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My new trick for getting through overnight shifts: two shots of espresso mixed in a warmed up (not HWNHMMBRD 6 JBALL21
1/17/18 10:38 A
So what's something healthy for breakfast when you have no healthy breakfast food =// can't leave be TAYLORJENELLE2 8 LUANN_IN_PA
1/17/18 11:44 A
Fitbit charge 2 users: when putting the tracker in TORRIESJOURNEY 6 TORRIESJOURNEY
1/17/18 10:32 A
Frosted Fitness Fun ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 446 NEWVINE
1/19/18 1:44 P
Please tell me your best workout playlist songs! Thanks! SHERRYF71 3 DYANNE4293
1/16/18 7:00 A
I always start my day off with a cup of coffee, how do you start yours off? NEWYEARNOFEAR 18 EVAOLIVER
1/16/18 1:33 P
12 hour night shift ✅ 30 minute bike 🚲 ride ✅ 44 minutes of strength training ✅ healthy snack 🍅🌶� HWNHMMBRD 3 PHYLONE
1/13/18 4:05 P
The only thing better than a Labracadabrador is one with a blurry tail BONNIEMARGAY 25 CATHYSFITLIFE
1/12/18 2:06 P
Halo top post update: love the black cherry (almos TORRIESJOURNEY 6 CONNIET88
1/11/18 6:11 P
Made vegetable beef barley soup for my dad. He’s almost 90. Is having trouble with solid food. Nutri PETERMORRIS966 40 AMYINTHEWILD
1/11/18 5:10 P
Bad new: co-worker is out agin and I started working at 11 pm instead of 3 pm. Good news: I went to HWNHMMBRD 16 LIVEDAILY
1/11/18 11:26 A
Got this to help me reach my goals. It’s on my bedroom closet door, so I will come face to face with HWNHMMBRD 17 LIVEDAILY
1/10/18 11:25 A
Stressing at work and got into the peppermint bark. Tracked and holding myself accountable. Someti HWNHMMBRD 3 LIVEDAILY
1/8/18 2:22 P
I'm finally going to take my doctors advice and cut out some carbs to to 30/35/35 ratio. He was expl MOMMYBEAR82 5 HWNHMMBRD
1/8/18 8:29 A
RSC Jan. Question of the Week KRYS210 12 GOOZLEBEAR
1/11/18 7:34 P
RSC Share a Goodie Game 2018 KRYS210 45 KAYDE53
1/18/18 11:49 P
RSC Favorites game KRYS210 16 KAYDE53
1/10/18 11:18 P
Found this and sorry but I agree RAWN13 28 RAWN13
1/8/18 6:59 P
Arrrg! Heading into work and I realize I forgot to put green tea bags in my lunch box 😡. I can buy HWNHMMBRD 8 LIVEDAILY
1/8/18 2:25 P
I've lost 4lbs in 2 weeks just by limiting my coffee creamer to 3tbs per day. Thanks to this app, I ZEN1123 12 MSMITCHELL2696
1/7/18 12:53 P
Has anyone had feet issues, once they've lost weight it got better? KINYA4571 10 YISKAMIRYAM
1/8/18 8:26 P
Guess who is doing overtime on an overnight shift? Co-worker still out, so 12 hours tonight and 8 h HWNHMMBRD 8 MSMITCHELL2696
1/7/18 8:53 A
“Yattta yatta yatta” ... OK. Being ‘REAL’, at least for a moment - How many people commenting here h JULIAMOONCHILD 14 OBIESMOM2
1/8/18 11:07 A
To tired to put together a meal, so went for Korean take out. I got a BBQ chicken mini plate (about HWNHMMBRD 3 LIVEDAILY
1/6/18 9:40 A
Steep hilly walk with the Labracadabrador. (Ice plant is the only "ice" in San Diego.) BONNIEMARGAY 15 CKOUDSI617
1/6/18 2:37 P
Note to self: when trying to sleep during the day after working a 12 hour pm shift, turn off the ho HWNHMMBRD 5 LIVEDAILY
1/6/18 9:43 A
Another Cool Day here in Florida! 44 here in Miami!! I know LOTS of you even have it colder......s FLASUN 30 JAMER123
1/6/18 1:20 A
Help!!! I'm starving. Please tell me low calorie, low carb foods that are filling. This is what ISLANDMILLER 23 PRAIRIECROCUS
1/5/18 3:29 A
Went to the gym before going to work. HWNHMMBRD 4 LIVEDAILY
1/5/18 8:15 P
Working a 12 hr pm shift tonight. Preparation is key to reaching my goals. Lunch-tuna salad and cele HWNHMMBRD 31 HWNHMMBRD
1/5/18 1:42 A
MENU OPTIONS: in the past, there used to be a section that would show you 8 options for breakfast, 8 ESMAGI 4 HWNHMMBRD
1/4/18 7:02 P
Snack Time! Popcorn, Apple, Mixed Nuts and a littl KPILVER 5 KPILVER
1/5/18 12:50 A
Waiting for Papa to come home. HWNHMMBRD 5 LIVEDAILY
1/4/18 8:17 P
Any opinions on if it is better to include your activity into your calorie range or not? SARAHSMILES0831 3 SEEKHEALTHYLIFE
1/4/18 5:24 P
Was soooo looking forward to getting back to my normal work schedule after a co-worker's 2 week vaca HWNHMMBRD 7 LIVEDAILY
1/4/18 12:55 P
I needed to share this with people who get it. Nobody in my real life quite understands the struggl SUNGIRL822 8 SUNGIRL822
1/3/18 5:57 P
Happy New Year. Took this right around midnight after getting home from work. HWNHMMBRD 15 LIVEDAILY
1/2/18 1:19 P
16 months! Became a vegetarian and changed my lifestyle! Read my blog! Ws 248lbs Cw 120lb 5'6" Age 6 DIANEPAG 6 52114ME
1/1/18 5:03 P
I’m new to this app and usually hate tracking my food. Is there a suggested meal plan that you can f THOLLYROC 7 HWNHMMBRD
12/31/17 10:44 P
Favorite healthy dishes that kids like?? Gotta almost 5 year old and a 2 year old.. DESIREEVONPA6 2 HWNHMMBRD
12/31/17 9:30 P
Working today, but back to my regular 3p-11p shift, thank goodness. The flu has been particularly b HWNHMMBRD 2 BEVERLY1501
12/31/17 6:23 P
Celebrating the fact that with all of the ups and downs of 2017 in my health/emotions (including a c PSYCHMASTER 5 PRAIRIEOMA
12/31/17 5:39 P
pay it forward scarf free to1/1/18 USMAWIFE 4 GOOZLEBEAR
12/31/17 8:38 P
We had heavy rain and thunder storms the other day, so I put rubber booties on my doggy. He wasn’t s HWNHMMBRD 19 HWNHMMBRD
12/30/17 3:49 A
I have been eating lots of olives and pickles as a salty snack during trearment in place of chips. G DIALYSISCHIC1 23 TMP0418
12/30/17 11:51 A
Listening to some old Metallica!! It's amazing how this heavy and fast music helps you workout and c JUSTSTICKWITHIT 14 COMEBACKKID12
12/30/17 10:01 P
Missed my goal to lose 25 lbs by year end by 0.4 of a lb. however,I start 2018 25lbs lighter than I ROBLIDRIVE 8 ROBLIDRIVE
1/5/18 5:05 P
What the heck? I just clicked on the "TODAY"S TOP STORY" and was taken to jenny craig site with prom REESEK65 13 VELVET_01
12/30/17 12:11 P
Tried to hold out, but 12 hours down and two more to go. I need the pick me up. Good thing it doesn HWNHMMBRD 4 LIVEDAILY
12/29/17 4:51 P
My two new fur babies rescued from our local Humane Society. Ms Gracie has been there for over a ye DGFOWLER 25 HAPPYSOUL91
12/29/17 10:22 A
Sign at my gym. Thought it was funny. HWNHMMBRD 13 LIVEDAILY
12/29/17 4:53 P
Can you believe this? I'm eating healthy and my mom totally disses me! I told her I made a warm wint ACRAZYCRAFTER 10 ALLYLIZZY
12/28/17 10:35 P
My roommate (not on a diet) just raided the frig and ate the last of my Keto biscuits that were for SEMIRANS 6 LRJUSTUS1
12/23/17 6:52 P
knit shawl free for 24 hours USMAWIFE 3 GETULLY
12/23/17 11:04 P
Hey guys! Quick do you keep yourself accountable while on this journey? I used to be SO_MANY_DREAMS 11 LOWFATVEGAN
12/22/17 8:45 P
View from the doctor’s office while I wait for my appointment. I work for 4 hours right after and ho HWNHMMBRD 8 DAIZYSTARLITE
12/20/17 8:49 P
I have had enough!!!! I'll never help anyone again......EVER!! I'm too kindhearted, or I'm too stupi MJLUVSANIMALS 13 1CRAZYDOG
12/21/17 12:51 P
RIP Shalako, my Pom. Survived by her 2 brothers, Spartacus & Samurai, & her sister Sharona. Taking t DESERTDREAMERS 33 WALLAHALLA
12/21/17 8:56 P
Is it me or have the ads gotten out of control? FLAWWED 6 7STIGGYMT
12/20/17 8:22 P
Today one of the worker's at the gym was trying to persuade me into joining hit(classes for$99 a mon KINYA4571 27 GRANNY2SK1
12/20/17 8:53 P
So close again! I need to figure out ways of adding more protein. This pie chart is motivating, yet YANNIGJ 14 KILLINGIT1
12/20/17 8:28 P
Just wanted to share my before and after haircut. Pretty sure I lost about 10lbs in hair. #BeforeAnd TARADAWNEM 49 TARADAWNEM
12/21/17 12:58 A
The insult; I am working a 12 hour day shift. The injury happened on my way to work when the bike ra HWNHMMBRD 12 LIVELYGIRL2
12/19/17 10:25 P
hat knit free to noon pst 12/21 USMAWIFE 2 HWNHMMBRD
12/19/17 4:56 P
shawl free to 12/17 knit USMAWIFE 3 HWNHMMBRD
12/17/17 7:03 P
choice of free knit pattern ends 12/26 USMAWIFE 4 AFERRARI
12/18/17 1:38 P
Big waves 🌊 on the west side today. Unable to take my fur baby to his happy place, just too dangero HWNHMMBRD 20 LIVEDAILY
12/14/17 10:40 P
My new doctor gave it to me straight. He said "you are overweight, diabetic, you have high blood pr LVSOCIALDIVA 10 HWNHMMBRD
12/14/17 1:21 A
SO....2 weeks ago I had an allergy pannel done on me...I got the reults today! Holy cow!! I'm allerg DENISEBRIMHALL0 8 BERRY4
12/12/17 10:51 P
No wonder people think I am a rabbit! I really really love nori wraps with hummus, sooooooo yummy! SEAOFCARNAGE 6 SEAOFCARNAGE
12/12/17 10:22 P
Meet my new walking buddy! This is Morty, a 2 year old min pin. We adopted him 12/3. He and I go on LINDZZ3 75 BILLTHOMSON
12/13/17 8:02 A
Question of the Day LIFECHANGZ 603 CANDOIT54
1/19/18 11:57 A
Fitbit tracker update: I posted on Thursday that my charge hr wasn’t working, contacted CS and they TORRIESJOURNEY 5 HWNHMMBRD
12/10/17 4:07 P
Pic taken after er visit. Welcome to autism JCOLEMAN15 10 LIVEDAILY
12/10/17 12:40 P
I am looking for a fruit and vegetable cup to grams chart. I have been looking online, but haven't h UNIQUE55 8 FRISKYCRITTER
12/9/17 8:28 A