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Posted a photo KILTORE 12 SPARKFRAN514
7/21/17 11:43 A
So I work second shift at a factory and the temperature is a 109 in the actual plant. Can we say sw ROBINFITZWATER_ 15 ROBINFITZWATER_
7/20/17 7:16 P
Side by side .....u can do this!!! 120lbs down👍👍😁 DIANEPAG 260 LONGLEANNLANKY
7/21/17 3:35 P
My fiancé told me yesterday how he thinks I look so different than I used to. I have to admit I do s STUFFY864 24 WHYTEBROWN
7/21/17 4:45 A
Size 24 to Size 10. Hard work pays off!! I'll neve T-DUBYA 49 BETSYBEEE
7/20/17 8:56 P
found a new park and managed to get there before the thunderstorm rolled in! Very beautiful pathway! DANICONNOLLY 15 DANCINGFEM1952
7/20/17 7:03 P
Had a NSV today - was able to fit into this dress again & NOT look like I had squeezed into a sausag SWEETSULLY 14 GRANNY2SK1
7/20/17 6:53 P
Dinner ABOSWELL00 26 OMAJ1953
7/20/17 7:44 P
#deliciousdailymoment...I hike; therefore, I eat! And it was so delicious! QUEENMOXIE 7 NOCALOVE1
7/18/17 12:40 A
A friend sent me this one. RHOOK20047 23 MBPP50
7/18/17 6:58 A
My snack🍌🍓☺ ST3PH 34 ST3PH
7/18/17 7:10 A
Lean turkey and cauliflower rice on a lettice wrap BECCA050992 21 YMWONG22
7/18/17 7:30 A
The one on the right is from a year ago today and I recreated that picture today on the right. I thi MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 124 IGOT2START
7/18/17 1:25 A
Obviously too tight to wear out in public but they zip and button LOL I'm getting there! #nsv CYNDI2017 107 MWHANDLEY
7/18/17 9:30 A
Since weighing in on 7/7/17 I've lost another 9lbs. This brings my total weightloss 45 lbs since Jun AWALKER83 216 BURNINGTHYME101
7/18/17 9:45 A
Evening walk buddies! MARIAJESTRADA 16 UMUCGRAD
7/16/17 10:48 P
THIS IS FOR NATIVEDESIRES! A Personal Achievement Certificate for losing 48 lbs the equivalent of l WONDER--WOMAN 12 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/17/17 8:17 A
Posted a photo VHAYES04 8 _RAMONA
7/17/17 4:48 A
7/16/17 10:48 P
Walked my mom to the beach - about 1.5 miles up and down hills. Met up with an old friend. Fun! COURTENAYE 25 KITTYF54
7/16/17 10:32 P
Decided to get up early and drive about a hour and a half to the Uintah mountains to do a little f LLOWE30 19 BRENDA_77039
7/17/17 10:44 A
As of this morning I have officially lost 71 pounds! If you told me at the beginning of January 201 WORKIN2017 105 WORKIN2017
7/17/17 1:15 P
7/17/17 2:00 A
From couch potato to triathlete in 7 months! Raced MAGLITE7 168 INCH_BY_INCH
7/17/17 7:20 P
Just had a beautiful baby boy on March 2nd, and it's time to lose that baby weight...and a little ex ANGELSTOCKDALE 16 MARINEMAMA
7/10/17 7:38 A
After yesterday's cheat meal, kichstarting another week with black coffee. Target for this week is RONI171 8 RYCGIRL
7/10/17 7:53 A
I bit the bullet and joined a gym for the first time in my life yesterday. And signed up with a PT - AMYFTW 7 MOTIVATED36732
7/10/17 5:48 A
Joining Curves this week I need the group support MATTSLADY 6 KACEYSW
7/10/17 4:28 A
I have had a couple of mad weeks at work and my diet was neglected a bit, i still exercised like nor AMBURCH2 5 KACEYSW
7/10/17 4:26 A
Let's do this. PAMBROWN62 9 -RUBIES-
7/10/17 4:58 P
Happy Monday Have A Positive Week!!!! MATTSLADY 7 NOCALOVE1
7/10/17 4:45 A
Just taking note: TYREEPL 4 MOTIVATED36732
7/10/17 5:47 A
Was to conscious about my weight to take a while pic, but I learned beauty is in the eye of the beho ELROSIN24 25 NOCALORIES
7/4/17 4:36 P
This little guy knows how to beat the heat! LAHUDSONCHEF 8 RETAT60
7/4/17 4:55 P
I weigh 205, ready to only have 1 chin.... 150 is my goal. VMK314 25 LOULOU170970
7/19/17 10:21 P
Fixing to get the grill ready for some turkey burgers n hot dogs! Also make a big ol yummy salad for SAMMEB17 3 IMRAN99
7/4/17 4:01 P
went for a 4.20 mile run for speed work, did the 7-mi Yoga With Adriene post run video. Just made so KELLIEBEAN 6 KELLIEBEAN
7/4/17 5:15 P
Diggin' on my new swimsuit!! Happy 4th of July everyone!! MADMANSMAMA87 11 MADMANSMAMA87
7/5/17 8:12 A
Happy with the fact that I am finally back on track! #LiberatingFromThisFat DAWN1830 16 1DAY-ATA-TIME
7/5/17 9:07 A
SSDD. One year and 83lbs ago, my friends sent me a funny shirt after the first (of many) time my soo MISSDORKNESS 225 LOVELY*LADY
7/5/17 2:54 P
Another 600 calorie breakfast for a full day outside painting a fence. I hate food shaming. There is SKITTLESNINJA 206 DARKCHILD63
7/4/17 5:11 P
Finally made it to onederland!!! Havent seen this number in two years. Start date June 12 I was 209 FELICIA2017 257 SRIVERS1
7/4/17 7:16 P
Leaving Friday internship like.... ✌♡weekend WHITNEYAF__ 3 OOKLATHEMOK
7/1/17 10:29 P
The black birds may be among the least understood WHITNEYAF__ 7 WEIGHTDICIPLINE
7/2/17 1:13 P
On my wall.....I fill it in each time I reach a target 🎯. TIGERLADY77 139 ADRIENALINE
7/2/17 3:12 P
Posted a photo LAURENPAYNE1978 8 YMWONG22
7/2/17 4:07 A
Love your self first..😍 R13723 8 PROVERBS4SEVEN
7/1/17 9:55 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 14 CASTALLCARES1
6/29/17 7:06 P
This is where I am today! KACEYSW 6 SPALOMO49
6/29/17 3:32 P
Great day today!! Top pictures last summer Bottom pictures this summer! 110lbs gone! I'm a vegetari DIANEPAG 303 WENDYASEDBERRY
7/13/17 10:54 A
35lbs down. 16 lbs to go to my goal weight. CRASHPIXIE 133 STEPHBBROWN
6/30/17 10:27 A
Posted a photo EDWARDS1411 12 GARDENCHRIS
6/28/17 7:43 A
My highest weight was 316 lbs., today at the doctor was 193 lbs. I am so happy. MICHELLE77301 180 BLESSED1000MA
6/28/17 10:42 P
Posted a goal HSEITTER 7 TCANNO
6/28/17 3:35 A
My kids often like to work out with me at home. My sons will put on headbands to be like mom! We lov JACALRYLU 12 97MONTY
6/27/17 6:47 P
So my profile picture displays the awesome weight loss of 215lbs I enjoyed while on my first journey EVERAFTER73 209 AGNES_
6/28/17 5:09 A
It will.....keep pushing .....💪 MUDRUNNER4 4 KACEYSW
6/27/17 5:37 P
Had this "non-salad" salad, with grilled chicken and noodles for dinner. ALEX-MORGAN-13 5 GAYLLYNNE
6/27/17 6:21 P
Did 23 brisk walk after eating dinner. Felt great. Topped off at 12578 steps today. Combined from t LEILEI13 13 RAERAERAE62
6/27/17 10:59 P
Started out 283, now down to 270! 185 here I come!!! PAULS22 14 PAULS22
6/27/17 10:42 P
I have pretty bad alopecia and read in a number of places that gluten messes with your thyroid, henc STEVIAPLUMFAIRY 10 STEVIAPLUMFAIRY
6/27/17 4:29 A
To my body, sugar is like crack, one teeny tiny taste, and before you know it half the cake is gone. STEVIAPLUMFAIRY 17 PRAIRIECROCUS
6/27/17 4:16 A
Posted a photo SHUVAI1 15 DLD2DLD
6/27/17 8:33 A
Serious vulnerability alert! Day 1. 220 lbs. I can do this! Right? NEESIE2PT0 287 JOCELYNH711
6/27/17 8:15 A
Started on the 3rd of June I'm down 10lbs. I couldn't feel better about myself! HALKHOSIEB91 30 SPARKPAN
6/24/17 12:44 A
Made some cookies this morning. Had to tweak it a bit cause I did not have powdered sugar or almond STUFFY864 7 WHYTEBROWN
6/24/17 6:05 A
my great country 150 years young -- the east coast off of Newfoundland TRAILWALKERJO54 41 RAINBOWMF
6/24/17 5:45 P
This is a reminder that living a heathy lifestyle can work for everyone no matter how much you have 2BFREE2LIVE 24 CFITZ1
6/27/17 8:15 P
As of may 29th I'm down 15 lbs as of today BILLYPEACOCK 23 BILLYPEACOCK
7/5/17 8:50 A
6/24/17 6:45 P
Starting all over again! Hoping to lose 12+ inches off my waist! SLIMMINGSARAH85 24 SLIMMINGSARAH85
6/24/17 9:28 A
6/24/17 3:35 A
Good morning my Spark family. I want to thank each of you for being such an inspiration in my life e PCANDY 149 MDOWER1
6/16/17 3:58 P
6/17/17 10:24 A
As of today, I am down 50 lbs! VAVAVIOLINA 49 IAMVICKIB
6/16/17 5:26 P

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