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When you hit a get a snazzy haircut. Had really long hair for 3 years...I don't even mi RIEFOR 15 LASTDIET2017
7/29/17 2:19 A
Found an awesome farmer's organic market. Awesome artisan breads, cheeses, honey, mushrooms, bison, TRAILTRODDER 18 EDWARDS1411
7/29/17 1:53 A
Today I start my journey towards feeling healthy and beautiful! I want to be able to look in the mir AMIYAHSMOMMY12 50 COCOAGOAL
7/29/17 2:01 A
Down for the count!. I did not have a good day today. I got bit by a dog out on my route. I spared y TOMBENAVIDEZ 203 CINDY247
7/29/17 7:27 A
Owl I want is some green space! I saw this fellow on my evening constitutional. I live in a big ci _LINDA 13 SPARKLINGME176
7/28/17 6:04 P
Good morning....this week has been tough, first I have been preparing for a Justin Bieber concert si THEJACKIEDEAN12 287 ROLLTIDE8586
7/29/17 1:27 A
Posted a photo AMY_MOMMY2 141 CARTOON3
7/28/17 4:36 P
Come on in and chat! HICKOK-HALEY 1431 JANET552
7/28/17 8:39 A
Assignment # 290 - Quiet MAUITN 26 TWINKIEQUEEN
7/28/17 5:24 P
7/27/17 12:35 A
Pictures and Bios of Your Dogs BEATLETOT 19 HICKOK-HALEY
7/26/17 11:21 P
Left my lunch home today. So i ordered chinese with a few others. They were all pretty proud of my c MSUNEK 15 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/26/17 11:17 P
Made for me by an awesome 10 year -old! FITGIGI0102 13 SHECAZZ
7/27/17 1:40 A
Is SP in countries other than the US??? I'm curious and would like to know :)) JBDTRI 8 CHERIRIDDELL
7/27/17 1:18 A
Back in Feb I could barely walk from my car to the grocery I am walking 9000+ steps a d HRODGERS4 30 CHRISQ3
7/26/17 11:26 P
I need all the motivation I can get!! JMSKREDE 33 SPKDREAMZZ
7/26/17 11:33 P
On the right is my start in April at 223lbs on left is today at 191lbs not much difference but i fee H54958 192 H54958
7/27/17 8:41 A
This is me at 240lbs. Yuck. Started my weight loss journey 2 days ago measuring portion sizes and STEPHANIEBARREN 111 DOUGHTOMARBLE
7/28/17 11:36 A
Hi I'm over 300lbs I stopped drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes I was 264lbs I gained all this ANDREAW3323 219 AMYMFREY
7/27/17 8:26 A
I went for a 2.21 mile jog last night and ended with a 2.21 mile walk, while I was jogging I had 2 w WIZARDPIMP 325 MORTONDH
7/26/17 10:15 P
Hi from Arkansas :) MANDI2181 4 MAUITN
7/26/17 6:48 P
7/25/17 9:18 P
Show how you're feeling with emoticons!!! RONDARC 626 HICKOK-HALEY
7/25/17 9:00 P
Okay, I started two weeks ago on July 11th. I was 381.8 pounds. I began because I saw this pic of VKEITHLEY 196 COURTENAYE
7/27/17 5:19 A
What's in your fridge A - Z RONDARC 311 HICKOK-HALEY
7/25/17 6:02 P
Emoticon your exercise for today.... PHILLIPS661 250 YELLOW09RED
7/28/17 12:09 P
My little Sis and I, taken 32yrs ago today... seems like a lifetime ago!! A little over 2 yrs ago I CONSTANCE067 9 SYLBA61
7/25/17 4:00 P
Finally heading south to MY beach! MEADSBAY 112 CJSTANBACK
7/25/17 4:19 P
Tonight's dinner is a black bean and cheese quesadilla with avocado and tomato. Quiet tasty. Everyon CANDIGIRL029 4 P61763
7/24/17 5:45 P
Another boyfriend bites the dust! Lol! Apparently he couldn't handle me getting healthy and it made ADUKE6 69 GGRSPARK
7/25/17 4:17 P
72 days to disney world. Time to get fit! This pic is recent. I have gained 20 lbs over the past yea IMPPENNY 15 ZELDA13
7/24/17 12:28 A
Nightly walk with my son! This time we went the op NCJESSICA77 7 TCANNO
7/24/17 4:33 A
Locked in my cold dark room with a major sinus hea CSTAUTZ 10 CZECHRN
7/23/17 11:17 P
Super bummed my knee gave out during my workout leaving me only burning 615 calories ugh....hate hav LEALONIE19 21 EVIE4NOW
7/23/17 11:02 P
Finished cake. Santa Fey Super Cheif. My father loves trains. It even has his Fighter Interceptor S LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 76 BLUECAFE
7/28/17 10:43 P
Posted a photo RAHRAH878 11 RAHRAH878
7/23/17 3:47 P
We had a crazy storm here last night, so what's a girl to do when that happens?!?! Grab the DSLR & t TMOODY84 61 SUNQUEE
7/23/17 3:45 P
We went kitty cat browsing at the pound. Found two - matched, adult blacks - we are very interested ALASKINI 7 KOHLRABIGIRL
7/23/17 2:25 P
Well it's been awhile guys! Had my little girl in May! Her name is Scarlett and I'm slowly getting b RLBURT 11 YMWONG22
7/23/17 7:21 A
Harry's baby brother, Wrigley PLAINJANEDOE 13 BABY_GIRL69
7/22/17 8:13 P
Walk ready KEENA47 10 KEENA47
7/22/17 9:32 P
Positive and negative..... I feel like I have passed a mini quiz.. I have a slice of pizza for dinne ROBINFITZWATER_ 31 GAYLLYNNE
7/22/17 9:13 P
Assignment #289 A Good Match MAUITN 27 HICKOK-HALEY
7/22/17 3:52 P
Mascot of the Week HICKOK-HALEY 344 HICKOK-HALEY
7/21/17 6:44 P
Thought's And Prayer's For Rico MEMORIES7 29 YELLOW09RED
7/22/17 9:24 A
Calories burned list HICKOK-HALEY 5 HICKOK-HALEY
7/21/17 1:14 P
Day one on my new journey. I clearly need more protein and less fat in my diet! DAISYPOWER2 12 TCANNO
7/20/17 5:23 A
Who climbed this? ME!!! Who's hanging around the house today whimpering? ME!! Worth it, totally wort TIKITAMI 20 SUE5007
7/24/17 11:40 A
7/18/17 12:04 A
While I am severely overweight 396 lbs to be exact. I am down from 460. A couple weeks ago I got dow BELLYNEEDS2GO 29 CHAR3200
7/16/17 8:33 P
Adopted this cute little boy yesterday. Let's hope he likes long walks! TRACEE5 230 GLMOM2
7/19/17 8:16 A
Assignment #288 - Summer Celebration MAUITN 21 FANCYQTR
7/18/17 9:25 P
Thursday Challenge BEATLETOT 11 HICKOK-HALEY
7/15/17 6:16 P
Need some encouragement this morning. Our 10 year old Corgi mix passed away last night. LJBOWSER1 303 OVERWEIGHT
7/15/17 3:05 P
After a little more that 2 weeks finally my scale move😊 I am happy because I reached my first goal YACKYURIAS 10 YACKYURIAS
7/15/17 9:49 A
Maybe not the right place for this but this community is like family. My sweet girl Spawt passed awa LADYTARLTON 216 KSTEVERSON
7/13/17 8:53 P
7/12/17 9:43 P
It's hard for me to see the difference in these two pictures, but I need to share this 'before & dur BETTEROCKR 115 PLCHAPPELL
7/12/17 5:26 A
Turns out Luna has advanced cancer. Currently at the vet while they perform the necessary procedure SSMITH762 293 MARINEMAMA
7/12/17 7:53 A
I don't mean to be glum but my husband of 26 years is dying from cancer. He's my entire life. I don' VARIEL1998 303 STRONGERLEANER
7/10/17 4:44 P
I DID IT!!!!!!! it has literally been a week today from last weeks weigh in and i lost 2 more pound STRENGTH_HOPE 305 DLROBINETTE
7/10/17 8:25 P
7/11/17 11:54 P
I feel sad about this photo. What have I done to myself. I need to work on me. I need help. Today I HOLDENK1 55 CFITZ1
7/9/17 9:48 P
Time to start wearing bike onesie, worse than a plumber out there today. GOODGETNBETR 3 WHYTEBROWN
7/10/17 7:27 A
Lost 4.2lbs this week...back under 250 at 248.2. Lots of swimming and a better diet was the key. Tha JUSTSTICKWITHIT 171 CINDY247
7/10/17 12:15 P
Now this is a healthy birthday cake!! 😅❤👍🎂 DIANEPAG 302 DONNA_CPS2
7/20/17 4:11 P
How Do You Stay Hydrated in Summer? KALISWALKER 34 MIMAWELIZABETH
7/19/17 9:24 P
Time in the garden today has resulted in harvest! Zucchini the size of boats, cucumbers, peppers, a SKEMERICH 128 BOSSYBELLY
7/13/17 12:56 P
7/7/17 4:32 P
it's too hot to cook, so salad it is!! SHOPGIRL422 21 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/7/17 3:42 A
Ready to get back on track! I've been MIA, taking care of my son who caught a virus, and then I caug MIVARELA80 2 HICKOK-HALEY
7/6/17 10:51 P
Lost 50lbs, but have 50+ to go, but I've hit a mental wall. The last 2 weeks I've been stuck in my TAMI-AKA-RED 284 PAMBROWN62
7/7/17 3:14 A
7/6/17 10:49 P
Barn chores and tracking cardio workouts GATORFAN01 149 HICKOK-HALEY
7/6/17 9:40 P
Day one of 100 days of working out. I am determined. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. My ME4ME1981 179 COURROND
7/6/17 7:40 A