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I have been out of the hospital one week. I forgo MAMACRAFTY1 2 HAWAII5YEARS
1/28/15 5:59 P
what soup do u go for when trying to lose weight? FIFIKK 17 J0ETTE
1/28/15 3:00 P
I'm close to my goal weight. I'm really nervous a KCARD83 8 BREEGOLD
1/28/15 11:10 P
Debating on buying a scale for the house. Should I GKNOW83 14 EDWIDGE6
1/28/15 10:21 P
I want to participate in a 5k this year. I am not GKNOW83 8 MCRAYCRAFT
1/28/15 7:23 P
Fitbit. Jawbone. Or spark tracker ? Any opinions b STRBUXX 8 J0ETTE
1/28/15 3:01 P
What does everyone find to be the best workout? I' DIANAO21391 6 HAWAII5YEARS
1/28/15 9:52 A
Woohoo!!! 101 oz of water!!! TIME_FOR_CHANGE 9 TIME_FOR_CHANGE
1/28/15 10:10 A
Just found out that I have to have surgery on my l JENNYGRAYC 8 CHERRYCASTELLVI
1/28/15 9:59 A
Im pregnant and still want to diet I have 70 lbs l HNELSON2111 4 BMCC488
1/28/15 10:22 A
Absolutely no salt this week who's with me! GETFITCHICK28 6 HAWAII5YEARS
1/27/15 12:30 P
Help! I've been eating super cleanly and working o AGURGICK 9 XOGBABYDOLLXO
1/27/15 12:46 P
I am new here and really getting into tracking my TRACYMICHELLE71 9 HAWAII5YEARS
1/27/15 12:25 P
What is the best weight loss tips you guys have? I SHAEJO 20 CUCKOOROSE
1/27/15 1:55 P
Good morning everyone. why do I eat a cup of oatm KBREV2156 4 STARKCOUNTYGAL
1/27/15 1:00 P
I have been doing great until i went out of town w ZOMBIEDOLLIEX 6 KYJESUSONEFAN
1/27/15 2:19 P
Feeling so much better! I have been off work for t MAMACRAFTY1 7 MCRAYCRAFT
1/27/15 2:01 P
At work hard to drink wAter when you are stuck in KARENDEE4 9 SMONTI
1/27/15 9:42 A
Im on day 3 of only 1200 calories a day and almost KARREGER 10 KARREGER
1/27/15 9:20 A
I have asthma & right now it has been a huge strug TRULYBLESSED116 12 HAWAII5YEARS
1/27/15 7:29 A
I am reading about all the wonderful benefits of d MART7738 18 SMONTI
1/27/15 9:50 A
can you enter body measurements in Sparks People KENPS697 4 GLOJENE
1/26/15 7:33 P
I'm done... I'm snack attacking and I have no supp HEZZAOUDI 8 JB122383
1/27/15 9:32 A
Made my own chorizo today with ground chicken. I h KELLBELL86 11 KELLBELL86
1/26/15 8:30 P
I so need to go to the gym but my pain is starting TIME_FOR_CHANGE 4 TIME_FOR_CHANGE
1/26/15 4:31 P
So I used the teen site but I'm back at 21... I ha PANICKEDPIXIE 15 RUBYTUESDAY26
1/26/15 8:38 P
I got my fitbit in but how do I set it up. It says SNOWBUNNYGIRL32 3 SNOWBUNNYGIRL32
1/26/15 4:10 P
General Motors Diet . Anyone on it ? i got sucess FITSPOLUISA 4 LNZMANSFIELD
1/26/15 2:56 P
Let's have an awesome Monday! If it doesn't feel l DANIDANI11 8 DANIDANI11
1/26/15 12:37 P
Anyone fluctuate weight wise , went to doctor 3 ti MBEHM8 8 RAHRAH_CHIC
1/26/15 10:24 A
If you were stuck on an island and could bring one MARGS9184 8 KBREV2156
1/25/15 7:42 P
So I just made the pumpkin brownies I found on spa MFLOYD78 3 ERINK09
1/25/15 7:45 P
Today is a bad day. Mother nature got the best of MRS_IMPROVINGME 7 MOMTOCONNOR2003
1/25/15 7:29 P
Feeling discouraged. Just started & now I've been PIGLETIA 9 SMONTI
1/25/15 7:57 P
I want a treadmill in my house. I don't want to go RAGGADEW08 5 MELANIEB1974
1/25/15 3:41 P
Plateau!! Ugh!! Anybody got a tip or trick to bre HTENIGMA 12 HTENIGMA
1/28/15 5:38 A
My family is outside drinking beer with a bbq eati CTINA562 33 HAWAII5YEARS
1/25/15 11:57 A
any tips for lowering cholesterol naturally? I'm o CHELSMAE7 17 HAWAII5YEARS
1/25/15 11:54 A
I've always been a ranch fan, and I've just discov MULLIGANAGAIN 32 PSYCHICQUILL
1/25/15 8:27 P
Anyone else have a tough timing your meals while w SISTHOROUGHBRED 3 HAWAII5YEARS
1/25/15 11:50 A
Not weight related . I'm 21 with a learners permit DOINGITFORMYKID 6 DOINGITFORMYKID
1/25/15 12:06 P
How do you stay motivated? I am so pumped for a w BELLAALI 13 RESASPCS
1/25/15 3:23 P
I'm just full of questions lol I'm just curious ho CHELSMAE7 13 MAO-MIAOWS
1/24/15 8:23 P
Any tips for someone who can't do more than 10 min RUNAMOKQT 17 KCP0829
1/25/15 5:03 P
I'm looking for a place to enter my recipes (hopef SPAZSIMONE 3 HAWAII5YEARS
1/24/15 11:47 A
help! My measurements are all going down or stayin JILLY814 12 GSABASS
1/24/15 6:10 P
I've lost a little weight but I'm upset over my bu TINA34S 6 TINA34S
1/24/15 6:23 P
If we cannot gain fat overnight then went does my QUIRKY4WALKING 7 QUIRKY4WALKING
1/24/15 12:03 P
I found TITLE Boxing Club a few months ago and wit TRACYG0625 6 MISSA526
1/24/15 9:43 A
Having trouble with breakfast...I don't like eggs, AYRIKA12 13 HAWAII5YEARS
1/24/15 9:12 A
Well here we go...hit the plateau that usually end KIRSTY1982 4 KIRSTY1982
1/24/15 9:13 A
Fun post: what would your race t-shirt say? JUNKDRAWER 33 JUNKDRAWER
1/28/15 9:44 A
189.8 today!!!! I haven't see the 180s in a long t KIKI4888 24 KAKONOLADY
1/24/15 2:56 P
Fitbit, should I get one or something else? Do you CATSCRIB326 11 TRACYG0625
1/23/15 4:36 P
DOnt raealy know what's going on with me today... MUNKEE23 4 HAWAII5YEARS
1/23/15 11:48 A
Tonight I went to the gym, walked and did the bike TIME_FOR_CHANGE 11 HAWAII5YEARS
1/22/15 12:25 P
So far this morning I have drank 34 oz of water. Y TIME_FOR_CHANGE 17 TIME_FOR_CHANGE
1/22/15 7:34 P
Can somebody please tell me what a fitbit is? SNOWBUNNYGIRL32 20 MARCIEBEAMER
1/22/15 4:19 P
what do you guys do when you're sick? I have strep NLK3138 12 JALISSEP147
1/22/15 8:23 P
Not liking my fit bit. Pretty sure I'm going to re KB07KTW10 16 PKNPAM21
1/22/15 8:12 P
Hey has anyone tried out a plant based "vegan" die KLMARTINEZ1007 12 HAWAII5YEARS
1/21/15 8:53 P
I hurt my knee running yesterday. Now I dont know GRANNOK 6 EL_CEE
1/21/15 9:10 P
I was wondering if you guys could help me. The las NANIE_JANIE 11 CSDUMONT312
1/22/15 7:46 P
I have shaved off about 2sec of my average lap tim LADYGUDIVA2 7 RENJOS
1/21/15 12:35 P
Do you think my downstairs neighbors can hear when LFRENCH6 7 MOMMAELIZA
1/21/15 11:40 A
I am trying to burn calories but i am extremly obe SHANITACOLE 21 MARGE5555
1/21/15 2:40 P
What is the "right" way to work out? I feel like I ELAVOIE712 10 AERO_NERDETTE
1/21/15 2:00 P
Hi, I am here to lose 125 (week 3 and have lost 12 NANIE_JANIE 8 EATTHEELEPHANT
1/21/15 9:51 A
Ok, so we have friends who are getting married at 2MUCHSUNSHINE 12 HOTDOG27
1/20/15 9:54 P
Do tou all think I should stay away from healthy c DAYNICHELLE 20 MKELLY874
1/20/15 9:54 P
Today was my first day setting up an exercise rout KELLIEMANNS 47 BLACK-PRINCESS
1/21/15 1:45 P
Does anyone know if you can log pedometer steps in BHARDMAN3582 6 CITYLADY43
1/20/15 5:37 P
I walked almost 12,000 steps yesterday - that's a BALANCEISTHEKEY 3 LADYGUDIVA2
1/20/15 6:27 P
Looking for good soft Gluten Free also breads, loa MAO-MIAOWS 5 B-DRYDENS
1/21/15 8:15 A
Anyone else have trouble with their feet and certa DRAGONRIDER1047 12 TOBY2015
1/20/15 7:58 P

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