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Sodium category Does anyone know if I can add a.s ALLISONRE14 2 HAWAII5YEARS
9/30/14 7:18 A
Does anyone else use the 'mileage' feature on the LGILMOUR05 5 ROBINTROUTT
9/29/14 11:30 A
Does anyone of you know if anticonceptives affect LOL-LOL 6 SARAHMARKS1009
9/29/14 11:58 A
Hello everyone!!!! My name is Lia and I'm new to S LILLIEGATES1 18 TERRI20141
9/29/14 8:07 A
Anyone have any good recipes for eggplant???? NIKGIBBS2014 4 THINBRANDY2014
9/29/14 8:07 A
Does anyone have a fitness tracker? Im wondering i CHRISABOL7 13 SONJARN
9/29/14 8:14 A
Help!! I was doing so well! Running every other d CARROCKER 2 HAWAII5YEARS
9/29/14 6:17 A
I just got my biopsy results back from Colon polyp JENNMOOREKW1981 6 HAWAII5YEARS
9/29/14 6:12 A
Anyone know anything about colon cleansing? I've h CHRISABOL7 3 PITTYMAMA1
9/29/14 7:08 A
I can't stop over eating. Anyone have some solid a CHANGEISTOHAPPE 17 SIOUXSTEINLIPP
9/29/14 9:42 P
Finally have an up to date glad to be KIRSTY1982 2 HAWAII5YEARS
9/29/14 6:02 A
Healthy choices during my overnight! And don't ya CHRISABOL7 4 HARDSELL
9/29/14 7:36 A
How do you run and workout with a weak bladder. Af DHGC138 4 DHGC138
9/29/14 6:37 P
Anyone know of a tasty lie calorie iced coffee? I CHRISABOL7 7 GIDIET
9/28/14 6:20 P
Okay guys what's your fav low calorie snack?! CHRISABOL7 6 THASGOTTODOIT
9/28/14 5:29 P
Did my first 15k last weekend! Proud of myself but AEKNAPP 5 AEKNAPP
9/28/14 7:19 P
No actual loss. 😤 I track everyday. I exercise. ESPARAMI 11 ARAZA30
9/28/14 8:41 P
Have been doing good this is the second week as o JULESG67 6 COURTNEYL99
9/30/14 10:31 A
I just manually tracked a real brief yoga session CLCHASE123 2 HAWAII5YEARS
9/28/14 4:09 P
I fell off the wagon this weekend it is time to ge SWEETNCUDDLY 4 HAWAII5YEARS
9/28/14 4:08 P
Does anyone know some good excersises to help loos HELLOSEXY99 11 SHERRIEJOATMAN
9/28/14 10:19 P
Any one have any easy/cheap/healthy crock pot/slow KATIEELSWICK 5 PSYCHICQUILL
9/28/14 4:20 P
How do you guys find the energy to work out? I hav KATIEELSWICK 9 NUREMEES
9/28/14 4:46 P
Today I started my sparks account using my cell ph STEPHMC01 2 HAWAII5YEARS
9/28/14 3:51 P
Just started this week and so far I have gained a BRANDILOSES 8 MOMOF3RNMT
9/28/14 2:13 P
After losing 5 kg last week, i really have been ba MELANIEA3 12 MELANIEA3
9/29/14 2:07 P
I'm just starting again! Have been doing one 5k ev SAFFYBLUE 8 JUSTINE218
9/29/14 2:21 P
Hourly commitment thread.. A place to pop in and o JOL1KEY2BOL3 218 CHUNKYNURSE
9/30/14 5:50 P
What are some ways to get motivated to exrcise. JBENN3485 11 BOOBETRAPP
9/28/14 10:14 A
Hi! My name is Noel. 36 years old. Single mom of t NOELANDJOHN 8 NOELANDJOHN
9/29/14 11:21 A
Hi! I'm Monica and I just started using this as a MMICK92 5 HAWAII5YEARS
9/28/14 6:26 A
Had a bump in the road. While getting ready to lea GEORGI1832 5 GGRSPARK
9/28/14 1:03 A
On a cloud right now! I always weigh myself first S-REYNA29 17 FAB5150
9/30/14 12:42 P
Hi sparkers just checking in to say hello I've bee AVENJEE 4 JB122383
9/27/14 5:27 P
Down 5 lbs...very surprised felt like I was slacki JESSESGURL721 21 VBALCHICK_90
9/27/14 5:24 P
Just curious......cheat day vs cheat meal....any o DBASU01 5 HAWAII5YEARS
9/27/14 3:27 P
Hello everyone, so I'm just going to jump right in ZWENIE13 9 JB122383
9/27/14 5:33 P
Made chili for dinner all fresh ingredients and i BKIRSCHKE86 5 GGRSPARK
9/28/14 1:05 A
Well..I had two pieces of cheese pizza tonight.. JULESG67 5 HAWAII5YEARS
9/27/14 3:21 P
Hi, i have very sore muscles today from my first d HAYLEECHORNEY 12 GGRSPARK
9/28/14 12:47 A
Vacation challenge! I'm on a 2 week motorcycle tri MARTY1229 7 MARTY1229
9/28/14 11:28 P
I'm stuck in a rut. I sometimes wonder if I'm was AMOYER72 17 AMOYER72
9/27/14 4:04 P
Is 100 calories a day not enough? JADEADAUGHERTY 14 SPARK_COACH_JEN
9/27/14 7:28 P
I'm bk after a long time away, lost my mom to her RAVEN10281 9 HAWAII5YEARS
9/27/14 3:05 P
Does anyone know if it is possible to track nutrit SPARKJDT1 6 HAWAII5YEARS
9/27/14 3:04 P
I can do the gps tracker on from my spark app on m JCLOPTON1 3 HAWAII5YEARS
9/27/14 3:02 P
Hello every one today is my second day to walk I w JCLOPTON1 6 FORZACHANDMATT
9/27/14 3:13 P
Floating on a high after finishing my first triath IDACITA 19 SCUBAMUM
9/28/14 3:29 P
Did really good with breakfast until I wanted to p RMATISKA 21 JUSTINE218
9/28/14 2:40 P
Had a good day yesterday on my healthy eating unti DOROTHYGAIL1 4 HAWAII5YEARS
9/27/14 12:15 P
I've been trying since 2010 to loose weight and ca DONNAALONE 8 DONNAALONE
9/27/14 3:24 P
Does anyone find that when you buy special foods f DOROTHYGAIL1 19 LOVEJOYLOVE
9/30/14 12:06 A
What's everyone's opinion on alcohol? I don't drin CHRISABOL7 7 HAWAII5YEARS
9/27/14 6:15 A
Hey I'm looking to form a group of people who are AMANDADEAR 21 HAWAII5YEARS
9/27/14 6:12 A
Question...what does this mean...eaten 1506 bmr 20 YHWHSESTHER 19 MIDIET35
9/27/14 11:06 A
What would you eat when you crave bread? NAKISHA888 15 FAB5150
9/26/14 9:58 A
Anyone know how to enter miles walked or stepped t HOTSEXYMAMA34 4 SBROOK8
9/26/14 5:37 A
It's 3 am and I can't sleep because I'm so excited MISSA526 6 PFCBEL220
9/26/14 10:12 A
With the weather being cooler I'm finding it hard PITTYMAMA1 14 HAWAII5YEARS
9/26/14 5:03 A
Mornin yall im new to this ive been trying to los WINONADAWN 4 JUSTDOIT011
9/26/14 6:38 P
Only 3 1/2 weeks in and already hit a plateau. I'm STEPHARLO 11 5THROUND
9/25/14 10:18 P
Well, just subconsciously ate a hole bag of popcor CHRISTMAS2009 7 INSPIREME2BEFIT
9/26/14 2:50 A
I know it's not good to eat late in the evening. I POETRYDIVA82 6 HAWAII5YEARS
9/25/14 6:19 A
Just bathed my 75+lb pit a bath think that should CNELSON85 7 PITTYMAMA1
9/25/14 10:25 A
Do you have to eat 1200 calories a day to lose wei TNSJNS 4 HAWAII5YEARS
9/24/14 7:59 A
I'm what you call a good 2 week dieter. I do well DLARSJ000163781 11 PHINADIET
9/24/14 9:37 A
Even though the bus takes me right to work walkin MSKIZ69 4 WDSKMOM
9/24/14 9:25 P
Hi I'm new to this chat thing I just want to say t JOJOFORSCHEN 15 JOJOFORSCHEN
9/23/14 1:55 P
I am feeling stressed out ,I am over weight and pr JULESG67 7 DONAPOP
9/23/14 10:37 A
Hey I am new to this. I really need to pick on som INTENTGOHAN 4 HAWAII5YEARS
9/23/14 6:07 A
Hello! I am new to this app.. let's just say I am CMCOLLINS2015 3 ALLEY2300
9/22/14 8:34 P
For milk drinkers: Do you drink skim, 1%, or 2% an WDSKMOM 13 JOJOFORSCHEN
9/23/14 1:04 A
I have a really hard time getting myself to drink STEPHARLO 55 ARELY28
9/25/14 4:20 P
Does anyone consider walking around grocery shoppi JESSICA_SOMERS 6 SUMR0LUV
9/21/14 10:01 P
I need advice on how to lose about 25 pounds fast DAPPLES8913 12 DAPPLES8913
9/21/14 10:33 P