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I've sporadically posted my daily reports here for my 100 day challenge and thought it would only be WHYTEBROWN 98 PATRICIA-CR
9/19/17 10:55 A
In June, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Until then, I didn't realize that as my lifestyle has given 4REBECCAENM 72 KEN1237
9/18/17 9:23 P
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 3 KACEYSW
9/18/17 7:23 P
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 4 RETAT60
9/18/17 9:40 P
I been working out since March and changing my eating habits. I lost 30 so far and still got plenty JDELK2 224 STORCH2000
9/18/17 11:03 P
Lost my first 10lbs...and feel really good. I've switched from diet soda completely to water and co DAKOTAGRL852 220 INSPIRED26
9/19/17 11:23 A
Last Thursday I was down 10 lbs in 2 first official weigh in since I started this journey PLAKAPAINT 6 CHERIRIDDELL
9/18/17 1:51 A
Daily affirmation... TOTALPACKAGE 9 LOUISE979
9/18/17 7:23 A
motivation moment RHOOK20047 9 MBPP50
9/18/17 8:37 A
Posted a goal MARH 10 KACEYSW
9/17/17 11:13 P
Words to live by.... RHOOK20047 12 MBPP50
9/18/17 8:37 A
When I started Sparking in June, I struggled to walk a mile in 18 minutes. Yesterday I did 5k in 45 LKMANNING7 52 BIKER66
9/18/17 1:21 A
2nd 18 Mile Training Run Done! 9 minutes faster! Could've done 8.2 more! BANG! #MCM MIRAGE727 15 CAROLINAGIRL69
9/18/17 11:19 P
Last words of the day... RHOOK20047 15 MBPP50
9/18/17 8:38 A
Today marks the 3 month mark that I decided to change my life around. That I got sick and tired of b MANONAMISSION73 40 ROLLTIDE8586
9/18/17 12:34 A
Now 183 lbs - 73 lbs GONE 😊 PAB1JAB 115 PAB1JAB
9/18/17 9:17 A
The past 2 weeks have been very stressful. My husband had 2 heart attacks and was hospitalized for s DEETZ1 10 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
9/15/17 11:32 P
Had to go to urgent care this evening. My son fractured his finger πŸ˜• ACRAIG921 20 RASPBERRY56
9/16/17 7:06 A
9/15/17 11:38 P
Working on cleanup after Irma FROSTY99 9 JUDITHANNIE
9/16/17 8:16 A
Found a new water I like. πŸ’Ÿ Has no sugar or sweetners and a surprising great flavor. Not all sparkl DIALYSISCHIC1 30 ABUELAMEMA52
9/16/17 8:09 P
Bought some jeans that are 4 sizes smaller than I was wearing in May. I'm also down to an XL top fro PINKMUSTARD21 70 MDOWER1
9/16/17 8:21 A
This is only half of what I have set aside and logged for my dinner, I can have seconds if I want! # PEAVLERWIFE 12 LOSEWEIGHT1212
9/16/17 7:33 A
My son is down 23 pounds!! He is happier! I couldn't be prouder!!! LMURPHY88 183 YMWONG22
9/16/17 2:52 A
Skipped my workout today. My 12 year old basset hound wasn't eating and has been lethargic. Found ou LASTDIET2017 64 LASTDIET2017
9/16/17 1:38 A
Im doing this for me... -9 pounds πŸ’πŸ’― CAMILLEAPPWHITE 70 CAMILLEAPPWHITE
9/16/17 7:48 P
Ready to walk πŸšΆπŸšΆπŸ™ƒ KEENA47 4 1DAY-ATA-TIME
9/14/17 8:46 A
Coming on down hard work pays off orange top is today pink top four weeks ago GLO4LIFE48 13 LRJUSTUS1
9/13/17 7:12 P
Got my swimming done today! 2000m! RANAF222 10 IAN2409
9/13/17 11:24 P
From 231 lb down to 183.2 MELYMEL36 105 QSHEPP
9/13/17 9:15 P
From 380 to 308 been stuck for.almost 2 months. I am determined to get below 300 by my 40th birthday SPARKE77 235 STAR135000
9/13/17 9:27 P
Can't remember the last time I saw the 100's. I am amazed and thrilled to have found spark and see t LRYAN0696 285 TH3PH03NIX
9/13/17 8:03 P
I not officially finished yet but I started off at 291 with no hope in my self but I officially hit MOISTNUGGET 306 ABELSYAYA2013
9/14/17 1:46 P
Posted a photo SLVRMANE 23 AETK
9/12/17 8:04 P
#juststickwithit I thought of you when I saw this CINDY247 8 PATRICIA-CR
9/13/17 6:03 P
I'm back!! After becoming a mommy, and dealing with ppd, I'm FINALLY putting myself and my needs fir COLLINSMOM110 13 LRIEG
9/12/17 8:19 P
When your husband says, "You can make this every night!" He even went back for 3rds y'all! I made ve FITSISTA79 33 JOANNEJI
9/13/17 8:38 A
When you've already gone for a run at the park but SPUNCA26 11 CHRISTINEBWD
9/12/17 7:47 P
Liver with onions and mushrooms, mashed potatoes and green beans SMWATRMLON 14 PWILLOW1
9/12/17 9:40 P
This is 75lbs difference. PIXIEDGE6 193 _RAMONA
9/13/17 3:02 A
Posted a goal TXMOMOF_4 13 JOSIE3011
9/14/17 2:36 P
top picture I was 183 pounds left-hand corner picture started gaining and of course the last picture LCOLLINS194 19 MAMATOOWEN
9/11/17 5:51 P
9/11/17 6:34 P
Hugged my favorite superfood at the avocado Margarita festival! ITHILDRIEL 14 GREEN_TREES
9/11/17 5:22 P
I've enjoyed reading about people's successes and now it's my turn. Today I'm taking the first step. TADA_POOF 287 MCNULTY2
9/12/17 2:02 P
First time in 9 years I am in onederland!!!! YEAH!!! DAXXDAY 302 VUKONPAU
9/11/17 5:06 P
Progress.... MAMATOOWEN 304 MARIAMC4
9/12/17 9:50 A
Our bodies are amazing :) KELLY_R 102 GWINNER1
9/18/17 10:06 A
I trust in God's work. Grateful for the changes going on in my life, as painful as they can be. πŸ™ YAATSUUUNI 7 ALALADY
9/6/17 12:32 P
2 egg omelette with spinach, turkey bacon and onions for breakfast today πŸ˜‹πŸ³ LCANNIFF 31 PIXIEDUST22
9/6/17 1:41 P
New visitors to Kitty Hollow Park this morning--pink spoonbill cranes. To the right is an egret ta 1DAY-ATA-TIME 15 STARZ16
9/7/17 10:41 A
So very true! DINKER0798 81 DIGIT00
9/6/17 1:28 P
Finally finished the dining room floor over the weekend! Im so happy its done πŸ˜† here's a before & a MWARNER211 152 BRENDA_77039
9/11/17 7:38 A
Posted a photo JENNAE93 212 R81883
9/9/17 3:24 P
Today's weigh in was encouraging: down another pound this week, 24.5 total! It's melting away!! And LKMANNING7 207 CASTALLCARES1
9/7/17 12:31 P
9/2/17 1:35 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 18 JAMER123
9/2/17 11:14 P
Posted a photo ADUKE6 30 KINDGIRL56
9/2/17 6:20 A
Bonus!! ST3PH 8 CA
9/2/17 6:17 A
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 25 GOOZLEBEAR
9/2/17 10:07 A
My post workout smoothie: 1/2 frozen banana Frozen blueberries Frozen watermelon Coconut milk Chia JAPANGURL17 28 JAPANGURL17
9/2/17 5:11 A
Mmmm... paprika chicken for brunch! Oh...and there's a cup of sautΓ©ed cabbage too.. but it didn't ma TNBEACHMOM 7 PIPPAMOUSE
8/31/17 3:24 P
Posted a photo DINKER0798 13 WONDERCUTIE
8/31/17 4:39 P
280 today...80lbs of it is in my rear end😐...always the last place I loose. IGOT2START 19 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
8/31/17 7:50 P
OMG!! I started to cry happy tears..Today I stepped on the scale and I am out of the 200's I havent EMILYSNEWLIFE 272 CAROL333
9/1/17 12:25 A
Down from Start Weight of 310 in July. IGOT2START 66 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
8/31/17 7:50 P
Down 50 pounds but want to lose 50 more! SASHASMOM1969 212 HOTPINKCAMARO49
8/31/17 4:47 P
I am down 44 lbs. and got my first pair of skinny jeans! RANDERS31 251 MICHELECARLYON
8/31/17 4:34 P
Weighed in this morning and I have lost 100 pounds! So excited! HRODGERS4 304 ROCKS8ROX
9/12/17 4:32 P
No crutches allowed in this picture. I was able to crutch the trail for 5min then rest for a total o RHETTDOG 14 KOHLRABIGIRL
8/29/17 8:14 A
The TASTE was awesome...but anybody have any ideas on how to get gluten free pasta to "behave"?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚οΏ½ LORIHOLLINS 11 LORIHOLLINS
8/29/17 7:28 P
Posted a photo KATIE520 17 _RAMONA
8/29/17 3:50 A
Just had to share one more. This one also struck a chord with me. Words to live by, imho! KATIE520 6 ALOFA0509
8/29/17 12:51 A
Hello everyone today i am starting once again to get healthy. I'll be 50 November 4th. I wanted to ELLENAMARIE678 100 LIZMARIE0803
8/31/17 9:25 A
Not too shabby I say! #mommyonamission KELTONSMOMMY23 10 DRLMAZ
8/29/17 12:20 A