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Frosted Fitness Fun ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 250 ADALOUISE
12/13/17 8:57 P
12/13/17 7:19 A
slow and with excellent form... EO4WELLNESS 7 RYCGIRL
12/13/17 7:43 A
Anyone else get withdrawal symptoms from not working out.... Need my fix today but not gonna happen� SANTS77 9 7STIGGYMT
12/13/17 5:25 P
I rarely feel actual pangs of hunger but when I have a cold, the pangs are there no matter how much HAWKTHREE 4 CONNIET88
12/13/17 8:11 A
Its Winter in Morocco and my favorite time of the year....the sunsets become amazing. I took this on TONYPURCELL 63 FISHGUT3
12/13/17 10:25 A
Yesterday's numbers.... #KETO ST3PH 23 FISHGUT3
12/13/17 10:26 A
Day 1 2.0: The Revenge of the Winter Tum-Tum SOCONFUSIFIED 6 HAWKTHREE
12/13/17 7:14 A
Gm to ya 😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 KEENA47 53 KEENA47
12/13/17 1:09 P
Changing my eating habits has been the best Christmas gift to myself and my family! 60 lb gone and JBLESSER 62 ELLISON1929
12/13/17 7:58 P
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 180438 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
12/13/17 9:26 P
12/11/17 2:19 P
Good morning Sparklers, I hibernated in my little cave all weekend. No desire to drive in snow and KOKONA 10 CANDYLIND
12/11/17 2:35 P
Yesterday we had our FUN walk thru our Expanding Mall....Outside they built more stores....restauran FLASUN 15 ROCKYCPA
12/12/17 12:18 A
Good morning peeps!! I'm looking for ideas, for low impact leg excercises for those with arthritis r YOUNGFAN63 9 DIANEDOESSMILES
12/11/17 6:16 A
Grateful for mobility BONNIEMARGAY 7 MBPP50
12/11/17 8:56 A
So how do you guys feel about jello? I need something to settle my sweet tooth in the evening/night 97HUNTINGGAL 12 FRISKYCRITTER
12/11/17 6:32 A
After another weekend of NOT sticking to plan.... I can at least say that I have now gotten out of WANNATHIN 5 NITEMAN3D
12/12/17 12:58 A
This is my first time ever posting. I have been using this amazing all for a year now so I figured I MOCHICAKE81 39 PATJOONWW
12/11/17 11:18 A
Darn! I feel as if tiny garden gnomes raked the back of my throat. No bueno. One research paper d NORCALTOPAZ 7 TMP0418
12/11/17 7:08 A
This is my first time out of a size 26 now a 24 that r getting loose on me. ECMSGURL1205 34 FISHGUT3
12/11/17 9:18 A
Has anyone recently had a birthday ending in 0? My 40th is next June and I am so obsessed with makin SHAPEUPCHELLE 16 ROBINVOTAW
12/10/17 4:52 P
Is almond milk healthier then skim or 1% milk? BRENNERJESS2 8 WLHOPE
12/10/17 1:11 P
its 18 degrees headed to 54 NEPTUNE1939 3 EVILCECIL
12/10/17 9:35 A
12/10/17 11:23 A
I have the flu so I am terribly sick. But it’s helping me lose weight so it can’t be all bad lol MACHINECHRIS 13 MACHINECHRIS
12/12/17 12:49 P
Today the journey goes in a different direction. FITBY2016 3 PENOWOK
12/10/17 9:24 A
I finally got up the nerve to post my before and current photos. I was shocked by the difference! Wh BUNNY_SHAWE 264 NANAOHMEN
12/10/17 10:02 P
Baby its COLD outside! I'm heading to the basement for my workout! NHEMBERGER 16 SHOCOSS
12/11/17 11:18 A
Trying something new FITBY2016 11 JSKKT5
12/10/17 11:35 A
Healthy Baking Resources? CMNOVAK10 13 HAWKTHREE
12/9/17 2:22 P
My face is not so pudgy anymore. I'm almost to goal. 9lbs to go. DHAMILTON15634 6 LINGOD2010
12/9/17 3:23 P
12/13/17 1:22 P
Diet for picky eaters ASHLEYBEE0396 17 SUSANSKI
12/12/17 10:19 P
Recommend a healthy breakfast THEUNINVITED 32 SLASALLE
12/13/17 7:03 P
The before and after section is so encouraging. I keep putting off taking my "before" pic this week CATERPILLAR-JEN 3 NANCYPAT1
12/9/17 11:27 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 13 KATHYJO56
12/10/17 12:22 A
12/9/17 11:17 A
I'm really thankful for all the support here at SparkPeople. I really was struggling with motivation LIL1IAN 13 NANCYPAT1
12/9/17 11:26 A
How Can I unite the iPad and the iPhone? I have tried to change my identification and passwords so t MYSTYWINDS 5 LUANN_IN_PA
12/9/17 1:24 P
Did not feel well so no tracking for me yesterday! Had sensible food and did not overeat. Lost some LOSING150JILLI 4 HAWKTHREE
12/9/17 11:09 A
12/10/17 5:55 A
I recently have gone through a low point in myself and how I handel various situations. Today I am t LIZLIVESFIT 5 CONNIET88
12/10/17 9:54 A
I have sciatic issues anyone have some stretches that actually work? TARADAWNEM 4 TARADAWNEM
12/9/17 11:12 A
Nutritional Yeast EMMACORY 4 EMMACORY
12/8/17 9:56 A
What healthy habits are hardest to stick with? Why GET2BEFIT 38 GETULLY
12/9/17 10:52 P
Low Carb America Group Forum MISSANAHEIM 7251 HAWKTHREE
12/8/17 9:13 A
I am in the 130s!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Down from 195. So close to goal... just in time to put on my Christm KBEGEY 11 JENNGROGAN
12/8/17 10:34 A
12/8/17 12:00 P
Sitting here drinking my coffee trying to get the motivation to exercise and clean house. Ugh I just KJMARTIN86 3 HAWKTHREE
12/8/17 9:03 A
I still have a few pounds to go, but my before photo showed up today and reminded me how far I’ve co MOMMALGT 200 LARKDC
12/12/17 7:50 P
You know it is going to be a strange day when you leave for work and it is 27 degrees...I live in TX CHRISSYWILSON80 5 HAWKTHREE
12/8/17 9:00 A
I need reasons to take this more seriously pls?🤔� KINYA4571 7 JAZZPUPPY
12/8/17 1:51 P
Good morning...I always pass by Mcdonalds when i NOMASHOTCHEETOS 15 NOMASHOTCHEETOS
12/8/17 10:59 A
12/07 Calf raises & Squats done Woohoo! YELLOW09RED 4 CGARR442
12/8/17 9:15 P
#BeforeAndAfter This is a scary thing to do, but I'm tired of hiding my problem with food. I'm tired SQUIXYSINGS 20 NOTASTATISTIC
12/10/17 11:21 A
I actually resisted these lovely treats of temptation last night!!!! Yeah, that’s right candy cravin SHELLLEY2 12 GABIRUSZCZAK
12/8/17 10:07 P
Finally broke through the 280 wall. 279.2 this morning! Yes! SUNSPOT_BABY 13 KATESHAPPY
12/8/17 10:12 A
Lunch and Christmas Party with my Red Hat Sisters ORTATK 7 KAREN_EDMONDS
12/7/17 7:02 A
Yall, the holidays have me cheating on my diet like no other, so I have been feeling a little low. I CWEST4973 16 JOCELYNH711
12/7/17 6:07 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 16 JAMER123
12/7/17 11:23 P
I want to lose 90 lbs LORIHUFF006 6 HAWKTHREE
12/7/17 6:02 A
Basic idea of the size I am as of 12/6/17 ALEXANDRA_MAULE 17 TMP0418
12/7/17 6:54 A
Day 4 of Coach Nicole's bootcamp. It is only an extra 10 minutes but boy can I feel my muscles chang STATSCAT 6 HAWKTHREE
12/7/17 5:59 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 4 HAWKTHREE
12/7/17 5:58 A
I have been doing keto since June 18th. Today, the scale showed I've lost 95lbs. I still have a lot VLS_121 14 PIPPAMOUSE
12/8/17 12:54 A
Yoga class for your spine and back PLAINJANEDOE 7 PIPPAMOUSE
12/8/17 12:58 A
Workout complete... uphill walk. Gradient 20% SANTS77 26 SANTS77
12/7/17 12:03 P
I have a question. New to the site, trying to set my goals, tells me I'm not connected, but everythi CHRISTIN_CALLEN 7 CHRISTIN_CALLEN
12/7/17 6:36 A
I need lunch ideas. I'm trying to start implementing low carb on Friday (I know strange times to sta IWILLRISEUP86 18 HAWKTHREE
12/6/17 7:50 P
Going over to my granddaughter's condo early to leave a St. Nicholas shoe filled with fruit and cand HAWKTHREE 2 EVILCECIL
12/6/17 7:15 A
I thought this app was for people to motivate each SASSYK11 11 -POOKIE-
12/6/17 11:42 A
Rainy start to this Wednesday, have a day of mindful eating. ORTATK 3 HAWKTHREE
12/6/17 7:09 A
Good morning everyone, it's been a while since I have been on. Hope you are doing well. MISSAMY72 8 CMCHWK
12/6/17 8:10 A
#day2 of #cico. I kept myself honest yesterday and tracked everything that went in my mouth. Today LEAHDEL16 20 KATHIFAYE
12/6/17 7:43 A