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Did you say a pray for some one today SPUNKY521 2820 TRYINGTOLOSE64
5/24/17 9:36 P
Did you make your bed today? KIM22211 11991 MBPP50
5/25/17 6:56 A
Happy or Sad today? KOREENREGIS 21837 MBPP50
5/25/17 6:56 A
Waddles and Fancy came to watch me walk again this morning. No sign of Prussia, but I'll bet he's BJK1961 6 WHITEANGEL4
5/24/17 8:45 P
Happy anniversary to my main squeeze! 8 years of marriage today - here's to many many more healthy y GRATTECIELLA 93 -POOKIE-
5/25/17 5:07 A
Staying motivated is the hardest thing to do. Staying focused an pushing yourself is the hardest thi CAM31891103 8 ROBINTAYLORRN
5/24/17 8:48 P
The rain held off and we were able to get our 5k w OUTSIDEJOJO 6 CHRIS3874
5/24/17 9:02 P
17lbs down 48 to go proud of myself can't say it been easy but in the end it will be worth it keep KIKI_2013 58 VAMPIRESBITING
5/24/17 11:52 P
Trying hard to eat sensible meals. Grilled chicken, brown rice, mixed vegetables, and a few tbsp CAJUNGAL328 14 FISHGUT3
5/24/17 9:10 P
Bought this shirt about 10 years ago and these jeans about five years ago, both on the chance that s THEODENNIAM 196 SKINNYONEDAY58
5/25/17 3:49 A
Change A Word STINAMARIE86 25083 MASE72
5/25/17 5:42 A
Are you walking with God today? MJRVIC2000 23520 4MYHEART4
5/25/17 8:00 A
Did you sleep well last night? ILOVESP 40368 SHOAPIE
5/25/17 10:37 A
5/25/17 8:02 A
Have you been outside yet today? SCOTLA 18855 4MYHEART4
5/25/17 7:59 A
change a word 102633 33272 MASE72
5/25/17 5:44 A
Did you go outside today??? ROXYZMOM 17348 SBURDEN
5/25/17 9:32 A
5/23/17 12:10 P
From my peony bush. Happy Monday, everyone! GSEATON 13 TEAGIRL49
5/24/17 2:11 A
Isn't this just the perfect car? One day I'm going to change my name from Needbu66 to Havebu66. Ju NEEDBU66 3 GEORGE815
5/22/17 5:28 P
I started my health journey back in 2009 shortly a FITSISTA79 96 LOVEDAILYLIFE
5/24/17 6:13 P
I've done my weight loss in two big steps since 2005, from 245 lb to 165 lb. I'm done trying to los TIGERSEYEHEART 45 LIZANDRASHAW
5/22/17 9:39 P
March 27 and today May 22 8 weeks difference and in the first picture I was a month into the new lif PHOXYM 306 GOLFGMA
5/23/17 7:06 A
Did you make someone smile today ? PATTYGIVENS 1019 MARYJOANNA
5/23/17 4:32 P
Did you sleep well last night? TPETRIE 8542 ROX525
5/25/17 5:27 A
This is getting real!! 35 down and still going strong KAYLAKYAY 38 DEEREID2015
5/21/17 11:06 A
5/22/17 8:51 A
Another nice walk plus another 4 miles DMB024 8 STAYSTRICK
5/20/17 10:34 P
Co-workers all order out on Saturday overtime....b HMARIE1983 44 GREYTDOLPHIN
5/20/17 11:44 P
5/20/17 8:54 P
It is easy to miss the little things that can make you smile and get rid of the days tension...this JFAIT3 29 GREYTDOLPHIN
5/20/17 11:44 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 18 COUPONMOMMA7719
5/20/17 9:17 P
I found an alternative to chicken. 6 oz pork loin, 46 g protein! I stuffed it with diced apples and KITAH 17 COUPONMOMMA7719
5/19/17 9:45 P
Posted a photo SPEDED2 11 KEKEIKO
5/20/17 11:59 A
WooHoo! I just have a few things to do at work on Saturday. Thankful for another good week. GARDENSFORLIFE 9 POSEY440
5/20/17 9:04 A
Working on me daily! Never gonna give up! Eating healthier and working out :) I work in a bakery so GNABAFITMOMAT30 26 GNABAFITMOMAT30
5/19/17 10:52 P
Getting so close to my goal!!!! SHALEESUN 239 DEECAFFEINATED
5/20/17 5:22 A
The back shot... always my favorite before/after or in progress picture, because you can't suck anyt GWEN4REAL 19 FRMYHLTH
5/19/17 10:31 P
Hi my name is Monica and today is the first day to my new life I tend to lose weight then gain it ba MONICA728 304 ANGIEN9
5/20/17 1:03 P
I piece of fruit a day BARBARAHOYE 39297 SHAZMOLA
5/18/17 10:26 P
Do You Make Time To Exercise? MJRVIC2000 9810 ROX525
5/25/17 5:24 A
Did you take your Vitamin(s) today? TEA_LADY 59800 4MYHEART4
5/25/17 8:00 A
wheel points today KENHICKS 50720 SBURDEN
5/25/17 9:33 A
Did you jump rope today? MISS210POUNDS 1472 4MYHEART4
5/25/17 8:01 A
Had Sushi on Mother's Day. Loved it ! GREEN-EYED-LADY 10 JIBBIE49
5/14/17 9:28 P
Had a wonderful Mother's Day with my two fantastic sons. GREEN-EYED-LADY 14 KATHYJO56
5/15/17 12:28 A
Just one of the beautiful gifts I got for mother's day, but its my favorite. edit: i noticed many pe HEAITHYMOMMA 14 CHERIRIDDELL
5/14/17 11:37 P
Had Applebee's for dinner...switched out the fiesta rice for fresh green beans ...brought it down to STARFISH1961 50 WORKOUTWITHPAM
5/15/17 3:14 A
Went bike riding with my littles. Also mowed and planted flowers. Feels good ...lost 3 more lbs for GNABAFITMOMAT30 31 MIRAGE727
5/16/17 7:23 A
Posted a goal J11570 8 MPLSKEN
5/14/17 11:50 P
I feel so blessed to have lost 43 lbs & 67.5 inches! Lifestyle change combined with plant based sup SINDY1031 142 FITFORCABO2017
5/15/17 3:41 A
Did You Take A Vitamin D JOEH71 9175 ROX525
5/25/17 5:26 A
This is my daily excersize! I need to chase after him all day. 😀 JYCKLKS 24 ELSCO55
5/12/17 8:51 P
5/13/17 11:57 A
Have a great day KURTZIE1998 13 REDROBIN47
5/12/17 8:55 P
New shirt PLAINJANEDOE 8 M63293
5/12/17 8:13 P
Today is May 12. I weigh 220 lbs. My goal is to get to 150. Been walking since Tues but I'm going to TXCOWBOYS2 28 ELYSIAN_DREAMS
5/13/17 10:22 A
5/12/17 8:51 A
Ran/walk for 10 miles for the first time ever in the Broad Street Run. I feel in love with this race RUNNING_PHOENIX 31 YBBHAPPY
5/13/17 10:25 A
Was super tired today and not really into my workout but I did it and even pushed myself harder than KAYEVE123 9 KAYEVE123
5/11/17 4:45 P
True! ;) *My chuckle for the day. ;) TESTYCATLADYP 17 JUDY1260
5/11/17 5:18 P
5/12/17 11:09 A
Delicious!! Made a healthier Grilled chicken broccoli bake. Less than 370 calories for all of this. DOLLIPS 23 LOOSEYLEFTY
5/11/17 7:28 P
How beautiful is this!?!? Prepping and preparing h JEMMSIE 62 RAINYN2004
5/12/17 2:22 P
Did you take your Fish Oil (Omega 3) today? SPADABEK 25951 ROX525
5/25/17 5:26 A
Did you ride a bike today? TRYINGTOLOSE64 2564 4MYHEART4
5/25/17 8:02 A
Are you choosing to be happy today? JAROL7 4921 ROX525
5/25/17 5:24 A
5/8/17 9:49 A
No cinco but yes guaco lol. We have Mexican food at least once a week but yay for tortillas, avocado FITNAPTURAL 5 STAN_ORLOWSKI
5/5/17 8:18 P
Mushroom soup simmering, and black bean chilaquiles ready to go into the oven. #cincodemayo GRATTECIELLA 8 -POOKIE-
5/6/17 1:23 A
Ashlea made Italian wedding soup with celery, carrots, kale, and quartered meatballs with my small s FINGERS51970 9 FINGERS51970
5/6/17 8:09 P
finally finished my cherry blossom tree....maybe FINGERS51970 7 FINGERS51970
5/5/17 9:12 P
Today is the check point for my first goal. I started this process in September and my goal was to g LEEANNA79 242 MDOWER1
5/6/17 8:45 A
Today is my first day to a new me. This is my before. My goal is 115 pounds to loose. #newbie HAIRGODDESS66 42 KAYBRITMOODY
5/14/17 9:59 P
Took me 5 weeks to go from 191 to 181lbs by focusing on the Paleo diet. Finally cleared by my doctor FLOWER1936 177 _LINDA
5/3/17 10:15 P

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