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2/25/18 4:50 P
Just starting this challenge. I am currently in physical therapy for a mild back injury. My streng JOJOPI 5 PAMMYLBEAR
2/25/18 4:49 P
Didn't have a good weigh in because it is that time of the month. However, I was only 2 pounds over YISKAMIRYAM 5 PAMMYLBEAR
2/25/18 4:48 P
Note to self.... RHOOK20047 7 LINDASOUTHER
2/25/18 6:01 P
Lovely 30 degrees out so a 6.8 mile ride 2AWESOME4U 21 SYNCHRODAD
2/25/18 6:37 P
Night night fellow Sparkers. I had my best spark day yet! I ate in all my ranges, clocked up 11 port STATSCAT 11 ALICIA214
2/25/18 5:23 P
Though I've been a Spark person for 4 years, I just noticed today my login streak of 700 days...gues LESLIE1CVRN 6 ROBINVOTAW
2/25/18 7:41 P
Just starting today #BeforeAndAfter NANA072787 19 ANNIEANNYANNEE
2/25/18 7:59 P
Today's victory: Went to a weightlifting HIIT class! Got dizzy and had to sit down halfway through, KRISTAJOAN 6 TAMMYJO18
2/25/18 5:18 P
I hope you're having a great Friday afternoon and ready for the weekend. Sometimes we have to start CAROLYNINJOY1 26 JUDY1676
2/23/18 11:15 P
Record level flooding in Grand Rapids thanks to all the rain and melting snow this week. Made for an B_RAZORSHARP 30 B_RAZORSHARP
2/24/18 8:14 P
I divided it was time for a change! After loosing weight! Short hair after about 5 years! CARTENIAREYES79 14 ANNIEANNYANNEE
2/23/18 8:50 P
Posted a photo DEEJWINS 43 KATHYJO56
2/24/18 12:25 A
Hit it hard past couple days...whew! BARISTAGIRL28 5 HOLLY61FIRE
2/23/18 8:04 P
It was a cloudy and overcast day but still got in a 2.5 mile walk in the forest. KIMBERAKA 14 ITSAPROCESS
2/23/18 8:49 P
Managed stress and hip pain from lots of vacuuming by taking a nice hot bath while listening to Alex CATHYSFITLIFE 7 BONNIEMARGAY
2/23/18 11:51 P
I have been doing my cardio at home but I figured it was time for some strength training considering CHITWN1 8 KITT52
2/23/18 8:00 P
After 22 months of hard work I made it I’m under 200 lbs lost 190 only 70 more to go trying to enjoy VICKIEJANE 20 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
2/23/18 9:40 P
Usually I put flavoring in my water, but today I ran out and did not want to buy sodas for the first STARGAZER838 4 EDWARDS1411
2/22/18 11:28 P
Enjoyed a day off from work with my granddaughter and finished week 2 C25K which BTW is kicking my t ALEOPARD 18 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/23/18 3:42 P
First day of trying keto diet. 22 net carbs and stable blood sugars! YAY VOLLEYBALLROCKS 3 CRYSFOOTE
2/23/18 9:11 A
I am cutting my carbs way back...i could eat a whole bag of rice by itself so this is progress...I'l SHALAYAM53 14 TMP0418
2/23/18 7:33 A
2/22/18 10:28 P
Month 1 complete and I can see tiny changes already! Woohoo!! LUNABELLE18 61 TIRZAHHEYWOOD
2/23/18 3:53 A
I made a delicious pizza using the Cauliflower pizza crust. Yummy. It was too good to take a pic. Lo TOTALPACKAGE12 4 ILARIAMARCUCCI
2/23/18 3:00 A
Day 4 if getting my act together. It’s late and I’d rather be in bed. But instead I’m cozying up to JLB2109 11 ILARIAMARCUCCI
2/23/18 2:50 A
Have a great night my friends. 3 days in a row over 10000 steps,hoping I can start a nice long strea JUSTSTICKWITHIT 27 ALOFA0509
2/23/18 10:16 P
Got the results of my physical today. Was concerned because of keto dieting that my cholesterol woul INKBUD 3 ZUZUPETALS10
2/21/18 1:45 P
Still working to be regular on getting all of the water. Sometimes in herbal teas helps on a cold d DWINSTEAD3331 8 SUNQUEE
2/22/18 10:27 A
Day 23 and down 12lbs. Weightloss has started to slowed down this week, but i am still going at it. SCGRAVER 6 JUDYBEAR216
2/21/18 2:03 P
Doing well. Like this challenge format--easy to find/remember/complete #moveit EO4WELLNESS 3 I-AM-TITANIUM
2/21/18 10:32 P
I went to the gym today and workout. I measured my waist and the inches are decreasing. CASCOTT62 6 ZUZUPETALS10
2/21/18 1:39 P
If the trending post show up first one does not get to see what everybody else has to say. I don't l -RESAMARIE 4 -RESAMARIE
2/21/18 1:19 P
These slacks are so unforgiving! My grandma bought these pants for me when I started my new job 2 ye BONNIE_M_PEREZ 9 ALLYLIZZY
2/21/18 1:51 P
Joined YMCA last week and spending 20 minutes on threadmill and 35 on the stationary bike, 5 days pe THRESACALDWELL 25 ALLENJOSEPH
2/21/18 3:22 P
This is soo me 😂 AKELLY45 14 CHEIVOUS
2/21/18 9:44 A
There was a wee bit of excitement at our house this weekend! So grateful it wasn't worse than it was KACEYSW 7 RAERAERAE62
2/20/18 7:36 P
I have an easy time drinking my water at work. I just run into trouble when I go home! #h2whoa KCARROLL 6 KACEYSW
2/20/18 5:50 P
I screwed up last week. I skipped a whole week of Zumba and P90x with only two weeks left in the pro LSMILAN 13 KACEYSW
2/20/18 5:40 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 REEDSKI
2/21/18 8:08 A
I went to the gym today and burn 202 calories. Feeling good. How about you.? CASCOTT62 6 KACEYSW
2/20/18 5:39 P
I need help!! How do I get on track with my eating and fitness habits when the rest of my family doe FAEMAC112390 12 SUESALLA1
2/20/18 5:02 P
Below freezing again here today....brrrrr SISSYFEB48 11 LIL1IAN
2/20/18 2:40 P
Finally outta the 200’s yay! ANIMEGIRL 38 SCGRAVER
2/20/18 4:29 P
My coworker brought me these Parmesan crisps from Sam’s to try. YUM!!! These will be great to add a MADDIEBSMAMA 11 LILYSTARTSOVER
2/25/18 1:35 A
We ended up with a layer of rain that froze, then 9 inches of snow, followed by very frigid cold. My 7STIGGYMT 11 AOKDIET21
2/24/18 8:37 A
Ladies listen up today want to making something that I can stick with and get tried of butt want to FITNESS_CHICK30 6 KACEYSW
2/20/18 1:09 P
Stay strong on your journey! MEG92 10 ROSEANNECARLSON
2/20/18 1:28 P
Missed my first mini goal by 1lb!! Should have it by the end of the weekend so all good!! Hard work PRAIRIEGIRL17 2 KACEYSW
2/16/18 2:26 P
Back to basics 3/3 one week down! IAN2409 7 -POOKIE-
2/17/18 6:19 A
Lol i was gonna take a pic of it it was a half of this cup ots in but i drank it lol its deliciuos i SARAPITCH 5 BARCLE
2/16/18 3:14 P
Got my 8 glasses in. #h2whoa ANHELIC 9 SUNQUEE
2/17/18 5:43 P
Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. ELLENGRAY54 3 KACEYSW
2/16/18 2:21 P
Ok... I know what the mantra is for exercise and d JPAPUGA27 17 JPAPUGA27
2/17/18 3:00 P
New on here - again some reason my old spark wouldn’t load and lost all my information CSERIF72 4 DREAMWARRIOR723
2/16/18 2:41 P
Still fighting the scale , but I am down 3 lbs in the last week for a change. KACEYSW 2 JUDITH316
2/14/18 2:00 P
So my employer gave out a valentine goodie back full of far I've been able to resist PEREZJPRZ19 5 PEREZJPRZ19
2/14/18 9:35 P
10 pounds down this week! So happy! Plus my sugar is down 100 points!!! Great week! ABEDWELL1 6 ALLYLIZZY
2/14/18 6:33 P
I am not the only one eating healthy. Seems my lunch date wants to eat right too. TARADAWNEM 7 JAZZEJR
2/14/18 2:11 P
My treat to myself for today... calories tracked and still within range. All things in moderation! � KERRIBERRI86 29 JUDYBEAR216
2/14/18 4:22 P
Hello.. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I have a question. My carb intake is set pretty high, should EVELYNCORBIN01 6 ALLYLIZZY
2/14/18 6:40 P
When it's inventory and management bought everyone pizza and I am having a salad I packed and carrot CMARTIN5383 11 JUDYBEAR216
2/14/18 4:34 P
*♥ -:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥-* Hugs are God’s way of reminding us how much we are l 1CRAZYDOG 9 WALLAHALLA
2/15/18 9:19 A
For all of you!!! DANNY_LCF 8 ALICIA214
2/14/18 3:06 P
Happy Valentine's Day SAMKEN8791 4 ALLYLIZZY
2/14/18 6:33 P
Felt like having a bowl of "hearts" ❤ KATBRUNNER 16 DOLPH79
2/13/18 7:08 P
2/13/18 1:48 P
Another beautiful 3.5 mile walk on the beach! Beautiful day! #moveit TTSPEARS 12 J38850
2/13/18 8:11 P
I'm back at the weight loss game, my family is headed on our first big vacation to a sunny destinati DIANNE9110 5 ROBINVOTAW
2/13/18 4:26 P
🖤I've had a good day diet wise. Feeling great 🖤 BLACKRAVEN60 4 SASHASMOM1122
2/13/18 2:48 P
On my walk! Here is another random picture of San Francisco for you all! You can see the McDonald's BIRBKITTEN1234 8 JULIENSMITH
2/14/18 9:38 A
#BeforeAndAfter Have to keep fighting ADDIE239 134 NOCALORIES
2/13/18 10:54 P
Hey. Did something for me today. Signed up for@a personal trainer. Wow. Weigh in was the pits. His s BIGGULL 7 CANDYLIND
2/13/18 12:01 P
5 in have a blessed Monday! #fitnessfeats OLDSKOOL556 2 KACEYSW
2/12/18 4:24 P
Just finished a walk of just over a mile at 18 mph. Wish I could've been faster but I'll take it! An MALD1983 4 LUANN_IN_PA
2/12/18 5:39 P