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4 letter words A to Z LAURA44851 5623 NELLJONES
6/24/17 3:49 P
Walk Across America on Interstate 80!! Walk #2 DEB2448 15 JANET552
6/24/17 10:52 A
6/24/17 1:49 P
6/24/17 3:52 P
3 Letter Words A to Z LAURA44851 5503 NELLJONES
6/24/17 3:48 P
What Is The Temperature Outside Where You Live DEB2448 2228 NELLJONES
6/24/17 3:46 P
Well it has been a very bad week. Temps in 105 to 112. Had a power line pop. This started a grass fi REDDYOUNG 15 NANCYANNE55
6/24/17 2:46 P
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just REJOHNSON3 3 JANET552
6/24/17 7:10 A
Day 6 of sugar challenge...all ready seeing results...yea KINDGIRL56 18 SUTTON1350
6/24/17 7:45 A
Ready to knockout my Saturday mornin workout # can't nothing stop me now #motivationtomotivationoth SHAKARIA3 6 LINDASOUTHER
6/24/17 7:36 A
Needing some motivation today. I'm on a slippery slope. Can I get a hand up? MAMAFIRST1 12 MYTENTOES
6/24/17 1:00 P
Fun and Festive Fruit kabobs. And the fruits are in season! Not my creation. LITTLEREDHEN8 7 SPARKPAN
6/24/17 8:23 A
Just completed 43 minutes of exercise and early morning feeding! Feeling good!! Community enjoy your LOVELY1978 11 LINDASOUTHER
6/24/17 7:35 A
Time to 'Break the Fast'...kitty got it right! BOOHOOBEAR 7 IAMAGEMLOVER
6/24/17 1:09 P
Posted a photo CHAD747 24 LIZZIE138
6/24/17 8:51 A
Good Saturday morning ☕ 🙋 SCANDEE 20 PATRICIA-CR
6/24/17 1:21 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 39 PATRICIA-CR
6/24/17 1:20 P
Meal plan for Saturday. Breakfast- Oatmeal Lunch- Salad Supper- Fish, Salad, Bake Potato, Broccoli N CAROLANNE132 28 FISHGUT3
6/24/17 10:01 A
Word Association ANNIE1962 6763 NELLJONES
6/24/17 3:46 P
6/24/17 1:36 P
Tried piyo today! Was a great workout. NISSASCHROED 3 NETTY129
6/23/17 7:56 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 16 JANET552
6/23/17 7:47 A
I've been talking about a diet for so long , and everytime I commit.. I just give up after day one. NOLAKID504 8 KAREN_EDMONDS
6/23/17 8:03 A
Picota cherries for dessert. Just delicious cherries of protected origin, grown only in certain reg -POOKIE- 12 KITT52
6/23/17 12:17 P
6/23/17 9:05 A
9.8 lbs down 😊 MARIELEE_106 121 STEVIEBEE569
6/23/17 4:37 P
Friday morning 5k walk w my guy 👫 looking forward to the weekend. Have a great day everyone! Enjoy OUTSIDEJOJO 23 FISHGUT3
6/23/17 9:09 A
New to the site...Just wanted to say hello and hoping everyone has a beautiful and blessed day!❤ Rem TAYE38 12 TAYE38
6/22/17 8:55 A
Today it looks like I gained 5 #...but I'm starting to weigh myself on a different scale that has KA8626TA 5 CANNINGNANNY
6/22/17 7:34 A
#mobilechat Excited my garden is doing well so far this year. Ive gotten a few zucchini, one squas MWARNER211 22 LRJUSTUS1
6/22/17 1:01 P
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 9 REDROBIN47
6/22/17 9:17 P
It set me back a bit financially but got a good pa JBAIRD6 19 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/22/17 7:43 A
ready to get more fitness in daily! LEANJEAN6 19 GGRSPARK
6/23/17 8:51 P
6/22/17 12:48 P
Good morning! We can do this! :) BETTERCMV 19 LINDASOUTHER
6/22/17 8:28 A
Ran 3.14 miles this morning. Felt good. Sparkling from the Sweat, it even rained on me but didn't st H2JOURNEY 127 APPLEPIEDREAMS
6/22/17 11:16 P
Posted a photo GOLFGMA 23 KILTORE
6/22/17 11:15 A
Question for the week of June 18th DEB2448 5 KOHLRABIGIRL
6/24/17 12:59 P
Too much got in the way of my Sparkin' this morning - only got the minimum in......oh, well.......en RASPBERRY56 3 JANET552
6/21/17 7:09 A
Good morning everyone. Today's goals are to drink my 56oz of water and 10k steps!!! DAWNZI71 14 DAWNZI71
6/21/17 8:15 A
I know we shouldn't look at the scale, but now that it's almost close to me losing 100 lbs down my n THEJACKIEDEAN12 8 DENISE168
6/21/17 10:20 A
Happy 1st Day of Summer! Enjoy all the hours of daylight!! LITTLEREDHEN8 15 SLINKYREDDRESS
6/21/17 7:22 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 9 ITALIANGAL44
6/21/17 7:23 A
My goal is to lose 20 ponds by September 13th of 2017. SSINGLETON3B 18 RUBY-TUESDAY26
6/21/17 9:13 A
Have a wonderful Summer Solstice. -POOKIE- 18 KITT52
6/21/17 2:48 P
I hate spider webs lol ANNIM80 31 NEETWOLF
6/21/17 9:33 A
2017 - Jumpin' Juno in June MARBEALL 48 ITHILDRIEL
6/24/17 4:21 P
One of the perks of an early morning workout? I get to see the sunrise on the way home :-) MRSCORNY2015 17 SDEECAL
6/20/17 8:10 A
Not bad for 7 am VIRGO3342 18 MADDIEGIRL32
6/20/17 8:48 A
3 miles at an average pace of three mile per hour SKITTLESNINJA 17 PHATPAT18
6/20/17 8:03 A
Posted a photo MOKEEFE312 9 LINNIE53
6/20/17 7:52 A
This was the best week I've ever had! Enjoying the BORAHDEAU 19 KAREN_EDMONDS
6/20/17 8:47 A
Slower than a turtle 🐢 trotting thru mud, but I got up and did it. Morning run out of the way. Enjo OUTSIDEJOJO 138 COOP9002
6/20/17 1:39 P
finally broke my plateau by "binging" yesterday and adding to my caloric intake (all extra calories SEYMK12921 37 LEEWORD
6/20/17 8:59 A
Hope to sell my old car today at 1 pm. Thursday, June 15, 2015 buyers failed to show up with cash. AOKDIET21 15 1CRAZYDOG
6/19/17 1:23 P
Well heres a kicker for fathers day i got some new clothes and i am officially three sizes smaller KOA951 8 MADDIEGIRL32
6/19/17 7:23 A
Soooo happy to be home ;)... Hi all, hope you're all smashing your goals.... I need to get back on t LENGZI 14 LENGZI
6/19/17 3:20 P
Have a great day! Calling for storms off and on most of the day here. LITTLEREDHEN8 11 EOWYN2424
6/19/17 7:03 A
Last two days of school calls for a mighty breakfast for this teacher! #vegan breakfast sandwich MISSHARTUNG1 11 GIGIUS
6/19/17 6:55 A
I'm back from vacation and ready to smash some goals!! I sure will miss this view though! TRACEE5 17 LIVEDAILY
6/19/17 3:35 P
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 12 REDROBIN47
6/19/17 11:27 A
Down 45 pounds but still have 40 plus to go. Been off track, time to get in gear again. Focus on my J27750 20 A11850
6/19/17 7:32 A
6/19/17 8:51 A
Question for the week of June 11th LAURA44851 6 JANET552
6/18/17 8:59 P
Me and my babies TGLOVER14 19 MLR_00
6/18/17 8:30 A
6/18/17 10:58 A
This is from last fall but I had to get one with t TGLOVER14 12 TGLOVER14
6/18/17 8:47 A
Starting the journey again METHUMPER2 13 LILYSMAM2017
6/18/17 8:18 A
Goodmorning, up 3.6lbs from a previous weight of 246.4. 2lbs off from where I started on Jan 1st. Ti JUSTSTICKWITHIT 142 1CRAZYDOG
6/19/17 1:28 P
Yep! This happened! Pushed myself to hard and my legs gave out. Fell off my bike and couldnt pick my SUMMERFODRIE 33 GGRSPARK
6/22/17 6:53 P
Happy Sunday!! ☀️ ☕️ 💗 SARASMILING 7 LILYSMAM2017
6/18/17 8:16 A
Come on in and chat! HICKOK-HALEY 1404 HICKOK-HALEY
6/17/17 3:46 P
#motivation At the end of my rope. Retired & have back problems & hard to xercise. But I try. Mad at DEBBIE4323 10 RUBYREDIVY1
6/21/17 1:37 A
Went out for a walk in the neighborhood for the first time since we moved in....last year. Nice, qui SAM0716 8 KBOUGHE1
6/17/17 9:09 A
Traditionally I take my dad to his favorite pizza place for father's day. This year will be no diffe GABABYDOLL89 7 KBOUGHE1
6/17/17 9:04 A

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