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Skinnytaste: Dinner Meal Plans (70+ weeks) CED1106 3 HAWKTHREE
10/19/17 8:43 P
what do you have normally for breakfast? PACKY90 578 HAWKTHREE
10/19/17 8:40 P
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 47398 HAWKTHREE
10/19/17 8:39 P
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 54425 ROCKRS
10/19/17 6:52 P
Convention Coming Up? BEFIT017 5 HAWKTHREE
10/19/17 7:20 A
No more steamed broccoli! BETHUMZ 55 HAWKTHREE
10/19/17 7:16 A
Who's tried the new Halo ice cream? TLDENNIS5 50 SUITABLE
10/19/17 9:00 P
Hi All, I've noticed I'm not getting much fiber in my diet when I track my food. I'm researching fib CHERYLDOWSE 9 HOPE77X7
10/19/17 4:39 P
Still not in a good social place (and probably won't be for a while) - I'll be happy with the points RASPBERRY56 9 RUSSELLFORD
10/19/17 8:20 P
I don't like them. Taste like face cream to me #lowcarb WOODIECRAFT 2 HAWKTHREE
10/19/17 7:05 A
Good morning! Ready for the day. BELYNDAJOLLY 5 TMP0418
10/19/17 8:30 A
Yesterday's numbers and calorie breakdown... ST3PH 16 ST3PH
10/19/17 12:16 P
I'm enjoying these temps in the 40s for my morning run. SLYDE-GLYDER 3 GARDENCHRIS
10/19/17 7:08 A
Just earned my 2nd stripe. #Kravmaga ACIS3345 6 CHAIRMASTER
10/19/17 8:20 A
Today's work food: 💜Break 1 - Cereal Bar or protein shake or nothing (ate breakfast today so might MOM0F2_DANNIE 13 HAPPYCPA1965
10/19/17 8:08 A
male infertility MARYJEAN12 2 HAWKTHREE
10/18/17 9:38 P
What's your favorite scrape-together healthy meal? 1VINTAGEGAL 20 JANIEWWJD
10/19/17 8:06 P
Do you watch soap operas? ALLYLIZZY 66 THROOPER62
10/19/17 5:36 P
Breast Cancer... Surgery Soon MSKITTYBELL 19 HAWKTHREE
10/18/17 9:30 P
Coconut oil MELODIE6353 7 HAWKTHREE
10/18/17 9:21 P
Foot fungus alternating peroxide / vinegar soaks HAWKTHREE 2 ANIDUCK
10/19/17 9:26 A
"The fount of health is in your soul; it has a door locked fast; the key is faith." -- Jesus-- DIALYSISCHIC1 19 HAWKTHREE
10/18/17 9:59 A
I've lost another 5 pounds!!! I'm also completely off nicotine. So far that's 12 pounds in 3 weeks!! KHABBERT 9 SMSUZIEQ36
10/18/17 10:16 A
I love exercise I really do, it releases so much stress when you're a silent individual who doesn't LILACLICIOUS 6 LILACLICIOUS
10/18/17 3:47 P
Anyone doing the new weight watchers plan NO1MAINTWIFE 3 ALTUS_OWL
10/18/17 10:25 A
New recipe = Fancy breakfast at my desk at work this morning! Poached eggs over steamed asparagus wi VEG_GIRL04 22 _LINDA
10/18/17 10:19 P
day 3 - tracked my calories the last 2 days, way more cals than I would have guessed. MAXXWILL 6 SISTER0614
10/18/17 11:11 A
As of today I am officially down 15lbs!! I was stuck between 10 and 12 for a few weeks so this is ve KEL-C_GRACE 6 SYLBA61
10/18/17 10:39 A
My less than 300 calories breakfast ROBRIBRI 9 _LINDA
10/18/17 10:19 P
Thinnest I've been in a long time. Got to keep it up . I'm down 31.4 pounds now . MAMAJOJO73 29 DGIGGLES3
10/17/17 9:30 A
Walked 2 miles in the hallway at work. FITWITHIN 15 BONNIEMARGAY
10/17/17 5:56 P
Today is my 19th wedding anniversary JACQUELINE2010 33 LOSINGLINNDY
10/17/17 4:01 P
Final 2 dishes... cheeseburger meatloaf with roasted cabbage and Buffalo Chicken soup. CINDYTW963 17 GLASSHUNTER
10/17/17 10:37 A
Well today marks 17 years at my job... so 17 on the 17th...should be a great day SCHECK5 13 SPEDED2
10/17/17 8:29 P
Good morning Vietnam! COOKIEMON13 3 HAWKTHREE
10/17/17 7:00 A
I I'm addicted to carbs and it is my absolute who weakness anyone out there know what I said good he OTZOYR84 5 TMP0418
10/17/17 9:33 A
I'm up way too early. JAYCEE1969 5 JAYCEE1969
10/17/17 7:55 A
Spending a girl’s weekend soon. One is newly vegan. Any good sites with ideas for vegan snacking a CRISTIE2010 6 ZRIE014
10/16/17 10:21 P
A week off of fast food has made so much difference in the swelling in my ankles. #BeforeAndAfter SPARKELLY20103 136 CFITZ1
10/17/17 11:31 P
It's really depressing how many times I feel I will never make it. Such a long battle with no result GHOSTILYUSHA 6 HOPE77X7
10/17/17 6:48 A
Get up and workout before your brain tricks you in DENITA721 5 JULIEA7201
10/16/17 8:05 A
Going to be tough but fun. On vacation in Omaha Nebreska. Family trip. FOOD IS A CHALLENGE. Aunt co QSHEPP 14 KATRINAHAY
10/18/17 9:56 A
My goal for today is to maximize my water intake. I have slacked on drinking enough water for far to BECCA984 7 BECCA984
10/17/17 6:03 A
Conference day one: so far so good. My goal- don’t eat stuff just because it is free or put in front AUGUSTAGLOOP 4 MCJULIEO
10/16/17 1:34 P
An awesome Brisk morning to work out those 20 annoying stubborn lbs to reach my goal. Stay focus spa MANONAMISSION73 15 JULIEA7201
10/16/17 8:01 A
Today's lunch. What do you think? MOM0F2_DANNIE 19 MOM0F2_DANNIE
10/16/17 1:11 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 41 REGILIEH
10/16/17 2:22 P
How Do You Get All Your Fruits And Veggies In? SILVERWIND02 16 LADYREDCOMET
10/19/17 8:45 A
Gotta rededicate myself to #keto. I've done well today, and stayed keto yesterday but ate too much. MOMMACASSEY 9 BLESSOME
10/19/17 3:12 P
Scale is going down again pushed myself through a work out even though I'm sick some more cabbage fo KGLENN29 3 KGLENN29
10/15/17 7:43 P
Let's count to a Million NOVIA1 676545 PHATPAT18
10/19/17 7:24 P
I'm a old turtle but I'll finish the race MAGDAVIS4458 3207 MIZKAREN
10/19/17 6:39 P
10/15/17 9:59 A
Difference between communityfeed and message board DEANNAHARDY831 4 SPARK_MERLE
10/17/17 2:56 P
America's Test Kitchen and Cooks Country NEWROSE 5 SPUNOUTMOM
10/17/17 10:06 A
Flexibility NNAPWRCAT 27 ZRIE014
10/19/17 12:47 A
How do you keep going when you’re not feeling feeling well. My muscle are still so sore and I’ve onl ANNE_ELIZABETH 9 HAWKTHREE
10/15/17 9:15 A
A hip replacement in my future. Hip, groin and general discomfort. I was given some smart snacking GRAMMIEQUINN 8 HAWKTHREE
10/15/17 9:14 A
Health care personal keep telling me to cut back on my eating, I have, to no avail. I don't eat the FLYROSE64 15 PWILLOW1
10/15/17 11:47 A
#BeforeAndAfter 98 days 24 lbs lost Keep on Sparking! 😉 ELF41978 200 ALALADY
10/15/17 5:54 P
196.2 today and holding I am able now to eat meat and dairy because of med change. Any suggestions f BURGEESTHER 6 HAWKTHREE
10/15/17 9:10 A
Yoga with Adrienne this morning! In the short while I have been doing yoga, I feel I have not only i VSMITH84 7 RYCGIRL
10/15/17 11:00 A
Happy Sunday enjoy your day 😊 breakfast is challenging for me because I'm not a normal breakfast ea TMP0418 22 MANONAMISSION73
10/16/17 8:55 A
Self-compassion guided meditation this morning. And determined to eat more soluble fiber and more ELIZABETHROSETX 4 RYCGIRL
10/15/17 10:59 A
Based our honeymoon on fitness (and micro breweries) but had the best time kayaking and hiking for a MELANIELOVE4 14 GEORGE815
10/15/17 10:07 A
So I'm back after falling off the wagon for 3 months. And I fell hard. Had a stressful move and othe RAGS123ABC 12 JOANNEJI
10/16/17 8:17 A
Well, family celebrations did me in. I was doing so good, but then we celebrated, and I ended up mai ROBINLABELLE 11 MPLSKEN
10/15/17 10:34 P
50 pounds down!! LESSISMORE2014 15 RYCGIRL
10/15/17 10:58 A
I'm an idiot ZUMNMOM1 10 HAWKTHREE
10/14/17 8:08 A
I feel stupid -- I rarely answer trivia correctly HAWKTHREE 7 SONFLOWER_TX
10/19/17 1:24 P
10/19/17 9:20 P
10/14/17 8:00 A
"Fun loving people over 60" ALASKAWOMAN 49615 ROSIEJ1942
10/18/17 6:24 P
In need of some help XOIYASPARK 7 ZRIE014
10/15/17 12:34 A
I am new to this app. Trying to figure it out. I am freash meat in Roller Derby and have a long wa NANJEMOYGIRL 7 NANJEMOYGIRL
10/14/17 7:37 P