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4/23/18 7:29 A
Post a fitness icon! MINDYJ1 24113 NASFKAB
4/23/18 9:47 A
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 186084 PATSGIRLY
4/23/18 6:14 P
How are you using the new-ish SparkChallenges? HAWKTHREE 6 HAWKTHREE
4/23/18 7:01 A
10k race in 6 weeks! MISSROBYN1 6 HAWKTHREE
4/23/18 6:59 A
4/23/18 6:53 A
Trying to do a cool down after my workout. 20mim kettlebell & 15min elliptical. KATHI512 15 YMWONG22
4/23/18 8:23 A
Posted a photo NISSANGIRL 152 REGILIEH
4/23/18 6:50 P
For the second time I have been bumped off the Premium features, although I continue to pay. Does an TESSWILDFLOWER 7 PROJECTMH2018
4/23/18 9:47 A
I am a nanny so I can relate. Ha ha. Good morning! NOMASHOTCHEETOS 10 LNPAVOLKO
4/23/18 8:19 A
Reworking my goals and trying to keep the small goals as my focus. So far no alcohol or sweets in 2 CMBARBER1708 5 TWEETYS
4/23/18 6:56 A
Tracking all food, looking for patterns that will help reduce glucose readings. Not all carbs have ORTATK 4 TKFRIEND
4/23/18 9:03 A
Sunday was my first 5K of the season. I took 3rd place in my division - not bad for a senior citizen NANHBH 8 CKEYES1
4/23/18 6:16 P
Treadmill or outdoor walking BEACHLUVER4 18 GRAVITYFIGHTING
4/23/18 12:51 P
4/23/18 9:12 A
My first time posting. I recently got diagnosed with diabetes due to gaining almost 60lbs after quit KOHLY69 6 SHANDRA49
4/22/18 3:32 P
Prom last night, yard work today..woohoo. my guy, his date, and his grandpa's favorite CELTIC79KITTEN 7 TESSWILDFLOWER
4/22/18 9:02 P
4/22/18 3:30 P
Bombed my first attempt at making homemade Avocado FITDIGGITY 7 STANBUSH
4/22/18 9:44 P
New week, continuing using the good eating formula CHANGING-TURTLE 9 PATRICIA-CR
4/23/18 8:41 A
Cleaning to the sounds of Vivaldi, Paganini and Liszt... David Garret, Vanessa Mae, Mari Samuelsen, GADGETCC 4 STEVENKIND
4/22/18 4:03 P
Got caught out at a meal time without a snack. Ate an Oats and Honey bar. Didn't exceed calories b HAWKTHREE 11 HAWKTHREE
4/21/18 7:38 P
Started my keto journey today. I even meal prepped for the first time!!!!!!! Might even get brave an TIFFANYCH27 2 HAWKTHREE
4/21/18 7:35 P
Looking for a One Cup Cake Recipe DONNA_CPS2 7 DONNA_CPS2
4/23/18 4:35 P
90 minute hike. Ready for a nap HAWKTHREE 7 1CRAZYDOG
4/22/18 11:39 A
Jet lag is unavoidable. Today 3 hrs to deal with, affects meals as well as the usual fatigue. We ate GGRSPARK 4 1CRAZYDOG
4/22/18 11:40 A
What is the 21 day challenge for newbies? SOULONFIRE753 3 EO4WELLNESS
4/21/18 4:39 P
QUESTION: I'm hearing that green tea is really good for you, but I've always hated tea. But, I decid SUSANSKI 11 SUSANSKI
4/21/18 4:50 P
Kinda hard to not eat vegetables when fridge and freezer are full of them...squash, collard green, a HIMELISSA2007 4 MJ7DM33
4/21/18 4:33 P
Just packed in 591 calories taking the edge off while deciding what I was going to have for lunch. DJAYBX 13 SPARKLEIGH61
4/21/18 3:58 P
Join Ketified for awesome recipies daily! Ketofi C45872 15 KDGIRL
4/21/18 7:25 A
Veggie soup in the freezer has 6 different vegetables. It's so green because I pureed the kale from HAWKTHREE 7 HAWKTHREE
4/20/18 10:01 P
Anyway to put SP BLOG link in signature FAETTA 3 HAWKTHREE
4/20/18 6:29 A
Change 1 Letter To Make A New Word JTREMBATH 18843 RMUL2013
4/23/18 5:57 A
POLL! Do you hurry to get your sports bra off? FAETTA 11 LOTUS737
4/23/18 8:53 A
What helps with sweet tooth? KBME22 6 HAWKTHREE
4/20/18 6:20 A
Calorie Comsumption MRUNGE54 10 HAWKTHREE
4/20/18 6:19 A
Grr! Steamed veggies in bag had added sugar HAWKTHREE 10 ZELDA13
4/22/18 2:42 P
Starting over on a "diet" is so daunting. So I am not dieting. I am going to think before I eat! ANET6083 6 HAWKTHREE
4/20/18 6:08 A
Posted a photo STR458II 16 JAMER123
4/20/18 11:36 P
One day or Day One NOCALOVE1 5 GERRYH2
4/20/18 6:37 A
Can anyone suggest an easy way to season those veggie spiral "noodles"? I'm very new to this and not DEIN211 4 HAWKTHREE
4/20/18 6:01 A
Happy Friday!!! What is on your list for FUN today? FLASUN 17 JAMER123
4/20/18 11:36 P
Every day I do my sit ups and push ups just because I want to fill in my daily challenge. Silly, bu JSTETSER 25 MIRAGE727
4/20/18 10:22 P
A little friendly reminder for us all...... RASPBERRY56 18 EDLEAR
4/21/18 3:24 A's 5:40 am, I haven't slept well but I'm anxious and awake. Do I go to the gym or stay in be LVMS61516 6 LTRINH9
4/20/18 7:31 A
Dusting off my Billy Blanks Taebo NEDDY4EVER 6 RUBYREDSTAR19
4/19/18 8:18 A
I love seeing pictures of people's food. It gives me different ideas to try... my breakfast today is KERRIBERRI86 28 GLASSHUNTER
4/19/18 11:51 A
Feeling grateful.....Jogged two miles without stopping..started out not being able to jog at all bec SWEET_SHAN2003 142 DMDANGELO
4/19/18 2:11 P
The best source of healthy carbs is fruits and veggies, rather than simple carbs (white sugar, white 1CRAZYDOG 8 BONNIE1552
4/20/18 7:52 A
Don't text while driving today NEPTUNE1939 5 BANEWLAND
4/19/18 7:49 A
Its coffee time NEPTUNE1939 6 PATRICIA-CR
4/19/18 1:27 P
What have you learned since tracking your food? MY__JOURNEY 40 GOLFGMA
4/23/18 10:31 P
Picky Eater and the Keto Diet HORNEDHARE 11 HAWKTHREE
4/19/18 7:08 A
Starting Week Three ACHOLT21 2 HAWKTHREE
4/19/18 6:58 A
4/19/18 6:57 A
Happy Thursday! Have a great day! SHARONB76 4 TMP0418
4/19/18 7:53 A
20 minute walk in all before 6am. BRENDA032169 11 BRENDA032169
4/21/18 2:09 P
I am keeping my streak going. 158 days logging in. 108 days tracking. I have actually tracked a lot CGH-ARTYPANTS 4 DIROB57
4/19/18 7:54 A
Does Anyone Know..... HISCEMETERYDOLL 7 LOTUS737
4/18/18 8:52 A
Almond Flour Pizza Crust - Thin and Crispy BIG_JNO 5 HAWKTHREE
4/18/18 7:13 A
The food at the restaurant last night was so disgusting that I could only eat the white rice. Every HAWKTHREE 8 BRUCELANGLEY
4/21/18 10:14 P
#BeforeAndAfter My waist has lost 3 inches! My hip JORIEFM 30 SUNSHINEGOALS
4/21/18 1:33 P
Hi! It's Thrift Shop Day!! LITTLEREDHEN8 12 HAWKTHREE
4/18/18 7:01 A
Day 2 of my journey. I work as a 911 dispatcher at a small center nights. So far,every hour, if I’m BMORRISON30 11 URBANREDNEK
4/18/18 11:47 A
Happy Wednesday morning workout done SPORTY_1 19 MADEINBRITAIN
4/19/18 4:15 A
Woohoo!!! Second day of my challenge completed. I have noticed that everytime I feel stressed, such ROOHI245 12 YMWONG22
4/18/18 9:14 A
I’m going to try yoga for the first time today. It’s supported yoga-anyone ever do it? PASTORVIC 11 STAN_CALIFORNIA
4/19/18 1:00 A
There are days when we get all wonky, tilted by the demands around us, and we just need to get back 3_VEGGIES 13 ZUZUPETALS10
4/18/18 4:33 P
Things I didn’t do this week: - I didn’t buy beer. I got 1 at the train station, but not keeping it NVRUNB4 14 YMWONG22
4/18/18 8:19 A
Last person to post wins! BABYNURSE383 86011 WALLAHALLA
4/22/18 7:48 P
Best ways to boost metabolism? FBAILEY24X 16 GRAVITYFIGHTING
4/22/18 11:27 A
4/17/18 11:25 A
Posted a photo IAN2409 17 DALID414
4/18/18 1:26 A
I am trying this again. I lost 70 lbs and gave up and gained nearly 40 back. And I'm right back to SARAHNRICKY1 8 DIXIE-LUSH
4/17/18 8:25 A