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I've learned that no matter where I was/am in my weight loss goals - Everyday IS Day 1 all over agai GAILIEBEE69 108 REDROBIN47
4/24/17 10:49 P
Today I will not sabotage my future self's health ARA1114 24 CHERYLHURT
4/24/17 7:56 A
Weighed myself this morning but I dont know how to read my scale any help? TOMBENAVIDEZ 39 TOMBENAVIDEZ
4/23/17 7:43 P
Well, it turns out 54° is a bit chilly to be walking in a t-shirt. However, I managed my customary 4 BJK1961 25 NHEMBERGER
4/23/17 12:12 P
4/23/17 9:49 A
4/23/17 9:43 A
T is for SKEETER3 49422 BAKES3000
4/23/17 10:39 A
Stripes:the war within myself- MsJennifer's MSJENNIFERVT48 4 JIBBIE49
4/23/17 9:15 A
Diebetes-the fine balance between diet and exercis BILLTHOMSON 6 JIBBIE49
4/23/17 9:07 A
Jibbie's 2010 sedulous, pluck, Moxie, doggedness. JIBBIE49 2165 JIBBIE49
4/23/17 8:57 A
Only down 1 more pound, was hoping for better but I'll take it. LELKINS71 12 MOTIVATED36732
4/23/17 8:46 A
First week on the keto life change and I've lost 5 lbs. Part of that is due to getting my hair cut, MUGGLEPUFF 8 TSHAWGER
4/23/17 8:43 A
I am always the one behind the camera. I usually take terrible selfies too. Plus i don't like to lo DOWN2SIZE12 225 PGORYGORY
4/23/17 7:05 P
I was gone on a business trip and thought I was doing pretty well with my portion control. Didn't h ENLIGHTENME3 25 ENLIGHTENME3
4/23/17 11:47 A
Posted a photo SUNNY332 13 1CRAZYDOG
4/23/17 9:28 A
4/23/17 8:55 A
Today I'm focusing on all the positive changes I've made. I'm not going to let the scale dictate my BOWDIDDLE 29 TOSTAYHEALTHY
4/23/17 12:02 P
I havn't been on in about a week because I have be KORRILCONGDON 20 RAYMOSSISTER
4/23/17 9:19 A
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 92455 MAYMA05
4/24/17 11:31 P
eating fresh laid eggs during chemotherapy? CHRISFROMCT 10 CKMOM14
4/24/17 12:02 P
Hello to Your Team Members (Emoticon or Picture) KARMALETTA 166 1HAPPYSPIRIT
4/24/17 8:12 A
How Did You Decide Your Goal Weight? MARCHAPRILEMAY 86 BLUEANNIEDOG
4/24/17 6:46 P
Share a Hug with Your Team Members. KARMALETTA 232 NEVERORNOW
4/24/17 8:16 A
Saturday morning. Not even 7:30 yet!! SAMGRAY2005 16 OLIVINE
4/22/17 8:21 A
Do you avoid carbs or embrace them? MARIONH4 36 MARYJOANNA
4/25/17 5:41 A
In order since January. The grey is current. As of this morning. Hit goal, down 36 pounds total! MRSKLAUSSNER 199 BABY_GIRL69
4/22/17 7:00 P
Time to workout SLIVERBULLET 10 KINJAY00
4/22/17 9:05 A
Fitbit??? I have been thinking about buying a fitbit and wondered which is the best to buy. I seen LARAJONES1 31 GAYLEP1957
4/22/17 10:36 A
Now it feels like vacation JLHNELL 22 JOHNMARTINMILES
4/22/17 10:04 A
Goal To Work out every other day. MARISA651 2 JIBBIE49
4/21/17 5:39 A
Name a Song, Old or New and Artist KARMALETTA 158 FINDYOURFIT
4/24/17 3:00 P
I didn't count my food for 2 days and today I didn't even exercised I am depressed and not motivated LUPESALDANA1 13 LUPESALDANA1
4/21/17 9:19 A
Posted a photo GLAMNGLOWDIVA 4 LIS193
4/21/17 12:35 P
I've lost 75 pounds since I bought this dress new last October. NEVERQUITGETFIT 74 KEATON753
4/21/17 7:37 P
Can't find time to exercise today, I'm going through my schedule but I cannot seem to find time to d ERICAANN82 10 JUDY1260
4/21/17 6:21 A
That moment when you're over your calories for the day, and then you realize you forgot to track a 4 GRATTECIELLA 14 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/21/17 8:38 A
I'm going to be in a studio audience today! SILVERTOMORROW 3 UPSY-DAISY
4/21/17 10:58 A
Have to think positively today! 10 days until monthly weigh in is plenty of time to make a differenc SHAPEUPCHELLE 6 RHIO3TRE
4/21/17 4:51 A
I broke my toe two days ago and am unable to do cardio or weight machines that use my legs. Any exer JDE048 6 MARINEMAMA
4/21/17 4:41 A
Pleased to have maintained being 198lbs over Easter! No gain to take away my excitement of getting u -POOKIE- 21 KITT52
4/22/17 12:31 P
Thursday Cardio: One of my knees was giving me a lot of problems, so I decided to do walking as my e LOSTNSPACE4NOW 9 PLCHAPPELL
4/21/17 5:30 A
Day 3 and staying strong KIMMOSLEY1 10 CINDY247
4/21/17 5:39 A
4/20/17 6:03 P
4/25/17 6:51 A
Finally losing MAXIECMF 4 JIBBIE49
4/20/17 7:11 A
Get out and enjoy your day today. LITTLEREDHEN8 13 EOWYN2424
4/20/17 7:13 A
Posted a photo SCHECK5 17 1CRAZYDOG
4/20/17 11:04 A
Early morning workout! S82226 14 RDCAGAIN10
4/20/17 7:41 A
Happy Thursday morning! FLGIRL2017 15 DEERLADY45
4/20/17 7:34 A
Ready for work. PUNKINGIRL84 8 SILVAS7
4/20/17 7:14 A
Good Morning!! ☀️ ☕️ Grateful for quiet morning time! ❤️ Grateful for good health! ❤️ Grateful for SARASMILING 11 JOANNEJI
4/20/17 8:30 A
Good morning all! ANGELIADEANNE 117 GOODYBAR58
4/20/17 1:59 P
A-Z girls names LITTLEWITCH13 242667 HIKINGSD
4/25/17 4:57 A
chicken Bone Broth JENNYWREN93 13 XANADUREALM
4/22/17 12:44 P
Can not eating healthy and exercising cause you to get sick allot and feel tired all the time? BABY4320 3 BABY4320
4/19/17 4:06 A
Enjoying the first season of The Good Wife. BONNIEMARGAY 3 MBPP50
4/19/17 8:37 A
First day so thought I would post a pic :) TKSUNSHINE714 5 RLANG228
4/19/17 2:57 A
Got em all in!! In my ranges and well balanced today. Also got in some strength training and cardi DANCIN2ANEWME 10 SHARONKHARTER
4/20/17 11:04 A
My 3rd and (hopefully) final sleep study. ALASKINI 10 LAHUDSONCHEF
4/21/17 9:35 P
Posted a photo MAHA54 5 CHRISTINA332017
4/19/17 2:46 A
This was the moment I realized how fat I had become over the last two years. I am not happy in my ow PIYAOU 13 PIYAOU
4/19/17 9:36 A
I just downloaded this app. Here is the first day pic GR03916 12 PLCHAPPELL
4/19/17 5:27 A
My mom posted a video from my birthday a couple years back. I couldn't resist taking a screenshot fo MISSDORKNESS 115 JULIEA7201
4/22/17 12:44 A
Looking for a weight loss buddy. 40LOSER1 3 JIBBIE49
4/18/17 10:15 P
Quick! What's the first word that comes to mind? LEANLIVIN 45558 NIKO27
4/25/17 5:47 A
Back on SparkPeople! SOUL_GEM 6 RASPBERRY56
4/19/17 6:31 A
Well day 1 of chemo round #6..,exhaustion from the meds and light leg cramps. my 30 min i MISS-WILLOW 222 ROBINANN101
4/20/17 8:44 P
Ten Suggestions, round 3. GORIANA 11 GORIANA
4/22/17 10:41 P
Hi, been slacking for some time now so feel free to stop by and give me a swift kick to get me movin JUSTSTICKWITHIT 12 EVILCECIL
4/19/17 7:11 A
Dinner tonight! So delicious! Added some extra chili powder, salsa, and 1 tbsp of light ranch dressi TOMECAT 6 JIBBIE49
4/18/17 9:02 P
How do YOU cook these? 😍 GROOMS74 19 MISSDORKNESS
4/19/17 10:56 A
4/19/17 3:18 A
Anybody else do adult coloring books to relieve stress ? I enjoy it. GREEN-EYED-LADY 33 DAXXDAY
4/19/17 7:18 A
I started my journey in October of 2016. I am now KEW2006 145 SLIMMINGVE
4/18/17 10:09 P
I need motivation to get fit for my wedding! MARTELIA 6 JIBBIE49
4/17/17 11:59 A

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