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Scientific question: what happens when you stir a 2GEESMOM 15 2GEESMOM
10/7/15 8:57 A
Trying to drink water...bluck!!! HOKIENCLT 23 GSABASS
10/6/15 9:55 P
I haven't had a cigarette in 28hrs!!!!!!! KNORRIS85 52 SHELIASTEWART
10/7/15 9:39 P
I walked on the treadmill today and at the 30 minu DIZZYBRITCHES 9 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/6/15 6:58 P
First day failure! JILLIUS 30 GSABASS
10/4/15 6:22 A
Gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy and lost 30 righ ALIVAN94 15 CEEMEE11
10/3/15 6:09 A
Anyone know if it's true about a calorie is a calo ANON76 6 JENNIFERSLETTER
10/2/15 2:11 P
So my Dr. put it in perspective yestrdy: the 20# y HRHHALL 26 LORNALARSON9
10/3/15 7:28 A
Ok, so I'm gonna start walking to work. Its a lil JENID36 41 MISSMEGS26
9/30/15 4:10 P
i eat while i drive to fill the time/boredom. try BWICK6942 8 JIANIERI
9/28/15 7:58 P
He proposed so getting married in a year! Time to BBCOUNTRY 11 THATRIS39
9/28/15 10:37 P
periods....How many gain weight during this time? KERIKSEN6 15 AJISUUN
9/28/15 7:39 A
hi guys. what do people find works for bedtime bin GURN4YOU 19 NAOMI_ACOSTA
9/26/15 12:49 A
I am in seventh heaven lost 7kgs in 1month NIRAN0311 13 AEBUSCH89
9/26/15 7:13 A
I havent over indulged in a while but i did tonig JENNIFERSLETTER 3 NEOMATTLAC
9/25/15 11:54 P
Don't judge me, 24th is my Birthday! I made me a s MSFIGGY 78 MSFIGGY
9/25/15 8:41 A
159.8!! FINALLY beat that 160 stall! I was beginni NISHONI 10 DHARMA11
9/24/15 1:59 P
I'm wondering... if you have a late night binge an LOSERLADY73 27 LLUCIETA
9/24/15 3:04 P
i find my self trying to eat right but the exercis VBARRAZA84 15 HENNEYLOW
9/24/15 3:56 P
Gotta love that feeling when someone notices you'v FUNMOM10 29 JESEATTLE
9/24/15 4:03 P
pfffttt. I wasn't paying attention to my habiys an SHEILARMT 12 HEALTHYDAISY
9/24/15 8:42 P
What are some non scale victories you have had thi AJOY15 33 DHARMA11
9/24/15 2:06 P
I have 2 different apps that I'm using. This app m SPLILWHOADY 15 SPLILWHOADY
9/24/15 1:01 P
I didn't exercise for a few days, needed rest. So SIMARIA1 10 GSABASS
9/24/15 9:49 P
Has anyone lost weight not exercising👣👣 CATLADYX2 13 TACOOK219
9/23/15 9:09 P
I'm about to give up ugh...I have been weighing my CHERYLLUCAS82 30 GSABASS
9/22/15 8:25 P
Easy go-to dinners RECCAJ 40 MRSJENNI
10/4/15 6:52 P
I dint know why I'm feeling nervous about SparkPeo UNIK2BME 12 DOROTHY58X
9/18/15 2:23 P
Anyone know what is considered the ideal measureme ANON76 5 LOVECORGIS
9/18/15 2:28 P
anybody else just eat from the measuring cup so yo KARENAASHLEY 9 GGRSPARK
9/18/15 11:26 A
I'm trying hard to keep my cool, i keep praying. A MSFIGGY 18 MSFIGGY
9/19/15 12:55 P
Does anyone have tips for fighting slow metabolism SMICHAEL467 12 JOVANASTANCLIFF
9/18/15 1:15 P
NSV today, a parent I haven't seen since the end JENNIFERSLETTER 6 DIANEWITHASMILE
9/17/15 10:00 P
Do things ever just go away and let you get on wit SHAPEUPCHELLE 2 JENNIFERSLETTER
9/16/15 9:17 A
Anyone out there from Wisconsin that likes cheese ROBINHEMERLEY 17 KAYCIELANEE
9/16/15 11:13 A
Anyone else find themselves sometimes stuck in sel FITJOY1 12 HEIFERGIRL
9/14/15 7:42 P
coffee is my favorite drink and u like to have som VIOLACEOUS_ART 24 SHODGE48
9/14/15 7:30 P
Lost 40 lbs as of today. The last ten was tough. 5 PENNYBATES 154 JESEATTLE
9/22/15 3:03 P
emotional eaters, what stops you reaching for the MADAMABI81 10 JESSCOOKE
9/14/15 8:29 P
If you retain water, keep an eye on your Sodium in TWALKOWICZ 15 JENNIFERSLETTER
9/13/15 1:59 P
Pushing even when you you don't see or feel any pr MRSBLAK 4 JENNIFERSLETTER
9/13/15 1:58 P
I'm proud of myself. (Hoping that doesn't sound ba AMYU14 37 RO2BENT
9/21/15 5:28 P
Good morning! I just got my 175 day streak trophy JENNIFERSLETTER 5 CHRISCANN
9/11/15 11:32 A
So, am I the only one who counts just water as wat ACTIVEGRANDMAP 35 NAOMI_ACOSTA
9/11/15 7:12 P
ok, I feel a little silly, but at the same time th STRETCHYGIRL83 81 GAILITCH
9/12/15 3:56 P
So, I thought it would be fun to add foods we migh STRETCHYGIRL83 23 STRETCHYGIRL83
9/11/15 9:26 A
How do I stop night eating HAIRMODA 15 2GEESMOM
9/11/15 8:03 P
What motivates you to lose weight?!? BOBSHL 75 WLMNGIRL4
9/14/15 10:01 A
Today I binged at work at our office lunch after b BUSIEM78 14 GSABASS
9/10/15 5:46 A
I just decided this evening to start on a weight l RISWLL63 11 JENNIFERSLETTER
9/9/15 9:18 P
I don't think this is a NSV or not, but it's defin GSABASS 24 PAMELASF1976
9/10/15 9:47 A
What was your reasoning for selecting your persona S127041 17 RNMOM1013
9/9/15 2:11 P
Has anyone here been successful using meal replace E_EE_ESH 16 SHERENALYNN
9/9/15 10:57 P
does anyone else feel and animist you about going TIFFANYAJOHNSON 11 MSFIGGY
9/9/15 7:38 A
gained almost 20lbs sinse i was on here last CRYSTALLO1969 14 CRYSTALLO1969
9/6/15 9:00 P
hi guys. im a newbie here and have a newbie questi GURN4YOU 9 BLUECAFE
9/6/15 5:28 P
step dad shot himself in the dying.. don SPARKLINGMAMA 50 FIT4ME1960
9/5/15 9:52 P
I'm definitely on the right track for health. thin JUSWAR212 6 JENNIFERSLETTER
9/5/15 7:40 P
Any date night ideas? We've been doing dinner and JENNIFERSLETTER 28 MEGLUVSU81
9/5/15 6:36 P
I always eat very healthy during the day. I work l KLYNNN92 15 JENNIFERSLETTER
9/5/15 5:57 P
who else loves audiobooks? any suggestions? BELLADONNAROSE 7 STARGAZER531
9/5/15 12:51 P
Kudos to all the people on here who have been memb JENNYFLUTEPLAYR 7 JENNIFERSLETTER
9/3/15 8:03 P
How do you handle when you have such a large amoun GOLDCAT64 26 AJISUUN
9/4/15 1:51 A
i am having a hard time getting enough protein. ZENTRACI 12 WALTSAMA93
9/3/15 12:29 A
Can anyone make any suggestions when it comes to o SHEILAADDY 28 TEENYBUTTON
9/2/15 10:56 P
I really need to get motivated to loose 50 pounds. MANSIONKID 44 CARABELLE2014
9/13/15 6:27 P
I'm getting sick of my "fat pants" getting tighter SINGN_ANGEL1 18 SINGN_ANGEL1
9/3/15 9:56 A
anybody have ideas for quick,easy healthy lunches? MADDYDONAHUE 9 GSABASS
8/31/15 6:24 A
Question, what are good alternatives to pancake sy DSUMLAUFT 34 EATINGCLEAN1969
8/31/15 8:42 A
If food doesn't make me feel better, why do I keep OVERCOMER15 6 JENNIFERSLETTER
8/28/15 11:46 A
Do you actually need to record everything such as MICHELINE00 9 CRISTA0318
8/28/15 3:43 P
I've gone from "obese" to "overweight" according t 2GEESMOM 45 MJMENDEL956
8/27/15 9:34 A
Looking for buddies that have quit smoking for tip MJM1214 20 MEOSGRL
9/13/15 5:30 P
I'm trying so hard at eating right and exercising, VKLE0906 7 PREJEANR13
8/25/15 4:08 P
Lost my first 30. I'm 23 and got lazy after gettin BROXEL 17 MOEPALMER
8/24/15 2:47 P

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