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πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒTrick or treat? Or beggars night GOALIEGRANDMA3 19 EDNAEDWIN
10/27/16 9:26 P
Took a long hard look at my nutrition stats. I realized that while I stayed under my calories I was CHARMAINED88 7 5901HEIDI
10/27/16 4:44 P
Anyone setting any goals for November? I am sta LOVEBUG38 5 KENDILYNN
10/27/16 3:18 P
I started Crossfit training 4 months ago and have VBATESHEATH 7 VBATESHEATH
10/27/16 3:04 P
Anyone know who sells pre hardboiled eggs? I'm goi JACQUIEB75 47 RITA1956
10/27/16 9:07 P
Day 2. Got off work at 8, so didnt get dinner. Can S07360 9 KENDILYNN
10/27/16 10:00 A
I'm trying to lose 30 pounds by February. I'm an a S00317 5 S00317
10/27/16 1:04 A
I want to change my weight loss goal date but it w DETRIANA 6 DETRIANA
10/27/16 9:18 A
Tonight's dinner is 3 bean (pinto, dark red, black UNKYNDENESSE 9 DAWNIEHEATHER78
10/26/16 8:47 P
Confession time: was doing great then went out to HAFISHMAN 16 GGSCHNEIDER
10/27/16 6:59 A
How are you suppose to loose weight when your on r GAIL534 5 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/26/16 6:23 P
Any benefit to short term calorie counting? I don' LADYSHIPWRECK 11 J96151
10/26/16 6:14 P
#parenting #breastfeedingmama I had every intenti TIPTOEKIRKUM 11 MOMMYBEAR82
10/27/16 8:31 A
So I'm confused. According to the pie chart on my C64887 17 ARMSBYM
10/27/16 4:39 A
Why do I always feel motivated in the morning but HOLLYROBIIN 29 MLIEN913
10/27/16 11:11 A
It's so weird. The scale is in doldrums for a week KELLEYKELLER 7 CALA51
10/26/16 10:48 A
Wednesday = grocery day! My health food/grocery st KENDILYNN 1 KENDILYNN
10/26/16 10:34 A
Hello, i'm hearing a lot of good things about this CGRESS60 12 CLARADAY
10/26/16 10:33 A
I just started drinking coffee black and it's not CHRISTINEMEDINA 30 SHERRY_ANN_K
10/26/16 10:27 A
Good morning everyone. 🍡 Do you do strength tr MSMAKEOVER 12 SKMBOK
10/26/16 10:27 A
I was doing good on snacking but today and yesterd MRSJTHOMPSON15 13 CYCLE3815
10/26/16 7:24 A
Any suggestion on a good Greek yogurt? Or any bran CRISTINEPB 45 ARSPERANZA
10/27/16 6:34 A
So if i've eaten 690 calories and burned 400 calor CIA4320 15 CINDY4JOY
10/25/16 6:41 P
Hello! I'm new (day 2). 20 lbs to lose.I've been q LADYSHIPWRECK 19 VALZ107
10/25/16 6:09 P
Someone give me a new exercise to flatten my stoma ERGEORGIAGAL89 24 TINALOUCHIC
10/25/16 5:47 P
Finally pushed past my fear of running on the trea KENDILYNN 15 ELW1981
10/25/16 8:13 P
Hey! I've been on Spark for a week now. This past MRIOS26 13 GET2BEFIT
10/25/16 3:35 P
Good morning sparks family, I didn't workout today ARTH3736 3 LIGHTDRIVEN
10/25/16 11:10 A
Is anybody else stressing about the upcoming holid MRSADONIS 39 GINGSOFUQQYUH
10/25/16 3:19 P
Anyone out there who cannot have dairy products, c KRISTALYNT 5 KENDILYNN
10/24/16 11:05 P
I am 18 years old, weighing 100kg/220 pounds . I RENIN1998 4 KENDILYNN
10/24/16 8:41 P
Can anybody explain what cottage cheese taste like QSHEPP 12 TINALOUCHIC
10/24/16 5:02 P
Week one of the #20bychristmas challenge You all JACQUIEB75 17 JACQUIEB75
10/24/16 11:57 A
Weird question, this time around of trying to los LSTANDRIDGE1 15 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/24/16 11:41 A
We have been camping and I have fallen way off tra AVLC0815 4 CINDY4JOY
10/24/16 11:46 A
So I'm in need of some support. I've lost 21 lbs i GROOMS74 7 7STIGGYMT
10/24/16 10:55 A
The weather is getting cooler, & "comfort" foods & GINGERDKL 12 MADILYNEVE
10/24/16 10:44 A
Suffering from what I suspect as Strep throat. Don S15248 4 KENDILYNN
10/24/16 10:35 A
Starting to meal plan and prep. Today is day 1. I MISSNIKKI1278 3 KENDILYNN
10/24/16 10:32 A
When you wear your boots from last fall and realize that wide calf sizes will no longer be necessary CHRISCANN 20 LOISLEL
10/23/16 11:24 P
Just starting. Question: can people see your weigh AMBIELEA 9 7STIGGYMT
10/23/16 5:06 P
Does apple cider vinegar make anyone else hungry. MCATLEDGE 13 COFFEYANGEL
10/23/16 12:36 P
Committing to NO Halloween candy this season. Not KENDILYNN 11 MELLY_A
10/23/16 3:49 P
I am setting myself a goal to lose between 20-25 lbs by Christmas. This would get me out of the 200s NANTUCKETQUEST 98 CRAFTYMRSG87
10/24/16 5:02 P
SparkDiet??? Where is this hiding? Please advise PIELVR52 3 KENDILYNN
10/22/16 11:04 A
I buy fresh fruit to eat for snacks but by the time I go to eat them, they're gone. I'm glad the kid BECCAISDOINGIT 5 KIRSTIEBARNYARD
10/22/16 6:52 P
Calling this a goal was under 200# by m BECCAJ98 41 KATYNB
10/21/16 8:42 P
I'm trying to figure out calorie in/carlorie burne MARI1526 5 LMCBEE53081
10/21/16 10:00 A
I have fallen in love with running. Im still slow RBANSKI84 13 MWARNER211
10/21/16 7:00 A
Has anyone tried spinning classes? Could you pleas 12PHLEBOTOMY 11 12PHLEBOTOMY
10/20/16 11:24 P
#diet soda debate. How much is too much aspartame? BRUGGESBABY 28 HLANIER4
10/21/16 5:16 A
Sometimes I wonder about the differential number because sometimes I have a differential of mine is LUISISAWESOME 14 LUISISAWESOME
10/20/16 8:24 P
Are we too hard on ourselves? I want to lose weigh GRACE_W_FAITH 17 PERRYLHENRY
10/20/16 5:32 P
A nice warm 97 outside. Thank goodness my gym has GLENNAH23 11 KENDILYNN
10/20/16 4:23 P
All organic speghetti is whats for supper tonight. LTRINH9 29 MSMAKEOVER
10/20/16 6:50 P
Just went to the store and bought some fresh fruit C86471 8 MIRIKAM
10/20/16 1:52 P
Anybody out there counting macros? What is this, d CYNDIMAMALIS 9 VANILLASKY15
10/20/16 12:30 P
Any suggestions i go over my protiens at rhe lowes ANGELHANKS1 4 KENDILYNN
10/20/16 10:58 A
What's your favorite NSV so far? MRSOLIVER455 17 JACKITRIPLETT
10/22/16 9:37 A
Lunch for breakfast.Vietnamese summer rolls Cool a DEBBIE1993 6 DEBBIE1993
10/20/16 10:18 A
14+ glasses of water a day! Whaaat! I measured how MISSYKREUL 6 MSMAKEOVER
10/19/16 8:42 P
I find myself gaining so much water weight during LILNAKOOMA2014 10 7MUNRUH
10/19/16 9:07 P
Will my body go into starvation mode at 1000 calories a day? Bc I feel fine with that amount. I'm 24 BNICOLE240130 5 RETIREDTAM61
10/19/16 5:26 P
hubby brought home mcdonalds breakfast for me. Alt ZOEYSMUMMA 23 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/19/16 1:13 P
I'm planning on wearing a bikini to the beach for KRISTENMBATT 24 LOVEBUG38
10/19/16 2:08 P
Weight loss is all about the caloric deficit, that's all there is to it. People make it so much more D4RKLYNOON 24 D4RKLYNOON
10/19/16 10:06 A
Starting tracking yesterday on here... the calorie MEETRA1 23 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/19/16 8:23 A
Does anyone use a fitness tracker watch? I am too CHYNAH77 19 SNAPDRAGON04
10/18/16 8:27 P
I need to get my s*** together."woman stop slackin WILLPOWER1991 15 JADIEGIRL1974
10/18/16 1:26 P
Finally got to the gym this morning only a short 20 minute workout because I had a test to study for SHAY321_321 9 KENDILYNN
10/18/16 11:00 A
Is it more effective to have more weight when doing abdominal crunches? I am lifting 80 pounds when THEJACKIEDEAN12 7 KENDILYNN
10/18/16 10:55 A
Been in a slump lately. Haven't worked out in thre LUCASMOM2016 25 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/24/16 6:55 P
How much do u spend weekly on healthy foods. What is your favorite go to store? ( I prob spend bout JLYNN559 25 V52065
10/18/16 10:47 A
Is it wrong to want praise for the things you do o IAMHOLDINGON 27 MAALEX10
10/18/16 7:03 P
This question is for those who go to a gym? Do you VIVI65 22 M53736
10/18/16 5:20 P

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