/26/15 9:44 P
Is anybody here like me & trying to gain weight? BILLYS23 4 BILLYS23
3/27/15 8:50 P
I went to Costco & walked purposely up & down each IMDOINGTHIS4ME 9 IMDOINGTHIS4ME
3/26/15 10:29 P
Anyone else notice SPs BMR being relatively higher RECKLESSABAND0N 2 HAWAII5YEARS
3/26/15 9:21 P
If U R reading this, I dare U to drink a cup of water. SOOKIE 3584 WSHOUDEL
2/12/16 7:34 A
Does anyone have any ideas for falling back asleep JOURNEYMAN5K 21 JOURNEYMAN5K
3/24/15 8:55 P
I have a horrible time drinking enough water throu SARAHMICH3113 25 2BROKEN4U
3/25/15 10:54 A
Today is my birthday! Usually on my birthday I wou WAFFLECUTT 39 MLLB2013
3/24/15 10:28 P
Another learning moment...went to Panera for sandw 718CHILD 10 DARLENEAUSTIN
3/22/15 6:42 P
Do you take a multi vitamin? I'm worried I'm not g EMMAYBEE 14 SEXYSIZEME
3/22/15 9:15 P
i am going back to work in 2 days. I haven't work NIKIC1970 2 HAWAII5YEARS
3/21/15 8:31 P
Allergies to healthy food CASSANDRA1220 6 CASSANDRA1220
3/19/15 6:40 A
Hi all. Well today is my birthday. 53 years young. AUNTB62 17 CATWICK
3/19/15 9:19 A
May have broken my toe. It's been almost 24 hrs si STARGAZER531 14 HAWAII5YEARS
3/16/15 8:37 A
Whats your motivational work outsong? I love Happy ALORA2GO 75 MUSICMA
4/24/15 7:57 P
My sweet doggy was hit by a car last night and had AGROSEBERRY 47 CALA51
3/14/15 10:21 A
Weight Loss Finds: What tools help keep you motiv YAILEO77 6 QUEENE_
3/12/15 10:27 P
How do you cope with ankle pain? TIME_FOR_CHANGE 8 MUSICMA
3/11/15 10:44 P
How much water do you carry out and about with you SEXYSIZEME 13 DAVIDSCHOLL
3/10/15 8:28 P
Do you have to count the oil if you cook with it CAITLYN612 10 PURPLEGIRL22
3/11/15 5:50 A
Anyone else having trouble with the mobile chat?? 4XMOM73 20 QUEENE_
3/11/15 12:32 A
So sad. I was excited to start training for a 5k ( KJFMENDICINO 15 HAWAII5YEARS
3/10/15 7:57 P
Help! I am overwhelmed trying to pick a activity t TWINNY2694 18 LYCANQUEEN
6/14/15 6:39 P
Went snowboarding Friday night and felt fine yeste BEACHBOMBSHELL 3 HAWAII5YEARS
3/8/15 4:43 P
This is so much harder than I thought it would be. NCSTEPH14 9 NCSTEPH14
3/8/15 6:13 P
Hi, I'm new and was wondering if drinking seltzer MARIALL105 8 GSABASS
3/10/15 7:32 P
has anyone heard of some new supplement that sound ACTIVEGRANDMAP 3 OUFOXU
3/8/15 4:57 P
Everyone surviving the time change? MEMEEMEEE 16 LITE2016
3/8/15 5:59 P
Completing my first week and I have lost 3lbs. But MAMABEARRO 10 1MRSELLIS
3/8/15 6:05 P
It's been one week and I haven't missed a day of e DWILK67 21 HMBROWN1
3/11/15 11:38 A
When I work out and I mean I can do Zuma or combat CLAUDETTE79 6 HAWAII5YEARS
3/7/15 12:33 P
Are you able to add a pic from your mobile on your KMAD26 2 HAWAII5YEARS
3/7/15 12:30 P
Having problems motivating myself to do some exerc MADAMELUNA 6 PURPLEGIRL22
3/7/15 5:13 P
Need a few virtual pats on the back cause i didnt LATRAIL12 44 MOONLITFAITH
3/20/15 1:24 P
What's the general rule of exercising when sick? I ZAYLOTT 4 MARTHA324
3/6/15 7:16 P
How can I delete foods from my favorites list? MES672 7 MOIRATOWRISS-SM
3/7/15 2:30 P
Ugh, this chest cold is really putting a damper on NOEL823 6 IRA-MARIA
3/7/15 2:05 A
so... Is hummus good for you? I really like it (on OTEMPURA 9 HAWAII5YEARS
3/6/15 5:38 P
Ok, I just turned 40 and have it in my head that i 2MUCHSUNSHINE 30 CBARCH
3/7/15 6:37 A
I was hoping you all can share here best apps you TWINNY2694 5 FEMHBMO
3/5/15 7:12 P
Does anyone else have ankle and foot pain while wo TERIMONT 12 HAWAII5YEARS
3/5/15 7:07 P
I wish I had a set schedule at work so I could hav CHERIYJESUS 5 FEMHBMO
3/5/15 7:02 P
Ran for 17 mins straight on the treadmill. A month ANNAMCGEE88 14 2MUCHSUNSHINE
3/5/15 10:24 P
I really need to do this in 10 pound increments, I CUTE_AND_NERDY 15 GSABASS
3/5/15 10:14 P
Hi I'm new to this I'm having weight loss surgery NAOMI6466 14 AMBERDF_1
3/5/15 12:00 P
Starting today, I'm going to quit smoking, start e MAKSMITH9496 4 BECKYDIX56
3/3/15 1:51 P
So who here cut out drinking soda entirely? I mean WILLIAMSMIR74 92 WILLIAMSMIR74
3/4/15 9:50 A
Newbie with a question - does all liquid count in DANAOMAR5 10 JULESANN4
3/2/15 10:11 P
5 days after having my third child, I had a HEART CYNMATT 9 THIS2WILPASS
3/3/15 1:22 P
FitBit appears to have synced. I'm not seeing inpu ROMEMK 2 HAWAII5YEARS
3/1/15 6:37 A
Hey everyone! I just have a question as to what BROOKE529 6 CTEA88
3/1/15 9:19 A
Uuuuugggggghhhhhhhhh....feeling super cravings for SUNSHINE_JANICE 3 PURPLEGIRL22
2/28/15 7:10 P
Anyone use a food scale to measure their food? I'm URNASH_ 12 URNASH_
3/1/15 2:17 A
I'M ALWAYS HUNGRY UGHHH! Even after eating my sto WHITERS30 8 PURPLEGIRL22
2/28/15 7:12 P
I am 54, had a total knee replacement 2 years ago. RIGA78 11 GSABASS
3/1/15 9:54 A
Feeling discouraged. LADYJGUZMAN 10 MIDIET35
2/27/15 8:04 A
I walked a whole mile today lol seems like a lot b MENDOZAISONE 20 MENDOZAISONE
2/27/15 1:18 P
They changed my surgery date to Tuesday instead of TAMARAOGINA 8 KRISTINALAMBERT
2/26/15 9:21 P
I've been telling every1 on here about my upper ba TINA34S 18 MAMAARCE
7/13/15 12:12 A
Supplements I need some. Any suggestions? SHAWNEENTOLBERT 18 KELLBELL86
2/26/15 8:32 P
Fitbit help! I am new to spark people. My fitbit s NMCCOY2007 10 NMCCOY2007
2/26/15 11:54 A
i am looking for a fast low fiber and low residue TOYOTASTACKER1 2 HAWAII5YEARS
2/25/15 8:04 A
So I walked 78 min at 6km/hour (10min/km) and I on BERRYMUTTS 6 HMBROWN1
2/25/15 9:08 A
What are your top 3 must have items on your grocer LIVINGFREE15 30 THINBRANDY2014
2/25/15 11:41 A
Not really feeling the exercise today. I am seriou FITPET 7 MISSA526
2/25/15 8:06 A
I have no idea why I always end up eating tons of HEZZAOUDI 11 HEZZAOUDI
2/25/15 7:54 A
This sucks! I'm trying to walk for exercise and I TINA34S 27 TINA34S
3/22/15 9:05 P

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