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Hiked a bit of the pacific crest trail this morning 4HMOM5 15 MSMITCHELL2696
4/24/18 8:02 P
I'm almost at my 299 goal, the pounds are slow, but I'm getting there. I'll be when I get out of the MAMACHANGED37 303 JACKISPARK
4/24/18 9:45 P
Had a woman this weekend tell me I was 'lucky' to have lost so much weight..NO! This is not 'luck', LRJUSTUS1 29 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/24/18 7:34 A
Wearing another shirt that will soon be donated. Too big! JUNEAU2010 4 1CRAZYDOG
4/23/18 4:22 P
Have a relaxing day. Enjoy your Sunday. PAMBROWN62 17 COMEBACKKID12
4/22/18 11:29 P
Today marks a year since my father passed away 😢 LUCYH75 13 -POOKIE-
4/23/18 4:20 A
Yesterday, I was HUNGRY! I came home and inhaled a tortilla, something I shouldn't eat often. BF to JUNEAU2010 9 ORTATK
4/20/18 6:39 A
Was recently told by my boss that they want me to work different nights because they trust me to cov MISHAMOOR 7 PREMAMEHROTRA
4/20/18 5:53 A
Happy Friday!!! What is on your list for FUN today? FLASUN 17 JAMER123
4/20/18 11:36 P
Just finished my workout for the day. Only 7 days left of my 30 day challenge! Now I have to come up MAKEITCOUNT87 7 ELF41978
4/18/18 9:25 P
Garlic naan with veggies and tomato sauce. So good. SERENE--AGAIN 16 ROCKYCPA
4/18/18 12:19 P
I can't exercise at this time I had a stroke a year ago on my left side and just beginning to take s CHOCOLATETGIRL2 5 EVANS1848
4/16/18 6:33 P
From 10/16 to 12/17 i feel so much better TORIEA 227 FIDDLISH
4/16/18 9:05 P
Omg I really feel like falling apart right now I just lost one friend 42 yrs old the other day. Now TMP0418 36 KIWI3285
4/7/18 10:46 P
#BeforeAndAfter Dec 2015 and today. MARIAN326 178 ELLEYANNA
4/8/18 3:56 A
My Mom turns 96 today! JSTETSER 306 WOMANOFLOVE
4/8/18 12:04 P
4/6/18 9:34 P
The days are getting longer and winter is finally leaving us...time to plant some seeds indoors for LORISMITH_25 11 LORISMITH_25
4/2/18 8:03 P
I have 25 years clean and sober today!! DYANNE4293 302 1958TMC
4/3/18 1:27 P
DRUM ROLL PLEASE! I just finished my second month. I did my once a month weigh-in this morning. In t WIZZLEWOLF1 160 RSTEINER1313
4/1/18 6:03 P
Down 15.5 pounds since surgery. Can't see a difference, but I can feel it in some of my clothes. JUNEAU2010 3 JHADZHIA
4/9/18 1:17 A
I've struggled with back pain and depression since APRIL1010 61 APRIL1010
3/30/18 7:35 P
#BeforeAndAfter 55 pounds gone forever 🤗 I'm also adding a little color to my wardrobe other then TMP0418 171 LAURELANN54
3/31/18 8:56 A
Good afternoon, Sparkers. What a horrible week it has been. Just got back from another appointment w DRINKALOTH2O 28 MIRAGE727
3/28/18 5:22 P
Hello SparkFamily! It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted.. My husband and I are EXPECTING!! Oh bt SIMPLYKEN32 246 SIMPLYKEN32
3/28/18 3:23 P
#BeforeAndAfter The picture on the left was taken at the gender reveal for my anxiously awaited gran IDREAMINPURPLE 76 GBENN777
3/27/18 7:13 P
Happy 57th birthday to me...a healthier version. 35 pounds down since last year. #BeforeAndAfter MARIAN326 203 SRAEWEBER
3/27/18 11:03 A
Joined BF in a 10 day food challenge. He's finally ready to lose some weight! JUNEAU2010 4 BETRHO48
3/25/18 2:05 P
3/26/18 4:27 P
So tomorrow is my birthday. My goal was to lose 40 LIVEITUP2017 302 RASHA35
3/25/18 2:16 A
My reason for trying... #idoitforme #idoitformyson #health #fitness #life #love #living #goal #motiv SAMMI2FLYY 34 MDOWER1
3/17/18 9:23 A
Had a flat tire on my way to work BOMBCHELL23 4 WLHOPE
3/10/18 12:43 A
In January of 2017, I was at 175lbs. Now I am up to 230. My highest weight was 280, and I fear I am PHOENIXRISING87 11 EVANS1848
3/9/18 11:14 P
It's probably cruel to post this! But it's my niece's BD and I made a 4 layer Bittersweet Fudge, Pea KMCGR3 17 WLHOPE
3/10/18 12:38 A
Reflecting back 2 years ago when A very overweight girl said.i can bike across the US even if I weig 3_VEGGIES 8 SABLENESS
3/10/18 10:00 A
Down two pounds! JUNEAU2010 8 BETRHO48
3/10/18 9:11 A
Out running errands yesterday. Bought a Jambalaya bowl at Bojangles and made four meals out of it. JUNEAU2010 2 1CRAZYDOG
3/4/18 3:52 P
I'm an elf. What are you? ALLYLIZZY 81 BIGBROTHER323
4/3/18 3:17 P
Need some advice?? Never in my life owned a pair of skinny jeans until these were handed down to me. TMP0418 306 CHELLE_2909
3/20/18 4:41 P
Finally in size 12 jeans! Down from size 18. Goal is size 10. MUSICLADY923 150 MUSICLADY923
3/28/18 8:38 P
Meal prep complete for the next few days. I must say this journey is very challenging sometimes more CRAIGWHITEHEAD4 22 ROSEANNECARLSON
2/28/18 7:10 P
Today I received the best news I have heard in a long time. My husband, who was diagnosed with stage IDGEEK87 304 KHALIA2
3/1/18 2:14 P
Okay y'all, this is really hard for me to post, but SP is always so supportive, I'm being brave! I p SHRINKINGLULU 110 COMMUTERRAIL
2/22/18 10:41 A
I have reached my goal. Now I need to make sure I maintain it. 175 lbs. #BeforeAndAfter HOLLYWOODCORKER 307 HEAVENSCENT12
2/23/18 3:10 A
Sooooo, this happened over the weekend which completely threw me off track, lol!! (Dorky shirts cour DANYGIRL40 302 CHEIVOUS
2/20/18 5:42 P
2018 Mardi Gras Rex parade. I look like a midget i AMYBRO1 7 JUNEAU2010
2/16/18 5:06 P
I prolly post a lot too much but just soo excited to see how many changes I have made and realizing DHARRIS200 164 CANUCKSEW1
2/17/18 12:20 A
I lost a pant size! WOOHOO! JUNEAU2010 7 BETRHO48
2/16/18 9:22 P
Posted a photo CHUBBABUGG 7 JUNEAU2010
1/25/18 4:56 A
Down 7.5 lbs since surgery! JUNEAU2010 2 JHADZHIA
1/24/18 9:30 P
Today is my new start over day. Today I weight 225 I'm up 10 lbs in 2 weeks, what was I thinking. I CANDYWATKINS8 17 LISAMARIE2015
1/22/18 9:40 A
Review goals Plan your day including listing top priorities Visualize reaching goals Write a journal KIMMYWIZZIE1 12 PAULAJEAN659
1/22/18 9:46 A
Sometimes I need to see it in pictures to believe the difference... I forget exactly where I started LESLIELENORE 270 MBPP50
1/23/18 9:55 A
Drink Alternatives JACKIEORUDD 51 KMILLER31
3/8/18 3:58 P
Living today purposefully! JUNEAU2010 2 SASHASMOM1122
1/20/18 12:02 P
Please keep my precious M in your thoughts and prayers. She was hospitalized yesterday with double p ENGELKUH89 313 MBLANKFORD
1/8/18 9:37 P
#BeforeAndAfter lot of tracking and hard work gets rewarded...every Sunday I had a cheat meal too..a JONCURTIN37 80 BJUDYB4
1/13/18 9:58 A
4/21/18 2:47 P
regular member or a black card member? JDMAKEIT2HOT 66 THROOPER62
1/11/18 6:39 A
Say Hello! What state are you from? SHARONGD 207 MARSHASHADOW
4/13/18 6:25 P
I can’t believe I hit my goal for 2017 on the very CARLYG23 307 ENGELKUH89
1/1/18 8:11 A
4/24/18 11:43 A
Getting back at this ... BOOHOOBEAR 186 APPEALSTOME
3/10/18 4:20 P
I joined Planet Fitness Friday. Working on consistent attendance. After surgery, I will set some s JUNEAU2010 4 _LINDA
1/1/18 7:24 A
Taking it easy today. VWMOMMY05 12 AKROXIE
5/20/17 8:59 P
I normally don't post body pics of myself, but I saw this and I wanted to cry because of so much dif THEJACKIEDEAN12 307 MISSYCAMERON
9/12/17 9:51 A
What is your Weather today? RAEBONNEY1 14625 MDOWER1
4/24/18 6:53 P
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 37671 MISSDAISY23
4/24/18 5:52 P
Say it in A WORD! ROG190 3045 FITMARY
4/24/18 9:01 A
How many cups of water today (or yesterday)? SNARDEESNIFF 14338 MSROZZIE
4/24/18 5:22 P
Finish this sentence...Today I'm Thankful For.... IWANNABEALOSER 27279 FITMARY
4/22/18 10:10 A
9/19/16 8:01 P
Fitness - What are you doing today? JUNEAU2010 93 JUNEAU2010
3/13/16 1:07 P
Change a letter TLAVEN2 73445 DEBBYONCS
4/24/18 11:46 A
6 year maintainer, 6 year Sparker _LINDA 8 1DAY-ATA-TIME
1/6/16 10:33 A