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My morning view on my way to work. HWNHMMBRD 18 UMUCGRAD
5/27/17 6:19 P
Gym all to myself...woohoo!!! MSKIZ69 8 UMUCGRAD
5/27/17 6:19 P
This is my water bottle and I faithfully refill it a minimum of 7 times a day...whats your favorite? 8PTSHOOTER 8 HWNHMMBRD
5/27/17 5:16 P
As of today I am 17 lb lighter. My goal is 150 and REBBAJ 7 PUDINTAYNE
5/27/17 5:07 P
Pulled pork green beans and quinoa for dinner. Served on a smaller plate to make it seem like more. SMACLACHLAN 9 TRANSPO12345
5/26/17 5:37 A
Can anyone tell me if they find the mobile app has much less functionality than the desk top site? I LISABERRIES1 5 HWNHMMBRD
5/26/17 1:27 A
Waiting List for a Summer Challenge Team LOSINGLINNDY 83 LOSINGLINNDY
5/27/17 7:35 P
🏊🏻‍♀️🚣🏻🚴🏼‍♀️ If you're looking for a challenge and ready to make a commitment....I have the c OKBACK2MEAGAIN 8 MSLOUIE3
5/26/17 6:18 P
Down 44 pounds now but I still don't see a difference...not giving up like the other times. Sparkpeo CHERYL4846 40 MORTONDH
5/25/17 10:36 P
I always get so hungry right before I leave work for the day, probably because I know I'll be going AUSSIEMOM89 8 HWNHMMBRD
5/25/17 6:17 P
I did NOT want to go to the gym today. It was cold and rainy, and I didn't want to do the 40 minute VEGAN_MANGO 40 KIRK-0517
5/25/17 8:10 P
Sick with an awful chest cold after camping this past weekend has thrown me way off track. :( sickn JJQR-M 4 MIKOLOLO
5/24/17 10:55 P
Anyone want to join one of the Biggest Loser teams for the summer challenge??? It officially starts GTNHEALTHY 6 SWEET-SASS
5/25/17 1:14 A
Craving meat and greens tonight! LAURENPAYNE1978 9 L_DROUIN
5/24/17 11:25 P
Food is totally blown and is crap, but that is what happens when you work an unexpected extra 8 hour HWNHMMBRD 7 LIVEDAILY
5/24/17 4:42 P
Unexpected 12 hour overnight shift = not the best eating pattern for the day. HWNHMMBRD 2 LIVEDAILY
5/23/17 6:35 P
May Word Game KRYS210 60 KAYDE53
5/23/17 9:31 P
April showers bring May flowers yeah more like May snow storms ZOMBIE23 4 HWNHMMBRD
5/19/17 7:19 P
Can I still add my own recipe as in past years? And if so, is it possible via the app on my tablet? MIMUST 2 HWNHMMBRD
5/19/17 7:13 P
Walked only a mile today DIANNE7160 4 HWNHMMBRD
5/18/17 7:43 P
Hi Everyone, hope I'm asking this question in the right area. I work midnights from 7 pm till 7:30am KFOX59 5 KFOX59
5/19/17 3:00 P
Went to Dr today lost another 15 1/2 lbs in less than a month. So far that's 154 lbs😁 need to loose MEME4031 28 CFITZ1
5/18/17 8:04 P
For those who do not like to drink water, try putting raspberries, mint, and lime in a Masonry jar. PROFESSOR17 11 MERIWYLE
5/18/17 7:10 P
At the doctors and my weight is not ok 227.4...i need to lose at least 40lbs...soon....I work days a MEKHI15 10 WEIGHTDICIPLINE
5/18/17 6:29 P
Im new here looking to drop some wieght looking healthy but tasty recipies A84045 9 ROX525
5/18/17 5:13 A
My new motivation JJOHNSWINN 7 JANIEWWJD
5/18/17 3:45 A
These are very good. If you want a snack that's slightly better than cheetos. Made with white beans MANDIETERRIER1 5 HWNHMMBRD
5/18/17 1:55 A
It's been a rough week already! Very, very sad 😔 😢 But I need to stop 🛑 making excuses! I'm makin CHNGEISADCISION 8 CHNGEISADCISION
5/18/17 7:59 A
It was a wee bit warm today... the dog did not like it, so I waited until the sun went down to take LESLIELENORE 4 BONNIEMARGAY
5/18/17 2:23 A
Not only did I not lose, but I am up a pound. HWNHMMBRD 5 JROSADO1982
5/17/17 6:10 P
Is there any way this app can tell me hoe many calories I burn naturally with no excercise? Everywhe EZRABRIDGER 7 HWNHMMBRD
5/17/17 2:34 P
On the Sparkpeople website I have exercises saved under groupings. How do I access these on my tabl TEAGLES1 3 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/18/17 8:48 A
Couldn't go for my walk today due to rain, so I went swimming at the university instead. It was grea MERIWYLE 2 HWNHMMBRD
5/17/17 2:23 P
Despite the fact i worked a 10 hour day and my back was aching, I decided to go to the gym. I didn' STRENGTHPEACE 3 OMAJ1953
5/17/17 2:27 P
Just figured out that I am 7 pounds away from bringing my BMI down from "obese" to just plain "overw ALATONA 5 HWNHMMBRD
5/17/17 4:16 A
Posted a photo SHEIKA4777 15 REEDSKI
5/16/17 8:25 P
Love this shirt from Pookie's Boutique #GymSwag SHYLOMAYES 5 MARINEMAMA
5/16/17 4:22 A
It was just too hot to cook today, so I stopped at Costco and bought a rotisserie chicken and the fi HWNHMMBRD 15 MARINEMAMA
5/16/17 4:20 A
#MeasuringTape Does anyone use a measuring tape rather than weighing on a scale ? FOXYHOGG 6 PINKPIXY22
5/14/17 8:21 P
Am I the only one who gets frustrated when friends/family tell you that you don't need to lose weigh FIREMOON02 8 DIANALAZZELL
5/14/17 8:32 A
Opinions? I've hit my first BIG goal of 200 lbs. (33 lbs. Lost) I'm trying to decide if I just wa CHBAME 17 HWNHMMBRD
5/14/17 3:26 A
Busy 24 hours. Walked my fur baby, then gym for strength, followed by a bike ride to work. I still HWNHMMBRD 4 OMAJ1953
5/14/17 3:49 A
5/12/17 10:44 P
It's OK to fail, it's not OK to give up. Katie-age 8 KIAHSILVERDEW 5 HWNHMMBRD
5/11/17 5:36 A
I'm back - seriously :) BLUESKYMOM 4 SCARLETFERN
5/19/17 4:47 A
5/19/17 4:51 A
Walked Makua after I got home from work last night. It is just too hot and humid during the day to t HWNHMMBRD 4 DWOODS39
5/10/17 7:27 P
Loving my air fryer . Gives me great options with little or no fat. PASTORSWIFEG 17 LESIA_GRAY
5/10/17 8:03 P
Hello new to this team KHAWKINS356 7 SCARLETFERN
5/19/17 4:22 A
I won't give up this time! VANESSAB-76 11 SCARLETFERN
5/19/17 4:34 A
The nice thing about cool, cloudy weather-Makua doesn't have to wait for sundown to take a walk. HWNHMMBRD 4 HOTPINKCAMARO49
4/29/17 11:12 P
What do you do when you feel like you're starving yourself while trying to diet? The oatmeal and pea KELLIEB89 19 *GINA*
4/30/17 7:27 P
4/29/17 3:07 P
Comment below what diet you follow? Paleo, low carb, low fat, plant based, vegetarian, fruititarian, G38674 7 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/29/17 7:04 A
So, I have been involved with SP for a long time. I have left a couple times because I had given up, VEGAS2010 6 MOMTOMONKEYS2
5/1/17 5:53 P
#JEMMSIE thanks for the inspiration! My eggroll in a bowl ended up more like cabbage stir fry lol . MWARNER211 15 JEMMSIE
4/28/17 9:29 P
your thoughts USMAWIFE 8 GETULLY
4/30/17 10:33 P
Not bad this week. Shooting for all ⭐️ HWNHMMBRD 5 DGRIFFITH51
4/24/17 9:54 P
4/25/17 12:15 P
28 months and 58 pounds! CHOLA82 226 _LINDA
4/23/17 12:59 A
So it's almost dinner time and I've managed to force myself to eat 300 calories so far. I'm not feel H47863 8 JENGLAND09
4/22/17 6:34 P
Killed it on the elliptical last night, followed by 40 minutes of upper body weights. HWNHMMBRD 7 RAPUNZEL53
4/22/17 5:38 P
4/23/17 11:52 A
half elf ranger scarf free to 4/21 noon pst USMAWIFE 4 GOOZLEBEAR
4/20/17 11:01 P
Happy Birthday PCOH051610!!! KAYDE53 6 GOOZLEBEAR
4/19/17 11:00 P
Are you relaxing tonight after a good day ? GREEN-EYED-LADY 30 KATHYJO56
4/19/17 12:29 A
Not a long walk, but most of it was spent walking back and forth in the sand while my fur baby froli HWNHMMBRD 6 LAFEMMEDELALUNE
4/15/17 9:49 P
Mother Natures Easter Candy! Enjoy the bounty that comes from the earth. 1BODY_1LIFE 6 HWNHMMBRD
4/15/17 6:12 P
My new exercise buddy...Maya JMELVIN4 15 RUTHSJOURNEY
4/15/17 9:22 P
Had a WTH was I thinking moment. Grabbed a chocolate chip 🍪 as I was leaving work, then I didn't e HWNHMMBRD 4 JANET552
4/15/17 7:14 A
We have to put my sweet furry baby of 14 years down tomorrow 😢 AMYSCHNEIDER4 31 LOWCARBJEM
4/13/17 1:50 A
8am is the sweet spot at my gym. No more than 10 people in the entire place! MBLACKWEL9 11 HWNHMMBRD
4/12/17 6:13 P
Wishing I had enough money to make a new yummy salad recipe that I found on Pinterest every day! Oh LR237787 3 HWNHMMBRD
4/11/17 4:31 P
Does anyone have the premium and is it worth $30? BMUTERSPAUGH 8 BMUTERSPAUGH
4/11/17 6:36 P
Earth Day Game KRYS210 76 KRYS210
5/1/17 11:56 A

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