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Already got in my 12k steps today and the days not over yet! Keep on sparkin'! CMRKSU12 6 PATJOONWW
11/16/17 1:32 P
11/17/17 10:42 A
First exercise of the day 20 minutes on my Stamina instride cycle. Half my breakfast burned off. Tim TARADAWNEM 7 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
11/16/17 1:39 P
Reminding myself of this today...i will not eat more banana bread, I will not, I will not! SHALAYAM53 13 TWIN412
11/16/17 8:20 P
I have been struggling with a plateau since before my knee replacement and am forcing myself to keep KACEYSW 7 EO4WELLNESS
11/16/17 6:32 P
Posted a goal EO4WELLNESS 12 -RUBIES-
11/17/17 1:13 A
""Blood tends to become "sticky" overnight, making it more prone to clots in the morning. According EO4WELLNESS 19 KALANTHA
11/17/17 9:20 A
Posted a photo PDSLIM 23 KACEYSW
11/15/17 4:10 P
Your health and fitness deserves everything you got! So what are you wsiting for? Let's get MOVING f LPORTER2015 6 KACEYSW
11/15/17 4:10 P
Did you have a good Monday? Here's to a good start to your week! SPARKGUY 25 KATHYRB
11/17/17 8:57 P
STILL TRYING ......It may not be everyday as of yet, but i refuse to give up !!! Spread the Spark an RBOYD913 9 KACEYSW
11/15/17 4:09 P
QuickFire Team Challenge Video - Interested? Come join us: https://www.sparkp EO4WELLNESS 8 KACEYSW
11/15/17 4:08 P
Skinny Jeans Workout EO4WELLNESS 4 KACEYSW
11/15/17 4:07 P
It's taken me 18 months, but I'm down 31 lbs. I still have a good bit to lose yet but I do feel I'm IAMVICKIB 24 BETRHO48
11/17/17 7:44 A
Is our mindset "one day" or "day one"?! EO4WELLNESS 7 MADEINBRITAIN
11/16/17 3:46 A
Great week! Weight is holding stable. After losin LRJUSTUS1 13 CINDY4JOY
11/19/17 1:41 P
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 12 KACEYSW
11/7/17 4:56 P
#mobilechat First snow of the season is falling. Whew! Thankfully I was able to get the preparation LRJUSTUS1 9 KACEYSW
11/7/17 4:55 P
Hello Weekend!! Looking forward to some sightseeing walks tomorrow !! KIMLADYBUG 5 KACEYSW
11/7/17 4:55 P
YES, this 100% a joke: I have a new super power: It is now official. According to MisFit I am a ve EO4WELLNESS 8 KACEYSW
11/7/17 4:55 P
Heartfelt be warned. Went to a birthday party for my friends grandson today, great time.. A LRJUSTUS1 22 CATHERINE5300
11/9/17 6:03 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a short hike. How about you? SPARKGUY 81 WOMANOFLOVE
11/8/17 9:02 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 ZRIE014
11/7/17 5:39 P
ugh, just found out that I have a meeting for my daughters figure skating at 5. That was my only wi PRAIRIEGIRL17 7 PRAIRIEGIRL17
11/7/17 7:05 P
The mental game we seem to have to navigate through this journey is a struggle. MARSH_2006 5 ZRIE014
11/7/17 6:12 P
We have the noisiest neighbors in the apt above us. She is a stay at home mom who never takes the ki MSCAPI2017 17 MSCAPI2017
11/7/17 8:46 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 5 ZRIE014
11/7/17 5:31 P
Posted a photo DINKER0798 8 MAZUR157
10/30/17 1:56 P
Went to Walmart today and found my new "best friends" ☺ ST3PH 12 INSPIRED26
10/30/17 6:50 P
Staying on track and focused this weekend really paid off! This morning's weigh in I'm down 3lbs!!!! MOUSE 6 PEASWEET60
10/30/17 1:59 P
Question....I enjoy my family dinners.... so how do I meal prep when I like having family dinner? I DARLING73 6 PIXIEDUST22
10/30/17 3:45 P
I just started 3 different challenges and they have motivated me to get back on track with my exerci SARAELLEN1 3 KACEYSW
10/30/17 1:21 P
I personally, at the age of 59 years (young) know that having muscle keeps me fit and trim. Oh yes, CHAIRDANCING 5 CHAIRDANCING
10/30/17 6:15 P
I'm a happy camper! Last week was the first time that I didn't gain weight on a business trip becaus DJONES3423 4 PHONEBUG
10/30/17 1:29 P
Keep pushing through your struggles. These struggles are only temporary! LPORTER2015 16 DETERMINEDJANET
10/31/17 1:50 A
#BeforeAndAfter It's only been a week and already feeling better about my body! TDUPUIS0 17 INSPIRED26
10/30/17 6:44 P
Down 30lbs....yeah boy!!!! QTIP5020147 5 ZRIE014
10/26/17 8:48 P
Have messed up a little today, and am behind on my water. Will try to catch up by tonight. If not wi SISTER0614 13 ZRIE014
10/26/17 7:19 P
How are you guys doing today? Remember a bad work out day is the day that you don't work out!!!! Go MANONAMISSION73 8 ZRIE014
10/26/17 8:43 P
I didn't even sign in yesterday. I was in the mood of "who cares?" Today it comes blasting in my h BGGRLLVSLF 4 KACEYSW
10/26/17 4:56 P
Woo hoo! Down another pant size! SUMWITCH 9 BRIANSCHARP
10/26/17 10:34 P
This is the way I want to go.. Sustainable for a l RENEINITALY 17 ALEXANDRABRA5
11/14/17 5:21 P
Oh yea... Guess who is in a size 16 .. In 3 short months i went from 22/24 to a 16!!!!!!!!!!! KUMASKITTY 16 ZRIE014
10/26/17 7:10 P
#BeforeAndAfter Me in August and me in October. I see a difference! Yay! I still have a ways to go. NAOMIRUNS 223 BRICK152
11/17/17 12:01 P
Nothing great can be achieved if it is not backed by enthusiasm. When we talk of a person having gri BOOHOOBEAR 6 KACEYSW
10/25/17 6:04 P
New to Sparkpeople! Wanted to say hi! CURVYGIRL18 14 CONSISTENTFAITH
10/26/17 10:12 A
I sure can get in the way of myself at times JOYLARK 8 KACEYSW
10/25/17 6:03 P
My son, daughter in law and my beautiful granddaughter Arias. THELMAJO6430 29 MYTIMEOK
10/25/17 11:17 P
An idea for lunch! This is mine. Baked sweet potato/tomatoes/baby carrots/sliced plum n water!! Yumm CHUNKYCHACHI 15 CINDY4JOY
10/26/17 11:00 A
Today is my 43rd Birthday! I went to a Dietician today. And tomorrow seeing a behaivioral therapist OCEANDREAMIN 300 FITWITHIN
10/26/17 12:18 A
Someone brought donuts into the office and I stayed away...I DID IT!! FITFORME17 87 ELSCO55
10/25/17 8:41 P
#BeforeAndAfter Made it this far❣ 15 pounds til goal weight❣😁 I've went from a size 16 to a size 8 JKPERANDO 164 LVBIKER
10/23/17 10:55 P
Did this on Saturday!!....It was such a blast!!...If you've ever thought about doing this, stop thin MIKESNYDER1 152 INSPIRED26
10/23/17 4:59 P
Last week I had screwed up and went up a couple pounds, and this morning when I weighed in they were BROWNCHRISTINE8 12 INSPIRED26
10/23/17 4:54 P
My breakfast this morning. Scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese. Now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee ALLYLIZZY 9 INSPIRED26
10/23/17 4:55 P
Posted a photo BLUECAFE 11 INSPIRED26
10/23/17 4:55 P
I keep changing my mind on whether I want to stay this size or continue to lose weight and I realize THEJACKIEDEAN12 19 BEACHCHICA08
10/24/17 11:33 A
My birthday today I have been with Sparkpeople for 10 years 9 months and 23 days. I have lost 121 p 2BFREE2LIVE 93 MARYJOANNA
10/24/17 5:20 A
Today is day 1! I've got a long road to follow but I'm feeling determined👙💪🏼 NIKKI-P81 130 INSPIRED26
10/23/17 4:51 P
Starting weight 265lbs down to 177lbs with 20 more lbs to lose by my birthday in December. PLUMMER51C7 174 LIZMARIE0803
10/23/17 8:52 P
Posted a photo MSROZZIE 18 LOVELY*LADY
10/25/17 12:20 A
10/22/17 9:23 P
Ok, I have to walk very carefully because of my knees. Today I decided to hike a mountain in the cit REEDSKI 24 SPEDED2
10/23/17 4:10 P
Hi everyone, had a so so weekend. Keeping the step streak alive. Hoping for 2lbs tommorow but feelin JUSTSTICKWITHIT 31 DOLPH79
10/23/17 9:54 A
Omg!!!!!!!! I did it!!!!! Today marks a record for me. I lost a 100lbs!!!!! Time to Celebrate!!!! 🏅 MIZ-FENTON 257 DRBARNETT
11/13/17 4:06 P
These are the photos I meant to post. Developers building homes right up to the mountains so the vi REEDSKI 12 PICKIE98
10/23/17 10:30 A
Posted a photo SEBDAL 23 PBVHCCVH
10/22/17 11:46 P
#fitbit Today ends my Fitbit Weekend Challenge 😀 Made sure I warmed up and stretched first. It was COMEBACKKID12 17 MPLSKEN
10/23/17 12:26 A
I am so happy I ran across this. This has replaced my soy sauce. This is even lower than my low sodi CHANGEOLA 21 WHYTEBROWN
10/23/17 7:28 A
I’m not one to post pictures but I feel brave today. had my daughter-in-law and granddaughter help m TBRYAN-LU 250 PEGGY-BEE
11/17/17 12:02 P
Have struggled for so long to be enough. To be pretty enough. To be smart enough. To be thin enou MRSBKM 26 JIMA64
10/22/17 11:30 P
13 months difference!! 120lbs gone DIANEPAG 182 SASHASMOM1122
10/23/17 9:56 A
I ordered this dress 2 sizes smaller than my current dress size as motivation to continue to lose we BOBBIEMCGEE83 14 CAMPING0178
10/19/17 8:38 P
You were born to win!! Use your energy to find solutions instead of blaming yourself or others. Let BOOHOOBEAR 9 AMYISSUCCEEDING
10/19/17 10:37 P
Slow and steady #BeforeAndAfter EZPZBGNLEGGINGS 35 JJOHNSON393
10/19/17 8:13 P