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Keep the grapes on the first page MINDYJ1 8330 MINDYJ1
9/26/17 12:24 P
Hot bath, I have been waiting for you all day. BONNIEMARGAY 8 ROX525
9/26/17 5:07 A
this was me this morning, told my husband i was going to stay in bed as i felt awful....he got home AMBURCH2 14 ROX525
9/26/17 5:08 A
Day 2 - Pictures speak a thousand words... and this picture is a really good reminder of why I need SOPHIESJOURNEY 17 JBUHAY3
9/26/17 7:01 A
Today my get up and go sort of got up and went. Tomorrow I vow to be better: - school drop off - jo GRATTECIELLA 17 WHYTEBROWN
9/26/17 9:48 A
Sunset walk with the Labracadabrador BONNIEMARGAY 17 RYCGIRL
9/26/17 7:29 A
It me Dora my old account not working right so I set up a new one Which works Since I starting over DORA1 10 RYCGIRL
9/26/17 7:29 A
Made a protien cheesecake , right now im waiting for it to cool down and leave it overnight in the f GXNXSIIS 16 GXNXSIIS
9/26/17 11:09 A
Taking a look at my body and self-care from up here... DINAKI 4 CHERYLHURT
9/26/17 5:48 A
Things I'd rather NOT eat (alphabetically) NCSUE0514 2476 ALFBUNDY
9/26/17 11:37 A
hoping this goes well FROGGYLADY6969 2 JIBBIE49
9/25/17 10:33 P
Jibbie's 2010 sedulous, pluck, Moxie, doggedness. JIBBIE49 2225 JIBBIE49
9/25/17 10:30 P
I started out at 281 3 month ago and am now down down to 230. My goal weight is 150-160 lbs. This i HENRYFAMILY1226 93 TCANNO
9/26/17 7:02 A
Ending my night feeling accomplished! MSJOFUNNSEXY 9 LEDIRETSE
9/25/17 2:27 A
Hit my protein goal, woo hoo! Ate 16oz of tofu to do it. But I did it. #VeganProblems SAGEFAERIE 13 INSPIRED26
9/25/17 10:07 A
When you scan your food in and whoever entered it was off by almost 100 grams. Guess who got her fat MOMMALIZ2014 6 JIBBIE49
9/25/17 12:42 A
Sunday was my 175th day of intermittent fasting. I hit a bump in the road last week when I gained on SWEET-SASS 16 YMWONG22
9/25/17 2:13 A
Prepping my famous chili! GREENSUBMARINE 19 YMWONG22
9/25/17 2:13 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 21 WHYTEBROWN
9/26/17 9:51 A
So good Sunday to all......316.6 is the weigh in today. Since I can aboard the first week in Septemb HISGRACE4METS 124 HISGRACE4METS
9/25/17 10:48 P
9/26/17 8:47 A
Good Sunday morning or afternoon or evening Sparky's!! Just got me a fresh haircut and shave, feelin GPALMER29 21 BJK1961
9/24/17 10:50 P
We do a Jeans Day at work once a month to raise money for a cause. The first photo is from 2016. Th DAXXDAY 55 MOTIVATED36732
9/24/17 2:18 P
Do not give up on yourself...Do..Not..Quit! Food should nourish the body, not harm it. Feed yourself LRJUSTUS1 36 RONI209
9/26/17 11:42 A
9/24/17 2:00 P
Still getting goodies from the garden!! There were also 4 cucumbers ACRAIG921 13 EDLEAR
9/25/17 3:07 A
I haven't exercised in about a month now due to two nose surgeries and two throat surgeries and the KBEGEY 10 RUSSELLFORD
9/24/17 11:54 P
Starting weight....256 TBANDOLI1 13 ALALADY
9/24/17 4:38 P
Posted a goal LALAJ84 12 COUNTRYLANES
9/25/17 9:01 A
I now weigh 214.6 pounds. Super proud of myself :) MOMMABEAR225 90 AJAYZCHAOS
9/24/17 4:46 P
TODAY, I WILL.... ........ MOMMA48 1406 FITMARY
9/26/17 8:28 A
This shirt was tight on me. Yesterday I had a person say to me they couldn't believe that a woman of CDS427 194 JTHEALTHY1
9/24/17 7:55 P
I keep looking at my race photos from my 5K last Sunday, and I admit, the first thing I see are my f MAGLITE7 270 CSROBERTSON621
9/24/17 6:02 P
any food , or fitness emoticon SKEETER45 1244 NASFKAB
9/26/17 7:03 A
9/25/17 9:33 P
Another magical mall adventure with the Labracadabrador. BONNIEMARGAY 12 GARDENCHRIS
9/23/17 4:58 P
New Diet Plan Made ! Ready For A Change ! Also Trying The 16:8 In My Plan Again 🙂 ALYSSAASHLEY092 6 SMORSEBVR
9/23/17 5:50 A
This has been a busy week. I went back to school and I'm trying to find a new schedule to fit in som TADA_POOF 9 TADA_POOF
9/24/17 12:17 P
I only posting this to show those of you that think you can't do this, YOU CAN. I'm also posting to TBOYD5000 101 AEVANCE73
9/24/17 1:40 A
9/23/17 4:58 P
Where I am now... JESSWAHOO99 15 REEDSKI
9/23/17 6:58 A
9/23/17 4:58 P
I start living health in the morning. Im going to need all the help and support i can get because i SASCALAMITY 11 REEDSKI
9/23/17 6:37 A
I hope everybody's having a good day. I have a question, if one limits their portions and the type o PARK_CHOHWA 17 PARK_CHOHWA
9/23/17 8:32 P
Keep the bananas on the first page! MINDYJ1 1307 NASFKAB
9/26/17 12:27 P
A my name is Alice ... A-Z GRATTECIELLA 5366 ESMERELDA12
9/24/17 8:24 P
Too much load for my joints RYANSHER 9 RASPBERRY56
9/24/17 8:52 A
Getting over past SARABROWN2233 4 JIBBIE49
9/22/17 2:42 A
Over 50 and struggling to get healthy.... TURNTHEPAIGE333 14 JANROLG
9/23/17 7:58 P
9/22/17 7:12 A
9/22/17 2:53 A
Wow I look at my picture on the left and I am still trying to figure out how I let myself gain all t CHERYL4846 64 KILLINGIT1
9/22/17 9:15 A
9/22/17 4:39 P
9/22/17 3:07 A
Posted a photo EASTVALE_STAN 9 LLR630
9/22/17 4:13 A
Posted a photo EASTVALE_STAN 12 RBVRE565
9/22/17 6:06 A
#motivate GLAMNGLOWDIVA 10 LIS193
9/22/17 12:00 P
Today was spent in the er! My kid broke her finger! Poor thing! So I got good exercise pacing the ha AMANDA370 22 REEDSKI
9/22/17 5:08 A
What year were you born? NACHTSKAI 1456 HAPPIHOME
9/26/17 3:09 A
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 127433 LIS193
9/26/17 12:27 P
Hot soak in epsom salts is going to be so good. BONNIEMARGAY 10 RYCGIRL
9/21/17 7:41 A
I consider it a small victory that I did not snack yesterday. JENNYDUBSTEP 14 MLR_00
9/21/17 6:37 A
Thrilled to wind down with an episode of The Blacklist. BONNIEMARGAY 8 RYCGIRL
9/21/17 7:41 A
Walked the pup at IKEA and got even *more* furniture! BONNIEMARGAY 4 TCANNO
9/21/17 4:56 A
Never look back on the things you did yesterday, instead look forward to your tomorrow no matter wha MDECY4292 8 HIKINGSD
9/21/17 4:03 A
Woo Hoo !! NETTIE722 19 MLR_00
9/21/17 6:37 A
9/21/17 5:29 P
9/25/17 4:32 P
Hiking recently with my two younger boys at Wilderness State Park in Michigan. QUETZALGIRL 17 FRAN0426
9/20/17 6:14 P
Well...except for my diseased kidneys...I am as healthy as a horse. Perfect blood pressure despite DIALYSISCHIC1 14 DIALYSISCHIC1
9/20/17 9:59 P
300lbs to 218lbs. Ketogenic Success! KITKATPOUNCE 254 NREED8
9/20/17 6:53 P
I cooked this Creamy Garlic Basil Chicken for dinner tonight. I found the recipe on the Spark People TURQUROISE 15 SADIEMYERS
9/20/17 7:58 P
Yay!! Second mile today! POPDIESEL 16 BUDDY256
9/20/17 6:41 P
#Motivation 2016FITQUEEN 133 COLUMBINE2
9/20/17 10:45 P
I went on my walk/ jog today! Here is my favorite picture I took of God's creation! JAPANGURL17 16 CONSTANCE067
9/20/17 7:39 P