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5/23/17 12:28 P
Come on in and chat! HICKOK-HALEY 1396 JANET552
5/23/17 10:39 A
I have Monday under my belt and seem to be on my way. I plan to go out and dig in my garden if the ORTATK 3 JANET552
5/23/17 7:22 A
I have the last part of my CPA exam on Friday so what am I doing STRESSING out! Which in return cau JANIE7DAVIS 2 JANET552
5/23/17 7:21 A
I knew there was answer other than lack of motivation :) DGFOWLER 30 TUBLADY
5/23/17 12:58 P
Posted a photo CMAHAN3 5 MDOWER1
5/23/17 8:38 A
Goodmorning, have a great day and reach for the sky! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 44 BRENDA_77039
5/23/17 9:13 A
Posted a photo LALAP1012 18 JULIEA7201
5/23/17 8:07 A
Current mood: TAYGRL 11 MARYM1962
5/23/17 7:58 A
my youngest son will graduate tonight.....where has the time gone..... MUSOLF6 11 RBCAN8V
5/23/17 8:59 A
Posted a photo BMORE17 5 KITTYKNIT
5/23/17 10:20 A
Good Morning, Lets make this day fantastic SISMAC 35 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
5/23/17 9:22 A
Good morning Ya'll! ANGELIADEANNE 150 CALA51
5/23/17 12:59 P
3 Letter Words A to Z LAURA44851 5308 JUDY1676
5/23/17 12:56 P
A-Z 5 Letter Words with No Repeating Letters RAGNAROX248 606 KOHLRABIGIRL
5/22/17 11:38 A
So last week I tried these meals made by stouffer's and they were ok on calories, protein and fat. E A27279 4 JANET552
5/22/17 6:51 A
Our current fosters, a young, pregnant feral cat I caught just in time, who gave birth the next day MIMAWELIZABETH 26 BRIAR150
5/22/17 7:38 A
Yike....I started off with "magnificent Monday" But now I'm running late for work because I was sur BOWDIDDLE 5 JANET552
5/22/17 6:50 A
Posted a photo MAMARHINE1 24 ROCCOCOM
5/22/17 10:32 A
Enjoy the nature around you! (Not my creation). LITTLEREDHEN8 14 SHELLYAHNEN
5/22/17 9:12 A
Up at 5:30 in the morning getting my first set of exercise going. SASSYK11 8 KINJAY00
5/22/17 6:57 A
Each & everyday we grow FIT_HIP_CHICK 15 STARGAZ3R
5/22/17 8:31 A
5/22/17 7:44 A
Successful dog walk this morning! FIT_HIP_CHICK 22 _LINDA
5/22/17 12:54 P
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 15 REDROBIN47
5/22/17 7:12 P
5/23/17 10:46 A
Update on my spider bite.... I went to the doc like ya'll told me to and the doc put me on antibioti SRENATA 24 BLESSED2BEME
5/22/17 6:58 P
This is the guy that keeps me active. He needs daily walks and doesn't tire out easily, so really... BMCC488 15 STRONGERLEANER
5/21/17 9:20 A
Its coffee time NEPTUNE1939 7 GET2BEFIT
5/21/17 11:26 A
Today​ is my little boy's birthday,he turned two 😊 It just feels like yesterday when he was born OM GULSHAFAQ 19 MSANN59
5/21/17 1:54 P
5/21/17 9:13 A
My day yesterday! Went on a long walk with the Cancer to 5k group in the morning then came home and MICHELE3187 18 BLVING_IN_ME
5/21/17 8:41 A
5/22/17 8:32 A
Hi there!! I may not be always online here because CHUNKS2PIECES 15 JKL219
5/22/17 9:48 P
Posted a photo MYAN1959 10 GETITDONE7
5/21/17 8:13 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 25 BRIAR150
5/21/17 9:22 A
5/23/17 11:52 A
Hitting them gym early on a Saturday, when it's nice and quiet, to lift heavy things ( not just myse MARZBARZ1 13 DRINKALOTH2O
5/20/17 8:11 P
5/20/17 7:58 A
This is my darling granddaughter Remy, who is almost 6 years old. SUZIWOLLMAN 13 BARRYHAPPY1
5/20/17 7:58 A
Posted a photo HAVING_HOPE 17 AKITAMOM13
5/20/17 9:57 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 15 1CRAZYDOG
5/20/17 11:21 A
May 19, 2017 Feeling: Disappointed I decided to track again. Feeling awful. Looking back at these TIME4AMY 163 MPLSKEN
5/20/17 11:32 P
This is my brothers and me at a recent memorial for my dad, who died a year ago. SUZIWOLLMAN 10 IVANHOE64
5/20/17 8:17 A
Post any animal emoticon DEB2448 1457 JUDY1676
5/23/17 11:51 A
What Is The Temperature Outside Where You Live DEB2448 2077 JUDY1676
5/23/17 12:00 P
Word Association ANNIE1962 6613 KOHLRABIGIRL
5/23/17 12:23 P
4 letter words A to Z LAURA44851 5425 JUDY1676
5/23/17 12:55 P
I like to get my workout done first thing in the morning. That way, I am not stressing about it for TIMLINLUVER 26 AQUAGIRL08
5/19/17 7:29 A
Don't text while driving today NEPTUNE1939 5 SMOTTOC
5/19/17 7:56 A
Three months in and the old clothes are getting bigger. The gym is definitely paying off!!πŸ’ͺπŸƒ T33734 12 MLR_00
5/19/17 8:15 A
New here! Finally going for a longer walk, 6km in the woods! SONIA3V 9 AQUAGIRL08
5/19/17 7:29 A
Enjoying my birthday breakfast and coffee on my balcony before it gets too hot. ADARKARA 191 BLISSFULMOMENTS
5/20/17 6:59 A
5/20/17 7:01 A
Little by little, I can see the change. I'm still a long way from my goal, but at least I know I'm o HMARIE1983 297 MSCANDI_99
5/19/17 6:53 P
I am happy to celebrate today my 30 pound weight loss. I am about 10 pounds from my goal and it has JENNIE_LEIGH 217 JENNIE_LEIGH
5/20/17 8:16 A
I just have to publicly say, i have mad respect for anyone who can hold a plank for more than a minu JENNYSAUFL 5 SPARKGUY
5/18/17 7:36 P
Starting out. Here we go FAERIEMAB 23 WEIGHTDICIPLINE
5/18/17 6:08 P
For those who do not like to drink water, try putting raspberries, mint, and lime in a Masonry jar. PROFESSOR17 11 MERIWYLE
5/18/17 7:10 P
Said no to office donuts this morning! Feeling proud! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ JAMIES 207 ELLEYANNA
5/19/17 1:08 A
Went to Dr today lost another 15 1/2 lbs in less than a month. So far that's 154 lbs😁 need to loose MEME4031 28 CFITZ1
5/18/17 8:04 P
Shrinking little by little 263 down to 188 DBUCKNER4 302 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:24 A
From 524 lbs to 224 lbs and now the guns are starting to show up!! God is Great!!! Don't give up!! G GPALMER29 113 VEGGIEPUP1
5/20/17 3:21 P
2017 - MAKE IT in MAY!!! ODAT1117 31 ODAT1117
5/18/17 10:04 A
Woke up this morning not really feeling like going to the gym or working out, but I ended up having MARATHON_MOM 12 MIRAGE727
5/16/17 7:37 A
Weighed in at 229 today and remember a time when I didn't think I would see below 230!! Happy Birthd LYNN725 5 MERIWYLE
5/16/17 9:14 A
Don't text while driving today NEPTUNE1939 3 EVILCECIL
5/16/17 7:18 A
128 days to 1st goal!! PONTOONWOMAN7 2 JANET552
5/16/17 7:17 A
Starting off my 30 day challenge today!! :) also going to be having a more healthier diet, not as mu A16646 16 TSHAWGER
5/16/17 7:46 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 9 HAPPYSOUL91
5/16/17 9:12 A
"Your day is pretty much formed by how you spend your first hour" attitude is always so much b OUTSIDEJOJO 13 JENNIFERBR51
5/16/17 7:42 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 15 1CRAZYDOG
5/16/17 12:00 P
First day with this app, trying to start new lease on life! LUKSI2017 121 J38850
5/16/17 1:00 P
Today makes week one and I have lost 5.8lbs. In my first week. Going to see if I can boost up my wal HEREWEGO508 33 LOUISE979
5/15/17 8:04 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 11 HAPPYSOUL91
5/15/17 11:07 A

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