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Hello I'm new here...I'm 24...3kids and weighting SHERATON86 16 JUNKDRAWER
11/23/14 12:59 P
When, and how often, do you weigh yourself? BLUEROSES23 25 JUDYDGENTRY
11/23/14 1:10 P
Had some medical issues this week that have gotten JUNKDRAWER 11 DAKARISAH430
11/22/14 6:28 P
Me and my daughter did it! Wecompleted the triathl BECKRUGER 18 LUBDUB1122
11/22/14 9:12 P
New to this but I am finding that I am finding tha AMBERS77 5 LOVSSUGAR
11/21/14 9:30 A
5 days of chili and I need a break! SOUTHERNCHEF01 6 JOANNEW38
11/21/14 9:21 A
I need an old person exercise video for someone to CROOKEDESTTREE 6 CROOKEDESTTREE
11/21/14 2:22 P
Had a really stressful shift at work. I fell off t MYTIME220 6 JUNKDRAWER
11/20/14 7:45 P
Needing some encouragement to keep going. I strug SHELLYELLIS77 16 SHELLYELLIS77
11/20/14 2:00 P
Does anyone else get offended when someone says ho STUCKINMYCUBBY 14 KLUVSTFORMERS
11/19/14 9:17 A
I am afraid that I will never get to my goal weigh RACHIEP9030 6 ESSENCE24
11/19/14 9:52 A
I start my day off so good and by the time dinner HERBERT513 13 ROBYN0969
11/19/14 12:36 P
I'm struggling to stay focus I get discouraged eve ESSENCE24 5 JUNKDRAWER
11/15/14 2:54 P
So I just ate grilled cheese and tomato soup from KELLBELL86 9 SYDNEYMELYN
11/17/14 1:09 A
I want to give up I have had a plateau for a month TGILBERT21 26 GGRSPARK
11/21/14 11:42 A
Anyone up on the plateau ??? Getting lonely here? GGRSPARK 14 GGRSPARK
11/23/14 11:07 A
I don't have a lot of time to cook. i am having a ROCKLAND1980 11 ITSMAYHEM
11/14/14 8:51 A
My worst time is breakfast- i hats the idea of foo RLB1230 12 AERO_NERDETTE
11/14/14 10:01 A
how do y'all account for meals/snacks that you can CALLME3NI 6 SARAHMARKS1009
11/12/14 9:18 A
Scared of loose skin and relapse. This is the most CERENEWED 17 PSYCHICQUILL
11/14/14 8:34 A
Can u plzz tell me if their any chocolate bar I co FATMAMOSTAFA 9 SARAHMARKS1009
11/12/14 9:15 A
I'm going to visit my family this weekend and I do KAIT288 4 JUNKDRAWER
11/11/14 7:56 P
Anyone have a problem with night-time eating? It i LAURANANETTE 5 ~INDYGIRL
11/11/14 12:49 A
I took a really hard step today, a huge one, and d PKNPAM21 12 PKNPAM21
11/13/14 2:28 P
I am 37 years old and am in a bit of a slump. I wa LAURIEK88 8 PATRICIAANNAM
11/10/14 11:48 P
Your favorite portable protien? Looking for lunch JUNKDRAWER 4 JENNIFER1616
11/10/14 10:55 P
This weeks weigh in wasn't the greatest. Gained ha JESSICA_SOMERS 7 ALETORO12
11/11/14 6:44 A
Since staring this journey about a month ago I've SULLYNM 20 ITSMAYHEM
11/12/14 1:09 A
Treadmills and tall people? JUNKDRAWER 3 ZORBS13
11/10/14 12:59 P
Help: I have been losing weight for 18months and u CHARLIESELF 5 SSHIVES21
11/10/14 10:54 A
Does anybody have a tip to lower your appetite? La LOOPINGLOUIE 4 JAUTEN83
11/8/14 9:07 P
Have you ever took a break from counting calories REBECCANOEL1 4 JAUTEN83
11/8/14 9:05 P
Had a good day but feeling really guilty right now HEATHERMARIE072 17 DEWILL2
11/14/14 7:44 P
I completed my first 5K race since before my foot SPOKENWORD 14 MAO-MIAOWS
11/8/14 11:18 P
I just cried in a dressing roon because I can wear NICKILYNN85 53 CARSU77
11/16/14 6:06 P
I've been working out since June and actually gain PLAINANJELIK 24 AMMY123
11/7/14 12:43 P
Yesterday I ate well until 10 am! This may not see SUMMERHOLIDAY 8 CELTICDUCK
11/6/14 7:39 P
I kinda want subway for dinner the tuna 12" CLUBJOBROS 10 CLUBJOBROS
11/6/14 8:14 P
When did everyone start to notice a change in thei LAURA_ANNE06 11 MARTHA324
11/8/14 10:50 A
Has anyone explored the root cause of their weight MYSTYWYLLOW 11 MYSTYWYLLOW
11/6/14 7:44 P
I am so confused and getting sad by the day. I can TAMAR1975 38 KAIWHITAKER
11/6/14 1:45 A
Feeling sad & stressed here. Have a longer race Fr LUCKIESTME 13 CACILIA66
11/5/14 3:41 P
I fell off the wagon once again. I feel as if my w SKYLARFAITH 18 JERRIDAWN1014
11/4/14 6:24 P
Losing weight and being healthy is OVERWHELMING! STARYLUCK 18 MYSTYSCH
11/5/14 1:22 A
Anyone else fearful of buying new clothes after lo CBARCH 10 JAB2010
11/4/14 6:32 P
How much weight have you lost and how long did it BRANDILOSES 18 LILACMAGIC
11/4/14 7:34 P
My whole life I've been at a decent weight 4 healt KELLYNM1293 4 KTROMBLEY0510
10/30/14 7:20 P
Can anyone give advice for night shift worker?I ca GILLIE51 3 SEEMELOVEDAY
10/30/14 12:24 P
What is the one main thing you tell yourself when YEWSER 11 DAKARISAH430
10/30/14 2:12 P
Can't exercise with plantar fasciitis :( AYURISM 5 LOCSLIONESS
10/29/14 10:58 A
I do not understand envy, and even hate that you r RAVENSOTTER 15 GGRSPARK
10/30/14 12:32 A
I spend most of my day with my two year old daught ZENNITH 11 ZENNITH
10/29/14 5:58 P
Help! Im super down/stressed/angry right now. Its VIOLETCREATION 17 VIOLETCREATION
10/29/14 8:51 A
I really want to just snack on stuff but I am alre RUTHIECHAN 8 AGUCCA
10/29/14 3:52 P
Im tryng to lose weight for two different reasons. MARIPAL76 28 JAB2010
11/3/14 8:35 A
I shouldn't have but I caved and had a chicken bis SCH2013 9 JUNKDRAWER
10/28/14 10:30 A
First real try at these chat things. :) I am havi DARKNAS 7 JUNKDRAWER
10/26/14 11:43 P
Anyone else here living with IC (interstitial cyst AFAITHBELL 8 AFAITHBELL
10/30/14 8:11 P
Celebrated 53 lbs gone by joining my family in a 1 JUNKDRAWER 4 EDWIDGE6
10/25/14 11:36 P
Day one! 313.4 lbs, 46 b.m.I and 52% body fat. Goa HISQUEENSINCE10 22 HISQUEENSINCE10
10/26/14 7:16 A
Does anyone use nutrition bars? Pros and cons. SEKAMP1 16 SARAHMARKS1009
10/25/14 8:12 P
Well i broke down yestersay and ate about seven mi WURTHM07 13 CITYBLUESGIRL
10/24/14 9:11 P
Well I didn't do so well over the last 10 days... TNMOORE87 17 RAVENSOTTER
10/25/14 10:44 A
I made myself a promise last night. Today is my la VERONICACLAY 17 CITYBLUESGIRL
10/24/14 9:25 P
Does anyone have a week a month where they go back RAHRAH_CHIC 11 PSYCHICQUILL
10/23/14 1:55 P
I went over my 1850 calorie intake by 100 today. T BWATROBA 5 JUNKDRAWER
10/19/14 11:03 P
Going through something in my personal life that h SANDRABUSH24 15 AERO_NERDETTE
11/7/14 2:00 P
Took my family on a 2.5 mile rugged hike today. Al JUNKDRAWER 7 LEMON2012
10/17/14 8:17 P
Not sure why, but I've been following a strict mea DAWNSHELL77 8 LUCKIESTME
10/15/14 9:51 P
I had knee surgery in December and just recently h WILLS_MUM 7 TKDGIRLMS
10/15/14 9:54 P
On limited income, healthy food is so expensive! a TINA34S 47 TINA34S
10/18/14 10:34 A
Tips to stop emotional eating anyone?? I know this JILLWILSON10 18 JILLWILSON10
10/14/14 7:35 P
New here need help with motivation begining to hav MEARLK 3 MSBEKANATOR
10/12/14 4:33 A
Has anyone else dealt with sever body distortion i JSGIRLALWAYS 14 JUNKDRAWER
10/11/14 10:49 P
What was your wahoo moment today? JUNKDRAWER 30 3DOGS13
10/26/14 12:06 A