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I lost 2.9 pounds this week!!! More importantly I KRISTIMOMMY 41 LAURIEB55
8/23/16 4:41 P
Anyone else wake up and think it's the wrong day? SSMITH762 15 DIZZYBRITCHES
8/21/16 10:17 A
What is good to eat for breakfeast. BROWNEYEBEAUTY3 7 KATHERINED-J
8/21/16 10:19 A
Week 6: down 4pounds Total 17πŸ˜„ SANJASJOURNEY 24 NAYNAE23
8/21/16 3:15 P
Ok, I know it's different for everyone, but about FIBROMITE87 9 DIZZYBRITCHES
8/21/16 10:15 A
Omg!!! Haven't done measurements since June decid DANIRENEE2015 36 NORMANSMOMMY
8/21/16 12:35 A
I'm so hungry....sigh. HEALTHYNIKKI33 20 INAMINIT
8/16/16 9:13 A
Hi all... I'm new to spark.. I need a weight loss TJONES-AS6 70 SHE_DID
8/16/16 9:24 A
Just started trying to lose weight, any encouragin STACI1230 9 RED89015
8/15/16 8:25 P
Back in April of 2015 I was 200 pounds and now it' GGOGIY 39 GREENSAPPHIRE
8/15/16 9:34 P
In effort to focus on not binge eating in the midd YISKAMIRYAM 5 JEANNINEW1
8/15/16 8:10 P
I am brand new to this.... I logged what I ate and ROBINGADD 4 JEANNINEW1
8/15/16 8:07 P
Today makes 10 weeks since I started using this ap TRACILD1 28 TINYDANCER1029
8/20/16 6:04 P
Anyone know if there is a way to delete all your r FIREFLY0915 3 JEANNINEW1
8/15/16 8:03 P
The summer is so hard for me.. Especially my love JOURNEYTO185 20 APRIL1077
8/15/16 8:20 P
Day 9 of my diet... Going well so far SHYCHEY3397 7 JEANNINEW1
8/15/16 8:00 P
What have you found... That helps you get past a LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 22 SMOTTOC
8/16/16 8:57 A
Ok ladies and gents...let's do a share post of our TINALOUCHIC 34 KTERHUNE0509
8/18/16 1:27 A
Yesterday I went way over my calorie limit. (I had 2nd helpings of dessert at my graduation party). PHEBERUTH 24 A51537
8/19/16 6:54 P
(Diet & Health? Of The Day.) Monday I start a str GOODGYRLGONEGOD 9 TEEKS13
8/14/16 5:58 P
Weigh night... I'm scared LILYPAPERDOLL 29 RENEWEDM
8/14/16 3:50 P
4 more pounds gone. Total of 11 pounds in two week SHAQWANN 9 NEEPSDAUGHTER
8/14/16 2:49 P
One more pound down. This is taking forever, but I MSTENTON3027 54 MELMILLERAYALA
8/15/16 1:47 P
DAY 1 HELP please!!! I'm the only over weight pers J28858 29 UNKYNDENESSE
8/14/16 3:07 P
Totally craving sugary junk food. Not good. What's BITTERJAVAMAMA 30 BOOTYLICIOUS83
8/19/16 8:19 P
Hey guys anyone have any idea on how lose weight KSKYE9932 14 DENA1030
8/12/16 3:48 P
Today was the day...tried on a bunch of old jeans BLUEBELL6396 20 BRENDAT929
8/22/16 9:53 P
Hey there I'm 26 and I had a rib slip out 20 weeks AJMALOTT1 7 NASHUA12
8/12/16 5:21 P
I need tips on water intake.. I'm managing my cals AIRICKUHLEIGH 26 JEANNINEW1
8/12/16 2:31 P
There's a heat warning in effect. Still going for CAROLI57 11 CAROLI57
8/12/16 2:31 P
I am so nervous to start changing my eating habits M85483 17 CLARADAY
8/12/16 1:19 A
I'm at 164 pounds today. I started at 329 pounds o AUTIEJ 2381 LOATS92
8/23/16 11:50 P
What food do you avoid because it makes you feel l STEPPYJOY 157 ELLO275
5/14/16 3:52 P
Down 4 lbs!! Go me! I rock🎢 πŸŽ‰πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ#motivation JLYNN559 45 HOLLYANGELLINDS
5/12/16 8:11 P
#lowcarb Hey everyone! I'm new here and to the low TDBATES78 23 JMICHELS1968
5/30/16 3:58 P
Feeling a little disheartened after my morning wei ROCKINREVUTHE 13 DIZZYBRITCHES
5/10/16 11:02 A
Hello!!! 30-day no chocolate, cake, ice-cream, coo MPERSON2711 9 BRAYBORN
5/13/16 8:15 P
Thoughts on a Fitbit? KARLAG221 35 KHANNAN2
5/8/16 9:33 P
Do diet pills really help.. I need all the weight MDIAZ82722 17 KFSTAAB
5/8/16 10:35 P
I really would like a fitbit but the cost is a bi ONICHOLS5 35 ATHOMAS563
5/14/16 12:48 P
What do you consider a cheat day? Do you exceed yo BOSSLADYESCO 9 KIMLADYBUG
5/8/16 9:45 P
Does anybody know if there is any truth to the "do MISS_KRISTENN 17 WEIRBETH
5/8/16 10:15 P
Don't understand. I have counted everything i've h BRHINEHAR 16 KFSTAAB
5/8/16 10:36 P
Met my 1st goal of breaking out of the 200's. Toda MDHALL20088 62 TRACEYJETER2
5/9/16 12:29 P
I need help. I wanna loss this weight but I'm clue CMARTINEZ38 18 AKIMBERLYQ1
5/5/16 10:35 P
Weighed in this morning and I am officially down e IMDOINGTHIS4ME 2109 ZOEZOOMZOOM
7/2/16 6:55 P
Any tips for staying #motivated? TEALELEPHANTS 7 KIKI4888
5/4/16 6:38 P
Close to my goal of 125 but still seems far. I wil ABUCKLER3 14 JEANNINEW1
5/4/16 6:08 P
Dinner tonight is what?Drum roll DEBSANKS 129 MAMALOULOU23
7/1/16 9:42 A
Healthy food can kill... I nuked a chicken breast NJSHAR 20 FATBIRDY
5/4/16 6:54 P
For the first time ever my step count has reached 24,165. Today has been a good day. Also i have a q HAYLEYG88 14 HAYLEYG88
5/5/16 1:54 A
The fact that u aren't where u want 2 be, should b DJDAVIS24 5 GSABASS
5/4/16 6:13 P
Is there a way to change your starting weight? I JPINKARD 5 JPINKARD
5/3/16 6:03 A
Really excited now. Haven't been exercising much b GPSMILES 18 MGBLUE
4/30/16 4:26 P
Hi I'm new to this site I'm going out with my wife FRICANO2 12 JEANNINEW1
4/30/16 4:12 P
Stressful day. How do I stay on track without reso ACH101209 12 B0BBIE
4/30/16 4:34 P
Very excited. I lost 14.6 lbs in the last month. VOGELSONG21 10 VOGELSONG21
4/30/16 5:28 P
I'm a little discouraged this week :( I've kept un LAUREENLYNN 27 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
5/4/16 2:38 P
To those with fitbits: How many steps do you avera BNMULLINS 6 ERIKAERIKAS
4/30/16 4:10 P
What do you eat at night before you sleep to not s WEIGHTLOSSMAMA8 36 THEPINCESS
4/29/16 10:36 P
Is there a pin on Pinterest or an app where you ca ASHROSED 3 JEANNINEW1
4/29/16 1:25 P
Today is a day where I desire to eat a lot of swee YISKAMIRYAM 5 JEANNINEW1
4/29/16 1:19 P
Also, today is day 3 of successfully not binging i YISKAMIRYAM 16 YISKAMIRYAM
4/30/16 7:43 A
I must confess I don't eat breakfast, I am just no 721PAULARAY 9 SWTLVR2
4/29/16 1:15 P
So today I calculated how much weight I've lost si KTERHUNE0509 50 UNGUARDEDLYRIC
4/29/16 8:55 A
I just cant lose weight no matter what I do! I had DRUXTON 67 HSARMYWF
5/17/16 12:06 A
Able to avoid the temptation today! Had a great first week so far, logging food, eating mindfully an ABSPARKY14 9 DIZZYBRITCHES
4/28/16 6:07 P
What did everyone do for exercise today? BDOYLE03 1475 P68224
8/14/16 7:31 P
This is the worst time of day for me! I just wanna TFLOWERS0 18 SWEATHERH
4/28/16 5:57 P
So excited put a fitbit on layaway today can't wai GBUCK2 5 TINYDANCER1029
4/28/16 6:50 P
Do you guys log fruits? I had an apple, a banana, SMELLIEELLIE 35 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/28/16 6:58 P
I am 23 years old. Weight of 260. I love to eat an SAMMIE_BAKER 11 JEANNINEW1
4/28/16 5:34 P
ROLL CALL! Where is everyone from? Wyoming, USA he MOMMA_CLEM 721 KMILNER65
5/11/16 12:02 P
Chat room - place to check in NO_DISTRACTIONS 781 SQUIGGLES_1
12/11/15 2:43 P
New to Team? Introduce Yourself Here! KMWKENT 1242 _RAMONA
1/30/16 7:43 P

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