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Hello Sparkers, I'm new to the group and hoping to lose quite a bit of weight. I currently weigh 2 LBARROW05 263 MARYJOANNA
5/22/17 5:10 A
Celebrated 35th anniversary with DH today! ALASKINI 9 MSLOUIE3
5/22/17 2:28 P
Had a great day packing for an impromptu week of vacay! CTYONIT 14 CKOUDSI617
5/22/17 2:29 P
2 mile walk for the homeless. Great time with my family. FIREMEDIC11339 18 CCHAMPION719
5/22/17 8:32 A
We hit the beach at the John Wayne Marina and Park today. INITFORLIFE3 9 JOCELYNH711
5/22/17 6:37 A
It is easy for me to get enough sleep! Lol NOCALOVE1 8 ROX525
5/22/17 5:32 A
I'm so proud if the # of steps I logged today. We hiked in Sedona, Arizona then I took my dogs for a KITAH 13 MOTIVATED36732
5/22/17 6:12 A
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 63825 MCJULIEO
5/22/17 12:04 P
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 17269 JIACOLO
5/22/17 12:42 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 137036 AMAZINGAPRIL
5/22/17 2:26 P
Did you walk today? RICK1947 115586 AMAZINGAPRIL
5/22/17 2:27 P
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 5772 SUSANYOUNGER
5/22/17 10:27 A
Just finished my first 24ozs. of water. Now off to the gym for my 3 a.m. workout. FITWITHIN 9 BONNIEMARGAY
5/21/17 3:42 P
My workout from few days ago, but I wanted to shar MEDKATE95 6 YMWONG22
5/21/17 4:14 A
A Sunday funny. Have a blessed day. PAMBROWN62 10 JANIE7DAVIS
5/21/17 5:02 A
I've worked so hard to be where I'm at today. Started at 279. Down to 188!! Praise God:) QUEENGRAHAM 104 QUEENGRAHAM
5/21/17 3:28 P
Posted a photo SFELDER7 11 MARINEMAMA
5/21/17 7:26 A
#motivated #inspired GLAMNGLOWDIVA 14 LIS193
5/21/17 12:37 P
This is my last lazy day ,after having a wonderfulness holiday in Corfu, then a relaxing weekend to LADYSUISEI 13 LTZ2LZ
5/21/17 7:51 A
What are you grateful for today? ALLEYCATTUS 386 FISHGUT3
5/22/17 2:27 P
5/22/17 12:20 A
I am NOT going to let ________ get me down today! ANDREWMOM 9746 MSLOUIE3
5/22/17 2:37 P
Turkey avocado mixed green salad DMICELI 7 EOWYN2424
5/20/17 4:22 A
Starting over once again. NOT ashamed though creating a new account makes me feel clean from my mist KDTTP0710 6 ROCCOCOM
5/20/17 4:00 A
Getting so close to my goal!!!! SHALEESUN 239 DEECAFFEINATED
5/20/17 5:22 A
First week back excercising since my knee injury started being my excuse! I feel so good about myse LORE_NALA 5 MARINEMAMA
5/20/17 6:15 A
#motivated #iminspired #fitness GLAMNGLOWDIVA 13 LIS193
5/20/17 12:23 P
5/20/17 6:18 A
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 28258 MSLOUIE3
5/22/17 2:36 P
I'm starting to freak out about my first 5k coming up in two and a half weeks. Been training for a f TAMI-AKA-RED 10 JVANAM
5/19/17 3:47 A
Ended with 1320 cal, not as much water as yesterday, but more then before DANNIE242 15 ANNDANDY
5/19/17 4:17 A
I think I kinda messed up today. Today was graduation day for one of the kids in our family, and we CAJUNGAL328 12 CAJUNGAL328
5/19/17 10:06 A
Posted a photo SPKDREAMZZ 15 RAPUNZEL53
5/19/17 4:08 A
5/19/17 4:27 A
Super delicious dinner tonight! It's a bed of sauteed (w/ cooking spray and water) zucchini and cri MARIBLU3 10 RAPUNZEL53
5/19/17 4:08 A
5/19/17 4:08 A
Write 1 blessing your thankful for. RDCAGAIN10 29 MOMMY2JJ2
5/18/17 10:58 P
5/22/17 2:47 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 138878 FISHGUT3
5/22/17 2:27 P
foods you hated as a child, but love now CARPETCRAWLER 15 SUNRISESUNSET
5/19/17 3:54 P
My new motivation JJOHNSWINN 7 JANIEWWJD
5/18/17 3:45 A
I'm getting close to my goal. 😊 XCENTRICBLUE 168 REMEMBER2BME
5/18/17 4:29 A
Started my journey on May 8th and already down 11 pounds. Dinner last night was shrimp scampi and l UTFRAN 6 READY4LIVING
5/18/17 4:08 A
Feeling ready for my fasting day, overdid the pasta yesterday IONA72 6 MARINEMAMA
5/18/17 4:25 A
5/18/17 9:12 A
27 pounds in 2017... I can see it now! Can u??? RUTHSOTOP 21 RUTHSOTOP
5/18/17 8:50 A
Parents visiting me in Honolulu. We went out to dinner, and I ordered the chicken and veggie skewers GREENSUBMARINE 10 WHYTEBROWN
5/18/17 5:09 A
5/17/17 11:47 P
The one on the left is about 2 months ago and the one on the right is today I've lost 10 lbs and som KERENSA9697 18 MARINEMAMA
5/17/17 4:24 A
Important reminder.. I am so tired of starting over, I refuse to give up! BARBEDWIREKITTY 16 DAWNIEHEATHER78
5/17/17 4:22 P
Hope you all had an awesome day, wishing you all a good night and a restful sleep...So its Good Nigh JUDITH316 11 JAMER123
5/17/17 10:47 P
The best feeling is going back to cali for mothers day, we moved to nevada 6 months back, to have he BARBEDWIREKITTY 15 LEEWALSH1201
5/18/17 1:41 P
Posted a photo FAT2FAB18 12 YMWONG22
5/17/17 5:56 A
I could never seem to get all the vitamins in my nutrician tracker. Some of them we even 0% at the e EMBRACEWELLNESS 9 KARENWILL2
5/17/17 12:39 P
Lost my first 15 pounds. Next goal is to be under 230. That's only 4 more pounds! I got this MARNIZZLE22 16 DIANALAZZELL
5/17/17 10:35 A
So tempted to buy a Naked Eye shadow Palette! EOWYN2424 10 SAM0716
5/20/17 7:43 A
things you ate as a kid that you wouldn't touch OBIESMOM2 50 CARPETCRAWLER
5/18/17 5:05 P
Good morning, have a nice Tuesday! ERICAANN82 4 JVANAM
5/16/17 3:58 A
I'm not sure how much I weigh now because I haven't looked in awhile but the first picture is me at AEONWARRIOR 35 ILOVEROSES
5/16/17 9:53 A
Well I went over a little but I exercised a lot. Thank you God for another good day. SCTT123 5 ILOVEROSES
5/16/17 9:53 A
At my heaviest 226 and 18 months later at 172. I still have 30 lbs to go, but feeling good about my CHERIELS3 209 PUNKMUMMY
5/16/17 6:41 A
Low on time and couldn't make it to the gym, but I fit in Coach Nicole's 12-minute Pilates abs and 9 GRATTECIELLA 16 JEANKNEE
5/16/17 1:18 P
This morning work out 40 min tread mill started speed 2.0 incline 5 for five minutes then kicked it R87247 10 MARINEMAMA
5/16/17 4:16 A
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 103030 FISHGUT3
5/22/17 2:25 P
5/15/17 7:34 A
Off to the gym in the 2 o'clock hour this morning. My training starts today for my up and coming rac FITWITHIN 6 BONNIEMARGAY
5/15/17 4:48 P
Grateful for another sunset walk with the Labracadabrador. BONNIEMARGAY 9 REGILIEH
5/15/17 9:40 A
Posted a goal ANEWELLIE 15 SHAKTI101
5/15/17 5:06 A
I'm so depressed 😑 Yesterday Mother's Day The Man That I Call my Husband left at 8am and came back LADIIBORNO 11 NANCYANND55
5/15/17 2:17 P
5/15/17 4:27 A
5/15/17 4:26 A
What do you think of the new fangled beauty EOWYN2424 12 MCJULIEO
5/17/17 10:35 A
5/15/17 12:23 A
Almost there. Started at 428 lbs. on my way to 220. 17 lbs. to go to break the 300 barrier. TAGEORGE 15 CHRISBEM
5/14/17 1:11 P
Can't stop watching The Good Wife. BONNIEMARGAY 7 MBPP50
5/14/17 8:53 A

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