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Any suggestions for handling criticism by others r CORIMOSHER 13 AOKDIET21
12/3/16 7:07 A
Alright, I want to try a spiralizer. I've seen how UNKYNDENESSE 11 NUTSABOUTMINIS
12/3/16 1:44 P
Does anyone use a #juicer? I bought one today, and J26814 10 J26814
12/3/16 10:56 P
Another story?! What would help? #diet #weightloss RONIKAN 7 ARTMICHELE
12/3/16 7:41 A
If I'm in my calorie range, am I ok to give into m TREEZRA 14 HEALTH_NOW
12/3/16 1:25 P
Had anyone had good experiences with nutritionists KAYLAJERNIGAN 35 RUSSELLFORD
12/3/16 8:57 P
Does anyone know any yoga poses i can never find a PATTONTIFFANY03 10 EO4WELLNESS
12/2/16 8:55 P
I used to take supplements and vitamins regularly CHRISTINACASKEY 2 KENDILYNN
12/2/16 10:03 A
Just Realized today that I have reached my goal an MEGLM10 37 GHOTTY4
12/2/16 11:50 A
I love beer but now that I'm in a diet can't drink TONY1991 4 KENK667
12/1/16 5:04 P
Anyone taken probiotic supplements? I've read the MISSDORKNESS 5 MWARNER211
12/1/16 4:31 P
Does anyone else not want to exercise because they LR237787 6 CLARADAY
12/1/16 7:33 P
Hey guys so i really need your help im trying to l VDELR004 20 JIGGLYRN
12/1/16 5:08 P
I'm trying really hard to log in my foods. But thi IVLIZ718 10 JADEBUTTERFLY48
12/1/16 10:24 A
I'm away from home, away from my gym and my abilit TREEZRA 13 KENDILYNN
12/1/16 10:04 A
Dissapoibted in my self normally work out twice a VETWILLIAMS 8 CLARADAY
12/1/16 1:42 A
Its so hard to be active, when my back hurts so bad. I need to lose weight to lessen the strain on m AGAPAL 5 KOOLPOPS35
12/1/16 12:45 A
Check in day 2: Calorie deficit of 1154... So if there are 3500 calories in a pound, it will take 6- T20177 5 GOALIEGRANDMA3
11/30/16 10:40 P
I've eaten my allotted calories for the day and ex BWALSH4 9 GOALIEGRANDMA3
11/30/16 10:37 P
Having some serious sugar cravings, any tips, tric BCAUSEYKNOT 19 LADYREDCOMET
11/30/16 4:26 P
What size hand weights do I start with? L57110 13 PURPLEROSES08
11/30/16 1:19 P
Gained this week. :( Motivation to do better! I've had the flu for about 8 days so my lowest weight BECKAXOBEE 3 BYGEM68
11/30/16 11:09 A
Been doing Sparks for a few weeks now. I haven't r HELENIED 8 CBASS30
11/30/16 10:17 A
I want to roast every veggie I find. My friend tri SOLARIKLEES 14 DONNASCOTT57
11/30/16 1:22 A
Okay so I have an issue my calorie intake is 1250 CGANOE1 20 KENDILYNN
11/30/16 12:23 A
Not much for food today, 800 calories left availab TINALOUCHIC 3 KENDILYNN
11/29/16 10:00 P
Hi #parenting people. Just found out I'm pregnant, WEYRCAT 8 ARTH3736
11/29/16 5:39 P
The food scale has really confused me since last n LIZZJUANITA 12 FIBROMITE87
11/29/16 2:36 P
I been going over my calories but I'm drinking Sli LIZZJUANITA 6 LIZZJUANITA
11/29/16 2:33 P
Water club , who wants to start the water club? I FAMILYDAVISON 6 TSB112467
11/29/16 12:29 P
Swimming & water aerobics are my main exercises as CHERIELS3 3 KENDILYNN
11/29/16 12:07 P
Why is it so hard to say no to the food I want any B74377 13 CLARADAY
11/29/16 1:33 A
What is your UNIQUE go to snack??? #food #goal #sp MAMAGIDGETJ 25 AKELLY45
12/1/16 5:07 P
How much exercise is to much. I'm thinking about e NINACV 13 KHEGLAW
11/28/16 9:01 P
I'm really embarrassed when go to gym and can't li KNOOR5 15 DIZZYBRITCHES
11/28/16 5:54 P
Hi everybody I'm new to this and I need all the mo SOUTHERNBELL32 4 TANGERINE_135
11/27/16 10:53 P
This week's goals: no pop, no Starbucks! I need MOTIVATE42 23 NAENAE0811
11/28/16 7:28 A
So exhausted from the holiday weekend. Need motiva DEVAN4 3 JAYISOLDEM2
11/27/16 1:29 A
I read somewhere to lose weight you have to eat le CBASS30 2 KENDILYNN
11/26/16 8:34 P
Happy thanksgiving all... I know I have not been d AMANDATATOM01 8 CBASS30
11/25/16 3:23 A
Hi, Had a great thanksgiving with family! I went MAALEX10 7 RHIO3TRE
11/25/16 4:09 A
Anyone not doing Thanksgiving with family or frien CORALINE01 23 ADORKABLE-ME
11/23/16 9:32 P
Does anyone know how to get a free gym membership JOLOSERJO 7 JOLOSERJO
11/22/16 10:10 P
Ugh! I am such a lunatic. Spent the last 6 long we TRACYK4659 14 SUCHADIVA215
11/21/16 11:32 P
One thing I have noticed is I have no problem making healthy choices on my own, but make worse choi H65738 10 KENK667
11/22/16 9:51 P
A question about low carb diets, is it about the r LISALORDE 8 LISALORDE
11/21/16 8:14 A
Any advice How to get your mind focused when you f BEYONDTHEFLAMES 6 KENDILYNN
11/20/16 8:09 P
Are you traveling or staying put for the Holidays? RMPOKRZY 25 JAYISOLDEM2
11/20/16 12:08 A
😁 C40745 15 VIVI65
11/19/16 6:43 P
What stores sell powdered egg whites? #recipes TDUFRENE75 8 NUTSABOUTMINIS
11/19/16 10:01 P
Does anyone know the best tasting plant based prot TDUFRENE75 17 SEBARTLETT
11/22/16 3:57 P
Probably going to change gyms when my membership i FREESPITITHIPPI 4 KENDILYNN
11/18/16 11:53 P
There was a Thanksgiving breakfast at work today.. KEVINAANDREA 22 IVANHOE64
11/18/16 6:05 P
This may sound a little weird, but does anyone els GROOMS74 34 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
11/18/16 8:47 P
Ugh. Hubby took me on date night last night. Just finished logging and saw I went 300 cals over. Ugh MICHULLLL 12 KENDILYNN
11/18/16 2:10 P
I'm 5'7" and I weigh 170 currently. My goal weight JAIMEWAIMEY21 27 K48483
11/18/16 1:45 P
Is it easier to do arms and core the same day in t FREESPITITHIPPI 8 ANNDANDY
11/18/16 1:45 P
I know everyone has multiple reasons why they want SOULOFFIRE15 74 GENASEULMOT
11/18/16 2:28 P
My husband accosted a boy on the street 2 days aft JILLSTER713 4 957910
11/18/16 10:59 A
Does anyone have advice for someone starting weight training? I've been doing it for about a month COFFEE_MUSE 9 KENDILYNN
11/18/16 10:50 A
My aunt is planning to make me a lemon cake for th THEJACKIEDEAN12 32 MELISSAG38
11/18/16 11:55 A
This is not a fitness question but I was wondering BABY4320 21 VIVI65
11/18/16 12:29 P
I'm having a hard time reaching my recommended cal LANCETRAYNHAM 7 LANCETRAYNHAM
11/17/16 10:58 P
I gained relationship weight. I had been doing so ICECOLDNILLA 7 GOALIEGRANDMA3
11/17/16 2:47 P
Does anybody have any tips on how to eat healthy w DEBRIGHT4 6 DEBRIGHT4
11/17/16 1:35 P
The fruit in the little containers with syrup in i SKILLTACULAR10 6 KENDILYNN
11/17/16 1:07 P
Is staying with the carbs, fat and protein ranges LISALORDE 9 LISALORDE
11/16/16 2:34 P
I put all of my food for the day in the breakfast RAINBOFRITE 6 KENDILYNN
11/16/16 1:02 A
Gained 3 lbs. Been working out constantly and been MIRIKAM 19 CHINADOLL53
11/16/16 3:20 P
I just had a guy whistle at me while I was out sho ADORKABLE-ME 32 MAMIOF4BONITOS
11/15/16 2:12 P
# maintain weight wanting to lose just a few more ADVENTURE_65 4 KENDILYNN
11/14/16 11:00 P
Are carbs from granola bars "bad carbs"..can i eat granola bars throught out the day and be ok if im R76572 9 KILLERANTHONY
11/16/16 6:54 A
In the next 41 days the refrigerator will play a starring role in the holiday kitchen, so clear the KHEGLAW 2 KENDILYNN
11/14/16 3:51 P
Is there a such thing as too much water?? RAETOP 8 SHAMPOOE
11/14/16 4:04 P
Do anyone have any suggestions on good cereal to e THEJACKIEDEAN12 17 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
11/14/16 2:37 P

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